What, if questions that i can almost guarantee, has entered your mind at least once when flying drones in your lifetime, and these include things such as what happens if your joysticks get near the emergency shut off csc command, while you’re flying in mid air? What happens if you accidentally hit the take off button, while your drone is folded up? What happens if you leave the gimbal guard on while the drone is powering up and a couple of other things like that in this video i’ll be testing everything on the mini 2 and mavic mini drones. They’Re pretty similar, and most of these things will apply to all dji drones and a lot of other drones on the market as well, but i did just want to mention that up front so with that said, let’s get right into the video alright. So to begin, this should go without saying, but i am performing these things, so you don’t have to so definitely don’t try what i’m doing in this video at home. With that said, one of the first things i want to try is figuring out what happens when you power on the drone and you leave on the gimbal protector. This is something that you always want to go and remove before powering on your drone, because your drone performs a gimbal calibration as it is powering on. If you haven’t noticed that before so every time before you go and perform a flight and power on your drone.

Make sure to remove this, but in the event that you forget to remove this let’s figure out what happens so i’m just gon na power it on, like you, usually would i’ve got this on right now, as you can see, it is moving up and down kinda Stuck going up and down let’s see if the camera view loads on my app so no errors or anything like that as i move the drone around, because the gimbal is locked in place due to that gimbal guard, it isn’t moving around inside the gimbal protectors. Oh there we go just got a gimbal stuck error. I do have that gimbal error, so without powering it off let’s go and remove the gimbal protector. Oh instantly, it recognized that that was off. So if you happen to leave on the gimbal protector on your drone, you should be fine. It shouldn’t damage the gimbal or anything like that, because it does recognize that the gimbal protector is on there. I do find it weird that it was still trying to move a little bit after, like the first couple of attempts. Just kind of seems weird that it was trying to calibrate, even still after the gimbal protector was known to be on. But whatever. If you happen to go and remove your gimbal protector and the gimbal doesn’t automatically calibrate like that, just did all you got to do is go on your app click. The three dots in the top right hand corner click on control, scroll down until you find gimbal calibration, keep your drone on a flat surface or hold it really still and press auto once it is completed, you’re all set let’s figure out what happens if you forget To unfold the legs of your drone and you attempt to take off or you accidentally hit the take off button and your drone tries to take off let’s see what happens.

I have the drone entirely folded up right now. So all right, let’s just go ahead and try it i’m going to start the manual way and see if things start up, it did uh. Okay, starting motor failed check. Whether motor is blocked interesting, so it went ahead and automatically stopped that i did not stop that myself. Let’S look at the damage really quick and see if that caused any damage to the drone. Hopefully not, but potentially it could have let’s check the propellers. I don’t notice anything really which is fantastic. I have expected a propeller to go and have a broken piece or something like that, but no, nothing so interesting. I did not know that the drone would just automatically shut off like that. So apparently there is a detection built in that if the drone motor is being overloaded or something like that, then it can recognize that so moving on from that scary experience now let’s get into what if your drone controller dies mid flight and it shuts off your Drone’S far away what happens well, let’s figure out so let’s take off legitimately now see if the drone’s all good Music appears so looks good to me, flight isn’t, weird or anything like that. Okay! So for this one, what i’ve done is i’ve flown the drone up about 100 feet and away 400 feet to a point where i can see it right now and i’m gon na go ahead and in order to simulate the controller dying i’m, just gon na go And simply power it off i’m going to leave the app open.

I’Ve got the drone recording. So hopefully we can see what’s happening as it’s going through. So with that said, let’s go ahead and power. It off rc not connected let’s, see i’m not going to touch the controller. The drone at this point is still just kind of hovering there. Oh now it’s moving it’s moving a lot uh. What is happening? Okay, it’s returning to home interesting. It just moved a lot without i’m gon na just power it off again. I didn’t i didn’t initiate that return to home uh, but now it is returning to home. I can visually see. It’S returning to home, it’s gon na be nearly impossible to see it on this camera because it’s so small, but it is up there and i’m still not touching the controller. It is powered off and it’s gon na make a full return to home let’s see if it fully lands, it’s just kind of hovering there. At this point, sometimes it doesn’t like landing on this surface. So that is quite curious. Considering it looks like it’s just not going to land, if you find yourself in a scenario where your controller dies don’t be over a surface, it can’t land. On honestly, i was not expecting this. I thought it would completely return to home in this case. Basically, what you got ta do is you just got ta grab it out of the sky and flip it over like that so uh. Obviously, that is not ideal.

That’S, not great for the imu, but if you have to do it, you’ve seen it here. So you can do that yourself, so let’s just recoup what happened there? If your controller happens to go and die while in mid flight, the drone will go and return to home. So this is why you always should go and make sure to set your return to home height before you go and take off, and also just don’t fly when you notice that your controller is low on battery make sure to fly with at least half or more Percentage in controller battery i’ve flown it to as low as around one dot, but i wouldn’t fly it much lower than that because after that, you can’t really tell how much battery is left in the controller. So what if you go and accidentally move your joysticks close to the csc command, either inwards or outwards in the middle of a flight? Will your drone just fall out of the sky? Will it go and just stop what it’s doing or what will happen, especially if you’re making a move – and you just accidentally get nearby this without intentionally going and moving the joysticks to that position real quickly before i get into that, though, i’ve got a quick word From this video’s sponsor skillshare, if you’re someone who hasn’t heard of skillshare before skillshare, is an online learning community with thousands of inspiring classes where millions come together to take the next step in their creative journey by learning, whether it be photography, aerial, videography productivity, web development, Youtube success or an endless number of other topics.

