This is really nice we’re, just cruising Music that’s a lot fast. How fast does it say it’s going 27 meters a second i mean it’s, really booking it and most of my flight today. This whole flight is probably going to be in this flight mode man. This is beautiful, truly cinematic. The props are out of the shot i’m booking it i’m yeah that beeping. Now that has got to be collision detection that’s what it is the ground there we go. Yeah it’s way faster: oh my gosh yeah, it looks close and stuff, but it’s very crazy. Pretty earlier, my wife abby got to maiden the brand new dji fpv and today it’s my turn to do a maiden flight on this drone. I have a bit of experience flying drones, we’ve flown over a thousand drones on our youtube channel, a handful of which are fpv race, drone style of things and uh. This is a little bit of a controversial drone. I think you know the big thing, and – and i want to hear from you guys in the comments below the as far as the naming convention goes of dji fpv. Does that or does that not mean to you that all of their drones are fpv? I feel like the name just dropped out of nowhere. They should call this the dji fpv dragon or something cool like that right. Some people say no, not all their drones are fpv. I ask you to look up what fpv means first person view.

So i think the naming convention of this thing’s a little goofy, but also we have our hardcore – die hard, fpv freestyle race drone guys all of you, i’m, very envious of because i cannot build my own drone. I cannot program my own drone without help, and so i am very envious of all of you, but here we have an option now for someone that’s, like me, i’m, a dreamer, i love flying them, but i just cannot build them myself, and so this is a Pretty good option, i think, for somebody like myself, it has some downsides, though it’s very fragile and one of those things that we’re afraid to damage is the battery. However, i did learn something today that i like about the battery. That is the fact that i i complained that it didn’t just plug in when you slid it into place and snapped into place while traveling after i have this at a full charge from the house to the flying location. I like that, i can snap it in place because it’s the back two legs of the drone and i don’t have to plug it. In so that’s kind of a cool thing. We’Re going to fly have some fun i’m, only going to fly beginner mode or normal mode and sport mode today, because i didn’t go through all those training steps to unlock the advanced mode. So today, i’m, just going to see what i can do with this and get my first impressions on flying.

It should be fun. I have no wind i’m very excited let’s fly, so the one thing that i as a glasses, wear dislike about these goggles is that it just barely fits over my glasses and you have to wear your glasses in order to see the screen i’m actually nearsighted, which Makes very little sense. You would think that if you hold a tv screen close to you, you should be able to see the focus of it. That’S, not how it works. It’S never made sense to my brain. I just can’t wrap my mind around it, so i really have to wedge my glasses in there and then put these goggles over them and i have very small frames. So if you wear glasses, you’ll, probably be very disappointed to know that they didn’t make them wide enough for most of us that wear glasses it’s a very tight fit. For me, i think i should be able to let’s see okay, i’m recording now and i’m in normal mode. I think it’s time just to take off and i’m going to throttle up here so i’m, just letting it hover for a second. So i can get a feel for the simple controls in normal mode. I want to go a bit higher. You know what we didn’t change the measurement settings that’s, something that i wanted to do, but we just kind of forgot so i’m going to fly this in normal mode for just a minute to get a feel for it.

I did learn that the props should go out of our shot when i fly a bit faster so as of right now, i’m flying as fast as i can in normal mode, but it’ll fly it’ll when it flies faster. The props should be out of the shot. So this is very easy to fly in normal mode. It truly flies like um, you know mavic or anything that’s, just very assisted one of these days, we’re going to record what the goggles see too, if you haven’t already seen it yet. I do love that h. Point like you were saying: it’s really neat it’s extremely easy to fly. Man it’s been a while since i’ve flown an fpv drone and it feels weird not being in someone people. The fpv community sometimes is a little bit harsh. I said air mode and someone said that’s, not that’s, not a flight mode or something whatever i just. I just want to have fun. Don’T bring people down for having fun but i’m used to flying in acro or air mode. However, you say it and to hold up the whole time i want to fly forward is really weird, you know, and then my left throttle stick to be spring. Loaded to go to center is also weird. Okay, so for me that’s enough of this normal flight mode and that’s kind of funny, because you know, although it’s a very, very beautiful view and stuff, i think that’s kind of how most of the true hobbyist feels about this flight mode.

