Recording my iphone ill be recording with my gopro and with the drone try to make not the best of dji drone mini 2 or some of that, not the best review or anything but ill. Try to do the best that i can, because i dont know im not the the biggest drone guy or anything like that, but i got it and i think its very a very good drone very reliable. So i want you guys to know how it is and see how it flies and see how it works so lets. Try it out all right guys. I really messed this part up. There is a section of the video where the audio is not working, so that is eight and a half minutes long where you cant hear my voice or you cant, hear me review. You cant hear me doing anything during those eight and a half minutes. I also crash my drone and the drone surprisingly stays up its really cool. So i review that. I review a couple other things if uh, if you guys, think its a bad video and i deserve a thumbs down for even uploading this garbage – i deserve it. But i hope you guys still enjoy it still get something out of it. Im just trying to help its a really good drone. I give it a solid seven out of ten for beginners its its a nine out of 10, just because it doesnt have the beginners modes that we probably need, which is like the tracking and the sensors.

So we dont be crashing it all, like everywhere, but yeah for beginners. Its very easy to use super super simple, its just very nice drone. So i would just want to apologize again guys and uh. Hopefully, hopefully you guys still enjoy the video. Thank you so heres. Some good shots of the river and it has a couple other modes which is, i can show you guys right now. I just dont want to try on because theres so much trees around us – and this drone, like i said, does not have those sensors. That should be right above me, nice, because it has that little gps map, which is very helpful, helped me a bunch of times. No. I could try to do a little drive right here. Im trying to get centered so ill just drive my car around a little bit, so you guys can see how how that looks from from above come back around over here now. This one also doesnt have that, following like track me or tracking feature where it would just like track. Your movement and itll follow you so thats kind of sucks too a little bit, but for the price and the quality it is not bad of a drone. Its really not bad, but i really do wish it had those features actually because it would have made the drone ten times better. So here we are were back boom. Now we could keep filming im, probably going to use some of this footage for the intro.

The video or whatever you guys, will probably recognize a double feed im telling you guys, though this ones really good. This is a really good drone and im. Sorry, i want to apologize. If this is not the video you guys were looking for as a review, i know probably i could have done way better, but im, not a drone expert im just getting into it. I just ordered another drone. Actually so, like you guys, could stick around im going to keep trying to make more reviews and the more i do, the more i learn so so you guys can stick around for that. These are some nice cinematic shots right here with trees, and you can make your video way more cinematic by like using all three controlling the camera controlling the uh altitude and the direction like you could get some good shots its just. I crashed it. This is my second time right now that you guys saw. I crashed it uh two times now and im just trying to take it easy, because i just got this drone. I dont wan na mess it up or anything like that. But here, where you can see were at 44 battery life now so im gon na bring it back around put in sport, so i could hurry up thats, really nice. I love this drone and boom there we are. That was actually pretty quick. That was nice. I was scared, i might have crashed it right there, but that was really good, actually bring around this other side and there i am flying the drone whats up guys lets, bring it down a little bit its really good, though landing landed and were gon na finish.

This video off turning off the controller here, we are all right guys. Well there, it is small and simple review for a small and simple drone. Uh cant get any easier than that. Its a very good, well made drone and very easy to fly. Only reason why you guys saw me crashing right now is because honestly theres so much trees out here, theres a lot so other than that, if youre in the city or an open area theres no way youre gon na crash this drone, no way you could lose It because its like the gps is so good on these and well dji in general. I guess i found that fascinating the gps, all that stuff like you could apply anywhere, and you know it will have the little map telling you where youre at and where the drones at so hope. You guys enjoyed this video and i hope you guys could make your decision to either buy it or not buy it, but i hope you guys enjoyed this video and like and subscribe im gon na be doing more reviews i like to do vlogs i like to Do all sorts of things my main focus is to just make videos, because i love doing this.