My first ever drone. My channel is normally for podcasts, but i thought i’m going to do an unboxing of one of my favorite things, which are drones and yeah. This is my first ever drone. Let’S have a look there, you go, the combo comes with the virtual reality: goggles the remote, the drone itself, i’ve also gone and bought the motion control and an extra set of batteries, so yeah you’re definitely going to need them. I know the drone is normally around 16 to 20 minutes flight time, but i am going to be putting a gopro on this drone i’m gon na, attach it somewhere on the top and to get a bit more stable shots a bit more cinematic shots. I’Ve had a bunch of look on youtube of other people’s videos and it seems really cool, so yeah i’ve gone ahead and got some bunch of extra batteries, because, if i’m going to be putting something on the drone itself, it’s going to drain the battery fairly quick Isn’T it so yeah let’s get straight to the unboxing the batteries, because i want to get them charged now i did peel the seal, but i haven’t fully opened them yet. Let’S see: okay, two batteries, a charger; brick thing: two batteries: paperwork box. So two batteries. This thing here clearly has a slot for three batteries so i’m, guessing you just plug it in there. Oh, so it doesn’t slide in or anything like that.

Okay, oh and then the third battery from the combo box can go in here and i’m. Guessing you just plug something in there to get it charged. I think it’s very handy to have these, because, if you’re going to be flying a lot, you don’t want to be constantly charging. If each battery gives me kind of let’s, say 16 minutes quite a long time, that’s about 45 48 minutes good flying time, so yeah and i guess, whilst you’re flying one of the one um with one battery, you can charge the other one. If you have a portable charger or something okay, now this motion controller – this is pretty interesting, actually almost feels like what looks like what pilots would be using on a plane right, i’m, really bad at unboxing stuff. I just end up ripping the box. I have no sense of patience. Oh see, i’ve already done it. Oh, oh nice. Little grip. There seems like kind of high quality plastic. Maybe this button here got a nice grip on it. I thought this was going to be rubber, but it’s not actually it’s. Just again plastic and you got the modes, you got the charger level. I powered it up. I have not paired it yet so that’s. Why? But yeah three bars of charge and the cool thing. Is they all actually charge by usbc and that’s? How it works? You swivel it around. This is the accelerator. You have a break button, yeah, pretty cool turn this thing off.

Oh, i have a little thing to put it around now time for the main thing itself, i’m actually very excited for this, so i’m being okay. So this one i’m going to try and open a bit carefully. I don’t want to keep the box this whoa whoa whoa whoa, look at that. I can’t believe i still, i still can’t believe i actually have this wow, so that is the drone itself. Okay, these are the covers for that interesting. The case is very plasticky, it’s, actually quite heavy. What is it i don’t know just under 800 grams, something like that, but yeah it’s, fairly heavy it’s got a battery on it already i’m, just gon na unplug that battery. So you press these two things on the side and it slips out cool, and this is where this comes in handy, because you can charge three or three of your batteries. At the same time, i’m gon na charge them in a second there’s, the drone itself it’s pretty cool. This is pretty cool. This is pretty cool and pretty bad by actually interesting. The controller itself really like almost kind of a rubbery, smooth, plasticky feel to it. This is definitely quite grippy yeah. This is a bit slippery. This is again slippery plastic, a bunch of charges, some more wires right. So here we have let’s unbox the little one, the props the blades. So i think you get two sets. Yes, you do there.

You go that’s, the second set there, so the first set is here. Second set: is there cool? So this is the Music charger that they provide actually yeah cool. Oh, you can charge everything with pretty much one charger and oh there is the main battery charger can go into here. There we go cool, i think there’s, two usb ports here. I wonder if i can charge my phone from this as well. I don’t know ah that’s cool, so you get a little case put on the top i’ll deal with that later. Okay, so this is for the via headset the chargers to charge the usb charger usb c charger. Sorry to charge your controllers the charger to charge the batteries i’m, not sure how long it actually takes to fully charge the batteries. I read it somewhere that it takes about 40 minutes, but just to show you guys. This is how it looks when it’s charging. Now i don’t know if it charges one battery at a time or, if i’m doing something incorrect, but i don’t think i am okay, so a usb to usb c input i’m guessing that’s for the headset. When you want to plug your phone into the headset another charger, so this one, this wire by the looks of it, is to actually power it’s to power, your headset itself. These are the antenna kind of things i’m, guessing yeah that you screw onto the vr headset itself. So these things here, the sliders actually what they do is they can adjust um the lenses as per your kind of location of your eyes on your head, that’s, pretty cool.

What is this? What are these two things? Didn’T even see this that’s actually pretty handy because you can unscrew them and they also actually have some hair that you can pull out and then use as well. So you don’t actually always have to keep these on. You can unscrew them and keep them there or you can have a spare part of your house or something so that’s pretty cool. Actually i like that feature. I like it that it’s there, because, if you’re packing things – and you want your controller to kind of not get caught and it’s, pretty sharp as well, actually yeah, if you dig into it it’s fairly sharp that’s, that’s interesting, i don’t know why they kept the shabbat. So the allen key itself, it’s um, if you want to turn your drone into manual mode, i think you just peel one of these off once you once you take this off one of these. You have this thing where it says like two screws: you can unscrew them or like undo them and it turns manual mode on. I am definitely not going in manual mode anytime soon, so yeah, the controller itself. Let’S have a look at the controller, so you have kind of like a record button there, it beeps anything, you press, you have the actual dials itself. When you go into manual mode. This will stay wherever you put it, which is pretty cool actually and but kind of risky.

