So, for example, where you see each sticker actually has a number there and then that correlates with the diagram and really this is all there is to it. This is a one sided instructional piece of paper, but if you, but if you stare at it – and you kind of like match the parts up – and you know kind of line everything up, it makes sense. It actually does make sense. Okay, so we’ve got the front landing gear stickers on and then we put the rear ones on here and just line those up and like i say i do a little hair, dryer action just to heat up the adhesive to help me. Stick it along there, and this is pretty easy – just go along and line everything up perfectly and just kind of go off of its natural shape, as you can see there, not bad okay and so we’re about halfway done. Looking pretty good so far, so good! Okay, there we go, it is on batteries in looks pretty cool. Everything went on relatively easy and stuck well and, like i said a little bit of hair dryer, uh heat on that and then smoothing it out worked perfectly.