com. Now here we have the new dji fpv drone and if you guys haven’t seen my previous videos, i did a full review on this drone as well as an unboxing. So if you guys haven’t seen those videos make sure you check the links above as well as down below to watch those videos first before this video, which is more about how to set everything up. So what i have here is the fpv combo, with the added fly more, which is a couple extra batteries, as well as the battery hubs. Now, once you get everything unboxed, what i like to do is normally get everything here on the table nice and spread out because of the fact that we’re gon na get everything powered up charged up, also get the firmware update and everything get everything linked together. Do all those things that you’re going to need to do here at home before you actually take it out for your very first flight and before we get everything all set up? A quick word from our sponsor skillshare and for those that aren’t familiar with skillshare skillshare is an online learning community that really focuses on the creative arts. So, if you’re looking at getting into videography photography illustration, skillshare has thousands of classes to choose from now. For the past year, i’ve taken a bunch of courses, everything from branding to communication, to how to vlog better there’s a lot of courses on there that just really help you level up certain aspects of your creative field and for those that don’t know i’m actually ui Ux designer by day so there’s a bunch of courses on that that i’ve been taking last year, everything from user personas strategy and also as far as the software goes i’ve been using sketch for a while now, but i’ve been looking at that transition over into something.

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So now that you have the most recent app on your device. The one thing you want to do before you do anything else. Is to charge all of the batteries up. The battery is from your aircraft. The batteries on the remote control, as well as the battery that’s gon na, be powering up your goggles. Now, if you have the fpv combo, it does come with the power brick by itself. The fly more combo is what comes with the hub, but all you have to do to charge up your battery is plug it into the wall and then plug this in right there, and, if you do have the hub, all you have to do is plug in The power source to the side of the hub and then you plug in your batteries to the actual hub, so there’s one there what’s nice – is that on this power, brick there’s usb ports here, so all you have to do – is plug in the usb cable and Then plug one of these into the remote control and then the other one into the battery for the goggles. Now, with all that gear being charged up, you can now install the propellers onto the motors now to install the propellers. What you want to do is take two of the propellers that have the red circles. If you look in the middle right here, you’ll see a little red circle. Two of those will have red circles and then two of the propellers will not have anything at all.

That red circle will match up to the red lines here on the motors and to install it all you do is place the propeller right on top you’ll, see where the grooves sit it’s spring loaded. So all you have to do is press down on the propeller and then turn the motor with your left hand and then it’ll lock now that the propellers are all installed you’re going to want to take off this gimbal cover here. The way i normally do it is i press in from this side here just left side, i kind of press in it’ll kind of unlock it, and then i grab it from the bottom and then i pull up and then there you go. You want to take off this gimbal cover, because if you try to power on the drone, the camera actually has to go through a little warm up sequence. And if you have that gimbal cover on there, it won’t be able to move. Now. Your actual sticks are hidden here on the inside, so if you guys haven’t seen that yet they’re tucked away right here nicely, so all you have to do is pull those out there. You go i’ll install there and then the antenna is pointed down right now. You’Re going to want to flip this antenna up that way, you have the best signal now to power up. The battery is actually the same way you’re going to power all of your other devices on.

So if you guys aren’t familiar with how to power on the dji equipment, they all use the standard press once and then press again and hold and that’s how you’re going to power on something like this. The battery for the goggles same with the drone, as well as same with the remote control you’re gon na need to plug in this end now into the goggles. Now the next step, you’re gon na, need to activate your aircraft, so you’re gon na want to get that otg, the usb cable, as well as a cable, they’re gon na use to hook up to your device i’m using the iphone like i mentioned. So what you want to do is plug in the usb c side to the left side of the goggles and then plug in your device to the cable so plug that in and there you go now. I am logged into my account and of course we don’t have anything that’s showing yet because we haven’t powered everything else on. But the first thing you want to do is if you haven’t already register for a dji account, and if you already did that all you have to do is log in into the app now they’re all logged in on the app. What we want to do is power everything else on so insert the battery again make sure it does click in there make sure you hear it click in and then that little plug at the very top press once and then press and hold oh yeah, but now That the drone is powered on and let’s do the same thing with the remote control.

