If you have not been living under a rock, then you’ve already seen so much leaked information about this drone. Now i wasn’t gon na make a video prior to its release date, but i’ve had so many people saying sean. Are you gon na get one? Are you gon na get one where you live is perfect to fly one of these things, so i felt that i sort of had to make one just to sort of answer questions because i do know a little bit about so in this video i’m going to Go over 10 reasons, why i’m getting the dji fpv drone and a few things that sort of suck about it. Fpv drones are usually a time hog and i am a crazy, crazy busy guy between owning my tattoo studio and trying to do this youtube thing as well as have a family and everything else, and fly drones and snowboard, and just do all the other things. I do i don’t have a lot of spare time and fpv. Drones are a time killer between having to set up your fpv drone, your controller, everything with beta flight having to solder things, build things figure out what to order figure out what to do on betaflight. It is incredibly time immersive, and that is the part of fpv that has kept me from getting super into fpv. Why am i playing pac man while i do this? The dji fpv drone has less restraint.

Time restraints. So all those things that i was just talking about – i’m, not gon na – have to worry so much about them. That’S a perfect way for us to lead into number two, no more beta flight. I wouldn’t say that beta flight is hard to learn but there’s a lot to learn and when you first jump into it and you start changing parameters around and you realize my drone used to be connected to my remote. But now, when i try to turn it on it, doesn’t work anymore, because i changed something in the damn software and nothing works. The way it’s supposed to it is a really cool bit of software. Once you do, learn it and i’m still learning it. Even though i’ve been playing with it for months now, we go back to number one i’m, so limited on time that by the time i learn it so much time goes by i’ve forgotten some of the things i’ve learned and i have to sort of relearn that And then progress to learn the next part and for those of you that don’t know what i’m talking about it’s software, that you connect to your computer, that you then plug a wire into your fpv drone and that lets you do everything which way your controller works. To beep sounds and how fast they they work on rolls pitches and all that other kind of stuff. You can get incredibly incredibly detailed from what you see in the goggles.

What kind of writing is in the goggles i mean you can do everything in that program. You have unlimited resources at your fingertips to modify things in ways that you will not be able to do with the dji fpv setup for someone with not a lot of time, that’s, probably a good thing. The third thing i want to talk about is ocusync 3.0 that’s right, hockeysync, 3.0, not 1.0, not 2.0, but the rumors have it as 3.0, with a much longer range than what you can get on ocusync 2.0, which is what we’re used to having on our mavic Mini 2 on our air 2, if i recall it’s, even on the zoom and the mavic 2 pro. That leads us perfectly into number four long range i’ve been eyeballing the flywheel explorer since the day that it came out. People started posting videos all over youtube. Talking about its long long range capabilities that made me go whoa because i’ve never really cared so much about crazy, flips and freestyle flying as much as i do sort of crazy cinematic, smooth banks and turns, and even some flips here and there or maybe barrels or A high loop bank, an s, turn whatever something that you can’t get without an acro mode, but it’s, not quite freestyle mode that’s. What i’m interested in and that’s what a lot of these long range drones can do. Everything i know about the new dji fpv drone is it’s going to be pretty much geared specifically for people who want that, which is me, and that leads us directly into number five.

Where i live here in the mountains, i can go out and find all these crazy streams this summer and just long range fly between the trees following these banks, following these streams, shots that are just something i just can’t get with my current regular setups and all These tiny whoops and small drones i have, and even that x9360 they’re, just not going to be able to go as far as i need using the fr sky system that i’ve been using as much fun as it is flying all these drones. With this setup and this controllers, i enjoy this controller it’s really nice for me it’s the kind of setup i do like more than the old style, big box, radios and that’s, something that the dji drone comes with. Two is sort of a game style controller. I got ta be honest. I really can’t wait to see what kind of stuff i can capture with this setup and, if it’s, really gon na work worth a damn where i live. Let’S take a couple seconds to thank today’s sponsor for this video. Thank you, world of oz productions where you can get your very own atomic drone, t, shirts, hoodies and all kinds of merchandise, upcoming, drone, eyeball custom, drawn stickers, mouths and so much more fun, custom art. So thank you for all your support. Now. Let’S get to point number six, the fly more set or whatever they’re gon na call it this time that comes with the drone, with the goggles version two by the way, and with the new game style remote is so convenient that i can just take it all Out of the box plug things in charge, batteries all that other good stuff and be ready to go just with that setup.

That leads us to number seven it’s supposed to be backwards, compatible version, 2.0, goggles and all that setup. The controller everything with version one hardware: that means, if you already have a bunch of digital drones or let’s, say this – is your first fpv drone and you want to continue going digital and get more into this, so that you can learn the acro a little bit More get more into freestyle. This is supposed to be backwards, compatible with version one modulars that have been used. Modulars did i say that right, module, mod modulars module, modular modular module that’s, a weird word: modu am i i must be saying it wrong. You know what i’m trying to say it’s supposed to be backwards compatible. If this is true, as i’ve heard it is, you can go out, there buy this setup, get comfortable with fpv stuff, and if you want to push it further, go buy one of these cool little fpv drones that are super good for acro and then get a Digital modular version, one in it poof and you’re good to go. I got ta, say it’s a little crazy. How easy these are leading into each other. So number eight is also led in from number seven. This is an easy way to get set up as your first fpv drone. Now i did a video when i first got the tiny hawk s and you can check it in that card. If you guys want to see what it was like for me to one fly it for their first time in a stabilized mode and two fly it for the first time in an acro mode.

