Music is Music. What, if you’re, not Music, we would Music is Music. What for me, Music for foreign, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, what’s up, you guys welcome to the stream it’s tuesday night, it’s time for the news and uh i’m here with uh my co host blunty. How are you doing today, blunty it’s bloody joshua it’s? I always shorten it to blunty. I bet you hate that it’s fine i’m at this point, i’m lucky to be called blunty. I uh i go by joshua and i i i it doesn’t bother me when people call me josh, but i do notice when they call me joshua. I did a lot of bluntly or bunty. I got joshua barnwell, occasionally bardell is very common. You know that uh that intro song asks the question what, if i’m no good for you, and i feel like uh like me and my channel are good for you uh and that i help you solve problems. But someone in the comments pointed out that my channel is not good for their wallet yeah spd in general, it’s, tough on the wallet that’s for sure carlos roberto that’s, my portuguese accent nice. I do know how to pronounce some of those words. Bagg says call me anything: just don’t call me late to stream. There you go and ghost branch is there in the discord as well. Thank you guys for being here. Let’S give the let’s give the chat a second to enjoy the stream ready boom.

Let’S uh, hello, chad. How are you doing guys? 452 people welcome very glad for you to be here: ahoy, ghost branch, synthetic uh, wam fpv and mr eddie nunez and the discord. Thank you guys for being patrons hanging out with us and oh there you go. This is it. This is your moment, wave your hands uh, another joke that i never get tired of is saying that i am joshing, you never gets old. Have you got anything like that? Anybody uh not not too much. I guess i get uh. My real name is patrick. I get rick, sometimes that’s real that’s, not a good one, that’s, not even like a like a dick richard thing, patrick that’s, not that’s, not short for that that’s. Why i’m not so i’m, not a fan of it all right! Well, uh! We are here to update you on all of the everything really worth mentioning in the world of fpv we’re, going to talk about it tonight, uh and uh. What have we got? Blunty it’s plenty. It just feels so weird to say: it’s blunty doesn’t it. You are totally fine: yeah it’s, uh, yeah that’s, a twitch thing, it’s a lot easier to get the name blunty everywhere. If you put it’s in front of it, i see it’s a it’s, a username thing, yeah there’s, no concern when you go to 18 different socials and everything starts up, you’re just always going to get it so so weird that blunty was taken.

Did you try? Let me sometimes it helps you with some numbers at the end like like bloody 420 yeah that might be available, that’s a little on the nose Laughter, there’s, a dual meaning currently all right. Sorry, too, obviously, two on the nose uh. What do we got this week? Uh what’s on the show this week, all right so we’re gon na talk about dji finally has an fcc mode hack for your dji fpv drone people have been asking for that. We’Ll talk about that feature. Kebab fpv has got a new ultra light. Five inch frame that uses the caddex vista as standoffs for the frame. So look at that and talk about the new frame. Kebab is always newsworthy. Yeah um uh dji cancels fpv and then it’s canceled everybody get out, we’re done and then everybody freaked out and then they confirmed they’re supporting it. So we’ll talk about that and what that means. I don’t have to sell all all my stuff, or should i sell it or shouldn’t, i that’s what i need to know. Um freesky has announced the x20 and in the details uh one of the radios has a zero latency feature: latency digital video, zero latency, digital video, 720p, so yeah drone, so there’s a new newscast new podcast. You might want to check out the drone service providers alliance with kenji and vic. They have a new podcast we’ll talk about that yeah. If you want to know what’s going what’s going on inside the faa.

This is this. Is your line? Wylu has shipped the wrong antennas on some of their quads um we’ll talk about um how to identify that rc. Jim has a video to show that yeah. If you’ve got a flywheel explorer, definitely stick around for that one. You may be getting much shorter range than you actually should. Orca has finally started uh messaging, their users to ship the fpv play system. So talk about what the fpv play system even is uh in a little bit. Um! Congratulations to ak uh for making our new multi gp global qualifier track for this year. We’Ll take a quick look at that. Yeah we’ll run through that track and we’ll see just what it’s going to be like every year. The global qualifier tracks get more and more technical and interesting, uh and i’m always psyched to see the latest yeah um. We have a couple community spotlights this week, we’ll look at durso fpv and has made some tx joysticks for velocity and combat that’s, pretty cool, make it a little easier to shoot um and then back in the community spotlight it’s licensed to drive this week with some Tpu props that he’s flying on a tiny trainer, look at that. What tpu props for like for like display? Why wouldn’t you print them out of pla? Tpu is just gon na flop all over the place, they’re not for flying on right, they’re they’re for flying man. We’Ll take a look at it license to drive, not disappointing.

I take it back my i am now the most skeptical i was the most skeptical about the free sky, high definition, video system now i’m, the most skeptical about these 3d pro okay. Just if you’re keeping track um we’ve got a uh, something pretty cool um there’s, a robot tracer competition and we’ve got a robo tracer robot with a twist that features some stuff from quads we’ll. Look at that and then at the end, we’ll go into a little another manufacturer rant. I have another thing to yell at manufacturers about um yeah we’ll talk a little bit about that yeah blunty’s gon na go on a rant i’m between the two of us blunty. I would guess that i would be the like the angry one like on on on my streams. Occasionally someone will tick me off and i’ll, just like ream them out and then have to apologize, because i misunderstood what they said between the two of us. I would think that but you’re the one who’s coming up with these rants so it’s nice to have a little little give and take there yeah i’m, a little more more focused uh, i would say, and but i think the rants are going to be a little More intense, maybe i don’t know very passionate about this topic. Indeed, as you should be all right. Well, let’s start off with some great news for anybody who doesn’t live in the greatest country in the world.

