Now the reason that youre paying 150 for these batteries is because dji has a circuit board in here, not just the uh, the the pcb that controls the distribution of power from the actual cells. They actually have a different circuit board in there that that allows you to use um these batteries with your dji ftvs drone. These batteries are actually smart batteries, so they receive firmware updates and they regularly check themselves for any errors or damage, and you know report back to the drone so that you dont go up and fly your drone and then have the drone come crossing down because you Have a bad battery or back cell, like you might in one of your, you know: standard lithium, polymer batteries so having dealt with you know almost every dji drone. I know a lot of guys have done modifications to their batteries in order to do long range flights with the mavics guys were strapping on. You know additional battery packs and getting you know like crazy, crazy range and crazy, crazy long time flights by just doing a couple of modifications. Now, the way you do the modification is to get into a standard dji battery and remove that that that uh, that circuit board, that has all the firmware updates on it. If the drone cant talk to that circuit board, it will not allow you to use the battery so, like i said a couple months back, i was like hey.

You know. This is a chunky bird i mean its pretty heavy. Maybe we might want to, you know, be able to fly, it lighter and maybe we might want to be able to go out and buy regular batteries and save ourselves a lot of money. You know instead of buying several lease for 150, a piece um and you know, like i said guys, are like you cant. Do it you you its not able to be done, and i know i get it right. You guys havent been used to the dji ecosystem. You havent played with dji drones, so today i thought i would do a video to show you how and im not the first one to do it actually. Newbie drone released a product called the dji fly even more kit. If youre not familiar with that kit, what they did was they took a standard dji battery like this one and they took it apart and then they had a polymer casing or shell that they had uh 3d printed and then they kind of took the circuit board. Put it into the shell, and then they supplied you with a. I believe it was five of their own lithium polymer batteries, which which were the same capacity and i believe discharge rate as the standard dji batteries. But with one downside is that they were substantially heavier than the dji batteries now newbie drone claims that you know its its cheaper. Our batteries are only 71 dollars compared to a dji batter, which is you know, 150 dollars, but youre actually not gaining anything, because youre still getting the same flight time, youre still getting the same capacity with the additional weight so actually with the additional weight.

Youre. Probably gon na get less flight time. Yes, youre gon na save some money because the batteries are cheaper, but really do you wan na you know, add the additional weight for a drone, thats already quite heavy and gives you you know that shaky kind of unstable feel because of the weight of the drone. Already so no that in my occasion, in my opinion, though, you wouldnt want to do that, so i would just go with the standard dji batteries get about four of them and call it a day. So today, what i want to talk to you about is how newbie jones did it and show you how you can do it with your own batteries, its not going to be as pretty as newbie drones unless you have a 3d printer and you can figure out How to make yourself some type of case to uh support or hold the modified batteries, but yes, it can be done. So this is your standard dji battery and let me get a scale here, real, quick, sorry. This is probably not going to go too well, because the reflection of my scale is totally dirty, so excuse the dirtiness of the scale, get that on okay go ahead and get that to kind of center out for me, okay, so your standard dji battery is going To come in at around 258 grams, you probably cant see that, because of the total mess on my scale, 258 grams now lets say you wanted to fly a little bit lighter.

This is a 1300 milliamp hour, 6 cell lithium pack and, to be honest with you, i am off here, i think, im off, because the scale did not tar out. So let me tell out the scale again, okay, that zeroed out, oh, it was touching the drone. So lets see your standard dji battery is gon na, come in at 268 grams and this lithium battery. Let me try that out again because i think its because im on the softer surface, try that out standard battery here is going to come in at 183 grams. So theres a substantial weight loss in that and then lets say you want to even go with something like this. These are uh mole ice uh, 2600 milliamp hour. I believe these discharge at like 20 c um batteries, uh, maybe even more than 20.. I cant remember how much these discharge that, but probably good 50 amps plus theyre high discharge lithium cells. Oh, let me get those on there. Let me try that out. These are actually coming in a little bit heavier at 275 grams, but in this situation, youre actually getting additional capacity. Remember the original dji battery is only 2 000 milliamp hours, and these are 2 600 milliamp hours, so youre going to get longer flight times, with only a little bit more weight added to the drone. So i know a lot of you guys are flying with gopro. So, with only a little bit more weight, if you do this modification youre going to get longer flight times and higher discharge rates which are probably going to lead to better power, um coming out of the drones power plant.

