Dji’S smallest and least expensive. Drone is a dji mini 2. it’s, tiny enough that it can fit right in the palm of your hand and at 249 grams it’s light enough, so that you don’t have to register it with the faa and it can fly for up to 30 minutes on a Charge the mini 2 has a 12 megapixel camera that can record video at 4k and 30 frames per second. However, its smaller sensor size means that the quality won’t be as good as dji’s pricier drones. Still for those who want something light, inexpensive and capable you can’t go wrong with the mini 2. dji’s mid range. Drones include its newest model, the dji air 2s. This 1 000 drone has a 20 megapixel camera with a one inch sensor, which means better images and video up to 5.4 k. It also has obstacle avoidance, sensors on four sides and can track objects, even if they disappear momentarily for 200 less. You can get the dji air 2, which has a smaller half inch image sensor. If you want to spend more. The 1400 mavic 2 zoom has a 2x optical zoom lens, and the 1600 mavic 2 pro has a one inch hasselblad camera both of the mavic models. Also have object, avoidance, sensors on all sides. Dji’S drones have different flight modes, the more advanced modes. Let you fly faster, but turn off collision sensors. Just remember which mode you’re in to avoid. Oh, if you want to get a taste of drone racing, but you don’t want to build a drone yourself, then the dji fpv is the way to go.

Unlike dji’s other drones, the fpv’s arms don’t fold, the dji fpv comes with a pair of you guessed. It fpv goggles, which literally puts you in the cockpit of the drone itself. It has three flight modes, including a full manual mode that lets you fly the drone at up to 87 miles an hour. However, in this mode, all safety protocols are off which makes crashing a lot more likely. The dji fpv costs thirteen hundred dollars and includes not just the drone, but the fpv goggles too, and while its primary purpose, isn’t videography, it takes pretty good videos.