This is alex and today, as you can see here, we are with the dji drone tier list. I made this list with you guys in a live show, which is every thursday streaming and i’m i’m. Just super happy that you guys are sharing this moments with me today, we’re going to be doing the dji drone tire list, and i thought it was interesting to share this with some other people outside that live show. This is entirely subjective. I’Ve been reviewing every single one of these drones, but the inspire one – and i had my own opinion about everything, but i shared it with you guys. We had a nice discussion live and we end up making this tier list. I know this is gon na hurt some people. I know some people are gon na be crying like. Oh, this guy has no idea. Honestly, i couldn’t care less. We start from the bottom d, then c, b, a and s d would be a complete failure. Dji drone, but you know these days that dji making a really fail. Drone didn’t really happen. So this is why it’s empty then a c which is like a so so drone b, which would be like you know, it’s a good drone, but it can be enhanced. Then we have the a which is a super good drone, but i saved s in this case for the super most amazing drones. In my opinion now this is very important, it’s.

My opinion, okay in the section in the comment section of this video, if you want to see it burn you can give me your opinion say why you agree why you don’t and we’ll, have a nice discussion and if we don’t have a nice discussion, we can Fight in the streets, you know: okay, let’s jump directly here, um d, as i told you is empty c we’re, starting from the phantom 2, because it was the first dji drone that i officially reviewed dude. So, in this case, the phantom 2 vision was a kind of good drone. It was better than actually carrying a gopro attached to the drone. You had some kind of image transmission, it was decent, but you know the stabilization was not really good. The flight time was not that good overall back then it was okay. Now let’s jump directly into the phantom 3 standard, comparing the phantom 3 standard to the phantom 3 professional and the advanced it’s. Of course, the you know the smaller brother um. It was pretty decent. Almost 25 minutes flight time, nice gimbal, nice stabilization, but compared to the others too. When it was released. You know it could have been a little bit better, but it was the standard version. Then let’s jump on to the tele tello is very interesting. I would have ranked it higher, but some people were like you should put it in the d and i was like come on guys.

99 drone. You can’t, expect too much. Now the flying was kind of okay. The connection was kind of okay. Stabilization was terrible. Pictures were kind of terrible, but the good thing about this draw was programming. You know guys if you have smaller childs girls or boys, they can program the drone. You can pretty much fly. The drone with a computer, which is really awesome. So ac is fair to us now: let’s jump into the b and now i’m gon na see some flames. Dji fpv drone really interesting, awesome drone revolutionary, and let me tell you this. This tier list wasn’t made like june 2021, which drone right now is better than other drones. No, i didn’t want to make it that way. I wanted to make it when each one of those ones was released, how important how much of a revolution, how much of new tech did it deliver to us as a consumer? If i would make it like june 2021, then i put all the old drones into the t d tier list and then i’ll jump directly into the s with the air. To s – and maybe you know this doesn’t make much sense. So every single drone with its right time, okay, the fpv drone – is revolutionary it’s, a super awesome brown. It brings us good things. This is why it’s ranked at b. However, it has two big mistakes or let’s, say two big things that could be much better.

First of all, you know it’s the frame kind of weak frame. I mean you crash it a couple of times and you can go home. We all know that. I hope that a second version of the fpp drone or the fpv pro or platinum, or s or whatever it’s a little bit like you, know carbon fiber on that and second, which affects me a little bit more. The camera one 2.3 inch sensor same sensor, size as, for example, the spark back then four or five years ago and guys come on. You can do it better. It could have at least the half inch sensor of the air 2. now i’m, not very very happy with that camera. This is where it’s at b phantom 3 advanced back then super awesome. Drone 2.7 k good image transmission lots of flight time. It was kind of a revolution and you’ll see the phantom 3 professional in a sec i’m pretty happy with the drone. It could have been better. I don’t really have too much to talk about this drone it’s not ranked higher, because the phantom 3 professional is going to be ranked higher let’s jump into the phantom 4 advance. Now the phantom 4 advanced was a kind of newer version of the phantom 4.. It was like a se version, you know, like the mini se, we are having now a little bit cheaper. It had some nice things, some newer tag, the phantom 4 didn’t have, but overall the phantom 4 was still a better drone.

