You see that this is the best way to get better that’s got his new chair. Our objective of today is to hopefully find the rates the sensitivity for our sticks. Today, i’m gon na try the virtual app. We bought some new things for the dji that perhaps needed some nd filters we’ll test in another video. While these batteries will charge give the simulator a go and find my rates, i have the stick cam of course, so i’m just going to record the screen, that’ll, probably work. Oh my phone’s, probably going to die all right, make sure you have battery. If you use the simulator app, i selected beginner because i’m a i’m a beginner to dji, throttle control, speed. Okay, oh crap! We are connected. Look at that! Wait! That’S me spinning nice. This is really good for beginners wow. I think my nephew could do this. One’S. 14 and one’s turning three start stop button. Oh, so i don’t need to always do that. Nice, the gimbal dial controls camera too cool nice. This allows us to fly backwards, sport mode cruise control available and from normal, so i’m working backwards. Now after i’ve been flying fpv for about two years that’s, when i picked up a mavic pro and then i had to learn normal mode to disarm and stuff manual mode is highly customizable attitude. Is your angle towards the ground mode is challenging, requires a high degree of skill and is most useful for users interested in fpv racing and freestyle tricks come on cruise control.

Button put in s mode go time, innovativeness. This is underrated. This is a free, app it’s. Like a ps2 game, the graphics, the ability to use a controller on your phone that’s great, i mean i’m glad i’m an iphone, but i heard it’s not an android, so time trial. This is the best way to get better getting from a to b. The quickest making the smoothest flow into a gate finish. The track in end mode can do that. Okay, okay, let’s go let’s, go let’s, go oh! That does feel like a tripod. I wonder if me pitching my thumb. All the way is gon na ruin, any muscle memory. Next, try finishing the track on your own. What wasn’t i doing again! Okay, have i got a world record time? 46.759. Let me know if you beat that first place. Oh look the mouse, i mean i want to do it all properly, but i want to make best use of my time i’m getting in touch with this app and credit to dji. Look at this world they’ve built you can’t, say they don’t help bridge the gap for beginners to find themselves in the world. You can get other simulators. The traditional fpv simulators velocity drone, liftoff dcl yeah, the other ones. Traditionally, you have to get yourself a proper controller and there’s such a market of controllers out there can be daunting to dive into the world, so universal remote, nice world, they’ve built this would be a dream location in real life, so it’s getting mean used to arming, As well but landing, i still definitely need to flick into normal mode.

My phone’s going to die any minute, but i should be good timing for now, as the battery should be ready to almost go out to the field, and then we can try all this, and i mainly want to find my rates, maybe i’m wrong that you can’t Do it in the app but it’d be good to try different rates for the simulator, and then i can get a rough idea of ones to use that was fun. We’Ve got success. Batteries of course, we’re still gon na fly. This we’ve just replaced the camera on it. We’Ve got a foxy and nano on it now: Music, wow now all right. This is 100 speed, wow. That was really good enough. That was really really really really good. The chair, my dad, ordered in the last video he’s, bought about three different kinds but he’s giving me this one. So nice we’re ready to go honda power sponsor us on donut, so we pull up right to the spot, his front door he’s going to come down on the drop. Let me drive. No, i drive. No, no i’ll drive i’m driving get in get in get in game game. Just go west hill dad! You know i love driving it’s fine i’ll put on waze i put on waze. No, you don’t need new chair yeah. What does that mean? Bring your club, our objective of today, is to hopefully find the rates, the sensitivity for our sticks.

Thankfully, because i realize i don’t have the optics for this but i’m wearing my glasses, have the spares in the first aid box. What do we have here? Contact lenses, yeah so i’m gon na have to put that in now i’m getting dark. Now i the pressure, do you know how tense this is for contacts we don’t have many tries at this, but no that’s. It see one attempt gone. Thank you. Lord jesus we’ve recorded every single dji battery we’ve done starting from the car park to here again and now. This is the fifth battery we’re doing all right, so we’ve got that spot. This is really nice. Look at that show how much the one in total the one, including the battery and google, and everything one thousand five yeah well extra batteries, which is really expensive. The batteries like good. We have to update the battery firmware that’s, crazy, okay, so we we wait. We are going to put an nd filter. This is sunglasses i’m, going to put nd4 on because there’s no sun anyway, so yeah. So this is why it’s a really light one? Is there something new to screw, or i think, that’s good to go magnetic so all right, we’re preparing dad’s got his new chair: 950. 950, 510 Music, that’s too quick. Oh, my god, i’m gon na lower this down max rate to 730 roll 730 pitch Music and we are in manual okay, let’s test the sensitivity i think i’m in the 700 still 500 for the yaw, all right, it’s a bit slow still.

Let me do that again, there’s a lot of prop wash my is too quick. My yaw is way too quick. I don’t need a faster that can be increased. My role can be increased because this is made for cinematic. I really want to lock in a rate quick and then i just stick to that sensitivity for the lifetime of having this drone, because you don’t want to keep adjusting the rate Music perfect, very, very good nice landing and takeoff wow. Okay, let’s try these settings! Okay! We are, in a 30 degree, camera angle, still all right, roll that’s better. It feels much better. Hopefully this is the one i don’t want to keep changing pitch forward. My your all right, i’m, just going to stick to these rates now so it’s point point 40.40. So yeah we’re good with the rates we’ve got a good sensitivity, dad we’re good i’m gon na stick on this one now, so we don’t keep adjusting oh that’s good, that’s good, a little loop we’re good. We are good i’m, quite far away now, but the image is really good, still very, very good testing the signal strength around here. Can you come to us fast and then break here in front of us all right, i’m going to try to take off in manual mode now? Oh, why did it touch the ground? No, no, it didn’t, but yeah. That was a bit that felt a bit dangerous. That was not a good take off.

I tried to activate acro mode from home don’t. Do that all right i’m flying a bit cinematic now? Why not? This is really nice it’s, like we’re in a safari i’m, going quite far, i’m 300 meters away all right. This is the test for the nd filter, our first time using it – i guess so let’s see now. This is where the hd really shines, because in analog you would not see these branches so i’m flying here really slow i’m going to have to actually reset and lower. My camera angle, you see that’s what’s, amazing. I can be that far and change. My camera angle. Down all the way to 11 degrees, let’s go with that cinematic, slow all right. So this is an this is an intro shot to oh, my god. It lag. This is horrible when i’m flying like a little bit far. No, no, no it’s, like the signal. If it breaks up right, it doesn’t just go bad. It stop. You know like a buffering, slow internet that and that’s the difference between me hitting the grass and so it’s, not good yeah, i’m gon na break. Oh, this is what’s good about the break. You see that i can sneeze yeah. I can sneeze it’s like that. It means it’s, just steady like that. I can sneeze then make it over yeah. I press the brake i’m gon na try flying backwards. Why? Because i can tilt my camera down all right so now, i’m.

Looking at the floor, look i’m minus um! I am minus 21! So now i can fly backwards i’m flying backwards now i’ll. Do it really high just in case but wow that’s, interesting how’s? Your chair? Go and sit down. Let me review you on your chair, oh god, oh god, camera angle. What happened it was looking to the sky. I was trying to adjust the camera angle too: low, okay, okay, okay, all the propellers are still good. Little brush battery seven don’t adjust your camera angle when you’re too low.