So i first want to give kudos to a decal girl. She makes the uh custom skins and they’re awesome go around your the goggles, the controller and the drone, and then i have extra batteries. So i even have uh you know um all my batteries covered with the force green camo. If you like, this version, um so i’m gon na go quick, because my phone doesn’t do long videos so first off i wanted to talk about this. This is the iflight antenna upgrade that you take off the faceplate put on this. One comes carbon fiber screw in and then these small fat antennas i’m going. To be honest, i don’t notice any damn difference with these, and i mean i’ve i’ve been uh running around the the field with them and i don’t notice any extended range whatsoever. In fact, i think i even get a little bit better uh on the the stock fpv uh antennas that came with the drone, even though they’re more delicate and i’ve also broken four of them, because they are so delicate, and i like this design way better but I’M, not noticing any difference um. I also did get these little deals that go on your controller. They’Re supposed to uh extend the range um, but really i don’t they aren’t gon na really do much good um. This is what needs to be upgraded, not not the controller, because, as long as you can see uh, i don’t have any trouble with control it’s more or less the video.

As soon as i lose video control, everything else is cut so and these uh custom propeller blades. If you get these uh you’re gon na see like carbon fiber, uh propellers online, that are quiet propellers, they here’s your stock. They are not curved like this they’re flat and they cause all kind of um dis disabling of the drone, especially on takeoff. The thing flew backwards in reverse uh, just on lifting off and it just. I did not like that almost hit the back of my house here, um. These are a little better. They are curved um, but it did give me a warrant, a indicator inside the goggles and that it was recognizing uh propeller guards and there are none on it. So it notices just the littlest bit. Nothing is better than your stock. Propeller blades don’t, even waste your money out. There you’re only going to be disappointed, um, but i did buy the custom ones and i painted them so it could match my skin just so, you can see the difference. They look cool, but i’ll go with my stock blades any day and last but not least, these filters. This filters you’re going to barely notice anything on your video and they also nobody’s even telling you. But if you can see the gimbal, it goes straight down and goes up um. They actually limit your up and down capability of your gimbal, and i didn’t like that so i’m. All about wanting to look straight down when i’m just hovering, and this thing it was probably ten percent down affecting it and 10 up, which i was really disappointed about.

So they need to redesign these because these go all the way around your gimbal and if they would have just left some space on top on the bottom. And maybe you can get some wire cutters and customize those to give yourself the full range with. Maybe a little real thin adhesive, sticky tape or something on the sides when you put them on so that it’s stuck and it stays fixed but also does give you the full range is, is possibly the fix on those, but it will need to be further customized In or in order to get your full range on that, but basically that’s what i wanted to hint on um fpv drone is kick ass. Um anybody looking to get a drone. This is this is a badass drone. This thing has got any crash on it in the normal mode: um i’m going to be hounding dji to do a firmware update. So we i have no interest in flipping and rolling in all this and taking all that risk to possibly crash the drone. But i do want to go 90 mile an hour in sport mode and then, if they do that, all that is is a simple firm grade switch. They could possibly do. That would make it easy and wouldn’t be that hard and we would be able to go a lot faster and i think that would be the best uh advice to give dhi on that and and start blowing up their their survey when they, when they send you An email to to get your advice say we want to go 90 mile an hour in sport mode, no manual mode too scary, too much risk so guys.

I hope that helps you um. You know, if you guys have any other recommendations for me um. I i don’t like all this nonsense. I’M sticking out, i like, i hope that they somebody can come up with a true extender range capability that keeps the look like this. Instead, all this garbage hanging off of it, you know i just i can’t stand that i want to be able to put it in my bag and not have to take the antennas off. You know just get it ready and go. I don’t want to be screwing things in and they’re really delicate. You know the uh, the regular uh, the stock antennas um so that’s about it. For me, um hope this helps you guys.