Now, once it’s all powered on and the dji fly app is open, you normally will probably have a firmware update and if you do have, one it’ll show up there on the left hand side of that home screen on the app now, if you’re, not seeing anything Through the goggles or through the app it might be because the fact that your goggles aren’t linked to the drone now out of the box they should be linked up. But if they’re not it’s, pretty easy to link up the goggles with the drone. And you also want to make sure that you have the drone linked up to the remote control now to link the goggles to the drone. In case they aren’t already linked right below where the power is plugged into the goggles there’s a little dot right there at the very bottom, and really what that is, is just a linking button with everything powered on what you’re going to do is get something like A pen or a paper clip and press that button in and you’ll start hearing it beep there you go as you can hear that beeping now, while that’s beeping. What you want to do now is press the button on the back of the battery press and hold that you’ll hear it beep and there you go now. The goggles stopped beeping because it is now synced up with the goggles and you’re going to want to do the same thing now with the remote control.

Now that everything is linked up, all the firmware has been updated. Let’S put the goggles on talk a little bit more about what you’re seeing on screen and on the bottom left. We have the n for normal mode, as well as all of the data that’s going to be down there, how fast you’re going how far your distance away you are from the home point. How high up you are all that data will be on the bottom left hand, side and that end would switch to s. So, if you’re in sport mode as well as m in your manual or the acro mode on the very bottom right, we have the information on the battery life of the drone and that countdown will actually show you how much time until the battery depletes. Next, to that, we do have the obstacle avoidance right now. It is turned off now. Zero satellites is because the fact that we are indoors you’re not going to have any gps lock and on the very bottom right is 53 or 52. Now the battery life on the goggles so battery life on this right here on the very top right. We have the minutes available left on the sd card, that’s either in your drone, as well as one in your goggles. So you can actually put an sd card in your goggles. If you want to record all that flight footage that you’re actually seeing now it doesn’t record the display, it doesn’t record that heads up display, but at least records the flight.

So i do recommend getting an sd card, putting it right here on the goggles, if you want to record the flight footage that’s coming through the goggles and right here in the very front like i talked about on the unboxing, the very front right here is where You’Re gon na put your sd card right next to that usbc port there’s, the sd card slot there. So all the footage that you’re shooting will record to that sd card now let’s quickly go through some of the menu system that you’re going to want to know about before you get out there. So what you want to do first is click that 5d button down and it’ll then bring up that menu system on the left hand, side and, on the left hand side. You now see it says: status, album transmission and setting go ahead and press down on that 5d button again and then it’ll say status, gps vision, unavailable and that’s because we are indoors so you’re not going to be able to do anything on that. At the moment, we will go through it again once we go outside next we’re going to click out of it by clicking the button right next to that 5d stick and then go down. The album. Album, basically, is what you have shot what’s on your camera. Roll on this system, so right now we have some shots in here, of course, and then also where i just flew.

Recently: i’m gon na click back out of there transmission. We have the pilot transmission, we have what the broadcasting is currently off, so there’s gon na be some options for you to broadcast later, but we don’t have that option at the moment. Change your aspect, ratio change, your focus mode and change your channel mode from here, and you can see the audience. We have it’s grayed out right now, because the fact that, like i said, i think there’s gon na be some stuff that we’re gon na have later on that they’re, including it here it’s just not activated at this moment. Click back out of there go down to settings. Settings is where you’re gon na probably do all of your work go into settings and then for the first one you see safety click on safety. This is where you see your max altitude max distance away, return to home altitude, update your home point obstacle slowing and then things like compass calibration imu calibration. Are there at the very bottom, very similar to what you’d be doing on something like the mavic or the phantom drones get back out of there go down to control control when you click on remote control? This is actually where you’re going to be doing any of your changes to the remote. So if you do want to go into manual mode you’re going to have to go into the menu system here, change it into manual mode, like i talked about in my review.

