Um but im gon na go test it out and youll also see that theres also a new version of the app. This is now app 1.6.6, so new version of the dji fly up on your rc controller, so i did test out 1.6.5 on my phone and it wasnt the best. There was quite a lot of lag and some bizarre messages when i was flying around. I advise you guys not to update so whats 1.6.6 going to be like and im testing this out on the djim e3 pro with the new rc controller, the one with the built in screen and ive been testing this out in various locations. So i can test this out fully to give you my overall opinion in around about eight minutes so lets get into it. So once you connect your drone to the controller youll get a message asking you to update the firmware once thats done. Youll get this message. You need to turn your drone back on and the firmware and the app will automatically have been updated now as regards to the actual settings just make sure when youre going through these settings that, if you have changed anything before make sure there hasnt been anything thats. Obviously, not as it was especially your advanced safety settings and your return to home settings make sure that these are all correct as regards to all the other settings, ive gone through quite a few times and theres nothing actually been new added to this.

So the button customizations the camera settings everything on here itself, although its a firmware update where we may see new things added, there hasnt been anything extra added with regards to the setting so everythings as it was before, so anything that we may want to be added To this in the future or tweaked thats, when it will come through a firmware update, but for now on this firmware update, nothing has been added in relation to the settings, so im not going to spend too long on the settings at all. I have done quite a few videos now on all the different settings on here. What is new on this thermal update is about the quick transfer. So say you recorded something, and then you went to view it back. You see a preview of it on your controller screen, but if you want to go and actually download it, you get this message saying you need to connect to your phone, not ideal. I know, but what theyve done is theyve made the quick transfer mode not only faster, but also it doesnt seem to overheat the drone as well. This drone relies on being in the air a lot and motion to make sure it is nice and cool and before they was having some temperature overheating issues now, the way it just handles all this is a lot better and i was able to test out quick Transferring a few files over to my phone without any overheating or overheating messages at all, so at the moment, were only able to use quick transfers to get these photos or videos across to your phone.

Pretty quickly say if you dont have a laptop or something so this was definitely needed and i am happy to report that this works brilliantly. But what about the actual performance of the drone? So this is obviously key as well so im going to be flying over here and taking this really rare opportunity to fly close and through a wind turbine which is just not moving at all ive, never seen this before in this location. So clearly, im going to take advantage of that so im going to point to 4k 60 and then you know you can get really close to this. It would actually be better actually if it was moving for 4k 60 for that slo mo effect. But you get the idea. The point im making is is that through the app there is no lag anymore. Everything is super smooth, which is just what you want when youre doing you know intricate movements or close moving things vertical mode works perfectly as well as you can see here, it looks fantastic. Taking that full resolution now unable to use that on social media vertical mode is a lot of fun. Switching back over, though for the rest of the video just for the youtube comfort and for your eyes, im going to put it back to normal mode. So, im going to now go and test it out over here, im concentrating to see if any lag because of any signal issues or anything as we get over here now, because theres, a lot of kind of wi, fi interference and signal interference in this area and Just see how it handles it, but when i was flying this through the screen, everything was super snappy and smooth, and now looking back on the displays as well, it looks up so sharp doesnt it.

The quality coming from this drone is, is remarkable, isnt it. So if you havent picked this drone up yet i hope you get it soon. I know the delays are all over the place, its such a popular drone, but when you do get it its going to be mind blowing to you just the improvements of this drone over say like the mini 2, which was also an awesome drone. But this firmware is so much better. Ive had no issues with the signal. I can make intricate movements quite a bit of distance away. Normally this signal isnt very good here because of all the boats and everything, but this is worked great, so lets look at a couple of photos now, so i was going to get it lined up now, get it composed and then the normal dng and then after Ive put my edit on for my presets and then this is 200 times even that is decent quality, so switching back now to 60 fps over these seagulls, so they dont attack me were going to go over them and you can see now were normal speed and We can slow it down to just over half and then you can see now you get this really cool. Looking shots. Ive put a lot on here im getting kind of like some stranger things, vibe going on here, these colors i like it. What do you think do you like it or do you hate it tell me and then look at this shot here.

Really nice composed shot so use those gridlines guys, and then these lots im all using on here are coming out really soon and then talking about that subtle plug my presets for photos. Photos on this drone are awesome: youve got 48 megapixel now and ive made it super easy to use so im, sorry for the subtle plug, but im so excited by these lots. These are what i use on every single one of my photos, including thumbnails. You can use them on the mini 3, the mini 2, your phone, your camera, your kids phones, anything to make your photos look so much better with one click, so this is a photo. I did on my camera and just one preset and you can go through all different presets and use them 12 of them included and theyre currently on sale. Now, in the description down below and for just listening to me, waffle on ill give you another 20 off for the next 24 hours just put discount code waffle anyway. Lets get back to this, so i cant really say anything bad about this firmware and app updates, because everything has worked fantastically in different locations. Ive had no lag, but no stuttering, no performance issues. People are going to like the new quick transfer, so it doesnt overheat and melt. Your drone is doing a quick transfer anymore. So a lot of people use this function, who dont maybe have a laptop or computer to transfer the files to on the memory card.

So this quick transfer is awesome and it worked well so overall, more than happy big thumbs up there to go and do this. This is also available going to be on to ios android as well. I have been testing all this on the smart controller or the new rc controller, the one with the built in screen for the mini 3 pro. So i hope you enjoyed that guys. I did consider a couple weeks ago. Whether should we even do these update videos anymore, i know a lot of you fed by saying you do like these, and you do appreciate these. I get value out of them um, so if they do continue to help, you ill continue doing them. So i hope you found that helpful if youre new around here and you enjoyed this or please check out some of my other travel videos, cinematic style, videos that i do as well. Please consider subscribing liking this video guys and then make sure if you want to go and actually download this make sure you are connected to your wi fi. So, if youre out and about and youre not connected to say your phones hotspot, you probably wont see this message until youre back home.