You know we talked about this in the last couple: videos about how i dont like using the word game, changer, very often and boy. If this isnt a game changer. I have no idea what is because today we have some great technology coming up, thats, going to help public safety enormously in so many different ways, and they are even building and improving upon some features and functionality of the matrix 300. And what is a great price line, because previously we have an aircraft here, like the mavic 2 enterprise advanced, that is basically a mavic 2 with a thermal camera. But what a lot of public safety need is something water resistive. They need something with really good. Zoom capability and thermal camera technology and wind resistance and prior to today, we have not been able to do that unless we get into a matrice line of aircraft, which is now obviously the matrices 300, and that price range is definitely theres. Like no gap between this and this now theres a perfect solution that bridges that gap right in the middle right in the middle, between the price line and also in the size, because now we have something thats, more powerful, thats, more portable, more affordable and it really Changes the landscape of what were gon na have here so were gon na walk. You guys, through every step of the way, with what we have here were going to start. Also, taking pre orders immediately were going to have this on our website, ready to go and were going to get you everything you need to know about all of the new changes and what we have here.

So the new aircraft is called the matrice 30.. The new aircraft has three different versions: the standard matrix 30, the matrice 30t, with the thermal option, and also the matrice 30 dock version, which will get into the dock version in a few minutes again. Also, to start off with, which is huge is that this new aircraft is water resistive. So again, this is the first drone in its price range to be water resistive, and that is a true true game. Changer up until now, weve had the mavic size and the matrix size and anyone whos seen the matrice in person knows that it takes a rather large travel case to be able to deploy this. Now we got something in between that fits perfectly for, like a patrol car, so that we can use something thats larger than this, but smaller than the matrice and a very compact easy to deploy type of a package. The new aircraft does not use landing gear, its going to have an easier setup time. Itll be very similar like to the mavic 3, for example, and whats great, also about not having landing gear. Is that its now no longer going to have those landing gear? In a lot of the shots, so if youre familiar with using a matrix 200 or a matrix 300 youll know that once we get to a certain point, the landing gear often get in the way. Now. This is a very great addition of not having that issue with this new aircraft.

Also, one of the cool features i really love about the new aircraft is the quick deployment of the booms and props, just by hitting one simple button will be able to unlock the boom and get it ready. This aircraft is fully redundant and it also is able to perform emergency landings on three props. We have a brand new payload so to help accommodate everybodys budget needs and what their limitations are. Dji has made two different models: the 30t and the standard m30. Obviously the t stands for thermal, so we have a payload. That is a four in one camera that has thermal capabilities. It is the same 640 by 512 resolution camera and then a version that is a three in one camera that does not have the thermal capabilities for those that are, but have their budgets a little more tighter theyre, actually taking a lot of the electronics that was In the h20t camera and now putting that into the new aircraft body, so that is going to make that camera a smaller, more compact, more efficient model, so part of the payload. We have a zoom camera that has up to 16 times optical zoom and 200 times. Digital zoom and a 48 megapixel camera sensor so lets talk about the new payload camera sensor and how it stacks up to the matrice 300 h20 camera. The h20 has a 20 megapixel camera and its 23 times optical zoom, and up to 200 times digital zoom, and we can read a license plate clearly from up to 1500 feet away now, its not quite as many times optical zoom being 16 times optical zoom, with The new payload, but it is a 48 megapixel camera sensor, so were very anxious to be able to test that out and see how thats going to compare were going to do a full, comprehensive review video as soon as we possibly can, hopefully in the next two To three weeks, the new rangefinder will be able to measure objects of point of interest up to 1200 meters now, whereas we could realistically get only about 12 to 1400 feet with the older h20 and h20t cameras, so thats a major improvement on there as well.

The new aircraft has a self hating function that removes fog from the lens in foggy conditions. The smart, low light function feature has imaging algorithms that are going to automatically adjust the brightness based on the current light conditions. Lets talk about wind resistance. The new matrice 30 is rated up to 34 miles an hour wind thats, pretty good, considering that the older mavic enterprise advanced was right around 20 miles an hour, so that adds a lot of capability and thats almost as good as the matrice 300, which we have Tested up to 40 mile an hour winds in florida so now lets talk about the new tb30 batteries that come with the new aircraft. They look very similar in appearance to the mavic 3 aircraft batteries, theyre, more sleek, theyre, more refined, again theres, two of them that are going to be with this aircraft and they are claiming up to 41 minutes of flight time with the new aircraft, but were going To obviously test the new aircraft fully, we anticipate. Realistically, probably the numbers are going to fall more between the 30 and 33 minutes flight time. Mark now it looks like dji is really listening to us when it comes to the new batteries and as far as the mode, so we can put them in. There is a standard mode. There is a fast charge mode and there is whats called a ready to fly mode thats going to keep the aircraft batteries at 90 percent so for the public safety guys out there that need to be able to have their batteries running ready to go theyre going To be able to keep them at 90 percent, but personally still sonny jones is very happy to hear that there is going to be a storage mode on a new battery charging station, which is claiming to be very close and similar to the bs60 battery charging station.

Its going to be able to have four batteries charging, but only two batteries charging at one time we have now whats called the rc pro the rc pro controller is a brand new controller, specifically designed for the matrice 30., its a bigger screen, its brighter its wider And it has more features and functionality. The new rc pro has a seven inch, monitor and eight additional buttons and has an ip54 water resistive rating alongside the new rc pro smart controller is the addition of a new pilot 2 flight app, so theyve taken the existing flight app and streamlined it theyve made It more intuitive and make the workflow process that even that much more efficient. Another new great feature with the matrice 30 is that it has an improved fpv camera. It is a low light, fpv camera to allow us to be able to conduct a lot safer flights at night time, especially if youre going to go ahead and get the non thermal camera version. This new aircraft has six way sensing and positioning capabilities, and it uses ocusync 3, which is going to be compatible up to 15 kilometers away and it uses now. Whats called quad antenna transmission technology for improved actual reception between the remote controller and the aircraft. Like the matrices 300, the new matrice 30 uses a two puck rtk professional grade gps system on it, and its gon na really provide added protection for magnetic and electromagnetic interference that we can run into our partners over at czi also have told us that they have Released a new payload system for this already called the lp 12.

It is a combination of a loudspeaker and spotlight and its going to go on top of the drone and its going to be a very effective way to be able to continue adding stk technology and different payloads for different applications on here. So now we have a very good, effective public safety drone here now were going to be able to even make it more effective with a loudspeaker and a spotlight also as well. Dgi has also announced that the new materials 30 is compatible with the brand new flight hub 2. That was just released and announced today as well and thats, going to have a lot of integration, a lot of features and functionality that were just again really learning and still scratching the surface of what it can do. Well, get you more information on that as it comes up and, lastly, the matrix 30 is going to be compatible with whats called the new drone dock and its going to be what they call a set it and leave it station its going to have an integrated Weather station security, camera rtk capabilities, backup cameras, the new drone dock is also going to allow us to be able to charge the tb30 batteries in up to 25 minutes up to 90 capacity, so thats everything that we know to date, as we get more information. Well, add that up there were going to do a complete review video and we have this on our website and are taking pre orders right now, so were going to obviously fulfill our pre orders in order that theyre received and if youre interested, please let me know Give us a call email us and if you have any questions, put them down in the comments section below thanks again for watching guys.