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If you haven’t, noticed i’ve moved into the grass and that’s for some obvious reasons of uh. I don’t want to totally destroy this drone. One of the main ways that i can anticipate this being a problem is, if you are making a move on your drone, that requires you to go and have your controller out like that and you’re doing something like that. As well, it doesn’t totally make the most sense because it kind of looks weird. So i mean, i hope, you’re not doing something like that, but if you are let’s first go and test by moving the stick inwards like that in doing that, no it performs a weird, really really weird landing maneuver, but that did not result in a crash which Is great let’s try the other way. Let’S go outwards like so, no once again, a really weird landing maneuver, but not a crash which is really great and just to prove to you that i do have that on right. Now, let’s go into controls or settings. Sorry, safety, scroll down advanced safety functions here we go emergency, propeller, stop emergency, only let’s see if you turn it on to anytime. This one will probably result in a crash okay, so i will say by default, it does leave on the emergency. Only. I don’t really know what it uh suspects as an emergency, only how it detects that but um in the event, let’s just try again let’s, say you’re, just making some weird moves.

Oh there, we go that time. It did fall out of the sky, let’s see how it’s doing it wasn’t really a hard hit, so that’s good gimbal’s, still good propellers still good okay. So if you happen to have any time enabled – and you happen to just be going by and making a weird really quite weird maneuver with your drone or if you have your sticks, programmed in a different way that maybe that’s not so weird to be moving. Your sticks in that way definitely make sure you do not do that if you have any time enabled because, as you just saw, the drone just fell from the sky and crashed technically i mean that wasn’t really a hard crash. But if you were hundreds of feet in the sky, the drone doesn’t care, if it’s enabled with any time, then you are pretty much set for a crash. So don’t do that, while in the air emergency propeller stop is set to emergency only so what i’m going to do now is let’s act like it is an emergency and in an emergency you probably are just instantly going into the middle or the outside. So that’s i’m going to assume that’s, probably how dji determines that it’s an emergency i’m just gon na get it close to the ground just so it doesn’t fall too far once it probably turns off so pay attention to the drone. It is right there in this case you would be potentially an emergency that requires you to just move into the center really quickly.

So let’s do that, no once again a weird landing, even with an intentional csc shut off. That is so weird. How does dji calculate that it’s an emergency only? How do they know that it’s not an emergency in your eyes and prevents you from emergency shutting off the motors? Interesting okay. So if you have emergency only enabled on your drone in your settings, then just know that the emergency shut off should not go and allow you to power off the propellers at any time in the flight. However, if you have any time enabled like it says, you can go ahead and emergency shut off your propellers at any point in time in the flight, so definitely use that with caution only use it if it really is an emergency and you have to shut off Your propellers but it’s kind of weird that the emergency only basically disables that altogether let’s move into what happens if your dji app crashes in the middle of the flight we’ve covered what happens if your remote controller dies in the middle of the flight? But what happens if the dji app just goes away and isn’t connected to your controller anymore, let’s, see so in order to go and show this one i’m just going to go and simply quit the app which should function as a means of uh, the app crashing And, as you can see, it’s on my home screen now not doing anything at all.

Drone is still fully functional and nothing really happened, which is expected, at least in my case, because if you think about it, what happens when you go and quit the app it’s? Not like you’re going and disconnecting the controller you’re really just connecting your ability to live view, the app with the app quit. Let me just show you really quick: if you have the app quit, you can still go ahead and start and stop recording. So if i press this button up here, you’ll hear it makes a noise. If i open up the dji app right there, as you can see, it went ahead and stopped the recording for me. So even that still functions. If you don’t have a phone or tablet to view the live feed on, you can do the same thing with photos. If the app is quit, you can go ahead, press the shutter button and it will take photos it’s, taking weird photos of me right now. As you can see, so there you go. That is what happens if your dji app happens to crash in the middle of the flight or if somebody calls you in the middle of the flight. Basically, all the scenarios that you can think of that would prevent the app from communicating with your controller. That is what happens so there you have it. That is pretty much it as far as all the what ifs that i’ve come up with right now that i could test on the mavic mini.

If you have any other what ifs that you would like me to perform and test out in future, videos make sure to leave those down in the comments below. I would love to hear what you want to see and also i’d love to check them out, and, of course, if you do want to see those future videos from me make sure to hit the subscribe button down below as well as ringing the notification bell. If you want to be notified of when i upload also hit the thumbs up button, if you found this video enjoyable, it was definitely a little bit anxiety filling for me, so make sure to hit the thumbs up button for that.