Flying fpv. Drones is a thrilling experience and brings you closer to this than anything else. Do it with the box right on the front. You got dji fpv, combo and then a nice side view of the drone. I don’t have anything on the top or sides Music. On the other side, however, we have a picture of the new fpv controller, a nice front view of the drone and then the v2 goggles on the bottom. You have your part list and all your serial numbers and everything as you can see it comes with all three because it’s a combo, it’s good stuff, so let’s get into it all right. So now that we got a good look at the box, we’re going to go ahead and get to open it. Alright! So now that we have the plastic off and the box open we’re going to get into the big reveal so, as you can probably tell from the not for sale sign, it is a display demo, but it is a working demo. So these are real parts. First, we have the drone very clean, let’s, see see if we can get this gimbal cover off Music, easy. It comes up like this Music. I don’t want to break it. Nice fpv on the side display demo, as i said earlier, no charging this one. So it looks like these are sensors and not fpv. Cameras like that was speculated in earlier posts and leaks let’s get into the goggles.

These are the new v2 fpv goggles. Really nice clean, look from the front and reminds me of like a robot Music, see there’s. Some buttons here, Music figure out what those do. This foam feels really nice. It feels a lot better than the version. One and it’s definitely a lot lighter than version one all right, let’s get the rest of it all right, let’s get under this phone here’s, the new fpv controller, Music, really different antennas. We haven’t seen before definitely feels a lot more ergonomical let’s see what all these are for in a minute. Music. Put that off to the side, see what else we have in here. So this looks like it’s going to be our tri blade, propellers that’s, exactly what they are. Your other set of propellers see right here, looks like we have a charger classic brick. The dji always sends out Music, then our Music. This is going to be our wall. Adapter i don’t know this: is a power bank let’s see what this is for Music see what we have in our accessories box, so it looks like we’re gon na have our top shell, our goggle antennas, goggle headbands and cables. Oh the manuals. We need those right here. We have our headband it’s, pretty similar to the version. One definitely looks like it’ll work. A lot better, though see try that on later Music right here looks like we have a shell, maybe to add some flare of your own.

If you don’t, like the clear case that it comes with we’ll, see for sure and looks like the rest is just adapters and cables. So we have our quick start guide. Disclaimer and safety guidelines looks like we have our quick start guide and our disclaimer and safety guidelines it’s off to the side Music, a usb to usb 3.0 power. Adapter cable, see what that’s for a couple other you guys will get into all right. Let’S put it all together, so first things: first let’s get our battery charger, and here we have our power, brick and wall. Adapter Music get those together Music and the battery is pretty simple to take out just take off this top one and squeeze the sides Music straight back out. Music. One sided all right, all right. Next we’re, going to get our controller together as well, looks like we have our sticks off to the side of this controller, get those out much smaller threads than we’re used to seeing get this on. There feels really nice Music and it looks like it just charges at the bottom here with a usbc 3.0, whatever you want to call it and then same with the headset. It also just charges with a usbc, and it looks like this display model came with a micro sd, who knows, if that’ll be on all of them, we’re also going to have to get these antennas on four of them in total. Just like the previous model, these ones, i believe, have a 110 minute battery life, Music and cool, see we’re also going to get this strap on Music.–Yl_0jEc0