The originals are just way too short. So i went on amazon and picked up a set of aftermarket gimbals um. I got them screwed in im. Gon na give them a shot, but you know what i think see how it flies: Music, Music, Music, so Music, so Music, Music, all right! So you unplug! This lets talk about the gimbals um, no short flight, wasnt, really trying to get a lot of flight time in whether you can tell or not, by the movement of the trees. It is pretty gusty out right now, and the fpv drone is more susceptible to wind, gusts and bumps and turbulence than your standard fpv drone, mainly because its sort of like a biplane setup, as you can tell you, have two different wings. You actually have airfoiled wings and when you get it out here and youre trying to do maneuvers, it gets caught in that wind and it gets caught in the direction that youre going like a like a rudder or an aileron, and it wants to stick to that Track so without all the long winded excuses for my somewhat sloppy flying with a drone that i am very uncomfortable with um, let me put that down and lets just talk about the gimbals um interesting, interesting feelings. These gimbals um. I can tell you right now when i first started even gripping it up and preparing to take off, i felt like i was standing on stilts the original gimbals.

Are these tiny little things like this and compared to these they are about the length of if i can get that in the camera, they are about the length of the aftermarket gimbals without the extension without the extension on it. So i am at least another half inch above where im used to feeling out controls. That is one thing. Another thing about adding additional or not additional aftermarket, gimbals dropping everything. Now thats one thing about adding aftermarket gimbals is youre going to get different, throw lengths right. So with the shorter gimbals, its going to feel like you have very short throws and with the longer gimbals its going to feel like it, takes you forever to get to those points where youre normally used to on uh sticks if youre, a pincher or uh or Or a thumber, you kind of feel out muscle memory you get that feel of where things are kind of like around center. With these longer gimbals it just feels like you got so much longer throws and it kind of throws you off a little bit um other. I mean so it depends on how you want to fly right. So if you want those long throws like usually guys who, in the freestyle want the longer throws, even when they have smaller controllers like the tango 2, they want something thats gon na give them those really long throws. So they get those really snappy maneuvers right, youre. Throwing it way out to the left way out to the right and the drone is gon na perform in the way that you want to perform.

I felt like with the shorter gimbals that was kind of limited was like a handicap having those shorter gimbals. It felt like i was kind of having to push further to get the maneuver that i want so now. Definitely i like the way that its flying with the longer gimbals, but i also feel like im standing on a pair of stilts right now, its going to take me a little bit longer to adjust to the difference in length of these gimbals. These gimbals, like i said, also have the ability to adjust out so right now. Well, i got to kind of do it in two stages: theyre at the bottom length and, like i said, theyre still as long as i mean theyre at the bottom length and theyre still longer than the stock gimbals at the at the first tier and as you Can see you can adjust that out a little bit more and you can adjust out this little locking nut right here at the bottom, which is now im going to twist out with it, because i kind of tighten it down too much. Let me get them on tight and then i can show you so you can untighten this and you can twist out the first here to give you even more length and then the bottom here has a little locking nut on. As you can see, thats extending out. I mean that extends out pretty far thats, probably about.

As far as i want to go from looking down that center hole, um the threads on the top are right at the base of the top uh gimbal crown, and then the lock nut actually will come up against the bottom of that. And if i get that to focus and lock it down so now you have something thats even longer than they come at the shortest length. So advantages of these um yeah, i think theres an advantage if you like longer throws – and you really want to throw this fpv drone around um disadvantages – are they are longer so youre going to have to probably relearn your flying style a little bit just kind of Feel them out, i know a lot of people either pinch or they thumb im sort of a hybrid. I thumb with support of my index fingers so im doing more like this and, like i said, even with my my hybrid the way of flying here, it just feels like im, not even like when im flying this the normal way, i feel like i hit the Ends easy and when i fly with these longer gimbals it feels like i am really reaching like. I dont even feel like not looking at this. I felt like i was like damn thats, where the top should be and it aint there and i got to push a little bit further. So just something you should think about. If youre going to go to extend the gimbals, but yes, it does, in my opinion, give me a little bit more control over the quad being able to have a little bit more throw.