This is why it’s ranked at ab it’s a super good quality image, quality it’s, a super decent amount of time or flight time, but it’s a b now let’s jump into the spark spark back then was a big big revolution. I would have ranked it even at a, but people were throwing it down and they were right because spark had a lot of problems, for example all those gesture controls and it’s. True, when i was reviewing it, i had tons of problems with those gesture controls and, of course the worst thing was. The connection to that drone super weak image transmission had a lot of problems that wifi signal was kind of ah, but it was the first sub 250 gram sold for the mass people for the mass consumer. I would have put it today, but people told me to put it down i’m. Fine with that now, mavic pro platinum and you’ll see the mavic pro 1 was an absolute revolution and that’s. The reason why it’s at 8, but we’ll talk in a sec mavic pro platinum was an enhanced version of the pro 1.. It didn’t bring us too much of new tech to the market. I mean it had improved esc’s. It had new props, which made it less noisy and all that, but overall it was kind of the same that we had back then at the mavic pro 1.. If i’m not mistaken, it also included a full hd at 60 frames per second, which the mavic pro 1 didn’t have at least when it was released, let’s jump into the mavic air, one mavic air, one always in my heart super awesome drone the frame, probably the Most different frame of them all full hd, with 120 frames per second really nice row, but again wi fi signal.

If you had a couple of trees in between the drone and your controller, you may have lost the signal: the not capability of shooting 4k 60 and a couple of things make it a decent drone. Now both inspires i’ve only been testing the inspire 2 with the x4 as the x5 and the x7 super amazing drone, the best drone. Of course, i remember cinema dmg with 5.2k raw. It was, it was crazy, but for people like you know most of us using the drones for youtube doing some, you know maybe short films and stuff like that, we’re more than enough with a mavic or a phantom, inspired to and inspire one as i’m saying, the Only one that i have not been testing up to date – i’m, not the right person to talk about those drones, i’ve reviewed them, i’ve reviewed the inspire 2 and um it’s the best shown out there. But you know the price and you really need a high end. Computer to be, you know, and some extra hardware to be actually editing that software make it for the regular user. Just you know, out of the leak actually now let’s jump into the a. I have the phantom 4 pro v2 here. The phantom 4 pro v2 should be at the top list, but people were like all crying now. This shouldn’t be there and they’re kind of right. First of all, best image quality, dji drone out there i mean it is the best quality.

There is no mavic. 2. Pro there is no air 2s that matches the image quality that we had back. In that drone, i mean we have done comparisons with mavic 2 pro in this channel and i’m sorry guys, but the phantom 4 pro v2 is still king. There was no other drone. No other dji drone that could match that drone. Now it isn’t the s tire because, probably when it was released, it was like an improved version of the phantom 4 pro the frame was the same. Pretty much everything was the same. Just again, new esc motors couple minutes extra flight time and nice, new props, less noise and couple extra minutes flight time, so um still that one inch sensor, king of them all let’s jump into the mini one. Now we’ll start with the flames. Now let’s let’s go mini one super awesome: revolutionary drone, it’s up to 50 grams awesome quality image, transmission and signal quality, so so still on a kind of weak, wi fi signal, which you know that could have been better back at the time. It was amazing when it was released. I believe it was 2019 super awesome drone for the price for the category sub 250 grams, not making you have a license back then. You know each country is different, but overall it’s one of the best drones. The dji has made the mini one and jumping into the mini 2, and this has cost me a lot of subs, especially in the live show.

I have not put it into the s tier list because it is actually kind of the same frame as the mini one. They have improved, the specs are top specs and honestly out of value for price. It is the best dji drone. In my opinion, for that price, fiocusing, the image quality the flight time, the sub 250 category – this is just insane now. I haven’t put it in the s tier list because, as i’m telling you it’s not a complete revolution, it’s, not something that i haven’t seen before. Apart from the awesome, high tech, specs – and you know, people were in the live show going like you have no idea. This should be asked your list and no, you know. Okay, now, mavic pro won a true revolution: the mavic pro 1 first foldable dji drone. It completely killed the phantom line. You know people started rejecting more image, quality and started caring all of a sudden about foldability size, travel capabilities. Overall, the drone could have been much better in terms of attack because we came from a phantom 4, which meant that we knew how good a dji camera could be, and the mavic pro 1 was not that good and it had some flaws and it the first Units were not perfect, and this is why the only reason why it’s not in the s tier is for me still one of the biggest biggest revolutions in the dji drone history.