For me, if you put it there and you forget about it, you’re continuing on something else, your drones are just going to keep going and in manual mode it’s going to go bullet speed as well, so it’s good to kind of have it come back, so it Stays in 50 speed or hovering around whatever you have a return to home button there. You have brake that’s the brake kind of thing pause, so your drone will just stop. This slider is actually pretty cool as well. What it makes the camera do is um. Go up and down whilst you’re flying, so you can kind of view, have a different angle, whilst you’re actually doing your fbv flights and i’m guessing that’s. Just the standard start stop button so yeah. These are your n for normal s, for sport and m for manual mode beeps, every time which is cool um, and i actually don’t know what this is no idea. What this button is good good thing that i don’t know yeah interesting, so i can’t use my macbook usb c charger to charge any of the controllers, which is pretty interesting, didn’t, think that would be the case, but that is the case um. I have no idea why that is the case. Well yeah. I thought it would be really cool to use the macbook charger because it’ll just fast charge, but clearly no it’s got other ideas. So i mean i thought this thing would come with its own charger, but it did not, which is a bummer let’s, get to the drone itself.

The red ones are the a props okay. So you push it in and you twist it like a light bulb. Almost so they’re going each corner the red on red. You have to push it down quite a bit. So all the grades are in one box, all the reds are in a different box. I see so put two grays in this two red. Sorry in one box there we go and then two grays, so that is one set of blades that can stay there, um it’s all screwed in fairly well without the battery it’s still fairly heavy. In all honesty, i think i’ll have to unscrew everything to put this on and it’s got like this gimbal case cool little case for the camera. The camera on this fpv is okay, it isn’t the best, but it also isn’t the worst. So you can get these things you put on the camera itself and it can give you this cinematic kind of effect on your videos, and i saw it on another video and yeah that’s, pretty cool but i’m planning to put a gopro somewhere right on the middle Um it’s cruise on it it screws on on these screws, and you can get this kind of mount and you can put a gopro. I don’t know: hero 8.. I wouldn’t put a hero 9 on it because, simply because of the weight and how much battery it’s going gon na train. If i put something like a hero – 9 but i’m gon na put a hero, 8 uh, because a hero 8 still has tremendous image.

Video stabilization, so yeah, but pretty cool, actually got the sensors um sensors there, sensors in the front, none in the back, no just these lights, but yeah pretty cool. So i tried to get some footage of the drone straight out. The box see how easy it is to fly, see how the camera works and, to be honest, it’s very easy if you’ve flown a drone before this is very easy to fly. Unless you go into sports mode, because then the drone really turns into a rocket uh. I just be careful if you put in sports mode, definitely don’t put in sports mode around obstacles and wires, and things like that and also be careful if you’re doing it and using the motion control, because it can be a bit more difficult. Using the motion. Control um, i definitely use the controller to start with get a kind of understanding of the power and speed of this drone, because it can shoot up from the ground really quick and it can come down really quick as well um. The camera is pretty cool. The gimbal supports it quite a bit. I did do some recording in in the dark to see how it is and and to be honest, it’s, not the best footage i don’t know if um there was something that i could have done better in terms of the settings, but i kind of wanted to See how it does straight out the box, i will be looking into the settings and how i can kind of make it more cinematic, i think, to get cinematic shots.

You definitely have to turn the electronic image stabilization on within the camera within the drone, and i didn’t do that throughout the box. I just wanted to see how it is, but with that on, it looks fairly okay to be honest, it’s, not the best camera but it’s, also not the worst and with some editing and etc. It’Ll definitely look cool, but i think it is worth it to put a gopro on top simply because the image also stabilization quality would be a lot better as well. Now i did say that i want to put a hero 8 and i think i’m going to stick to that, because the hero 8 is still fairly sick camera to use now. The drone itself is limited to 500 meters in distance and 500 meters in altitude straight out the box, you can’t change the altitude, but you can change the distance of the drone. Definitely you can but i’d be aware of that and careful of that it’s got a lot of updates to do straight out the box, and once you update everything you can change the distance um and i’m sure you can do quite a bit of distance. I think someone else on youtube has done about five six miles, so we can definitely fly out quite a bit, but i wouldn’t take that risk. I don’t think i want to go that far far away anyways. I think the max i’d want to go is probably half a mile um, but yeah straight out.

The box is pretty restricted. You just have to de restrict it once you do all your upgrades using the goggles i’m going to be doing a kind of review as to do. I think if the drone is worth it or not, um so far after flying it a little bit, i think it’s really fun, really cool to get cinematic shots. It’S gon na be a bit difficult because it doesn’t have a kind of three way: access, gimbal it’s. Just you know one way, but still pretty cool. You can still get fantastic shots from the drone itself and you just got ta color grade your videos to make it look more cinematic and but yeah. If you use a gopro, there’s loads of people, who’ve been using gopros and putting it on on youtube, have a look. It looks pretty cool but yeah. I think overall, so far, they’ve got a lot of fun. It’S definitely definitely addictive.