I would like to introduce you to my little friend, okay, let’s, start that again right, hello, pilots and grand cru yeah i’ve been keeping a secret from you. Yes, i got myself. Let me take them off now: that’s, just the skin. By the way, i’ll mention that later, if i remember but uh, i like this one so that’s – why i got it yeah, so i’ve been keeping a secret from my subscribers a few weeks ago, i got myself the dji fpv drone. Now this is going to be a long, video, so it’s up to you if you watch it or not, but if i remember i’ll leave like time stamps in the video description. Okay, so you can jump about because uh some of the stuff, you might not find interesting, some bits. You will right so moving on with, shall we say first bit: why did i get one you’ve got fpv drones or fpv drones, you’ve got quadcopters and stuff already and you’ve already got fpv system. So why did i get one of these well to tell you the truth? I a lot of y’all know long time subscribers i used to wear, fly phantoms and uh dji phantoms. I also had an inspire for a short period of time too big for my area. Right but i got to tell the truth: i got sick of the phantoms and things like that because i didn’t like looking at the screen all the time you know having your information on like a phone or your tablet and stuff and because then i was starting.

I mean going back a while. My fpv was just coming in right and i wired up some box goggles and it it won’t great image, quality and stuff. And ah i got a bit sick of it all. So i saw it all right and i just stuck with my planes, my healers and my quadcopters and stuff, but to tell you the truth: i’ve always missed being able to go out. I will say mavic’s nowadays, but go out with like a mavic and get some nice long range footage and some nice cinematic views from the sky and that’s not like missed that, because i used to do a lot of stuff like that flowing across the humber. I, if you’re, not in the uk, it’s a big bloody river bottom out, yeah but flown across the humber, and things like that and stuff and along the umber bridge, and things like that. And i miss doing stuff like that. And i have for the last year or two considered getting myself a mavic. I have been thinking about it, but i’ve talked myself out of it because i knew i knew i’d be sick of looking at the little screen. Again, it used to bug me right old eyes as well don’t help, and then there was all the chatter in the talk about the uh dji fpv drone, which would fly like a mavic but also fly fast. Shall we say – and i thought oh that sounds good.

So looked into it and i picked myself up one now before you go out and get yourself one right, you have to think about the cost and not just the cost. You see on the screen all right just put that down. For a second see, the top of my ball dead, not just the cost on the screen, where you see it advertised, oh, whatever a thousand twelve twelve hundred, i said twelve thousand, then no. I don’t know about the cost that you may have to do all right. When i got mine, i tried my phone to get that dgi fly up because it’ll only work with dji fly up. I’Ve got three tablets. None of them would work. The bottom line is, i had to actually go out and spend another 200. Well nearly three on a new phone that was compatible now in all fairness to dgi. If you go to the dji website, go to downloads, go to uh the app the particular app for this drone. There is a list of compatible devices that works with this particular drone, but like most people, i didn’t read that bit. I just bought the bloody thing. Went to download the app and it won’t work, and then i found out later i had to buy a pacific device which i didn’t have my 401 compatible and three emmy tablets weren’t compatible. So i had to go out and buy a new bloody phone which was a bit annoying, but i needed a new millennial really but uh.

It was a bit annoying so think about that extra cost make sure your phone is compatible Music. Okay. Moving on, i want to give you my first thoughts right, and this will be quick because let’s be honest. The dji got goggles have been out a while all right, but i i’ve never used hd goggles before and when i’ve seen, reviews of them all right and they say all the pictures this and the pictures that and it’s amazing. I saw like yeah right. Okay, i i’m getting great quality image from the sky zone. Goggles there can’t be that much difference. Well, the bloody is a lot of difference, there’s a hell of a lot of difference from these goggles the hd. So if you’re in doubt that hd won’t be much better than yeah regular analog goggles, just trust me they’re a hell of a lot better but there’s. One thing i have to warn you about. If you hear – and i mean here with a passion box goggles, you may find it very difficult to get used to these, because the picture inside the image it’s so big and a massive yes that’s at 69. You can shrink the image down to four three right, but even in fall, three it’s bloody, huge you’ve got a huge image which is very similar to like big box goggles. So if you hit box goggles right, i i, before you, bought this system or bought any of these goggles.