Mavic pro 1 is the second revolution. The first revolution is the phantom 3 professional we’ll. Talk about that in a sec error. 2.. This cost me also kind of a few subs, because people you were going crazy. The air 2 pandemic drone released april 2020, half inch sensor, ocusing nice flight time, tons of good high end specs put in a drone. Now, the only reason, honestly why i have not put this in the s tier list is again because it didn’t bring me anything that left me speechless. It was a super awesome drone, still one of the best for the prize, but still no wow. It wasn’t like okay: this has changed my life right and kind of the same happened with the air 2s, the air 2s right now, the latest dji item out there highest and specs 5.4k one inch sensor and all that, but still between you and me far from Mavic 2 pro and phantom 4 pro v2 quality image quality in this case still one of the greatest thrones out there a little bit more expensive than the air. 2. 1000 bucks 1300 with the combo it’s a super solid drone there’s, not much that you can do wrong it’s, not in the s as i’m, telling you because it didn’t you know it didn’t make me: go crazy, that’s. The only reason phantom 4, the regular phantom 4. It was a really big improvement over the phantom 3 professional in terms of quality in terms of image transmission.

That was insane. It was more flight time it had a you know. It was overall, it looked really cool. It was a really nice looking drone. Overall, it was one of the best thrones that dji has made it’s a flagship drone. It was all over. Everyone had purchased that phone. It can’t be higher than a though because um still not a revolution. We came from a similar looking phantom 3, but it wasn’t that much of a revolution and now to finish off this video and not making it too long, let’s jump directly into the s tier list, the ass phantom 3 professional. For me, dji’s biggest drone revolution. Dji is a drone brand before the phantom 3 professional and dji is a completely new different professional, big drone brand after the phantom 3 professional. It was for me the big change. Why? Basically, because it was the first drone that delivered really true awesome. 4K, with a nice transmission, a nice connection and coming from the phantom 2, which was you know, kind of a really big mess into the phantom 3 professional. It was, you know, i’m, pretty sure most of you started in the drone business or youtube with those runs. 2015 2016 was the year when dji, all of a sudden made its name big. That drone was the flagship. It was probably the most important drone that dji has made m. The same goes for the mavic 2 zoom and the mavic 2 pro, both in the same category both for different reasons, but eventually they are basically one of the biggest reasons why dji is leading the market.

You can see that leadership even three years after those two drone releases, because three years later, some other brands are still dreaming to achieve that quality and the reason why the mavic 2 zoom is there is because it’s the only dji drone out of this list, which Has a different, unique rare capability, which is the true zoom. You know an optical zoom, which is actually a real. You know zoom that is actually moving zooming in and zooming out when you are hitting the button or moving the wheel on your controller that that drone is the only drone apart from the fpv drone that is capable of giving you a different type of footage. You know talking about parallax effect. Talking about you know all kind of different shots that you cannot do with all other drones and the mavic 2 pro honestly, it is the king of dji. There is no drone with that price that size with that flight time. With that connection, with that image transmission with that image quality that is capable of beating that drone, there is there’s just no drone, but not hotel, notes, skyrim, no um parrot, no nobody! This is why mavic 2 pro is still the king and honestly and to finish off this video, i have no particular reason to tell you that one drone is better than another. I don’t really care. It is my opinion. I have tested them all. I’Ve done many hours with every single one of the shows, and it is true at the end.

What i’m doing is when i’m traveling i’m taking the mavic 2 pro or the many two when i’m, you know a little bit more in a rush and have a small backpack. Nothing really has to say guys. I really hope that you enjoyed this video from time to time. That kind of video is, i think, interesting. Let me know in the comments if you are boiling, if you hate me right now, i thought that this tier list was interesting. Nothing with us to say leave the thumb guys um sub, if you’re not yet more videos like this and you want you can join the live stream.