Okay, let’s see yep this side left side we’re in sport mode obstacle, avoidance unavailable obstacle avoidance. Excuse me so now we should just be able to fly. Much faster sounds faster yeah and i think our angle of attack is a bit steeper. Like you know, i can actually um angle sharper yeah it’s faster, so it tells me that i’m flying at 27 meters per second, which is quite a bit faster than the other flight mode way faster. I think that you would benefit this flight mode, big time to chase airplanes, which is why we got this. You guys i mean if you haven’t been able to. You know, guess that we got this to chase airplanes with, and so i think abby you could easily chase an airplane in this flight mode, it’s ridiculously fast. Here i want to go screaming near us, that’s nice. This is really nice we’re, just cruising Applause. That’S a lot fast. How fast does it say it’s going 27 meters a second i mean it’s, really booking it and most of my flight. Today, this whole flight is probably going to be in this flight mode man. This is beautiful, truly cinematic. The props are out of the shot the beeping you’re hearing i’m, not getting any visual warnings on my goggles, so i would assume that’s collision detection. I thought you were not. You know just telling you hey there’s ground, close to you i’m flying a little lower than you were too.

I think you’re just like grazing the tree line up there like that’s, how high you are to me: i’m booking it i’m yeah that beeping now that has got to be collision detection that’s what there we go, yeah it’s way faster. Oh my gosh yeah, it looks close and stuff, but it’s very crazy, pretty crazy. Pretty you know what i’m glad i got this stool out because something about this television you need to sit down yeah. It feels different to me like when i’m flying a traditional quadcopter. What i would what i would refer to as a race drone that either i built was bind and fly a friend built for me or something i don’t feel like i get dizzy when i’m flying it, but for some reason, i’m watching the world through these goggles. I feel slightly seasick, maybe i just got to get used to it again or or sit differently or maybe i’m. Just that used to standing is fast. It is fun and it’s very easy to fly. So the oh crap button, i think, is – is it back here on the left side i want to. I want to try that it’s that big button this one here yeah i want to see if it does anything in sport mode that’s. One thing i wanted to test also the camera stuff. I want to talk about that here in a second but i’m just gon na hit it like.

I can just take my hands off the controls and it’s fine. If i just let my hands off the sticks, but here we go i’m, just gon na hit it right near us. Even oh, my gosh it like tilted. It was intense backwards. It was intense, so i was even holding the stick forward when i hit that that was like true air brakes. I want to do that again. I’M gon na do it coming toward us, and you know just from this other direction. I’Ll, try to film it give you an opportunity to yeah, possibly so really close to us. I’M gon na hit it okay. I don’t encourage you guys to do this, but you know: are you ready, yep? Oh my gosh yeah that was really intense, still didn’t film. It very well it’s. Okay, you want to do one more sure, we’ll get it coming in from the other way, which way do you think is better to film either way? Okay, so i just want to pick up speed that’s, why? I came all the way down here: there’s a little right there. Here we go i’m at 27 meters, a second really quick and three two one. Oh my gosh you’re going by so fast because i just don’t insane a chance. Yeah yeah, that’s, really impressive. To me my drone battery is at i think, 37 um. My goggles are at 70. We haven’t charged them since abby’s flight, and that was intentional.

