What i wanted to do today is give you uh a brief review, which is it’s my review on the drones that i have. They are all dji um. I love dji equipment um. What i’m recording on now is the dji osmo pocket 2, which is a fantastic piece of equipment for vlogging and filming your now everyday everyday um bits and bobs so um. What i want to do like say this is my my personal review: i’m not going to be going into um all the different specs and and tech of of each and every drone um it’s, not what i wanted to do. I wanted to tell you what i think of the drones that i use on my own personal opinion. So what we’ve got is the dji mini 2, the dji dji mavic air 2 and the dji fpv drone with the goggles and each controller attached. So what i’ll do i’m going to start this way, i’ll start with the dji mini um, giving you my my opinion, like i said so, the mini as you can see, it is absolutely tiny, really small. This is the this is my most recent drone that i purchased um, really small drone. It weighs less than 250 grams. I think about 240 grams. That opens a lot of avenues. Um for use um. You can fly almost anywhere, but i mean when i say that you should always check out where you’re flying but that’s.

The reason why i bought it is because um i felt i could get it into into more places. Um i like the size of it. I’M. Not gon na lie, i kind of just wanted it um, but um flying it over um over people and structures was a was another um great um aspect and possibility for me, because of its weight under 250 grams means a lot in the drone world um. So that’s a that’s, a great um, great reason to buy what what i’ve found with using it is that it’s, it’s it’s great to use its weight, though, as i’ve just said, is, is a great thing, it’s under 250 grams, but i found that could be. That could also be a bit of a problem with it. Um i’ve i’ve done a video on my youtube channel. You should check it out it’s vale park, which i’ve done recently using the mini. I only took the mini with me to use to try it and i found when i got down there. It was a lovely lovely looking day, but it was really windy and there was a sort of a wind tunnel where it was. The mini. Did struggle a bit with that still managed to pull off some great footage? I i think, but i did have to do quite a lot of editing um using it you could. I could see because i could see some shaking in the in the footage that i took so i kind of probably self critical, but i i looked at that and really falls.

I have to wear that this out, because i don’t want people to just see a shaky camera, and i think i felt like using one of these too. I wouldn’t have got as much of the of the shaky picture and it’s. I put it down to definitely being it’s it’s weight um. It was being thrown about more than i would have liked by by the wind. So, although the, although one of the great pros of the the mini, is its size and weight, i found that that could also be a one of the cons of it um, so to speak, um that it could be affected by the weather a lot easier than Than the others um, what i’ll do i’ll i’ll show you some um some footage in a minute. Some footage should i say in a minute of of what, what i’m kind of referring to um, what i will say, though um value for money, you’re talking 550 pounds for the the mini 2 dji mini 2 and that’s the fly more combo. So you get the extra batteries um and the little bits of bob, so you get the the bag. Um extra propellers, um so i’d say that the value for money is, is just it’s outstanding for a beginner drone. Maybe the younger younger person getting into droning absolutely a great great buy is what i’d say. Let’S have a look at the the footage i’m. Referring to, though, and while i do i’ll talk you through it, i’ll talk you through.

What are you fall to me? Okay, okay, so here’s an example of what i was just saying about the the dji mini um. You can see it’s it’s a bit jittery um. You can probably see on the um items that i’m, focusing on that the wooden horses um there is. You can see wind on the trees as well there’s. Clearly quite a lot of wind. There was that day um, but it’s still a bit it’s more jittery than i’d. I would like usually um so so that’s that’s, the first one let’s show you another one. Another example: okay, so this one it’s it’s in the same place in vel park, but it was, it was really windy. But if you look look how jittery that is, so what i had to do was quite a bit of editing. I just felt like because of how light it was that was what was causing it to the wind to affect it so much i felt like i wouldn’t, have got this much turbulence if i was using the the mavic air too um, so there you go, you Can you can clearly see it up and down a bit and this one once again with the large pineapple, look at the look, how jittery that one is. If you look at the top, you can see the flag is going mad, so that’s how much wind there was. It was like a wind tunnel so i’m, probably being a bit um a bit of critical, but still so this shot.

