There’S, this Music, well ben there’s this. This is your fpv flying mad, doing acrobats, spins, whoopty, whoops and all that kind of thing, and for some that’s a lot of fun and believe me, it is fun, but in recent years, it’s almost like the sort of camera drone stuff got together with the fpv Stuff and made a love child, and that is cinematic, fpv and that’s, where my interests lie, because you can capture some amazing stuff with the sort of bird’s eye view using an fpv drone that you just can’t capture with something like your mavic air 2 or your Mavic or even your phantoms, so it wasn’t going to be long before dgi, the king of consumer drones entered the market with an fpv drone of their own and it’s. Here i’ve got it i’ve been flying over the heck out of it and we’re going to cover everything that i like and dislike about it in this video cue: the music Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Music, so uh, Music, Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music. So what’s up guys welcome back to my channel my name’s keith and welcome to the beautiful island of kochang in thailand. I hope you enjoyed that little bit at the beginning. All of it’s been shot on auto, unfortunately, because i don’t have the nd filters, so i wouldn’t say it’s true cinematic, but it’s got potential anyway, let’s get into the specs of this drone, 4k, 60 and 120 in 1080p, which is kind of now standard on dji Drones, finally, which is pretty cool um, it goes from naught to 16 a face reconfiguring two seconds and that’s quite true.

I took off from here yesterday and i just put on full speed and it went out like that. It went 22 48 60 on the speedometer. Nothing else it was that quick, um battery life is supposedly, if you believe, dji 20 minutes um. Now, if you fly that drone like a mavic in normal mode, slowly on half throttle yeah you’ll, probably get 20 minutes out of it making sure there’s no wind. But if you fly on a beach like this in sports mode, you’ll be lucky if you get seven or eight minutes, i’ve been getting on average about seven minutes before it wants to return to home and that’s. Another thing this thing, unlike any other fpv drone on the market. This has all of dgi’s safety features like return to home. It has crash voices sensors in normal mode and all the other goblins that comes with a dji drone, so let’s get into the pros and cons that i’ve found with this drone and then i’ll give you my final thoughts at the end. So we’ll cover the pros. First first thing is: it is a lot of fun. There is no denying that, in fact, i don’t think i’ve been this excited about a drone. Since i bought my very first drone, which was a parrot ar 2.0 drone, which you flew with an app on the phone via wi fi, it wouldn’t go very far and the camera was very much fpv style because he didn’t have a gimbal at all.

I then obviously graduated to sparks and mavics, and things like that and and they’re great, because you can you know creatively, i get a kick out of flying them, but this thing is a different beast altogether. This is just fun and it’s a huge rush, especially when you’re sort of flying through trees and stuff, in first person view with those goggles on your head, it’s there’s, just nothing else quite like it. Unless, of course, you get into real fpv, which this is dji. Fpv, so one thing that is really useful on this drone, especially if you get into manual mode, is what dji i’ve done, is a clever little trick in the goggles. When you take off the drone and if you turn to look at, you, you’ll see an h and that’s your home point when they’re using ar technology to overlay the home point on on on the screen of your goggles. So if you are in manual mode and doing whoopty, whoops and spinny spinnies and all that kind of stuff that you do in manual mode and you get a bit disorientated, you’ll be able to spin the drone around and see where your home point is that’s. A really nice touch and a really cool feature. Another thing that’s really cool is: although these batteries only last about seven minutes, um they charge really quickly so i’ve got the uh fly more kit for this drone and i can charge all three batteries and they all charge up in the time that it takes to Charge one mavic air 2 battery that’s pretty neat, so i get a lot more flight time out of this drone and because my car i’ve got a ford, ranger and that’s got a full power port in the back.

I can plug in and charge as i go and they’re charged by the time i get to the next spot, really like that. One more thing to mention what i quite like is the controller. I got i like the control of this drone it. It feels familiar in my hand, and i think, a dj i’ve done this on purpose. They’Ve, they’ve, they’ve starred it after a a video game pad. More specifically, it feels like the xbox controller and i’m familiar with that i used to play a lot of video games. When i was young, i used to do a lot about front two star wars, where the one thing i was pretty good at was flying an x wing or a tie fighter. That was the only thing i really did well on online um and that has translated to flying this drone, and i think that i got into sports mode and being able to fly through tight gaps. A lot quicker because of that experience in video games so um for me that’s a that’s, a pro. I i i like the controller and then there’s the transmission in the goggles as well uh with ocusync 3. We get 1080p transmission to the goggles, and one thing that’s always put me off: fpv is the analog transmission. You see all the interference and i would find that really really annoying. There is not much of that when it comes to the dji digital system and with the v2 goggles, which is a slight improvement over the v1 goggles, which was for your fpv drones.