I want to see how many flights we can get out of this and i’ve flown 90 percent of this flight. In the sport mode, whereas abby flew in normal mode or like beginner mode, and she got a 13 minute flight, but she was pretty oh. That was a close tree there and i i want to see what the flight time is. Just you know cooking it just cruising around you’re cooking, it yeah. I would expect about a five to six minute flight on this, but you know what actually my record time is at seven minutes battery life is at 29, oh wow. What yours is going down fast? Oh yeah, i’m getting half the flight time that you wow we’ll get. This is beautiful, though 140 battery low battery return home in eight seconds i’m, just gon na bring it home. Now? How do i press the start? Stop button to cancel so i think that’s back here, you’re just gon na. Do it yourself yeah! I want to press break button to cancel return to hold okay. You still. You were like going down out there low battery return home, it’s telling me 23. Now you can i’m sure adjust that, but what i want to do is a full manual landing. I don’t want to do return to home because that’s, what abby did i see the helipad uh let’s see normal mode back up to here, and i just want to land well what see here’s what i hated about, um my race drones, landing them so now i Know i’m hands free i’m, hovering i’m, taking my goggles off i’m blinded by the sun, and now i can look up line of sight.

Abby doesn’t have to be my spotter anymore and i can just bring it in and land it line at sight, which is, if not for the sun, very easy, wonderful, that’s, wonderful, i’m, not disappointed in the least there’s. Nothing disappointing about that flight at all. To me. In my opinion and remember, we have flown over a thousand drones that’s a unique flying experience. It is not a race drone, it is far from an actual hobbyist built race drone and i have the utmost respect for the person that builds, that race drone or a freestyle drone, and you know just for the general hobbyist or professional racer that’s, not what this Is but it is like gabby said in her maiden flight dji’s version of a race drone, and i made a little kind of a kind of a little joke at the beginning of the video dji fpv. I think it is a horrible name because that’s like saying their very next drone, they should name the dji drone it’s, just they it’s, like they trademarked a general term, but it’s really weird it’s stupid. It just frustrates me because fpv just means first person view call of duty is an fpv shooter. You know it’s an fps first person shooter, but it isn’t a first person view and all these drones and things the mavic is from an fpv perspective. It’S a first person view it’s, like you’re sitting there you don’t have to wear goggles it doesn’t have to go a certain speed for it to be fpv abby, and i reviewed a little rc car a couple weeks ago, that was in fpv cars, 30 there’s.

A little camera on the car that gives a live feedback to your phone that’s, an fpv car like it or hate it that’s how it is that’s that is fact so um other than that little. You know little quips like that, that we’re getting hung up on and the fact that this drone is now providing change in the industry because let’s face it. None of us like change right when you’re the person that took the time to build your own quadcopter and you soldered it. And then you sat through hundreds of hours to learn how to program that sucker and you programmed your own race drone on betaflight. And then you finally got out there to fly it and it just flipped right over. For some reason, your prop was on backwards, that’s. Why we’ve all done it right and, and you had to go through those hours and hours there are keys skimming the grass. It looks so cool uh. You had to go through those hundreds of hours of learning how to fly and program and make your drone. Then dji comes out with this thing that just makes it easy for any loser to get their hands on and fly. It makes me call yourself a loser, sure sure yeah, of course, a loser. Yeah. Sometimes i am, you know: it’s frustrating it’s in it’s, like the airplane world, when guys learn to fly their gassers on toothpicks, wrapped with tape, and then they came out with these foam things that you slap together in two minutes and it has this safe technology that Doesn’T, let it flip upside down, and you got these five year old, kids out there flying better than you did when you were 30 and now you’re 60, and you know you’re good at it, but it’s kind of like that isn’t it.

We don’t, like seeing things, get easier for new people coming into the hobby, it’s hard to admit that, but i think that’s why a lot of us are mad about this. I embrace it i’m embracing this. This is super fun. I think this is really cool now that i’m getting my hands on it and flying it. The experience of what i’m seeing and how fast it’s going and stuff is like no other and good on you dji for that yeah. There are some major issues with this drone it’s fragile. You don’t want to wreck it, because if you wreck it it’s, not modular yet like i’m hoping it will be. I want it to be to a point where, if i wreck it and i crash it and i break an arm, i can unbolt the arm even if it’s a two hundred dollar arm, it’s still cheaper than the drone right. I hope it’s not that considering the battery is one let’s hope it’s only two hundred dollars. Oh, i know i know a battery is 140, so whole arm’s got to be like 5 000, but you know that’s what i’d like it to be at, because nobody wants to ship their drone off to dji and wait for three months for it to come back And pay them a couple hundred dollars. Nobody wants that, so you got ta have two or three of these. If this is your only drone that you’re flying fpv, you got ta have a handful of them.