For example, i wanted to get right in close to to this cliff um. Sorry, this cave like structure, so i felt like using the the mini would have been my best option to get in there nice and tight and close so it’s, not the best shot. It was good when it was put together with with all the other editing of uh hilbry, but it shows that there is some. You know it. Can’T, pull off some really and again go from the same sort of position: i’m, just showing how it can it can still pull off these really slow cinematic movements um making it look really really good. In my opinion, it makes it look lovely. So this is the mini, the dji mini still and right here you can’t tell much difference at all um between the mini and the mavic shots that i pull off and last but not least, regarding the the mini um this itself. For me, you know this. Is this is showing exactly what it can do? Um it’s a nice day, so there’s hardly any um wind which helps with the mini a lot um, as i showed in my earlier ones. But as you can see, you know the the how cinematic this looks. It’S it’s a great picture. The movements you know using those you can move to foam sticks right. You know the nice slow, slow movements makes it look great, so there’s it. You know it can still can absolutely pull off some some great shots and great footage.

Okay, so from that footage um, you could kind of see what i was referring to regarding the the shakiness um, but as you’ve seen from the later few, it does still get some absolutely stunning shots. If you use it right um, you can get some really good. Cinematic views just just like just like the mavic um, i think the the hillbilly island ones were great um what they another another um con, though, when i say khan i mean the pros and cons so another negative point, um i’ll, stop saying it seems strange. So another negative point is that it has no active track, enabled in it it might. They might upload the software at some point, but it currently has no active track so to get the cinematic shots of the the moving um about the moving slowly around the island. I just have to use the thumb sticks really really slowly um when i say slowly instead of i’m, not pushing rights up right down i’m, really really slowly using them to just gain that sort of the active track. The circular motion so it’s possible, with it it’s just easier if you’ve got active, track, spotlight or points of interest on it, like the like the mavic so i’m saying that it’s it’s a great drone so i’m, not going to say it’s it’s, not in any way. It’S, a really really great drone just got a few negative points um, but a lot of great points.

So moving on to the mavic now, okay, so moving on to the mavic air ii um. As you can see, i don’t even need to point this out and it’s it’s obvious even by the names, but the size difference is is – is easily noticeable um. The mavic air 2 weighs about 570 grams um, i believe so literally, more than double the weight of the mini um, the mavic air 2. If this is my first round that i purchased started practicing with um talking up as a hobby, i i absolutely love this drone um. This is what i use to do most of my droning with, like i say, that’s what i used to learn it’s. You can get about 68 kilometers an hour out of the air 2 in sports mode, whereas i didn’t mention the speed um on the uh. The mini, but speed on mini is about 57 kilometers an hour, so there’s 10 kilometers difference um the cinematic shots. You can get 4k shots, so they’re all 4k, but the 4k shots you can get from this. One it’s got 4k zoom they’re, just it’s just excellence. In my opinion, i haven’t got much many bad things to say about it. Pros, however, um, like i said, it’s got the zoom. The stableness in in flight is fantastic um. The control on it is great the shot you can get the active track on spotlight and point of interest you can use so, like i said with the with the mini, i have to do it all with the sticks itself to get those slow circular motions with The mavic air – you can literally tell it to do it itself, so active track.

You would mainly use for a move, an object, a person, a group of people, a vehicle or animal i’ve tried it with, and i know, i’ll try it without dog, but the dog will not sit still long enough to lock onto it. So that’s that’s a difficult one. I’Ll, hopefully get it at some point, but you can do so much with it using those those features it’s the battery on it lasts well long enough, with the with the fly with the fly more combo, you can get that at the moment with the extra batteries For about 950 pounds, so you are to about 400 pound um more expensive than the mini 2 at the moment, but it’s well worth it, because you can literally then be out for an hour on the batteries constantly in the air, which is which is great i’ve. Not got much it’s just much bad to say about the mavic air 2, as i’ve said, probably i’m, probably a little bit biased because it was my first drone and i’ve learned so much on it. Maybe a a negative points. It did get knocked off the kitchen unit once inside it’s inside its carry case. It got knocked off, but it did break and i had to send it back to um to the manufacturer to be fixed, and i was missing it for about two weeks which i was devastated about. But that was my fault. So stealth it’s not really a negative point, so i suppose what i’ll do, though um? What i will show you is i’ll show you a bit of footage of from when i first started using the mavic um in a minute to to where i feel that i am now um.