Am i right, the united st sorry guys, sorry uh for anybody who doesn’t live in the united states? You have been limited to 25 milliwatts of output power on your dji drone or i think 100 milliwatts, if you’re in 2.4 gigahertz, but the those of us in freedom, land uh get a lot more than that, something like 1.4 watts and as you might imagine, you Get a lot more range um now on the air unit in the vista there’s, a hack right, but there hasn’t been such a hack for the fpv drone yeah up until now, there wasn’t a way to do it. There was you know on the traditional fpv system. You just plug in you flash, you add a text file and that text file, unlocks fcc on your air unit or vista and now there’s a website you can go to and that website will unlock your drone for you and it looks like currently there’s a limitation On this unlock, so you’re going to plug it in it’ll, send a signal to your drone um to unlock it for you and then that’ll only work until you plug into the phone again. It looks like and connect to the app again which you you may never do. I mean you don’t have to plug it into the phone right now. I’M, just i’m, just demonstrating some of these steps here i don’t actually have a drone. My drone obviously is registered in the usa, so it’s already unlocked, but um andy rc tested this right and we got a link to his video down in the video description.

Yeah that’s, where i saw this was andy. Rc had tested this and put out a video about it, but this is a totally free product, a free thing for them to do, which is pretty cool, because i believe there was another solution, but it was drone hacks and that’s like 100 program yeah. So this is actually completely free um. You know they’re just asking for donations if you want to donate. So if you use this that’d be pretty cool. If you did but um yeah it’s a really neat option for people to uh to unlock their own wherever they are, and we should say here’s what we know about this. We know that this website exists. We know that andy rc tested it and verified that it worked uh, but we don’t know anything else about if it turns out that it like hacks your goggles or puts a spyware on your computer. We don’t know anything about that, but for those people in outside the united states, like i mean this it’s, just barely even functional on 25 milliwatts yeah it’s rough, the range i’ve heard is just really bad um and it sort of seems to make it unfollow for A lot of people at least where they normally would fly. You know they’re trying to go out to places with no signal at all no signal issues at all, just to get a little bit of range out of it. So you don’t want to deal with any of that.

Now you can do the old unlock. I know a lot of guys are unlocking anyway, so you might as well do it on your dji fpv drone, not that we would ever espouse uh doing anything illegal uh. We assume that, if you’re using this, it means that you’re traveling from the eu to the united states and you need to legally unlock your drone, which dji doesn’t even make it possible to do. I don’t think i’m not sure how yeah you might have to reactivate when you get there. I don’t know how that works. Jonas walker’s hauser says is this for the goggles only with the air unit as well, or just the quad jonas, the old fcc hack, where you put the naco.txt file on your sd card that still works for the goggles and the air unit. This is for the dji fpv drone. If you don’t own the dji fpv drone, you don’t need this. The old hack still works, yeah just a reminder: they they lock the uh the location into the vtx and they lock the power into the goggles. So like you can get like the standard 700 milliwatt um or i guess 1400 milliwatt for the drone. As long as the drone or the air units, or whatever are in fcc mode, so that’s all you’re doing you’re hacking, those and then the goggle hacks are all just for the uh increase from the base power levels. Yeah great uh, so i mean a whole lot of people are going to jump on this it’s the bottom line, it’s free you can try it out what’s, the worst that could happen.

I don’t know um really cool, though all right, great let’s, uh let’s, move on and by the way i should say if anybody is looking for the links to the things that we’re talking about the show notes down in the video description below all the links that I’M, going to bring bringing up are there uh and sometime after we finish, there will also be time stamps as soon as i get the chance to go back and get them if anybody last week, i apologize for not knowing your name off the top of my Head somebody actually made a bunch of timestamps for me and posted them as a comment. It was super cool that you did that i really appreciate it and uh. Maybe someone will do that again this week anyway, let’s continue. What do we got next plenty? So kebab fuv has shown off a new frame um. He teased it a little bit in his baby. Hawk review, baby hog hd review, but he’s got a good image of it. Now he’s talking about it, a lot um but he’s got a basically digital, only frame that uses the cadx vista as the back standoffs like as the back set of standoffs yeah, you can see you can see right here that there’s no standoffs there, the vista just Fits in between those plates and holds the rear of the frame together, which normally i would object to using a vtx or any piece of electronics as a frame member, but the vista and the air unit are pretty freaking solid.