I recommend you try them mouth first. If you can’t go somewhere, borrow a big and steal, see if you can get somebody i’ll lend you up to try him out all right, so that’s all i’ve really got to say about the goggles that they’re awesome all right. You got a great great, great hd image so i’m, not going to waffle about that, because they’ve been out a long time all right, but i just thought i’d give you my quick opinion. What i thought if there was any good or not. Okay, then, moving on my first thoughts about this little bugger me uh the little how it flies and stuff in there. What is it normal sports and manual mode well in normal mode. I was very, very happy right. The way it you can just take nice, steady like like mavic footage, however, with the mavic you’ve got a three axis, gimbal, all right, so it’s slightly different, because you only get a two axis gimbal with this, but you’ll already know that. So this is just my opinion right for flying we’ll call it mavic style, just doing them long, slow flights and getting the grip and all the grit shots and stuff it’s great and, to be quite honest, you’re looking at a good 15 minutes flight time, i in Normal mode right, because i’ve done it on quite a windy day as well. If i remember while i’m talking about this i’ll, put the odd video up, if i haven’t already but uh yeah, so in normal mode it flies brilliant, real, nice and everything.

Now, if you want to boost it up, you just jump into sports mode and you can whiz about like a madman, you can it’s got some major speed. You can lock it into your cruise control, but you’ll know all this. This is just my thoughts of what i how i felt about it and you can whizz it round and you can have great fun with it brilliant fun. All right now, you’re all going to ask me about acro mode. Well, i haven’t got an acro mode. I’M. Sorry and personally, this is where a lot of people when i’ve watched reviews, where they’ve said oh professional, fpv, pilots will say or fpv pallets that’s been flying a long time. I say oh it’s crap for accra. Well, it it’s not an acro quad. Will it fly? Acrobatic acro, damn right, it will, and the rc proved that i i’ll leave a link. I and the rc proved it. It will fly brilliant in acura. However, don’t forget the price. If you crash all right but it’s not really designed for accurate, it doesn’t say uh normal mode, sports mode, acro mode. It says normal mode, sports mode manual mode as in fully manual and in my opinion, right it’s, so that you can still go for your great footage like fly up a big mountain. But then you can really turn on it and fly right down your mountain or your tree top or what cliffs or whatever, to get a nice different type of mavic shot, because you can fly up with your mavic, but you can’t do that to fly back down It there’s nothing on dgi that says we’ve designed manual mode to do all these flips and rolls, even though it will it will do that all right now have i tried it in accurate.

Yes, i have. I have tried it in acura. All right and i’ll put a quick video. If i remember and uh yeah, you can fly an acronym flat, pretty damn good actually in acura, but you won’t be seeing that that’s that if i remember to put the video up that’s the most of acura, with this thing, you will see off me right. You’Ll see me fly in it in um manual mode, so i can swoop about, shall we say, but you won’t see any more flips and rolls all right because of the price tag. You’Ll i’ve got quadcopters. If i want to go out and do loads of flips and rolls and fly crazy, acro i’ll use one of my quads that i can smash rebuild quite easily. I don’t want to smash and rebuild this i’ll fly this fast and i’ll do uh loops or what i won’t do loops i’ll do swaps and stuff, but i won’t be doing rules and it’s too bloody expensive all right. So you won’t see much video footage like that. You’Ll see long range, you’ll see all this sort of stuff, but you’re not going to be seeing all this sort of stuff right, it’s too expensive to crash way too expensive to crash right. You see that with a carbon fiber quadcopters, however, if you’re interested in flying acura and your new ish to it, you bought this and you’ve been flying it in sports mode, and you want to move on to a fully manual mode, because you want to do some Acrobatics all right, don’t, just flip it into fully manual mode and try and flip it over right, because you’re gon na crash, you want to change the rates in it, make it get used to flying it in manual mode, just as you was in sports mode right Forget all this right just get used to flying in manual mode like that, all right, like you, would a normal quad, shall we save without the flipping the roll and my rate settings i’ll i’ll tell you what i’ll put them up right for like just getting used To flying in manual mode, i recommend these rear settings just to get the feel of manual mods, so it’s, not too twitchy and too panicky.