They’Re, just pin sharp and really really good and, of course, one last thing on the on the sort of pro list is there. This drone has let’s just say, be marmite in the drone community and there are people that are vehemently disliked australian, but there is one thing i think we can all agree on it’s the startup of this drone. It is so cool. I mean check this out Music. How cool is that i mean you you, even if you don’t like the drone, even if you don’t like how the drone flies. You can’t deny that that is just cool um and i love how you can change the leds. I mean for the purposes of showing off here: i’ve got them in the rainbow, but you can change them to all the colors that you want. I of course get mine to light up blue, because i have this thing about anything that lights up: blue it’s cool. Even electric toothbrushes, but i like how you can basically have a light, show on this thing, and it just makes it cooler. Okay, let’s get into the cons, and there are a few of them as much as i love this drone. I really do love this drone. There are a few things i found, i think some of them or, if not most of them, probably can be fixed with software and firmware updates, and that really gets me onto the first one. Dji typically release products, in my opinion that are not always ready.

We’Ve had we’ve seen this with the mavic 2. We saw this with the osmo pocket, especially um and we’ve, seen it with other dji products, where i feel that they release things that that just don’t feel well tested. They. They seem to rush these things to the market before they really release features that are there, like. Typically when they announced the osmo pocket and the mavic 2. They said that there were these features like waypoints, and then you had decent like on the osmo pocket, but when you got it in your hand day, one none of that was there and you’d you’d wait on the website for a few days, and then they would Write in really small writing available in a future firmware and that really really annoyed me um, because this drone is so much fun. I slightly forgive them of that, but there are features missing. There are things that feel a bit unpolished, not like your dji in sports and normal mode. It doesn’t fly as smoothly as i think it should, and i think it can, for instance, in wind, especially flying out here on the beach i notice in sports mode. When i do a tight turn, it dips down at least one or two meters. Now, if you’re flying low level it’s going to go in the drink, so you’ve got to be aware of that, especially in wind. It seems so. I know that they can fix that, and i know they can do that in firmware, but why wasn’t that their day one so as it stands at the moment, the only way to change the settings on the drone is through the goggles.

You can connect the dji fly app through your phone, but all that does is manage your updates and it gives you uh an output of what you’re seeing in the goggles but to change any menu settings it’s through the goggles and it’s through uh. This sort of what i find quite fiddly, knob on top um and then there’s a back button and it just i don’t like it. It would be very nice if we can manage the settings through here talking of the settings. There are a few things that i find that are missing battery info being one of the strangest. Why that isn’t included at the moment i i don’t know i can’t see how many cycles each battery’s had. I can’t see what it’s outputting in power and that’s really annoying. I know that it’s going to come in a future firmware, but why not include it from day one one thing that dji have included, but not included for every mode is being able to tune the uh the settings on your controller, so in manual mode. This is very important and and it’s kind of a subjective thing, fpv guys the real fpv guys like to tune the hell out of their controls so that they are they’re set to them. So you know they’re set to the way they like to fly and everyone is different. Um i like to tune my settings like the expo settings and stuff on my on my mavic drones, because i tend to be a bit aggressive, sometimes on controllers.

So i like to dampen things depending on which mode i’m in or or the opposite, i want things a bit more agile, so i mentioned earlier. It has ocusync 3 for transmission and i’ve noticed that everybody who’s making videos bangs on about how great it is now in fairness to those guys, they’re all in the us and obviously there’s, two modes of transmission, there’s fcc mode, which is your strongest full transmission and That’S, the one that dji always brags out so when they say eight miles of range you’re only ever going to get that in fcc country, if you’re in europe or in thailand, or anywhere like that, you’re not going to get that range because they dampen it down. It seems to be completely dampened down here, so much so that, as you can see, though, i’ve got line of sight right out there. I was less than a thousand meters off in a straight line. Nothing in my way – and i started losing signal so much so that i then dropped signal and it went into return to home mode. That’S, not good and i’ve been seeing that a lot. If i go behind even the smallest of trees, which aren’t particularly think i lose signal um, i don’t know if it’s an issue with my drone i’ve reached out to the dealer to ask him if anybody else is experiencing this and hey guys if you’re experiencing this Leave a comment in the comments below, but for me at the moment, although when ocusync 3 works, it’s really really good and the transmission is clear, that doesn’t seem to be the range on it.

A lot of the guys in the us are getting personally, i think the videography i’m getting out of it is okay. I can’t really make a final judgment until i get my nd filters in um. The one thing i’ve noticed early on was, i was flying the track just by by by my house, and i was learning to really you know – fly in sports mode, but i noticed even on sunny days in the shadows, i was seeing a lot of noise and I know in if you’re flying with the standard color profile, it seems to crush the shadows a whole lot. But if you’re flying in d cinelike, it should desaturate the whole thing which it does. But there is noise in the shadows: it’s almost like the the camera. In auto mode is, is prioritizing iso rather than shutter speed and because of the small sensor in this thing, really anything beyond iso 800 it’s going to be really really bad. When it comes to noise, even at iso 800 it’s probably going to be quite noisy, but it seems to be doing that now. I reckon that, obviously, a firmware upgrade will will prioritize shutter over iso and it should be better but really to get the best out of this drone you’re going to need nd filters and manually set your exposures so another con at the moment and something that can Be fixed is typically, i shoot indecent light because i like to color my own stuff um and when you’re doing that on a camera.