If anything can take it, i think they could and on a 310 gram, quad you’re not going to take too hard of a hit anyway. So i don’t know what’s what jumps out to you about this frame blunty. I think, then, i think it makes perfect sense to me as far as using as a standoff um yeah that’s, pretty common to me, is like you’re, going to feel the back of it anyway with the vista. Why not just use it as the standoff um? I think, like you said too it’s pretty solid. It might actually be more solid than standoffs. I don’t know the mechanics of like how the standoffs would work or like because there’s four points there, but the vista’s kind of like going to spread over the whole vista because it’s all one piece i don’t, know how the mechanics work. Normally, you would be concerned about transmitting shock and vibration into the electronics, but the vista has these big metal heat sinks, and you know it’s just i i and it’s super durable to begin with. I would especially on a 310 gram frame where the hits you take are not going to be as hard because there’s less mass, i think kebab. I mean it’s hard to say because, honestly, a lot of time, a lot of times, kebab comes up with a cool idea. He releases it, everybody jumps on it and then it turns out. Maybe it wasn’t there’s something wrong with it and he comes out with the next version, but i i feel good about this one.

I would i would punt on this one yeah. It seems good. I think i think, like you, said uh, if you’re not like trying to be a beta tester, wait on a couple versions of this frame. I’M sure there’ll be iterations um, as he learns more about how it works and stuff, but um. It seems pretty cool. Yeah cool uh, very nice um somebody says uh mcfly, says it’s a 250 clone. Technically this one is 310 grams. It does not come in under 250 grams, which presumably the 250 does so uh yeah. I have always asked the question that if you are going to build a lightweight 5 inch and it’s not going to be under 250 grams what’s, the point right. I, like my four inch: shocker it’s in the 360 ish grams, it’s, pretty fun, maybe there’s a point. Yeah the definitely has different flight dynamics if that’s, what you’re? Looking for you know, and you want to fly a light. You know whippy quad, that doesn’t have like the throw, and i think that’s you can definitely get that if you get down to that level yeah. But i agree with you that you’re definitely sacrificing a lot to get down to that weight. For you know nothing other than being light: yeah blunty, the uh. The chat has noticed your white balance is changing. I don’t know if that’s something you can fix real, quick or if we want to just ride it out, uh yeah it’s, just the camera being being annoying, because it says my white balance is locked but it’s, not so.

Okay, no problem we’re just going to write it out, then cool um mike bergman, says he’s dead, set on it being five inch. Only though i was trying to nudge him into making forage version, why wouldn’t you make a four inch version, just slightly shorter arms done. Yeah yeah or wouldn’t, you i’m sure i mean he probably will sell four inch arms. I would imagine mike burke, i don’t know if they work he might because on the tp3 he saw. Tp3 annie has sold four in terms because i think people ask for the foreign terms, so yeah we’ll see yeah yeah, all right cool uh, the next one we’re going to talk about, and i actually things move so fast. These days uh. I thought this was already done, but apparently this fits into this week’s news, uh dji, it happened this week is. My point must happen on wednesday. It feels like it was forever ago. Dji let’s let’s play it out. People noticed that on dji’s website the store site, the page for the dji fpv combo, said that it was canceled. It was discontinued and a whole bunch of people extra. They just freaking lost their mind right, yeah, like everywhere all my whole. My whole feed on facebook from all the fpv groups, was just that same screenshot of the dji page and everybody’s freaking out, like god, they canceled they canceled it that’s over right, a lot of people thought and – and i i i a lot of people said this – Almost verbatim dji used the fpv community as beta testers to develop this technology now that their fpv drone is out they’re going to hang us out to dry.

That does not seem to have happened. I would like to say that i’m speaking for myself here, that does not seem to have happened. However, some people still feel like that might be going to happen and we can’t be sure. So what has happened? What actually happened blunty? What do we know? Well, so it seems like what happened to us a few hours after this whole kerfuffle started and everybody was freaking out a bunch of the vendors reached out to dgi, to get some kind of word and dgi seems to have mass messaged, or at least messaged. A few of the major vendors, a message back essentially and through that message and then a couple of follow up messages with clarifying information. We basically got a eventual statement. Um. That said, they are going to stop producing the air unit, the dji air unit. Because of issues with shortages for parts and stuff, just like we’ve, been talking about before, with all the other, you know global shortages, but they are allowing another company to take over production and to produce a similar product that will provide equal performance. That will work with the v1 and v2 goggles and v1 controller, so the here’s, the here so here’s, one of the takeaways, was i i asked i immediately asked caddix. I have a contact at cadec who i talked to and i immediately asked uh. Who else did i ask forget? Who else i asked and and everybody i talked to came back and said this is f, we’re catholic said we’re still gon na make it uh.

This is not going out of business um. It seems like for some reason, they’ve discontinued. The air unit specifically and as a result that page was showing as discontinued and then like whoever wrote the english text for the website. I mean the text did say the dji digital fpv system has been discontinued. Like i don’t, i don’t blame you. If you read that text and you thought it meant what it said – um right, but some of it, some parts of it still don’t – add up like if there are product shortages. What can cadets get that dji can’t get like? Is it a chip shortage seems like dji could be more able to source things than caddix it’s kind of weird and that’s. I think there’s still some suspicion out there that we’re not getting the full story. Yeah i mean, i think yeah. If you played out typically like there’s no way you can say like hey, we can’t make this because we don’t have the parts so we’re gon na, send it over here because they got the parts they would just buy the parts right, um yeah. So so to me: it’s: either you need room on the production line which they would have said, or they would have made some kind of statement about which doesn’t make a lot of sense or they’ve got to change the parts, and the change in parts requires something That um they’re, not okay with you, know, um, you know so maybe maybe it’s a filing issue.