Now, if you want to knock it up, so you can get some really big, flashy flips and rolls because i know somebody will ask so there you go there’s the high rate setting all right. Well, i’ve got this sector. I’Ve got this set to the higher rate. Setting all right but i’ve been flying a while. So please, if you’re new use them lower rates first and just get the feel of the manual mode, okay, so that’s that’s. Basically, the best advice i can offer there just get the feel of it with the lower rates and moving on right. Then i’ve got a couple of tips for you, which i haven’t heard anybody mention. Yet all right. Do you know it’s got a buzzer now, a lot of you will be watching this going well yeah. Of course it does. But i’ll bet there’s a hell of a lot of you saying though it bloody has it’s got a buzzer all right, the quad through the ear seas and the motors will beep and the beeping’s quite quite loud. Actually all you do is you you double tap. You see one i’ll tell you what i’ll record it show you it and put it there. I’Ll put it in front of you, so you’ll be watching it now, while i’m speaking but yeah you just double tap, you see one button and uh listen and there you go that’s what it sounds like. So you’re not going to hear it from miles away.

But if you happen to have crashed or done an emergency landing in some thick grass or something right, if you know the general area and then hit the buzzer, you lay that it’s it’s quite loud it it it’s quite loud, so it’s it’s good enough right, it’s, Good enough – and i also want to mention as another quick tip the goggle battery all right – you know a little goggle battery and uh don’t use it get yourself what the aftermarket one and plug your own battery it. Because what’s happened to me. It only happened once and that was enough. I had the goggle battery plugged into the usb just a minute. I’Ll show you got the cables here and the goggle batteries through there, but whatever i have the goggle battery plugged in to the battery. Basically, and as i pushed the battery into my back pocket, the usb cable came a bit loose and when i moved the cable popped off and i lost video signal but that’s one thing i don’t like about the transmitter. It’S got the panic mode and i pressed the panic mode figured out what was going on and that was off again so yeah, so don’t don’t, let just don’t use it. Just get one of them aftermarket ones right. You can make them. You can buy them for about five quid if i remember i’ll leave a link in the description, all right, it’s, just a barrel connector with an x360 on the end and just plug in your forest, up to 6s light port, just plug it in and uh yeah Off now, there’s, just one more thing, i want to tell you and it’s to do with failsafe and maybe i’ve missed it because there’s a lot of videos out there about this drone but uh.

I ain’t seen anyone mention it yet it’s about when you feel safe on the image so you’re flying along you’re doing the long range right. You’Ve still got plenty of signal on your transmitter, but your goggles lose signal, so it fails. Well, your goggles go black. I mean black all right black as night, and your first instinct is to panic. Well don’t, don’t press anything on the transmitter. Don’T panic, the goggles have gone black you’ve lost video signal, you’ve just pushed it to the limit. Your goggles have gone black don’t panic. Just have patience just keep waiting, because when the quad loses video signal just like losing radio signal, it automatically feels safe and returns to home and as it’s coming back sooner or later, maybe straight away, maybe within 30 seconds, but somewhere later, as it gets back to You, the image, comes back in your goggles, but don’t start panicking, pressing buttons and thinking what’s happened and stuff check your back with facebook, all the other case, that’s it yeah yeah, but uh yeah nine times out of ten it’s, just lost signal, you’ve gone too far Or maybe gone beyond somewhat, where it’s really interfered with a video signal and it’s the field surfed on the video and all it’ll do is turn around return to home and the picture will come back so don’t panic, hey moving on right, i will mention, because somebody Will ask me no they’re, not the stock antennas.

