Music. Can you see me today? I am dressed in bright, yellow. This is another winter jacket i have for filming in the winter, so that you can spot me whenever i have put a camera on me now today, im out here with the dji fpv drone – and i did not realize this – but look at this – it can almost Disappear in my jacket because it matches its the same freaking color, i didnt even notice that so thats just the skin on the drone. I usually change the colors up every now and then for the winter time with the white snow, its very hard to find a drone if it crashes into the snow, because the snow covers it. So you need a bright color and i put the yellow on it. So that it stands out so what im doing today is im just going to fly my little dji fpv drone around this area, uh weve had some snow. It looks gorgeous and lets get some snow footage with this. So here we go all right. I got the drone down there. Im going to pull up my goggles, get my controller out and well be all set. The temperature right now is minus 11 degrees celsius and ill show you what that is in fahrenheit right there, its pretty cold. My breath is freezing my face is freezing oh and the last thing im doing this entire video in 4k, 60 frames per second, so it looks really smooth.

Here we go all right. Oh, were all set to fly so im going to put it in manual mode. Wheres my little thing all right here: we go Music, Music, Music, so Music, so Music, Music, Music do Music. So Music. Can you hear the geese back there theyre still going. So what did i discover out in the cold today flying this? While i discovered i cannot fly with gloves on with the controller um, i dont know how many times i crashed today, but its more than ive crashed in the entire time owning the dji fpv drone. My mouth is frozen at the moment, but each time i crashed, i recovered it and if i havent showed you the crashes well here, watch them now ill, just put them all really close together check this out. Next thing i discovered is this thing flies really well. In the cold, i was kind of worried because i havent flown it in the winter time and its minus 11 degrees celsius today, and i was kind of worried how this would fly in the cold, but no problems. It flies just as well in the cold as it does in the warm weather, maybe even better, because it cools off nicely. But with that said, i did notice the batteries are affected. I did receive less flight time on the batteries with this cold weather, and i just noticed from all those crashes. I have a few few little marks on the arms back here and over here where i must have smashed into trees and stuff.

I will say this is still one of my favorite drones ever made by dji. Dji makes a lot of drones. You know the mavic series and everything else, but i have to tell you. Those drones are very boring to fly after a while, especially if youve been flying as long as i have as a pro theyre very boring to fly, you can go and have lunch have coffee while youre flying the drone. It takes no effort at all, but this is a lot of fun to fly and every time i take this drone out to fly its like im newborn im, a im, a newborn pilot whipping around discovering new things flying by the seat of my pants crashing into Things or missing things and its pretty cool all right if you dont have one of these ill put links below to where you can find one. If you want to know where i got, the really cool uh skin on here, thats super bright ill, put a link to that below as well. All right guys hope you enjoyed this video.