Maybe it’s like we’re, not exactly sure what but it’s likely that there’s a reason that they’re not going to produce it uh either enough money off of it. The margins are weird yeah. I have an idea. I have two ideas. One of them is probably wrong, but i’m going to say it anyway, and the other one might be right. The one that is probably wrong relates to the uh prohibited vendors list. Dji got added to this prohibited vendors list, and that means they are not allowed to. American companies are not allowed to export technology to them. Despite the fact that everybody thinks dji makes all their own stuff in house, they don’t they use like people were telling me that some of the rf chips are manufactured by whoever an american company. Then they buy them and they use them. And i i i my first thought was that maybe they’re going to farm this out to like presumably cadets, because cadets is another avengers list, but other people said well. Why would they they’re still making the dji fpv drone they’re still making all this other technology won’t? That wouldn’t, that be the same thing here’s the next guess. I think this one might be right. Why did cadex make the vista and not the air unit? Why did dji? Let cadex make the vista in the first place. Do you have an idea about that yeah? As far as i know, that’s got to be because they don’t have to file it with the fcc, the vista.

If you and you did this, if you go looking for the fcc paperwork for the vista, what did you find when you went looking for it? Nothing? I i spent a long time too. I had a bunch of people tell me: oh, they had to have filed it and i know it’s there somewhere and um. I wasn’t even able to find a page for caddos. I had more than two items on it: um, but and they make a lot of products um. I think that i think there are certain companies yeah that aren’t bothered by that kind of thing and the vendors who bring them in aren’t bothered by checking that data. So a lot a lot of the products that we use would not be in an fcc database because they are not part 15 certified. So, like your video, transmitters, they’re, not part 15 certified they don’t need to be part 15 certified. You are supposed to have a ham license if you use them okay, but for the catex vist for the dji air unit, it’s part 15 certified and presumably everyone assumes the cadets vista is two, but actually it doesn’t seem like it is, and some people speculated that The reason cadets was allowed to manufacture the area by the way i should say i don’t think cadx actually manufactures the air, the vista no offense to cadets, but i’ve seen those circuit boards that’s a that’s. Some cadets did not make those circuit boards no offense cadets.

You do what you do you do it well, but you didn’t make those circuit boards they’re they’re, they’re too good, so i think dji actually oversees the manufacturing and it’s just like caddix’s name, is on the door that’s just i have no evidence for that. That’S. Just my speculation, so i wonder if these these changes would have required recertification of the air unit in order to sneak past they’re, going to give it to cadex to make and slide in under the that’s my that’s, my theory yeah. I think the original, when the original vistabox was shipped, the original vista boxes, said manufactured a dji and shenzhen, and then they started coming with a different label that said manufactured at cadex in shenzhen it’s, like a little bit different address on it. That might have been similar from what i understand so yeah people in the chat are saying that they think cadex doesn’t make the pcbs that dji manufactures the pcbs then sends them to cadex for assembly and caddix doesn’t. Basically, i could believe that i could believe that yeah um so what’s the takeaway uh, the takeaway is according to dji and according to cadex, they will continue to make and support the dji fpv system. We can’t know with absolute certainty how that will play out but that’s what they’re telling us today yeah. I personally intend to continue using that stuff until it freaking they pry it from my cold dead hands so that’s my tip yeah it’s, just good man and yeah.

I think i think that’s what we’re going to see for a while. It seems from the statements that we got. We will have some other version of the air unit coming from another company and that company is likely cadets, who also confirmed in a separate statement from cadex that they are going to continue to produce the vista. So it seems like we’ll get both i. I am a little sad. It sounds like we are losing the dji camera, though the vista camera, the air unit camera, which the cadets nebula pro is good. I would use it as my daily driver, but it’s, not quite as good as that original vista camera so looks like those will be yeah. You know those will be use, you know become collector’s items, yeah hold on all right, all right good. Now we know the facts about dji canceling well from from one thing that got everybody all up in a a uproar – and i said no calm down it’s, not that big a deal let’s go to something that has me up in an uproar which is the new Radio from free sky, before we talk about why i’m in an uproar? Well, what blunty? Why don’t you tell us about this radio: this is a free sky, uh tandem x 20. This is a new uh radio from freesky they’re, releasing a few different versions of it. They’Ve got a standard and x20s with some different features, touch color, touch displays and things they’ve got their own os on here.

The ethos e t h o s but there’s a pretty interesting feature. If you go down, i can’t get the freaking image trying to get an image up here for people to see. I can’t get the image to come up the website’s being flaky. Sorry about that guys, uh what’s, the feature you where you want to shoot, but there’s a pretty interesting feature. If you scroll down it says only on the hd version built in 0ms, latency hd, digital video transmission system, 720p 60 frames per second video transmitted to an external device via hdmi output or on the local screen. Okay, so there’s two reasons: i’m annoyed at this radio. One is that it doesn’t run open. Tx i’ve talked about that before you know i’m, not interested in radio, that doesn’t run opentx, but you know hey, you want to make a new firmware go for it. You do your thing, but the the freaking hd. What could that even possibly be like freeze, guy didn’t, invent and freeze guy didn’t invent a new digital fpv transmission system, and then why would they just bury it in this radio’s release as a like a one? Why would they not have a whole page for it? If they did that, i don’t know, i think it’s very strange, i would say um to me. It doesn’t seem like free skype made this i mean. Maybe they did but like to me. It seems like the technology would have had to be licensed or bought from somebody, the fpv technology, not the radio, they made the radio, sure sure sure uh, but the actual video part of it, because, like we haven’t heard, we haven’t seen a single leak.

