This firmware is for the fpv drone, as well as the fpv goggles version 2, the a2s as well as the a2. It does not affect standalone fpv, which is the fpv air system, whether it be the caddux vista or the dji ear unit like ive got here. No matter, if you use it with the goggles vision, one or version two, it does not lock down any hacks for the fpv system, whether that be fcc, 700 milliwatt or 1200 milliwatt by the goggles. It also does not appear to affect fcc mode on the fpv drone and it only targets the specific hacks from drone hacks that was released over the last couple of weeks now, just jumping over to the desktop just to walk you through what the firmware actually is. First of all, so for the fpv drone it is vision, zero, one point: zero, two point: zero, zero, two zero for the goggles as well, and the release notes, simply say: optimized flight safety for the mavic a2s. The release notes is version 02.04.2, two, zero point: six, zero and again optimized flight safety and on the mavic a2 it is zero. One point: zero. One point: zero: six! Fifty now, if you look at the release notes on all of these, there are no feature changes. There are no bug fixes, it simply says: optimized flight safety and the reason this firmware has been released is to block the use of these new hacks.

That was recently released from drone hacks that allows you to bypass the no fly zone system, as well as the altitude limit in these drones. It has not been done to block anything else as far as we can tell, because these hacks were using part of djis own certificate system that they use to actually give you access to nfcs to actually remove those features completely and dji have now locked this down. Now, as ive already said several times, it is only for the ready to fly model, so the fpv drone, a2s and a2, and it is only targeting these specific hacks from drone hacks. As far as im away as ive said, the fcc hack continues to work, as does the video out on the version 2 goggles. So dont worry. That is all fine. It does not appear to affect the fcc hack on the fpv drone when using d3vl and, as ive said no effect on the standalone fpv system at all. Now whether you should upgrade to this firmware or not is entirely up to you. There are no feature editions, there are no bug fixtures listed, it is simply saying optimized flight safety, and we know that it is a response to these recent hacks from drone hacks. Now that is really it from me on this one. It is entirely down to you. If you want to update this firmware or not my personal opinion, is i wouldnt, because theres no real benefit to doing so yet, and i would certainly hang back and see what people say about it.

First, even if you dont use any of the hacks mentioned, because there is always the chance of them introducing new problems with firmware, as we have seen in the past, now thats it from me on this one. If you have found this video useful, please do consider hitting the subscribe button and dont forget to hit the little bell next to it as well. If youd like to support the channel, there are links to patreon as well as buy me a coffee in the description of this video as well. There is also links to my discord server in the description too, which has free access, but there is also a patreon section too, for those who do want to support the channel that way as well thats it from me.