This supplier was that good. I just had to share this with you they’ve, even given me a discount code that you can use. If you’re keen to pick some up for yourself that’s in the description box for you, the main reason i needed these was to improve visual line of sight and i was told they may even help deter birds. I don’t get anything for sharing this. I just know how hard it can be to find decent supplies online. These days, this particular product is designed and made to order in australia and it’s made with high quality 3m car wrap vinyl as well definitely improves visual line of sight and also the orange color. Apparently does deter birds um. The only evidence i got is in this video here. If you log into youtube, you’ll see a little link up here and you can jump in and see that where the birds have sort of come around and steered away from the drone. Take that as fluke or scientific evidence, whatever you prefer generally, if you’re over water and they attack it, it’s, not nice Music. So if you are keen to pick some up, i’ll leave a link and the discount code in the description box of the video. So you may need to log into youtube, while you’re in there i’ll just remember to hit that like button, because that’ll really help Music Music, also matt from northeast drone productions who referred me i’ll, leave a link to his channel up here as well.