We haven’t heard of any rumors we don’t have any like info. Even on my side, like the stuff we’re not allowed to talk about. You know what i mean, like i haven’t, seen literally any rumors of this at all, and if you do any searches or googling or anything back now that we know this like there’s, nothing anywhere. So to me this this seems to me like this is the only thing we’ve heard and for that to be the case, i doubt that there’s like a heavy investment by them in this to me, this looks like a licensing thing. You know i don’t know so he licensed it from i mean the obvious answer. Is shark bite the obvious answer? The obvious implication would be that they built a shark bite. Receiver yeah would fat shark work with freesky, maybe or they don’t have to why don’t? They have to that’s right because diva math owns the technology bingo, and this is i’m on the same page as you are with this. We haven’t discussed this before, but yeah. I think diva math. I think this is licensed from different math. The specs look, the same. The advertising is the same. The fact that we see no leaks about it makes a lot of sense. It could totally be freeze guy making their own video system. That’S. 720P 60fps zero latency the same advertised specs of shrek byte, but i certainly think that, because from what i’ve heard on the other side of things, divimath does not have an exclusive contract with fat shark for shark yep i’ve heard that probably from the same places you Have – and that was originally given as a selling point – that the sharkbite system is just one implementation of this diva math technology, and it means that if you invest in a sharkbite let’s say you buy a sharkbite module for your goggles.

But then you want to buy a video transmitter from someone else. In theory, a cadets, a runcam could release a sharkbite compatible video transmitter, including these diva math chips, and it sounds like this may be the first actual manifestation of that in real life. That free sky may be sticking this diva method with sharkbite technology, whether it’s with shark, with fat shark or just with divimath. On the side, i can’t imagine what else it could be: there’s, no other hd, fbv technology out there. That is it. I mean what what fbv blue yeah pro prosite, no there’s, nothing else that it could be well. None of them are zero, latency that’s the thing if they hadn’t advertised a zero latency. I would not be thinking down the div math path, but i don’t know anybody else who has a zero latency tech that has these kind of specs um, again like if they developed this free sky, put a few million into this development like that from everything i Know about this like if this is actually a fetch but that’s what i mean like if freesky actually developed this on their own yeah like if they came up with this on their own and everything and it’s out of the blue, then somehow they spent a few Million on something they haven’t teased, like yeah, okay, i’ve heard i’ve heard people throwing around numbers, and i don’t know if these numbers are accurate. But people say that divimath spent four million to ten million dollars, depending on who’s pulling numbers out of their butt developing this technology, free sky didn’t spend 4 to 10 million, and that seems like a reasonable number to me to come up with this tech.

This is hard to do dj. I spent more than that. I guarantee you so freesky didn’t spend four to 10 million dollars, developing a brand new digital fpv system that no one has ever heard of and then, instead of making a big splash out of it, they kind of leaked it in this radio yeah. So i i mark my words: i’m going to go on record. This radio has has sharkbite in it or div and math at least i’m at least 51. Confident of that, i think that’s, a good guess, that’s for sure um. A lot of people want to clarify that there is no zero latency hd system, yeah it’s, true what that means. You – and i argued about this before the stream. You were like it’s, zero latency and i was like that’s not that doesn’t exist. Okay, you go first what’s the argument that it is zero latency. So their argument is that uh, the frame rate uh at 60 frames a second the longest time, but between frames is going to be 16.67 milliseconds, so any system is going to have that frame rate or that uh that latency, so anything on top of that latency Within a millisecond, you can call a zero millisecond latency so like if it’s 17.7 or lower, then they they’re going to call it a zero uh latency system, because they’re already they’re arguing that they’re not adding any latency on top of the frame rate latency, which cannot Be eliminated um and, of course, my argument is that you can’t say zero latency, because there’s always going to be 16 milliseconds of frame latency, therefore, which you should say a 60 min which, but that doesn’t look good in marketing.

So yes, um anyway, very interesting, very exciting i’ll be conflicted. I hope here’s. What i hope this looks like a fine radio looks like a good radio. It’S got it’s, got 900 megahertz built in by the way that’s cool, it’s r9, but maybe it could run express lrs someday. I hope that when this radio comes out the open, tx guys rip it apart and release an open tx build for it. That would be so hot yeah, so hot i yeah we’ll, see i’m still not ready to be very happy about anything freesky, but but that’s. True they make they make good radios. It is true that they make good. They just make them do dumb things yeah all right, moving on uh this next one, this next one i feel like people should be more excited about it than i think they’re going to be vic, moss and kenji shugihara. They are two guys they founded the drone service providers alliance. I don’t even know what dspa does don’t even care. What i care about is they are both on the drone advisory committee, which is the committee that advises the faa on drone related stuff. They sit in the meetings and they talk and argue about what the faa should do with drones, and then the faa ignores them. Probably i don’t, but they started like a podcast where they talk about what’s, going on yeah that’s, a big deal, yeah they’re, calling out the dspa newscast right now.