I don’t want to burst my own bubble too much but i’m trying to show you what how easy it is to learn using this bear in mind seven or eight months ago, i’d, never flown a drone before ever uh one of my friends, one of my good Friends showed me: yes, this was the the mavic air and literally the next day. I i had to buy one um, so i’ll show you i’ll just show you now what i’m talking about? Where from where i started, where i feel i am now okay enjoy. So here we go one of my first um. First, shots of liverpool um very early shot. So starts: look okay, but then what i notice myself is the speed that i take this shot i’m, not getting the top of the crane in um, that’s, that’s a fault and then it looks like i’ve got no focus whatsoever, um in my opinion. In fact, the only focus i could see is that that little white car at the bottom, driving across the front um, looks like i’m stalking that white car for no particular reason the liver buildings, one of the best buildings in liverpool. How quick i just kind of dismissed that um and go past it so i’ve learned a lot um since this video i’ve certainly learned a lot which i’ll hopefully show you in the next um, but yeah self self, critical, probably so, i’m hoping you can see a Difference in the in the months there i’ve spent flying the drone compared to the last one, and this the movement is really slow.

I’Ve found that it gives it so much more of a cinematic. I love that with cinematic feel um to what i’m trying to to achieve and show everyone and then the next one again it’s the same sort of thing. But i do love these shots that are put together and they get quite a few comments on them as well. Um praising how nice they did. Look so proud of those ones, it’s just learning a lot, a lot of laying in a lot of uh time put in and realizing the realizing the errors before you know you start putting stuff together. That looks a lot better in my opinion. Anyway, i hope you all agree and the last one on on this stage of it. I had to put this one in there, because if you look in the distance you’ll see, of course, a wolf um running in the forest don’t see that every day it’s a dog, okay, moving on from the moody tree scenes that i really love um. Looking at this sort of thing, which, again i learned that nice slow movements um slowly revealing um the end goal that you’re looking to show, everyone really seems to to give it a nice touch. Um. I did watch quite a lot of um other people’s youtube videos to gain their knowledge, an advice on how to how to capture um the cinematic shot and in the slow movement seems to be key um, obviously not not for every instance and in every shot.

You’Re. Trying to get but what i was trying to achieve, i think it did work really well on this sort of thing. So, if you, let me know what you think, if, if you do or don’t agree, this is hillbar hotel in rhoden park uh. That, like, like, i say, just, show slowly revealing to everyone to see so that’s the sort of thing i’ve moved on to from that really quick earlier video of liverpool, where i focused almost on a random car and then shot straight past, the liver buildings uh moving On to this sort of thing, so this is the mavic air to catch in this um 4k. Let me know what you think, and he last but not least, on the mavic air too. This is it using its point of interest, um, so it’s doing this itself, which is a great feature um, i feel on on the mavic you can you can set how fast or slow you you want it to to circle something the point of interest um is: Is used when it’s a still object, it does have active track, as well as i’ve already said, which, which is more for a moving object, could be a person, a vehicle, um animal. Although i’ve tried with an animal it’s difficult to get the animal to stay still for a second to focus on it and lock on so uh yeah a person or vehicle that you want to track.

But this is like say the point of interest moving very slowly. There i’ve chose the speed to move it round. Um great feature, in my opinion, great feature i’m, not going to play this all the way through because it takes two and a half minutes i believe, to to get around the island, but i enjoy i enjoy it again. Let me know what your thoughts are. All comments, feedback, greatly appreciated. Everyone want a picture i’ll, just let it get to the front or send me to the front. No, i won’t so i’ll turn it off. I don’t want to bore everyone. Okay, so i hope you enjoyed that, but from all that um i just wanted to to like, i said, hopefully show you how quickly it was sorry how quick and easy it was for me to develop my my droning skills using the mavic from you know. In six to six months or so um, it was a enjoyable process and i feel, like i’ve, moved on a lot. So on that note not too much bad to say about the mavic air 2 at all. We’Ll move on to to this one. So on to this this one, now i as soon as i’d, seen that dji i brought out the fpv with the the first person view. Sorry fpv, if you don’t know, stands for first person view um. First person view means pretty much means that instead of standing with a control with these type and usually we’d have the phone there.