So your your motors and then i actually even thought about going with something like this. These are the bigger mole likes 4 000 milliamp hour, um 21 700. But i wasnt able to go with these because the drones opening or what do you call it? The opening for the battery i couldnt fit six of them in there. I can only fix fix, fit four of them in there. So were not going to go with these, but that was another option. I was like hey four thousand million pounds, thats a long range drone and a half. If you can get those in there, but i cant do it not that it cant be done just you would have to figure out a way to support it, how to support it from the drone, maybe put a base here and then put a strap around it. There and then youll be good to go, but for now im going to leave that out and get the scale out of the way and now were going to go into the actual battery itself. So here is a dji battery, which i have already kind of taken. Apart but i wanted to put it back together to show you how to do it to get it apart, it doesnt seem like it wants to come apart in the beginning, so the reason it doesnt want to come apart, for you is that there are two things Holding it together, there is this sticky pad.

Here i get the focus i cant remember, which side of the camera is on so theres the sticky pad on top, which is actually going to hold this shell to the top of that battery and then on the inside. There are little clips all the way around. What youre gon na have to do is youre gon na have to remove these two screws and just like pop it off its gon na feel like it wants to break. As you can see, this is flexed a little bit because i had to peel it back, but it didnt break. You can hear the tape start to pull away once you start pulling the top off just try not to pull too hard and get the tape to pull off the the um, the uh, the wrapping on the internal batteries. You dont want to damage those. You can actually save that whole battery pack, if youre gon na do this modification like newbie drone, did to create yourself like a charging pack for other um devices or chargers um that you may have that run off of uh like uh, i dont know an xc60 Or xc30, so once you get into the battery again, theres gon na be another piece of tape on the bottom here and youre gon na have to kind of like gently get this out and the way you do it is to kind of like pull this sides. Apart free up everything and then get a pair of pliers, if you can like a pair of needles pliers and try to grab that pcb board right there, where theres, no contacts where you can short this out again, let me get that the focus for you try To grab it on those corners there and just kind of like pull it out and wiggle it out and as youre going to wiggle it out youre, going to also pull out the actual power button and the connector here.

So let me start pulling this apart. For you show you how i did it, i started pulling apart the contactor like that, and i just got this pcb board, like i said and just started wiggling it out and its probably gon na give me a hard time because i had to get it back In there i dont have my pliers with me: youre gon na pull that out and wiggle it out at the same time, im not trying to remove the whole battery um by like again getting your getting your well. I cant do it from the bottom now, but you can actually grab it here. Probably once you get it out and get your hands around there and get it like around here, everythings a little bit loose after youve kind of broken. All the little glue seals, also theres gon na, be see this white glue here, thats gon na be attached to this little rail here too, so youre, probably going to get like a little pry bar or something to slide it down and cut that glue away from The body so im going to have to pull this one away from the camera for a minute, because i cant do this through the camera and im going to get that output. Basically, the gist of it is to to remove the glue sorry to remove the glue from here, remove the any type of sticking tapes that may be around the side by kind of flexing this out a little bit, and this is hollow.

