As you can see, i have a few huts here and there on the lips and below on the chin, it’s, not so bad, but it’s, not a beautiful sight, so the tutorials will wait a little bit until i get better and i can talk normally until then. Take care alright, guys. Let me give a little bit more of the background story, how this thing happens. So i was driving the dji fpv drone, this small thing right here and for you guys who don’t know. Fpv stands for first person view because you have goggles and you’re looking through this and it’s crazy experience. This is really fast around. It goes at the maximum speed 140 kilometers per hour. The acceleration is crazy from zero to 100 kilometers per hour. It takes just two seconds, so this is like it’s really crazy and i’m not experienced fpv pilot, and this is my first fpv drone. I am experienced pilot of regular drones so but this is completely different story and i fly fluid in a manual mode and manual mode has completely different way of flying than regular, mavic drones, etc. So it’s completely different story, and this drone has one safe, fail. Save button, so this button right here when you press it the drone wherever it is. However, it is, it should just break and just hover in the air, so that’s that’s the point, and there was one situation before the crash before this uh, where the drone was flying and i pressed once didn’t stop.

I just pressed it because i want the drone to break and to hover, because otherwise, if you, when you’re in manual mode, when you leave, leave the stick, the drone will fall down. If you are not controlling the hover, so it’s not automatic, and i want it to hover, but i was pressing, nothing happens, pressing nothing happens and draw drone fell down into the grass no harm to the drone. Fortunately, but i was like what happens and then i took the drone i pressed off of recording to the drone and uh want to land down and i actually landed and then uh lift it again and the drone hovers some some something right there in front of My eyes, but two meters for myself something like that and something happens. I cannot tell for sure, because it was like quick like this. The drone just went and hit my face. In that moment i had the goggles here. I was just putting them down something like that and those goggles where it is. Let me let me show you really quickly, it’s somewhere here, okay it’s here, those goggles has four four antennas here for the signal. So this small plastic key thing, it’s antenna, it’s pretty sturdy and the propeller from the drone hit me. Obviously a few cuts. You can see it’s bad and also cut the antenna completely cut the antenna. So this is crazy and i had such a luck with this because this could hit my eye could hit my neck.

Whatever it hit goggles and hit myself, the goggles are undamaged, everything is cool, but uh. I don’t know it’s it’s really crazy. Fortunately, it’s not a big deal, it’s a big deal, but it’s not a big deal it’s, not for stitches. It will take a week or two to heal this. So in the meantime i don’t know if i will do tutorials, maybe i will do but without showing my face. We will see about that, but i just want to update you guys. So this is it take care if you’re driving fpv. I spend a lot of hours in simulator, etc, but real thing it’s crazy. The feeling is amazing, it’s, big adrenaline rush, it’s, it’s, really good thing, but i’m, not sure if this is actually for me. I love regular drones. Why i’m telling? Why is if this is not for me, because, first of all, i have a lot of motion sickness uh, using the goggles and second of all. I don’t have so much time to spend learning to fly this thing because of a lot of other things right that that’s it for this.