So you have a screen and you’re watching. Instead of doing that, you are inside the drone with with the fpv goggles on now. That is excellent. It really is, and whilst i’m doing my my brief review on the fpv, what you’ll probably hear me say a lot of phone it’s, fun, it’s, fun, fun, fun, um i’ve said that, on a few of my videos already, i just can’t get over how much fun It is to use it but i’m saying it’s, fun, it’s, difficult um. So to start it at the beginning, the i purchased um this one. I didn’t get the fly more combo on this one and i actually haven’t looked up how much the fly more combo is um. All i know is i paid 1250 for this one, the standard one with the the one battery you get your goggles um and you get your standard pad um now to pick it up and fly it in normal mode is, is all great, but i didn’t personally Personally, i didn’t purchase the fpv to fly in normal mode. I fly these guys in in normal mode and getting my my nice slow, cinematic shots. I knew this fpv with the goal was on. You can reach up to 140 kilometers an hour with this that’s insanely fast um, that’s, 140 kilometers an hour is in manual mode now what i’d say manual mode um means that you are just solely in control of this unwanted aircraft.

These two guys do not have manual mode that you can access they’ll, always it’ll, always be an assisted mode. They have a sports mode on a tri model, cinematic mode and a normal mode. This guy has fully manual to access manual. You need to take off the backs of these twist it round to loosen the springs, so this guy is is right down, so your throttle’s right down it’s supposed to make it easier at the moment, i’ve only flew in sports, maybe i’ve gone straight to sports mode. I haven’t touched normal mode straight to sports to try it and i’ve just about started to do the tutorials on the dji flight simulator app in manual, and it is difficult. I i struggle at first to even get it moving and stabilize it. But i’ve learned that now um i’ve also learned via a tip on from another youtuber that um you you can put. If you put your camera all the way up in the air, it helps a lot um. It helps you navigate and it makes perfect sense, because the reason for this is because, when you fly forward especially a manual, it tilts like that and flies like that. So what i was finding is that, basically, if my camera, as my camera wasn’t pointing directly up all the time, all i could see as soon as i started flying all i could see was was the floor or even kind of behind, and it just didn’t make Any sense, and as soon as i watched that the other youtubers say that i clicked straight through info yeah that’s, that course that’s that’ll work.

Why wouldn’t? I know, but there you go so um i’m trying to get to this with it in manual mode in manual mode. You can do all sorts, you can flip it. You can 360 it um. You can do all sorts with it, but it’s it’s, difficult, so i’ve. Never i’d never suggested anybody went out and bought the fpv thinking they could fly at 140 kilometers an hour and do flips and turns if they’ve never flew an fp fpv before um, obviously it’s much different if you’re used to an fpv. So let’s just ignore me because, if you’re used to it then you’ll probably think i’m talking rubbish anyway, but um just from me. Picking up these and get used to these guys and then trying to move to this and do some some different kind of shots, fast shots and things it’s, not as easy it’s going to take a lot of practice. I’Ll slowly get in there um. What i will say i did. I did think to myself when i did try it very first in normal mode thinking, i’ll i’ll just take some shots and i found that the the rotors were in view which i didn’t like um, but um, no one’s saying that i’ll tell you what i’ll do. Um i’ll show you a bit of footage now, um of me using i’ll, be using this of this in action and then we’ll come back to it. Okay, so i was quiet from an exo4 to let you listen to so i picked up on um straight away.