So, as you can see, my finger goes right through there by flexing this out a little bit and then getting a pair of pliers, so you can get a grip on that pc board and then wiggling it out. So give me one second, let me do that. Okay, i actually went and got my pliers so that i can give you a demonstration how to do it, like. I said, youre going to try to grab right here on the edge where theres no circuitry there to kind of damage. What a hole is a nice little grip on it and start wiggling it out. This is actually you can hear it sticking because of that tape. I told you that was on the bottom and thats why i didnt want to come out easily for me. So once you get like, i said you cut this, make sure you kind of cut through on these little glue tabs here that may have run or contacted the side of the case and wiggle it out, and then you have the six s cell lithium. They say these are lithium ion, but they look like form factor of lithium polymer. You have six cells there. These are just side covers that are stuck to the sides, these pieces of plastic, which you know you might want to be cautious of because, as like, as i told you, this is hollow. Excuse me, this is hollow, so something could actually puncture that and function to the side of the cells.

Theres, no protection inside, except for that thin piece of uh plastic there, but once you got it out, this is what you got. You have the original batteries and then you have the power distribution board that they soldered other batteries to, and then you have this. This is the this is djis proprietary, um, smart battery controller. I would call it as you can see, theres a power button there and what i can do is i press that power button to show you that this is still functional, still powers up still good to go power back down all right now, once you get this Out this is what youre going to need to make your um your jumper board, essentially for any other lithium polymer battery and the way you would want to do that or any lithium ion batter is to. As you can see, you flip this over youre going to remove these two wires, which are your positive and negative from the battery itself and youre going to solder on an xt60 to these two connections. Xc30. Xt60. Whatever your your connection, your connector of choice is now um. In order for this to work, youre also going to have to solder in the balancing tabs and the balancing wires. Are you want to get yourself a 6s balancing plug and your balancing wires are here? So normally you have positive, you have wires in the middle and then you have a negative so for success.

You should have seven wires. You got one two three, four five, six seven now when i looked at the video that i found for the one guy who took apart one of the newbie drums batteries on how they did it um or their balancing uh, sorry, their uh, their circuit board. They actually soldered wires into these wires, like they cut them here and then they soldered a connector onto this. These are very tiny wires and while you could do it, i dont actually recommend doing that. Because if you look here, you can actually see that all of the balancing connector have have soldering pads here. So you got power, one cell two, three four five six and then you have negative. So you could actually pull this plug out and then solder, your balancing connector directly here now. The only thing i havent figured out about this battery, which doesnt i dont know i got to go back and look at the newbie drone battery is that it has on the bottom. Here it has these two black wires here that are coming out. They actually say that theyre ground wires, but they actually go into nowhere. They kind of just go into the side of this battery and im thinking. That might actually be a thermal couple. I dont think thats actually um a power wire. I think its just a thermocouple that would probably tell you if you have an overheating condition thats sitting between these two cells.

I didnt get a chance to go in there and peel that out. I wont do that until i actually disassemble this totally, but i think thats just another. You know safety feature to make sure that these batteries dont overheat on you or especially when youre like um, when you have batteries and youve been flying them and theyre hot. I believe the dji chargers wont charge up until theyve cooled down, so that might be a thermocouple that tells you know the the board here that that batterys too hot to charge or the battery is getting too hot, and you might want to kind of bring it Down and not um fly anymore with it because theres a bad seller damn itself so now, once you have that out, youll have this board, which youll have to figure out how to kind of like protect, maybe wrap it with shrink, wrap and figure out how to Mount that into the drone itself, i was thinking, maybe to kind of like for me, probably like figure out a way to kind of like take these wires and run them and then just plug this in, but have it mounted either. I dont know just ill be sloppy with it for the first one, until i kind of figure out the whole modification, but have it somewhere in here, so that when i put batteries in here, the pc board is protected, and you know i plug into the pc Board and the pc board, or the power, the uh, the smart board and the smart board is already plugged into the to the drone and ill probably leave it so that its powered on um.