If you have a monitor, you can have something in the monitor, so you can overlay a lot. So you can see what roughly your shot’s going to look like when it’s colored dji need to do that in the goggles, because at the moment, when you’re flying in dcinnerlight because of its desaturated nature, you miss small features. Even though the goggles are really sharp. Because of the colouring you can’t see something now i want to be able to shoot in decent light, but i really could do with overlaying some kind of standard luck on the goggles so i’m, not seeing when i’m flying it. The decent are like look because i was missing low hanging vines yesterday when i was flying. I hit a couple no damage to the drone, luckily because they were very small but it’s because of that color profile that i was missing them with the standard colorful profile and more contrast, i’d be able to see them now, that’s very easy to do. You just include a lot on the goggles and an option to overlay that they do that on camera monitors all the time. So that would be a feature. I really really would like to see. Okay, one of the biggest gripes when dji released their v1 uh goggles was the phone um around hit the edge that’s a lot of light leaking it’s. Not that comfortable and dji very quickly. Uh released a foam upgrade kit for this, which, which would improve the comfortability, and it stopped all the light leaks, especially around the nose area um.

Most people that bought the v1 goggles immediately did this foam upgrade. So it strikes as a bit of a surprise that dji, just didn’t include the foam upgrade kit on the v2 version. The goggles i’ve had to order the extra phone, because this phone is crap and that’s. Just annoying i mean i just it i’m scratching my head as to why dji didn’t just include that i’ve left the elephant in the room to last, because this is the single biggest gripe that everybody has with this drone, and i can’t disagree with them, and that Is durability? This drone is not built to take hard, knocks no matter what dji claim we’re, seeing that, because loads of people have already wrecked this drone and it’s the same thing. The arms are snapping off. Now there is a parts company that we found that sells parts in the us and surprisingly, they are not expensive for dji i’ll. Leave that in the descriptions below so you can replace the arm for like 20 bucks but that’s one arm and if you smash up three of them. That’S 60 bucks um but it’s still cheaper. But it is not built to take hard knots and as an fpv drone, it should now. This fpv drone, in my opinion, is targeted at the likes of people like me, who are fly, are used to flying mavic drones and want something a little bit more fun. So we’re not used to flying in manual mode we’re, not even used to flying a drone that goes 60 miles an hour in sports mode.

People are going to have accidents, i have come close and the thing is with this. Drone is unlike a mavic where you fly it quite sensibly. This drone kind of eggs you on it’s it’s kind of like the witch from hanson gretel, constantly dangling sweets and you’ll come on little kiddies fly me harder, and it does do that. I mean i. I was out of normal mode in minutes because i was getting bored of it. It’S, definitely not the most durable drone and – and i do wonder why they didn’t make it stronger – why they didn’t make it from carbon fiber. I have a feeling that the carbon fiber manufacturing would have put the value of the drone up. Even more and people are already moaning about the price on it um so yeah, it is not a durable drone. You do have to be careful with it. You can’t really fly it in freestyle, um, it’s, capable of doing it but i’m not going to try and fire in freestyle for you fpv guys out there who are shaking your head at me now. Well, the one thing it has done has it’s reignited my interest in flying real freestyle fpv. I think i’m going to uh, buy myself the beta fpv, um 95 drone or the starter kit, not sure yet i’m doing some more research. But i do want to try and learn manual i’m, not doing so well on the sims, but i think i might do better in reality.

The good thing is that my goggles will work with the drone. If i order the the one with the caster or the ggi kit in it, uh the remote won’t so i’m, probably going to end up having to buy a remote as well as a drone. But i am very much tempted to get into real fpv purely for the joy of flying with this drone. I am going to keep it. I love it. I know creatively once i’ve got my nd filters, i’m going to be able to get some really really good stuff with it. Dji does need to fix the firmware. They do need to smooth out those flight modes, the sports and normal mode. The rumor is they’re working on a cinematic mode for it, whatever that is. That could be interesting, um, and i know that there’s going to be lots of firmware kit, that’s coming out for and and stuff like that, but look even with all those issues that i’ve listed on it. I love it it’s it’s, just so much fun. It does put a smile on my face: i’m really really enjoying it. I know it’s not for everyone, but for me i don’t regret it one instance. I have had a lot of fun with it anyway guys i’m going to leave this video there i’m going to be making a few more videos around this drone i’m going to try and shoot a few more on the island.

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