This is one of my first flights with the fpv um, as you see i’m, following a flock of beds, um i’m, probably actually chasing them. To be honest, i didn’t realize that at the time, but apparently the drone noises can can really scare them uh. Somebody gave me that insight, um wasn’t my intention, but anyway um you can hear you can see the rotors um here and it’s, not a problem, because obviously you can get rid of the sound, but this is flying in normal mode. This was before i tried sports on the fpv, so flying in normal it tilts downwards. Um, like a real fpv drone um does, which i’ve already shown you so it tilts down to fly, and you can see i don’t like you, can see the rotors, maybe it’s the way i’m flying it. I’M, not 100 um. It doesn’t seem to happen in sports mode, but um. I don’t like seeing the routers. It obviously doesn’t give you the the the footage you want being able to see routers on the screen, so um that’s the fpv in normal road, normal mode. Sorry so here we go, let’s see what we can do with the fpv okay, so this is just pure form: it’s low it’s fast you can get close to objects. You’Ve got your goggles on so it’s, almost as though you’re inside it it’s great. It feels great um let’s. Stop that one there move on to the next um again straight up through the goal posts um coming up probably give that away.

But here we go under there quick turn sharp turn. I couldn’t do that maneuver all that turn, so so under the goalpost and through them all the turns the quick turns. I would not feel confident doing that with the mavic air um reason being if it’s, if it’s quite far away, then looking at your screen only you just can’t, you can’t, really judge it as well. How close you are to the objects as well as you can? The fpv let’s stop that there on to the next and again this so going at speed quite fast as you’ll see when i get lower but then duck down low um in between the boats, wouldn’t feel confident being this close to the water and this close to Boats using the mavic or the mini absolutely not, and i wouldn’t be able to maneuver, like that. You can see the way this. This drone, the fpv banks left and right um it’s, a lot quicker. Turning the maneuverability is outstanding. The fun is just second to none. Um but in my opinion, there’s there’s a lot more for me to get used to um with it, but it’s great fun as you’ll see from from this. In my my review, great fun, drone um to use um i’ll just show you, the uh there’s this bit, where i go up and almost do a bit of cliff surfing on this cliff which again it’s the way the the fpv moves and maneuvers the way it Banks, you wouldn’t, be doing that turn uh with a mavic or a mini um you just wouldn’t.

It would be more turning like a cartoons. I suppose i would speak rather than how how an aircraft would turn so it’s great fun, it’s great fun, a lot different to fly um but more difficult for other reasons, as i’ve already explained in my review. So there you go, i hope you’ve uh, hope you’ve. Seen enough, okay, so as you’re the scene by those videos, the first one you’ve seen what i meant when it was flying, you could see the roses, but then i quickly moved on to to try and show you what you can do with this. That i feel i certainly couldn’t do with these guys. That was the really low flying in between those goal posts because i’ve got the goggles on i’m feeling like i’m in here. So i can. I can take in um everything kind of around, so i felt a lot more comfortable going under those posts back around it. Um. The boats you know flying so so close to the water and in between boats would just not be possible with these. So especially the way this is turning like that and coming around the likes of these guys, they turn like that. So they’re gon na have a much more a much larger turn it’s conference than this guy he’s. Turning like that, so a lot of fun a hell of a lot of fun, not your starter drone, in my opinion, not definitely not your starter drone and if you want to do the tricks and everything it’s a lot of getting used to and i’ve got to Say you have to to do the the tutorials to fly manual if you haven’t flown before, obviously because people used to fpv.

This would mean nobody, but if you haven’t done it before, like me, the two tutorials that they’ve got in the practice on the dji flight. Simulator app is excellent: it’s really good it’s only compatible with ios, though so apple. So if you’ve got android, unfortunately you’ve just got to try it in the air, but get it nice and high, maybe so you’re not slamming down into some of these. So, okay, so to summarize from the mini you’ll, go pros and cons. Okay, so straight away, we’ve got 550 pounds for the fly more combo that’s, where you get the actual the extra care, texture, um, propellers extra batteries, um the bag and everything so pros its size and its weight really small. You can do a lot more with it. You get great shots with it. The value for money, excellence, great little starter. The cons is this: there’s no active track um on it, which is i just find that they’re really useful you can do without. Of course you can do without um and again the cons is also the weight and size because, if there’s a lot of wind um, then i feel that it just gets affected a lot more because of weight and size. But great bit of kit 550 pounds great bit of kits it’s. In my opinion, um great starter, really good, starter, mavic air too um. I love it so pros. It’S got the zoom uh it’s, stable and flights, the shots you get the cinematic.