I guess maybe even a little bit more leverage over it and not have to feel like im under steering. I mean i always in this video i dont know. If it was this video, i actually shot two videos, because i took off the first time. Um really sloppy, like i said its super windy, and it was pushing this drone like way out where i didnt want it to be um. I undershot one of my normal circuits, like i would do this course where i would go around a tree and kind of like do a kind of a half split s and come underneath the tree. I undershot that and literally had to pull up over top of that tree before i end up in the top of that tree um because of the different changing gimbals. So i took it conservatively got a little bit of a warm up, flew it around a little bit more and i know like i said this wind is picking up, so you probably hit it in the microphone and then i started fill it out. Another thing about the aftermarket big levels: another thing about the aftermarket aftermarket gimbals is sorry about the wind. They do not fit in the aft, the uh, the gimbal slot. So if you want to go after market gimbals, youre going to have to take them off and store them somewhere storm, they came in a little box which i have in the house, but theyre definitely not going to fit in the slots that are made for storing Your gimbals, when youre not flying the quad um, is that a deal breaker for most people.

No, i dont think so because usually guys are out, you know doing 3d printed stuff and like would make up some kind of like gimbal holder. So you dont damage your gimbals um and you know put it in the bag and theyre okay with it um. I probably wouldnt want to take them out as much because i know im probably going to lose one eventually or somethings going to happen where the top crown is going to come off, and i want to lose it. So i probably want to leave these in. But my bag is big enough to hold the controller with the gimbals on it and, like i said i dont really get into like the the the paranoia of it breaking. It could happen if it does ill send it back. You get a fix, but that may be a deal breaker for you fit and finish is really nice. I mean probably cant see this because if my camera is set up, thats always going to focus on my face. So if i cover my face its not going to find my face, you can see theyre very nice gimbals. I mean they look really good. That looks weird as hell im, not even gon na do that um. They theyre really nice gimbals um gold anodized on the top, like a granite dies on the bottom uh, not sloppy at all nice and tight. They dont feel like theres any wiggling once you got them tightened down.

Um and the crown on tops got a nice little jimping or grip on it, so that you can get a nice little thumb on there if youre into thumbing um, i dont have any complaints and then the best part about it was. I know a lot of people are going to sell you some aftermarket parts for a lot of money. These are only 9.99 from amazon, pretty sure you could probably get a cheaper pair from play. Shipping wait for a you know month for it to come in. I think 9.99 is a good deal if youre interested in the upgraded set of gimbals um and other than that i mean yeah, i kind of like them. I, like them, um, but i know im going to have to refly and re pilot on this, which is good for me right now, because ive actually been tweaking and tuning on the fpv drone. I bought it months ago and really didnt fly because it did not fly like any other car that i own um come to find out that i actually had to get into the settings and kind of change. Some of those parameters around i pretty much took out as much of the dead uh. What do they call it? A center stick sensitivity, um adjusted the gain a little bit and turn that expo a little bit because i think dji intended for this thing to be flown more mild, and i know a lot of guys have been flying it.

I know theyve been doing 3d bando bashing with it, but yeah it had so much of a dead band around center. Stick with that center stick sensitivity, even even at its lowest, because it only lets you go down to 20.. I feel like when im moving the sticks. I got to move out this far for that drone to actually move, and you can see that if you have one of these, you can see that, where that center stick deadband that center stick sensitivity is so wide around. That that gimbal, that you got to push it almost out to the first line for that drone to move youll, get it center and then youll be like why isnt it moving and then itll go off like that. So when it when it was wider, when it was like 160, i felt like i had to push out to the second second line, to get the move, and that was causing this thing to take off like a bat out of hell. So im getting kind of off. You know on a different tangent about this video, but just some things that ive been going through with the fpv drone and definitely now that im. You know it aint, like one of those things that you can actually easily sell a lot of guys have gotten it um and now theyre thinking about either getting out of it or the guys who want to get into it. Want it for super cheap and i got over 2 000 in it im, definitely not going to sell it.

I got more batteries. I got more time. I got uh refresh care that i can crash this thing two times and get it repaired. I got a lot more to learn and im going to be doing other things for the fpv drone, any accessories that come out and also i wanted to try some of the hacks that ive been uh talked about through on either the fpg drone or sorry About the cars either on the fpv drone or on the mavic air, which i havent had in a while either so definitely getting back into kind of creating some more contact around drones. I know ive been away from it for a while, because ive just been doing so many different things, but i got a little bit of time right now, so im going to try to get as much get up as much content as possible.