We have spent more than a decade crafting tools for dreamers. Now were going one step beyond with an immersive experience, unlike anything else, introducing dji fpv the worlds first ready to fly Music weve. Also revolutionized the fpv experience by creating the dji motion controller, a compact device that enables ultra intuitive flight based purely on hand, motions with the standard, remote controller, three distinct flight modes offer multiple options for anyone to fly. Fpv start with end mode for an immersive experience with traditional flight controls. S mode simplifies, fpv controls for an exciting hybrid flight, activate in mode to unlock unlimited flight controls. Now the only boundaries are your skills and imagination, no matter which controller or flight mode youre using enable emergency, brake and hover with one tap to stop and hover in place. The return to home button will bring the drone back automatically to its starting location and land. It safely the new dji 03 transmission system delivers crystal clear, hyper immersive image quality with ultra low latency Music dji fpv also features a robust modular design. The fully integrated camera records every Applause technology.