You can learn with it. It’S got the active track, um position of interest and spotlight on it. The battery’s great 68 kilometers an hour, um cons, i dropped it once and it seemed to break easily. I thought, but maybe it just you know it was dropped harder than i thought it was for 950 pounds for the flymo um kit. I recommend anybody who’s thinking about getting a drone and it’s serious and it’s got that money to spend. I this would be the one i’d recommend, um fpv, dji, fpv absolute great. It makes me smile when i just see it also. I should show you what it does um look at this i mean it’s almost telling you i’m an angry little drone. So i just love that um pros it’s speed, 104 140 kilometers an hour if you get to use it in manual, um all the tricks and flips the maneuverability loads of pros, like that regarding it’s it’s. What it can do if you can get to that um. If you can get that skill set on it, um it’s smooth turns, like i said, it’s it’s, banking, it’s, just fantastic um, the the cons, the negative points, it’s it’s a lot harder to use and get used to um it’s, not as good as in normal mode. As these guys, like i said, i could see propellers. Maybe that was just the way i was flying it so i’m, not going to say that’s.

It sort of sound like that, and i don’t claim to be an absolute expert, so maybe it was the way i was flying it maybe um. So the the other, a negative point for me on this – is because you’re wearing goggles, you have to have a spotter with you when you fly this. If you want to get up in the morning and the weather seems to be nice and you think i’m going to go and fly my fpv and have a nice quick flight and get some some shots if nobody’s there with you to do it, if nobody, if Everybody else is busy and you can’t, you have to have a spotter, because you cannot see with the goggles on. You cannot see if somebody enters here enters your air space enters your um, the location you’re flying in uh behind you, so you have to have a spotter with you. It is a negative but it’s, obviously it’s sensible, um the setup time on it. This takes a bit longer to set up not a major point, but it does take longer to set up um, plugging everything in um and the other thing i’d say it’s. This is not a negative point, it’s, probably a good point. It has got the the tutorials to use, so i think it is a good point. Sorry that’s, not negative it’s called it’s got tutorials in the simulator to use, which is which is great point to try and get used to it.

Try and get your flying manual. Um there’s some great things you can do with it manual i’ve seen a youtuber. I think it is or or an advert that somebody’s done in the bowling alley. I’M. Sure a lot of you have seen that i’m, not sure whether that was the actual dji fpv, but it was certainly an fpv drone. It has to be doing that and that’s an excellent, excellent advert and footage for a drone user. Whoever done that was is an expert drone user swirled onto them so i’d say as a rating for me, um eight out of ten a few, a few negative points just a few but it’s a great drone. Ten out of ten. I love it can’t fault. It really um excellent drone, probably biased, because it was my first one on and i’ve learned a lot with it, but there you go seven out of ten um, a good seven um, just because it’s difficult so it’s, probably again, it’s, probably me that i find it Hard to get into manual that’s why i bought it to do those things with it if you’re buying it just to fly a normal or sports it’s, probably you know great, but if you’re buying something for for normal and sport and i’d probably say you’re buying it To take some nice cinematic footage, some slow cinematic footage, so i definitely go this end um. So anyway, all great drones. I love dji stuff um.

There are other drones available on the market, but for me i love dji stuff, so i hope you’ve enjoyed the video um i’ll leave it there. Like say these are my opinions and my personal reviews. Nothing, nothing solid um! If you’re, relying it or you’ve, got any questions or you want to add anything by all means from your comments, please can i ask you to subscribe. Please subscribe to my channel i’m desperately trying to get to a thousand i’m only over 200 at the moment, but from what i see um roughly, i think it’s 94 of the people actually watch. My videos do not subscribe. It’S! Fine, if you don’t, want to subscribe, but it’s only it’s a click of a button. It means a lot to me and you can unsubscribe at any time. If i do an offensive upset you or you’re just bored of it bored of me just unsubscribe.