So when you inevitably crash, because we all will you’ve got ta, then ship it off to dji currently, but you can’t buy just the drone. So i know that would be currently it’s an awful awful setup. But if you’ve got it in hands and you’re here to fly it, the flight experience is unique. The adrenaline is there, you know of a certain style of adrenaline it’s there it’s a beautiful cinematic type of adrenaline. You guys saw the flight that’s amazing, so you know for that they’re hitting the nail on the head, but for the true hobbyist, i’m. Sorry guys, you know this is going to get more people in the hobby and it’s, not representing the hobby. The way you know it and like it one quick thing that i learned abby is there is a setting. I think it’s defaulted to we’ll test this on our next flight. When you take off it automatically starts recording. So we need to test that on the next one you know firsthand, which i think is really awesome, but the the thing to take from this video everybody watching this video. If you buy this or something like this, you really need to have something called ama. It is a company by the name of the academy of model aeronautics i’ve been flying things, my entire life and i have had ama my entire life i’d – never fly anything so much as a paper airplane without having them.

Why they’re in insurance, this thing was booking it’s, fast and it’s, not lightweight. If that hit a person, a car, a building, someone’s property, you did some damage, god forbid, it’s gon na it’s gon na leave a mark and the academy of model aeronautics. Is there to step in when that happens, so i wouldn’t take off anything airplanes, drones of any size way or whatever without ama, and i highly encourage you guys not just look into it but get it and fly by their guidelines. Just do it and, as ever, everybody should be saying this abby said it i’m gon na say some other youtubers. Thank goodness they’re saying it. This should not be your first drone, okay, don’t! Let this be your first drone. There are cheap drones that cost 15 or 20. You can learn the basics on. I highly recommend you do that too. So having said those safety boring things, you know this is awesome and i’m excited to make abby’s next flight sport mode, because you’ve got to try it. That was fun you’re, going to like that way more than normal mode and my next flight. I hope i really hope is the advanced mode whatever that is macro mode manual manual. Thank you. So i think you have to like jump through a couple hoops before you can activate that that’s. The only reason i didn’t do that today. I think i feel comfortable enough to do that if we only have one battery, so we have to take the whole battery to do that.

You wanted to fly it so charge it, and the final thing i’m disappointed in that i wasn’t expecting, is that you have to plug your phone into it, at least for the initial setup. Um surprisingly, you don’t have to plug your phone in at all. When you come out to the flying field – and you want to fly so that’s really nice, at least in these two flight modes – so that’s – you know whatever this will all be linked in the description box below and if you guys want to support us and our Family our patrons bought this for us, so we could provide you with extremely transparent feedback on this drone. There are thousands of people that got this thing for free, that’s, fine, that’s, fine, we get a lot of stuff for free too, but not this. So if you want to help us make up for it, get the money back and you plan on buying this thing, you can use our link it’s there on amazon. We actually prefer to buy this on amazon. We bought ours on amazon, because we’ve had issues with dji actually like getting our credit card info really messed up, so um will not buy directly from dji ever amazon it’s the that’s, where we’ve got it linked. So if you want to support us and our family, we have a link in the description box below for this amazing flight abby, and i both got to fly it today and really we both smiled like she smiled a lot flying it.

I smiled a lot flying it. It was a really good experience on the sunset beautiful day. We thank god for that. Thank you very cool, giving us this beautiful day. Thank you. Thank you. We also say the biggest thanks ever to our patreon supporters, because we are not kidding when we say this. One was all on you guys. We’Ll have abby’s flight video, her maiden flight, which is very exciting she’s. The very first person to fly this drone, which usually doesn’t happen if it’s something that flies most of the time. I maiden it so it’s really cool that she got to get her hands on this before me and if you want to see her flight experience, which is more of like a lower intermediate level, i think of flying drones around there. Uh that perspective is a very good one before you click buy.