Now i think, a lot of people that are gon na get into this fpv system. The dji fpv system might be first time, fpv guys you can just flip a switch and it will recorrect and turn back into a stabilized mode which will let it fly almost identically to a mavic or something like that in that mode. What will its top speed be? Will you still be able to get up to those higher speeds, and that leads us to point number nine. Its top speed is over 70 miles per hour. I don’t know if that’s going to be in the stabilized mode or if that’s, only an acro mode, somebody else who’s already flown one, might chime in down in the comments below. Maybe to let us know if that top speed is only an acro or if it also works in stabilized mode number, 10, it’s, dji, and when dji makes a product and it actually works, it works pretty. Damn good, i mean think about it. This thing has a return to home on it. It has batteries that are proprietary batteries, which sucks for some people and it’s great for people just getting into it, because you just plug everything together and it works. You don’t need handfuls of different batteries. That are a little bit more explosive. You don’t have to do the research to find a charger that works with most of your batteries or bother with all these little doodads and knickknacks to work with just these tiny little batteries, because the other charger doesn’t work with them.

Making sure that this battery fits perfectly with that drone, because, if it doesn’t it’s going to show in the shot or this battery works with that one, but it doesn’t work with this one. Maybe you didn’t race, rc cars, so you don’t have a whole lot of old battery knowledge. You don’t need it with this. That is a great thing for those who are just starting, but for someone who already has chargers already knows battery stuff and just wishes? They could take the batteries they already have plug it in and go well you’re, just not going to get that, and that was actually one of my big complaints. When i first got into drones the batteries i used in my rc planes, the batteries i used in my rc cars were useless. Every single company made their own battery that only worked with their drone and that’s been going on for seven eight plus years. So that’s not a new thing, so anyone who’s hating on them for this happening. I don’t know how they couldn’t have expected it now that leads us into three bad things about the dji fpv drone and maybe they’re not really that bad to some. They could be seen as negatives. I think one of the obvious things is the way that it’s built looks like it’s, definitely going to be something that you can’t really do self repair or if you can it’s not going to be that easy.

I don’t want to pre judge that, because i did own a blade chroma many years ago, although it is its own plastic housings, its own molds and it looks like everything is proprietary which it was, you could buy just pieces and unplug them, pull them out and Replace them super super easy. I mean it was such an easy drone to work on. It was a plug and play self contained drone now i’m, not saying the dji one is going to be like that, but they’d be pretty damn smart to have made it. That way, now the second bad thing – and this is just an assumption because of the way that dji, mavics and other dji drones work, there’s restrictions on where you can fly it. Some restrictions, i think, are great. Obviously, we don’t want to be flying up 1600 feet. Next to an airport, but what is fun about fpv so far, for me at least, is low flying flying near things. Some guys like to fly super through little tight spaces, that’s what she said. I mess with it a little bit, but i like to be able to fly 20 30 50 feet above the ground and have things around because once you get over a certain height – and this goes for regular camera drones too, if you fly too high everything doesn’t Even look like it’s, moving staying lower to the ground or closer to objects gives you a completely different, feel a different vibe and to me it’s a cooler look.

So if it has these flight restrictions – and you can’t fly – maybe you’re somewhere and you’re planning on just flying 10 20 feet off the ground around your house or something right, but you can’t even take up off the ground that sort of sucks. Now. The third thing that i don’t like actually bugs me – i hope that in time this will have a solution to it. Someone will will digitally print some things that will be a workaround so that you can still do this. That is, there is only one camera and nowhere to hook up a gopro, some other kind of action – camera a 360 camera or anything like that. I actually like testing 360 cameras and things like that on drones. Ed ricker is coming out here in another week and we have plans to do all this fpv stuff testing, the gopro 9, the gopro max the 1×2 and really see what happens in different modes on these cameras and which one really works. The best now i do have one question that i don’t know the answer to and if you do please, let me know down in the comments below how well will this thing work in high altitude snow and all these mountain conditions that i live in? If you haven’t seen any of my other videos – and you are new to the channel, you should definitely go check out that one there, where i fly 13 000 feet above sea level, with my mavic mini 2.

. Would i be able to do that with this fpv drone i’ve had drones that i’ve had up here years ago that completely fell out of the sky i’m. Looking at you blade qx350 at these higher altitudes, the air is thinner. I live above 9000 feet above sea level and i go up to 12 000 13 000 feet above sea level, pretty regularly with my drones and most of the drones i have by dji work at those heights. So those are my 10 reasons that i’m going to go ahead and probably be buying the dji fpv drone the day that it comes out start saving your pennies. If you haven’t already, because it’s gon na cost somewhere between twelve hundred and fifteen hundred dollars and early march, you should have the opportunity to pick one up. Let me clarify, because i have to that all the stuff i just talked about is based off of rumors. I don’t know anyone who’s told me anything don’t take anything i say to heart. I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did remember to hit the subscribe button, click the little like thumbs, thingy down in the corner and really, if you want to really help the channel, share this video or any of my other videos, because that helps the Almighty youtube algorithm notice that you guys liked my content enough to share it, which then puts it in front of someone else, and they have the opportunity to click it and share it themselves, which then they can click it and they can click.

It then click it and then click it which helps the channel grow, which helps more people, see these cool drone, t, shirts and stickers, which helps the channel which helps the temp, because it’s just that’s what you do if you like content on youtube. So just do it because sharing is caring and with that said, i’ll see you guys in the next video. I hope you enjoyed this.