This is the bundle pack, so it comes with a bunch of extra features, including three batteries. A couple of extra propellers and a bunch of extra accessories all right lets. Take this thing outside the first cool feature. Is the automatic take off you just tap the button on the left, hold the center button down for a couple of seconds and boom youre up in the air all right. So once you practice your basics, forwards, backwards, left right up and down just get comfortable with the controller and then youre pretty much ready to take it up now. This drone is really powerful for its size. It can go up to 500 meters and travel as far as 6.2 miles so when youre flying far away – and you cant see the drone its got. This really cool map feature where you can just follow the arrow all the way back to your location and just like to take off it has the auto land feature which practically lands the drone by pressing two buttons. I thought that was pretty cool now, in saying all of that, you do have to be careful and be aware of your surroundings. I was trying to get this cool mountain shot while flying through the trees, and i failed to see the power cables just above the drone, and i crashed straight into it. Anyways this thing is super cool, its huge fun to play with, and the 4k camera is amazing.

Heres a couple of shots, ive gotten so far, Music, all right so overall, the dji mini 2 drone is amazing. I highly recommend it if youre new to drones new to videography.