It’S only got 111 views, um no comments, they’ve got 26 subscribers, so i definitely wanted to shout them out because if you care about what’s going on with the news, you know like with anything with drone news related and you want to have the scoop from what They’Re hearing from the faa then you’re. This is the place to do it. You know you know. People have asked for more communication. People have asked for more inside knowledge. Things like that um. This is exactly that so um. I would definitely recommend if you care about this stuff at all, go over there. Um comment on the page. Ask them to talk about things they haven’t talked about. They have zero comments and 111 views, so hopefully we get it out there um, i haven’t. Even did you get to watch this one yet blunty? I haven’t watched it yet yeah. I watched through it any any bombshells in there not too much. They just discuss like their kind of their day to day and their situations and how the different conversations go and um yeah. I think i think it’s just a really good insight into what things look like on the other side. So, however, you feel about um what’s, going on with them and their positions in the industry. I think it’s kind of invaluable to have some kind of peek into that yeah. Uh 88 ender 888 is bringing up the fact that uh kenji has a patent on some technology, that’s related to remote id that he was then on the dac and suggested that they use that technology and there might be a conflict of interest there uh.

I don’t really have a comment about that. I don’t know a lot about that uh. I guess i will comment on that um. I i acknowledge that defensive patents exist like you, patent, something just to prevent other people from abusing a patent on it. At the end of the day, we have to see what kenji does with that patent before we judge him. If he uses his insider position and his patent to enrich himself, then perhaps that’ll be a conflict of interest if he, so we have to see there’s. Certainly, the potential for sleaziness we’ll just have to see yep um there’s. I definitely think there’s two ways to look at it. One is that there’s, not some random dude out there with the patent that we have to pay to use it. Um it’s somebody who’s involved in the thing and working on the side, presumably that we want to be on, but also there’s the chance that yeah he’s going to use that for his own gain and that he’ll be the random guy that ends up that ends up Taking advantage of the industry for the patent right, so it just depends, it just depends. Um someone was going to patent that technology is the takeaway, maybe it’s better, that it’s him we’ll just have to see andy rc has joined the chat. Andy, we were talking about you yesterday, uh earlier in the stream uh talking about your unlocking of your drone, which i know you haven’t gone out and flown it with that un.

With that illegal power output, surely not, but uh. No john mckenna, the fcc hack was at the beginning, but you should just go look down in the uh in the video description at the link to andy rc’s video, and he will tell you all about it: um all right, uh what’s! Next we got, we got a flywoo flywho’s, still learning their lefts from their rights. Is that right, yeah, so our rc shim has got some great content on youtube. Um posted a good video about um. He got a flywheel explorer and his range was really poor and he was trying to figure out what was going on. It was like so poor that he thought there was an issue, so he cracked open the antenna and sure enough. His lhcp antenna was rhcp and he was even like. Am i going crazy do? I did, i forget my directions and stuff, so he actually cracks open another rhcp antenna just to make sure um and compares it and yeah it’s labeled as l, but it is definitely an rhcp antenna yeah which in case in case you’re like not or don’t, already Know this the dji goggles have left hand polarized antenna at least the v1 goggles do uh, and if you combine that with a right hand, polarized antenna on the quad, you get much less range uh, so oops, yeah, um, so uh flywood has acknowledged this issue publicly And has said that they will replace the antenna for anyone affected.

If you have a flywheel, explorer and you’re getting range that seems shorter than it should be, then you should take them up on this offer. You could just test it with any right hand or left hand, polarized antenna and uh and see if it makes it better um. I didn’t notice this on mine i’m. Going to assume mine was okay uh my range seemed fine yeah. Hopefully it was just a small batch of them that got out, but we did have a user in your discord, um pop open his as well, and he had the same issue yeah. Frankly, a lot of the time i don’t use the i mean on on that one it’s hard not to use the included antenna because it comes pre wired to the vista. So you’d have to take the vista apart to get the engine off a lot of times. I’Ll replace the because a lot of times the factory antennas that come with quads are just crappy and i just use a good antenna, but i always i always review them with the factory antenna by the way, but for personal use. I usually make sure i upgrade to a good antenna. Um let’s see yeah ss, who was that who’s that sst fpv reminds us that any that you don’t want to mix polarization with any quad yeah that’s. True um, you want to have the correct, but most squads, most fpv quads are right hand, polarized, antennas, there’s, no just it’s just convention.

None is better than the other dji ships left handed so yeah um awesome all right. Thank you, rc shim, for pointing that out. He has a great content about antennas and dji on range and stuff. He does a lot of antenna testing, so uh kudos to him for finding that um. We got a new product coming from orca blunty it’s, the fpv play, and when you first told me about this, i said isn’t the fpv connect. It connects you to your cell phone, but they already have the fpv connect, which does that so like what’s. The difference between the fpv play and the fpv connect by the way all we have is just this little. This is all we have different about this. We don’t know anything more about it, but here’s a little image of it go ahead, so so the fpv connect it connects from the goggles to the phone as my understanding so it’s like streaming, the goggle video or putting the goggle video or information onto the phone. The fpv play is the other way around the fpv play. Uh basically runs the phone to the goggles, so you can use like play a simulator or something like watch your videos or something like that. Yeah sure, like in first person on your goggles yeah um obvious use for this, would be a simulator if there’s a simulator on your phone that works like they’ve, got it plugged into the playstation controller there.