So i dont have to keep powering it up after um, every startup. But maybe i might have to because once you just disconnect the battery its gon na turn off the battery um power and its gon na shut this down. So that is my idea, but let me just show you like an idea of how batters will fit in here. Like i said, if i had a bigger battery, like i said, the biggest i have right now is a 1300. A 1300 would kind of fit in there like that, or even with this 1300 you could fit it in there like that, and you got all this space down here or you know sorry get that the focus again. I can do it like that and still have a lot of space up top, so theres plenty of space to tuck that that board away um im thinking that if i got like a 1 500 milliamp hour battery and was a little bit longer its going to Stick out a little bit but um not enough to kind of like you know, i dont know i guess yeah. I guess it might stick out a little bit further than the original battery, but another thing i got to do is figure out how to support this. Now that ive taken out the original battery there are no rear supporting feet, so ill probably have to figure out how to modify this, so that i can actually use this case as sort of like a a carriage shell for whatever batteries im going to put in There so it holds them, and this would kind of still have everything kind of plugged in through the pc board.

I might put the pc board back in here or the smart board back in here and um. You know use it like newbie drone did and get batteries to fit in there. Now, like i said if i wanted to go with the 2600s, i thought i could get the 2600s to fit in there, but they would not fit standing up straight. Like this im. Sorry for the focus im standing up in the cameras, its kind of hard to click, the angle, but they wouldnt fit like this. They wouldnt fit standing up and i was like i thought i can get them to fit in there lying down on their sides and its just not wide enough to hold all six flat or flush. Let me get the last one, so thats, all six and, as you can see, they stick out a little bit on the top and theres, not enough clearance, even though theres a little bit clearance theres, not enough clearance to hold that and, as you can see like, I said theyre just theyre, just just that much um wider than the shelter to prevent them from laying side by side flush in there. So i cant like force it because itll cause this to expand and it wont fit inside the the drone body. At least i havent tried yet, but an idea like i said i could take these solder them up, make a success pack and then take that success pack and essentially install the success packet here and somehow get it supported with a band like some rubber bands, or You know some kind of you know strap that i i fashioned the hold them in sorry, im dropping stuff all over the place.

Now some kind of uh you know strap like you would do for your regular drone and just get them to fit in there. But just to give you an idea of how they would fit in there if i load them in get them all in there, they kind of fit in there. Something like that now i got like i said: a six uh, two: twenty six hundred million power battery versus a two thousand milliamp hour battery, and i believe these are a lot higher discharge than the original dji cells and as long as you got it all soldered Up with a balancing connector on it, just like the newbie drone um fly even more kit, all you got to do is plug in the balancing plug to the balancing plug on the smart board on the drone or on the smart board from dji, then plug in Your xt60 into the wires that will power that and then power plug that into the drone, and you should be good to go just like the newbie drone. Now newbie drone kit costs, like 500 bucks and people were like man, 500 bucks thats. A lot i reached out to the movie drone and asked them if they would ever come out with just the the case alone, with the power board in it and the uh the battery that they removed from it, that they give you as an additional um. And they said theyre looking to expand um.

That line, because i told them i said, with the additional weight of those batteries youre supplying um and 500 bucks. It just doesnt make it attractive enough for somebody want to. You know to want to go to your your fly even more kit, and they said that they would think about it. Im hoping that they would probably do something like that for guys who, just like i said, want that shell and could you know, probably use the the their own batteries to make their own packs and not have to go with um. You know those 71 dollar batteries because, like you, know, lithium polymer batteries its in ion batteries, you can get these lithium ion batteries for about. I dont know five dollars a piece: thats 30 there and then a lithium polymer battery for like lets say a 1500 or maybe even 1800, youre, probably gon na look at 30 or 40 for that battery so thats. All i wanted to show you. This is going to be an ongoing project um. I have started it by you, know kind of taking that apart. I got to get my balancing plug for it um and then im going to start looking at different options that will fit in here and weight options and get back to you on what i found out would be like an awesome. You know power to weight, uh setup for the dji ipv drone, and i also got to figure out how to support like.

I said this now that im removing the feet from the original battery, so i might have to figure out how to get like some kind of 3d printed um legs like this. That will probably go on the back and support this up off the ground um once its all said and done so, if you guys got any ideas, please leave some comments in the comment box below and ill get back to.