Even if you click manual mode just by clicking the remote it won’t just automatically jump into manual acro mode, you have to take an extra step by going through the menu system in the goggles to activate it that way, it’s more of a fail, safe or a Safety feature so that you don’t just accidentally hit the remote control, so in button customization you can customize all the buttons on your remote control. If i click down here, go all the way down to the c1. Well, you know what you want to see one to do the c2 to do the custom modes go down to the very bottom. This is where that custom one i’ve talked about for the manual. If i click this now i select manual mode here now. It’Ll tell me: hey, you know what, before you switch to manual mode, you might want to practice on the virtual flight and also, if you want to change the stick, if you want to have that at the very bottom and not centered at the top with spring Loaded most fpv pilots will have this at zero at the very bottom. So you can actually do that by popping this backing and turning it to the right or tightening it, and what that will do is it’ll, bring that and now make that stick free. So if you pull it down, it’ll stay down, hold it up. It’Ll stay up now i am going to cancel this because i am not going to go into manual mode, so i’m going to switch that back to sport and then get back out of here now.

At the very top you have stick mode right, there stick mode, so you can actually change it. If you want mode one, two or three go back out of this. You can go and change your gain, so you can change all of those things if you want to all of your rates, you’re able to do those adjustments here, as well as your rc calibration at the very top. So if you wanted to recalibrate your rc just go ahead and do the rc calibration here hit start and go through the prompts now going down. We do have a motion controller setting. The motion controller is not hooked up right now, but i do have one so that will be in another video, so make sure you guys check out the motion controller video going down again. We have led settings so if you want to have leds on or off what colors do you want the colors on the arms so right now it’s set to red. So if i say you know what i want it to be, this yellow there you go switch. It to yellow or if i want it to be purple, switch it to purple. So you can change all those things right there. You can see it so i’ll change it back to green. The arm led pattern. You can either change that if you want the pattern to always be on slow, fast or waving, so you can change brightness of it.

What you want it to do and the colors of it getting back out of there. We have gimbal pitch speed. So if you click down you’re able to change the gimbal speed right there from slow, normal and fast, as well as gimbal calibration. So if you need to do some sort of gimbal calibration, you find out, it might be drifting. A little bit always go back in. Do a gimbal calibration at the very bottom: we have the coordinated s turn if you want to change it from a large roll angle to a small roll angle or disable it and then units at the very bottom. If you wanted to change this from imperial to metric you’re able to do that right there, so let’s jump back out of control. Now we have camera. So camera is where you change all of those camera settings right now we have 4k at 60 or if you want to go into something like 1080p at 120 you’re able to change all the settings in the camera. So right now we have camera parameters. You can change the camera mode from auto. You have full control, iso shutter, you have the control there. So if you wanted to be able to change certain things, if you are in manual mode right now, i’m in auto, so let’s switch it over to manual mode. And now i can change things like the iso shutter and exposure compensation, saturation, white balance and uh.

You can actually set the white balance if you wanted to there so right now, just leave it back in auto and everything will automatically change get back out of here now: transmission quality. You have high quality and low latency video quality. We have 4k 60. 4K. 50. 1080P. 120. 1080P at 100, 1080p at 60 and 1080p at 50.. Video formats we do have mov and mp4. Do you want guidelines in there? I normally do have the guidelines on so i’ll turn those on, but you can turn them off if you want to as well as center point, if you want to have the center point on or off and then finally we have the format sd card. So if you wanted to format your sd card, both on the drone and on the goggles you’re able to do that there getting back out of there, we have display you have the brightness. I always have a full brightness. Of course, the brightness will then determine how much battery life you use zoom in and out, and then we have that at 100 and then home point. I have that set home point’s, pretty cool, because if you have home point set in your goggles, when you start flying around, you have this little h that follows and shows you where the home point is. So if you are unsure about your orientation, you just have to look at your goggles and there’s a little h that shows up so depending on where you are.

It just keeps moving around you and then, if you want to go back home, all you do is line it up and fly towards that little h or that home point and there it is guys that was just a basic setup. Getting everything pretty much prepped ready to go before you actually get out there on your first flight, so hopefully this video was helpful for you guys. This is really like the basic setup here at home that you’re gon na want to do before you take it out. For your very first flight, as always, if you guys got some value from this video, a big like would be much appreciated and also don’t forget to subscribe, hit that bell to be notified. When i post new videos, this is aldrin estacio with flightpath.