I assume it’s just passing that controller through to your phone. Most phones nowadays actually can work with a standard game controller. They have drivers for them. You could theoretically play the simulator on your goggles with a controller and not have to just be holding the phone up and using touch controls. That’S pretty hot yeah. That’S pretty high looks, looks like these are going to start shipping uh pretty soon here, they’re asking a lot of their customers by email uh for their addresses to get them shipping, so price what’s the price or they just give it away for free. I think they came for the kickstarter backers. I think the price will come later. Oh, i see, are they still fulfilling kickstarter stuff? I thought that was the fpv connect. I believe that fpv play was a kickstarter feel as well. Oh wow. That was a long time ago. I mean good for them. I guess yeah. It takes time to iterate products. I guess will be wants to know. Is there any signal loss between a linear antenna and a right hand left hand antenna um, hang on we’ll, be before we do that blunty anything more to say about the orca fpv play just didn’t mean to cut you off there. Oh you’re, good, all right, uh there’s about there’s about three db of loss between a linear and a circular antenna, so it’s a it’s, a it’s, not it’s, not nothing. But the other thing to keep in mind is that between two linear antennas there can be as much as like 15 db of loss if the antennas are polar or cross polarized.

So my thinking is that, with a drone that is constantly changing orientation, it’s better to have a circular antenna on your goggles. Even if your drone has a linear antenna, you’ll get a constant loss, but it’ll be it’ll, be three db all the time, regardless of the drone’s orientation, which seems like a fair deal. For me, what sim runs on a phone anyway bean time fpv wants to know. There’S one called drone on my phone that van over plays, i don’t know any uh, i believe fpv free rider is also yeah through three writer and then the uh, the new dji uh, had that that one, whatever it’s called, of course, that’s gon na work. With your dji goggles, oh right, not your orcas yeah. I think the real use for this would be any kind of phone phone related gaming mobile gaming is, is really like. I see people doing ads for this new asus rog phone, which is a gaming specific phone i’m, like are people really gaming on their phones, that much and it’s not just like touch screen gaming, like you know, i’m playing candy crush or whatever your mom plays it’s, Like actual like with a controller gaming, so there you go use your workers for that go for it got to get them frame rate got ta, get that frame rate in fortnight yeah. My phone’s, like 120 fps, got to get that is this rg phone yeah it’s, crazy yeah.

I mean i don’t, i don’t game on my phone, but maybe i should maybe miss out. Let me get some super chats out of the way here: uh dwayne deegan. Thank you for a five dollar super chat. Uh duane has photos of the fpv drone’s battery and controller on my on his hackaday io page cool aerospace, inc 53. Thanks for a 20 super chat, big shout out to we sell quad parts dot com they saved my weekend. When i forgot a cable on vacation in denver, unparalleled customer service, we sell quad, i um. Am i remembering correctly blunty that’s your store. That is my store. Yeah, okay, you! Never you always you never shout it out. You don’t make a big deal, but then occasionally one of your customers comes through and and super chats and then i’m obligated to read the shout out. So what are you going to do? Yeah good good customer service yep. I just ran a little little store out of my house, so i don’t like to advertise it too much but uh. If anybody needs the parts you know we sell. Quadparts.Com you’re always welcome to go check it out. You know that’s how race day quads got started. Tyler tyler started bringing crates of product to races. He noticed that people at races always needed parts. He just wanted to help out his local community. He started selling him out of the trunk of his car and now years later, he’s one of the biggest uh quad stores.

So you know maybe someday plenty yeah we’ll see. Also, if you pick up you get to get to meet me, so i mean some would see that as a plus yeah uh mc’s creations, thanks for five brazilian rey eyes uh as well in the super chat, all right, let’s, uh let’s go on to the next One, the new multi gp, global qualifier track has been chosen. If you are interested in uh, you know going to nationals going to i o and racing against top pilots, then you’re going to need to qualify on this track, but i like to i always like to set a time on the global qualifier. My time is never very good. I like to be able to say i qualified 273rd in the nation that’s. How good i am i like to know and you can go and you can try it on velocidrone as well. Other sims will surely have it as well, but velocitron is the official one. Let’S take a look at it. Plenty yeah now there’s again a shout out to ak. He made this track that was selected from the top five picks yeah all right. Ak 1 aka just won drone zone new jersey, which was a whoop race a couple a few weeks ago. Nice let’s see here pretty simple so far, not too complicated. Oh, this is the track they’re going to be running at the freedom hills race. I see they’re running the regional qualifier.

I understand i was just looking at it going. This looks very familiar: it’s the regional qualifier track; okay, that’s interesting it doesn’t look super technical yeah, not too bad a little bit of everything, but not too much. No like crazy dive gates or anything yeah or that or that triple spiral corkscrew that was in the the last regional qualifier. If that was what that was, this looks like a it looks like a really nice little course, though. I think that um intermediate pilots will be able to have a good time uh, not any you know, and – and it looks mostly like intermediate, pilots will be able to run the same lines like for those for the for, like the triple spiral corkscrew of the last One i’m talking about the pro pilots did it as a spiral corkscrew and i didn’t. I just don’t – have the control right, but um. This one looks like it’s it’s, fairly uh. You could scale it up and just get faster and faster. Very nice work, aka, yeah, good stuff, awesome all right so get that on velocidrone right now or presumably the other simulators will also develop it before too long if they haven’t already what else we got another community spotlight plenty. Yes, so community spotlight for this week, uh the first one that we’ve got is durzo fpv shared some tx joysticks uh he made these are for the qx7. Specifically, you can remix them for your radio, i’m sure, um and they’re.