They are. They i’ve got this root down because my memory is really going now. The true rc all right, true rc, 2.4 slash 5.8, all right, because you need both for using this drone. Look into that yourself. I’M. Not going basically, this these goggles will run on 2.4 or 5.8, so you want the 2.4 5.8 true rc little stubby antenna, so you can keep them on in your backpack. Okay, all right got these from drone authority link in the description and you’re going to ask. Are they as good as the stock antennas, no they’re, better they’re better than the stock antennas? You will get range wires and i’ve tested this all right range rise, you’ll get an extra um, i’d only said thousand meters, though i nearly said a thousand meters. You’Ll get an extra on average, eight to a thousand feet range that way and as for everything else right the better all right, so they are better than the stock, so that’s, all i’m gon na mention about them bill. Somebody will say that they don’t look like stockholm tennis, so i just thought i’d mention the uh the i’m just reading it again, the true rc, 2.4 2.5 uh from john authority link in the description or just click on the affiliate link or whatever, hey. Oh moving on oh right, then, to basically just about finish up, i want to mention what’s wrong with it. Personally, i could only find two things.

I have a problem with the first one was to do with a buying the extra batteries. You get this three way charger thing uh you plug in all three batteries right and it charges them up well what a waste of time! That is right because it charges the batteries up one at a time, so you don’t need that all right, you charge up one battery when it’s charged unplug it plug another one in it takes 10 seconds because it’d be different. If this charged all three at the same time like a parallel ball charging your batteries, you put like, say six light paws on a parallel board, you charge all six up. It takes same amount of time, they’re done, whereas this it’ll charge one battery up that let’s. Just save for argument say 40 minutes then it’ll charge that battery up another 40 minutes, then that battery up another 40 minutes. So this is pointless to me. This is this is just pointless, absolutely pointless! Uh you might as well just charge one battery at a time. It’S safer right because you keep an eye on one battery. You ain’t got three all plugged in because if you’ve got three plugged in and let’s just say for argument’s sake, won’t bear still caught fire. It could damage it, probably damage all three of them, whereas you’re charging up one when it’s charged, you unplug it and you plug your next one in when that’s employ it, because the only charge you’ll pull out of town if they’re charged up all.

At the same time, like a parallel charge, then this would be well worth whatever, but this is a a great tooth pick. You know and it’s pointless, in my opinion, right, it’s, pointless and the last, but by no means least thing i did not like in the slightest about this frigging combo set, but i’ve sorted it out. All right was this: this this bloody thing. This bloody thing here right this stupid little stick for the gimbals all right. Why it’s the same size as the tbs tango 2? Why the hell couldn’t they have got decent gimbals in there, right and or at least decent sticks, because these are terrible. They give you two sets because they know you’re gon na bloody lose one set right, but they’re horrible on your fingers. Now, if you’ve been flying, the little mini, mavics and stuff like that and stuff you’ll be used to them right 5.. But when you want to be, you know, i mean flying flying they’re bloody, useless i’ve noticed on ebay right, hong kong are already making bigger ones. Bigger sticks right, but i haven’t found any in the uk anywhere. I nearly ordered some, but what i did was i got an oil transmitter took the sticks off all right. I had to drill a little hole in this. Stick all right run a big screw, throw right, it’s a m m3 m2, an m2 screw through just screwed. It in – and i am just leaving them all right – these are actually funnily enough.

These are actually just a little bit too big. Now, however, right i’ll leave that down it’s much much easier and comfier for for flying you can you can feel what you’re doing you really can, rather than figuring do it again if you’re choking cheese, i mean i can’t. Even all that thing that i mean look, look how bloody tiny that thing is. I mean ridiculous, ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous! So, like i said i just i just basically knocked them up, took them off the thingy. An old transmitter made some little covers, so i can leave them on so that the cat move in the bag and uh left it like that. But yeah there that’s the two things that battery port and the sticks right all they had to do was also supply. Bigger sticks, but why can’t they have shipped it with some decent sticks. Gimbals may be the current fit. I mean with all the extra technology that’s boosted into that little transmitter, but they could have added decent sticks, full size, full length sticks. You know because uh i mean my tango two, i love it right. It feels perfect in my hand the sticks are perfect in my hand, and that thing i was thinking i’m gon na break it. You know yeah, you touch the sticks and you think you’re going to break them. No, i hated, i hated the stick, so they there they had to go. They had to go but that’s the only two things the sticks and that stupid battery yeah recovery thing.

