5.1, and this is build 1980 for android. Now, a week or so ago we got the previous build 1.5.0 uh. That was build one, eight, seven zero. I believe um and straight off the bat uh one thing to tell you is: i have scrolled through the menus on the dji mavic mini the mini 2 and the dji r2s, and i have noticed no particular difference in terms of any features or functionality anywhere. However, there is a little couple of things to note. First of all, on all of the drones using the dji fly app, there is a fly safe database update. So, of course, if you have more than one dji drone, you are going to have to systematically go through every single one and update the fly safe database. Of course, that will prompt you whenever you plug in the relevant drone to the dji fly app. Now a couple of things to note on this video: what im going to do is again very quickly just test some of the features we knew wasnt, particularly working on the dji mini 2, one of them primarily being that you gimbal your reset or the aircraft. Your reset and when i go through to the menu and give that a little test you can see that still does not actually reset properly. However, if we flip to the dji a2s, just to put you in the picture, that does reset absolutely fine and of course, when it comes to the dji mavic mini that, unfortunately, doesnt have any options to be able to adjust the aircraft rotation speed.

So, of course, there is nothing to go wrong there, and so one thing to note as well is again reading some of your comments. While i was waiting to film this video, i think somebody had a problem with the dji mavic mini uh, where there was an issue and it wouldnt actually spin the props up, um within uh on location or whatever it was now. I actually had a very weird experience with the dji mavic mini when i wanted to look through it and for some reason, uh, when i tried to sort of spin the props and just make sure that it would actually take off. If i wanted it to, i got a really weird message with the dji fly app 1.5.1 telling me that there was an income factor incompatible, firmware um. Obviously, we never found what theres not been a firmware update on the dji mavic mini for a hell of a long time, um. Obviously, its well defunct now in terms of djis updates and software updates and firmware updates, and you know its at the end of its product. Life lets be completely honest, uh. However, i was getting this issue and, of course it wouldnt. Actually, let me spin the props or basically take off or do anything now, a quick turning off of the drone and turning it back on again. Did it seem to clear this message but of course, a little worrying that we did actually get it to begin with? Um so yeah, just to put you in a picture with that one, as already mentioned on the dji mini 2, having a good flick through all of the menus um, everything seems to be exactly as it was.

Of course, you know if we look at the the release notes with this dji flight app update, uh there isnt anything really to say there is any new features, just fixes bugs and uh bits and pieces like that, of course, but of course, as ive just said, I cant actually see anything new um and, of course, its the exact same situation with the air. 2S ive had a really good play around all of the menus um and i cannot actually see anything that is actually new one person just before i started filming this said about this radar toggle button. But, of course that was on the last update, which was one point, five point: zero one, eight, seven zero. So, just to point out the only way you can actually get this update is by using the in build app update feature. If you try to download from the dji website, you are going to get the 1855 version, but of course, if you do it through the app, this is the version 1980 that it actually installs onto your android device. But ultimately, you know, apart from that, the the video cache still doesnt seem to work. I understand, of course, if you go into your gallery on the dji flight app, you can download the hd version to your device for then editing thats, not what people are talking about. Whats people talking about. You generally got a low resolution version of your footage, whether it be a video or whether it be a photo and it would automatically download onto your device.

Um, like i said, a low res version, but that isnt happening in that is actually still the case. But apart from that, it does seem relatively stable. So what i want to do is very quickly cut to the test flight with the dji mini 2., so taking the dji mini 2 out on location. The reason i do this is because, of course, i want to test certain flight characteristics i like to test and return to home. I like to make sure the compass is pointing in the right direction and test just the maps and just honestly just go through all the little nitty gritty details and its okay testing the drone on the bench. But we really need to see the flight performance so as its getting to dusk. Then i have got my led light strapped to the legs of my drum. They are really really good at aiding visual line of sight, and if you want to see in my review video, i will leave a uh an end screen at the end of this video. So please do go check that out and of course, if you want to buy them, i will leave a link in the video description and you can use my code gavin hr for a nice little discount. Of course you get worldwide shipping as well, so you can buy them, no matter where you are watching these, but yeah really great product so onward. We fly then, and just a little test of the compass.

It does seem to be looking like its working. Absolutely fine. If i move my body to the left, you can see the little green indicator at the top, which turns blue. If i go to the right, it turns blue again and if im pointing the controller towards the drone, you can see the little arrow goes green and that basically means that you are efficiently pointing the controller towards the drone. Which, of course, is what you want to do for the best signal, so, as we are heading out, then one of the features i do like to test is the return to home so, as were heading out, lets just hit that return to home and then what We will do is well just wait for this to come back now. One thing to mention as well is: i have brought this up on a couple of occasions now regarding the negative altitude reading and now i can be openly and honest and tell you that i have not actually had it on my dji mini 2. However, i am now aware that some of you are uh. Thank you to those of you that have sent me videos um. One of my subscribers sent me a video early for me to check out, and indeed when you was flying on that beach on the dji mini 2, it was given a negative altitude. Ive only seen it on my air 2s, nothing else not to mention.

Of course. I have reported that it is the case on the dji mavic 3., but as i come into land, that does actually look perfectly fine and ive got absolutely no grumbles with that. So to finish up the flight test lets go ahead and try a quick shot. Then um, im gon na use the old, fateful circle quick shot and, while were executing that one thing id like to mention is those of you that do actually struggle with these. You need to make sure that the clothes you are wearing really do differentiate you from the background or from the terrain with which you are flying. Of course, this camera has to be able to track you um and, if youre not wearing, you know a color that really stands out or, if youre wearing the same color uh clothing. As your background, for example, you know the drone might lose you, but ultimately, as you can just see, im wearing black in a green environment and its executed that quick shot absolutely fine. I have also been out with the mavic mini as ive just mentioned, and the dji a2s and i suffered no further problems. One little bug i found quite annoying is even after id updated, the dji fly app and logged in. For some reason. It kept prompting me to accept these terms and conditions and, if youre still with me on this video dont forget if you do have the dji a2s or, if youre in the states, with the dji mavic air 2.

. For some reason, every time you update the dji fly app, it actually turns off air sense, so every single time you need to go in and you just turn that back on. Otherwise, it will be off and of course, as you know, i think that air sense is an absolutely superb safety feature and ive done a feature video on this as well, so that wraps up the video guys, you can see ive tested it on three of djis Drones overall, i cannot really report any major problems other than the ones we already know about. Everything seems to work absolutely fine for me, but of course, as usual, i would urge you to exercise caution. The very simple reason is, of course, these are my findings and my results. You, of course, may have a different experience, but as far as im concerned, this is my flight test and you can use this information in my opinion, to decide whether you want to install this app or not. Of course, if you do install it and youre, not quite happy dont forget for android users, ive hosted all of the previous apks in my google drive and the link is in the video description below. So if you do get into any problems, you can very simply roll back to an older version so that wraps up the video. Thank you very much for watching dont forget to give it a big thumbs up.