Basically, some joysticks that you put on that seem a little awkward to use yeah. They look super awkward because this this was a a neat solution for a way to shoot, while you’re flying and velocity and combat you know, you’re binding a key to shoot with your power up um, and so with this now you can shoot with your finger and Not take any any fingers off the off your normal position that you would hold the claw or hold it yeah i see it. I see you just have like a little trickle trigger finger that you use to shoot while you’re playing velocity in case you don’t know. Velocity on combat is basically like a first person like shoots like quake with drones. Instead of instead of uh. You know people running around um it’s, just the length of the sticks. To me, the length of the sticks is going to make it harder to control the quad like you, can’t. Do quick moves when the sticks are that long? Obviously you can because he presumably uses them yeah. We could turn up the rates but yeah i get where you’re going with that interesting. I don’t know. Maybe i should give it a try. I am impressed with how it connects it’s got a little m3 screw hole through here. You screw your stick end back on and then it connects on it’s, pretty slick i’m, not i’m, not sure i would want to tear apart and the switches on my uh radio either, but uh um don’t don’t.

Other people do it like, with a usb foot, pedal that they use to shoot and then they’re just flying with their normal controller. Yes, yeah that’s how um that’s, how i’ve done it when i’ve tried it before but yeah. For me, it’s still just awkward. You know you’ve got it’s like you’re playing a bass drum and if you don’t play a bass, drum yeah, yeah it’s a little weird yeah i don’t know always for that. For me yeah, i still got the muscle memory um, so i’m. Definitely going to print these and give these a shot in the next week. Okay, well, i’ll, be i’ll, be interested to hear if you find it awkward to fly with them or if it really works for you, if you’re going to print them, i’ll be interested to hear skadoo says sounds like a good way to sell more gimbals, or at Least, gimbal springs also true ben t. Thanks for a 10 super chat, we need an fpv sim. That includes a fortnight map, so you can strafe from the air that’s pretty slick. There is a uh in velocidrone combat there is a famous. Is it call of duty map, i think it’s called rust and uh they they dust. That would be a counter strike map if it’s done maybe that’s it. I don’t really i’m sorry, i’m lame, but um they recreated it uh very accurately. According to the other people, i was playing with they’re like oh it’s, so cool.

They got this detail right and i’m like yeah, so um awesome, uh let’s see uh. We got another community spotlight here uh. This is a spotlight uh, focusing on a lot of the spotlights we do are 3d printed products. Okay, these are 3d printed props yeah for real yeah license to drive same guy, who brought us the folding um antenna mounts for crossfire and tracer. Those were cool yeah. I don’t believe this. I just how does it even print he said uh? He said he should have done this on april 1st. He in hindi. That would be so good yeah. I can’t, but i can’t even like picture how it prints. Is it a single layer? Does it print vertically with supports it prints you don’t have to do support, so if you run supports, i think it messes up it’s, just a low enough overhang yeah go ahead. Sorry, i’m, just i’m, just it’s, just a low enough overhang that you can get. I think i’ve just been printing tpu. Lately i can get a almost 50 or 50 degree overhang uh without any um support. So i think this is yeah. You could get anything up to like a 45 degree. If this had come out. On april 1st i swear to god i would be sure it was fake, like that. He currently is just flying some white props. I swear to god. I would be sure it was fake and i would be like dude.

This was the best april fool’s prank. You ever pulled 3d printed props and with tpu like, why would you obviously you’re going to print them in pla or abs, but but we know that wouldn’t work, because rigid props would just shake themselves apart that’s, why you can’t 3d print props right yeah? It actually makes a lot of sense when you kind of yeah do hindsight on it for sure, because yeah spin in pla or anything like this, it will work, but it will shatter immediately. You know if you hit something or yeah. I think these were taking impacts and stuff well, the balance, just the rpm, the balance it’ll just shake themselves apart. Oh my god. What did he just? Do he just crashed into something on purpose, to show that yeah, i can’t i want to hear it. Can we hear it flying? Do we have audio? No, i don’t think we do. No. We have just copyrighted music it’s shark bite, so we don’t have audio. I want to hear the motors i don’t know if we can it’s like here’s. Okay, so let’s stipulate that it works what’s the point it’s cool. Okay, i mean it depends on how well it works right. I think he said um it took like 50 throttle to get off. The ground first let’s see was like 25 or 30 throttle with normal props um. So it’s not crazy they’re, not making a lot of thrust they’re, not making a lot of thrust, but they are making thrust and his motors were not like burning to the touch when they came down so insane, not bad yeah, but brian lewis asks didn’t major hardware.

3D print hard props for a phantom um, i mean, as you get to larger props 3d printing becomes more viable because it’s, you can easy. You can ease more easily balance them, but in addition, you have more mass and i would wonder what technology they use to 3d print.