So i’ll leave it there and uh i’ll leave it there with who, i think, should buy it and should a brand new pilot, uh quads drones. Anything you want who’s never flooded in their life before, should they buy one of these well i’ll start off with that and i’ll say yeah yeah all right. We all lost out on sims and stuff i’m, not gon na say that everybody glad he says that oops. Just did but yeah for a nobody piler as they’ve, never flown in their life start on this start in your manual mode, all right, uh, your normal mode, easy mode, normal mode, get used to everything, fly about flight like a mavic and stuff like that, because it’s Just like buying a mavic okay, two axis gimbal but we’ve covered that and once you’re hundred percent confident, then you can knock it up to your sports mode and then later on it it’s all there i mean we’ve, all done it right! Well, i say we’ve all done it, you could go out. You buy a mavic for the first time and you’re flying it and you’re loving it, and then you want to move on to quads. So then you have to buy it somewhere else. That’Ll go a bit faster, then you have to make some more build some of that, whereas this is all in one as long as you use your brain and keep thinking how much it costs this is not designed.

Well, it is designed to do loads of flips and rules, it will. It will and the rc proved that i’ve had to go. A lot of people have had to go by now, all right, but should you do it? Should you do loads of flips and rules and risk crashing and stuff? Well, it depends on how big your bleeding bank balances uh. If your law did well give this, if you smash it up right, but uh me no it’ll be enjoyable flying right. When i want me flips and the rules me yeah, my quad stuff will come out, make carbon fiber stuff so i’m gon na leave. It i’ll tell you. This is perfect for the same situation as why i bought it. Yeah you like flying in your mavics and stuff, but you want to try out your fpv because you’re sick of looking at a little screen there. You go all right, then now uh now else to say you’re going to start seeing some flight footage from it, because i didn’t didn’t want to start posting stuff instantly as soon as i got a few weeks ago, because i didn’t understand everything about it. At that point right and the last thing i didn’t want to start getting questions that could answer. Basically, i wanted to be able to answer your questions, so i wanted to play about with it for a while. First of all and learn things good things, bad things or whatever, because uh i kinda kept it nobody.

Actually nobody knew. I had what well that’s a lie. One person knew i had this and that was andy rc he’s, the only person on the planet well that’s, not quite true actually but he’s. The only person i all knew. I had one and that’s andy rc, because i had to ask him somewhere and he he was oh you’re. Switching over to hd, then george and uh went through the bit about oh yeah. I used to do this and i decided to give it a go and stuff like that. So he’s, the only one who knew so, i basically wanted to uh get used to it. Learn how to fly the bloody thing get used to the the three different settings. Decide on the tune rate, so i could show you like in this video all right and give you more information. So at least now i can see if you’ve got any questions. Just leave leave them in the comments. I won’t have been able to say that if i just posted the video, the second, i opened the box, but yeah so i’m going to leave it. There then and you’re going to start seeing a few videos a few flights and stuff like that when a good day hits. I do want to do a really good range test right, just to see how far it will go under safe circumstances and uh with loads of spotless and this, and that and everything and make sure i’m in the middle of nowhere.

Okay. But i want to do a nice range test and stuff, because i’ve done just about everything else with it the uh the norm, all the sports, the uh, fully manual mode, but see i’d like to do a really good long range test. Even i’ve had some pretty good flights with it as it is. Okay, then palace and grand cru i’m gon na leave it there and uh. I hope you like the goggles i like that the sticker took me. I don’t mind telling you it took me about an hour and a half to put them bloody stickers on them.