All that kind of stuff. Over the last almost decade, in fact, but one of the challenges in the last couple years is that dji has gone away from the end. They use your phone as the controller for their drones entirely. Instead, you have to use the remote control with your phone or just remote, control itself. Now there are some other drone companies like scadio that have this remote, that solves it, because it’s really small and fits in your handlebar and all that kind of stuff, but not so much this. This is a pain to fit in your handlebars and it’s. Something i’ve shown you some reviews that, like jury, rigged, all sorts of crazy rubber band, contraptions onto and i’ve done some weird stuff over the years to make it work. But a reader pointed out recently this little remote holder, which costs like 20 25 bucks it’s sold under like a dozen different names. But if you look at it carefully, it’s all the same thing and interestingly, it works for a lot of different products out there. So it works for the mavic air 2 and the mini 2 because of the exact same controller, but supposedly it also works on all these other remotes. I have over here, so let’s go and get unboxed i’m. Not gon na spend too much time on this. When i get out on the road and try it out now, if you haven’t seen my previous active tracking videos for any product out there, uh then definitely check those out in the corner there.

But the most recent one is the mavic air 2 versus the skydio2 uh and that one’s pretty pretty well watched at this point so check that out there i’m not going to focus this video on all the tracking aspects, we’re going to go out and try it Of course, but uh it’s not going to be like a test of tracking, we already know how it tracks uh, so here’s those two pieces and then we’ve got the mother of all screws. Here, holy cow that’s, a beast of a screw and that’s it like there’s, not much to this pretty straightforward right there. So we got this looks like the clamp that’s going to go on the controller screw, and this goes on our bike. I, like it simple straightforward. I noticed we’re using gopro mounts here. That’S cool and one thing that you could potentially do is use something like this instead, so this is a k edge one but there’s others out there cage makes use of pretty high quality ones on. This is an out front. Metal, mount normally it’d, be like this position downwards and put the camera lower, but you can actually flip it over which i do a lot of times, and this way the camera is on top, but you can then use this by just sliding it in like this. The challenge that’s a really tight, fit the challenge with this and why i probably wouldn’t recommend it, though, while this is prettier, usually, these are designed for certain load rating, and i guarantee this is well beyond the load rating.

What it’s, designed for and, more importantly, as one who has broken a lot of metal mounts over the years, albeit not caged ones, but other ones, uh, usually what happens is when you get any sort of bump and vibration. That kind of repeated bump like this will eventually snap this in half, and you don’t want to do that so by carrying the load centered. On top of this it’s, going to be a bit more stable and we’ll talk about that as well. In a second, too, you see look at how thick this is like compared to a normal mount. This swings out. This is nice. This is all metal. Construction aluminum looks like of some sort uh. This is really actually well made. The plastic bits there yeah so so, but there we go. It’S got the rubber here, so the rubber inserts um, the only one set. But you know if these don’t quite fit your handlebars just put any piece of like rubber material you can find around inside there. So let’s put this um this first shot here, let’s see how this fits initially out of the box. Uh. Definitely too big, so you can see it’s way too big uh. They just don’t even come close to closing that’s. Why? I would recommend just one of these rubber inserts um. Okay, we have to get rid of the second rubber piece i’m gon na see if we can make this work. Okay, so we popped it in place, it’s not ideal, but whatever and now we’re gon na go and tighten this up.

So there we go uh again. The way they’ve designed this isn’t super awesome, that’s pretty tight, though it’s close, but it’s like it’s, definitely designed for a smaller bike. Okay and then that’s supposed to come up that’s all it goes. Oh that’s, not good at all. It doesn’t rotate all the way. Through now, one thing you’ll probably have noticed is on the box. It says this thing should actually rotate around sort of like this and close up this way, but it doesn’t actually work, see, watch it slides open, because a pressure here is too great, because this is designed too small. So you can see that like barely holds, and it doesn’t take much for this to just simply pull up so that’s. Why i’m going the other way, because there’s no lock so also, ideally, they would have put a way to tighten this top. This is just round. I can’t actually do anything with that, so they would use like a hex in there to be able to tighten that up. So i would say, like this, was clearly not designed for a cyclist by a cyclist sorry. This was designed by a drone person who’s. Never actually used bicycle parts before okay, so that’s there. Now we take this piece here uh. This is the clamp on the remote. You see. It’S got these little hooks there, which is really well done up on the top and then goes down here and once we get beyond this point, it just pops into place.

It’S, not it’s, good it’s, not great, though like that’s. The the overall theme here is it’s not great um. Now i put this up like this put your phone on and i got this whole beastly thing. That’S gon na go right like that. Okay and then we take the screw the mother of all screws and put it in okay. So this all set what i’m gon na do is i’m gon na take this off for the ride out to where i’m going uh, because that just seems like a poor idea. Leave it like this horrendous. Looking thing, uh and we’ll get rolled there. Okay, so i’ve been riding about a half an hour now 33 minutes, and this is a spot i’m aiming to do my test at so i’m. Just going to leave this timer running i’m, going to show you start to finish, uh we’ll start the timer, the exact second, the brakes stop as to how long it takes to get this in the air mounted flying and we’re going to fly until it stops. Following me, simple, as that there we go okay, so first thing is taking out uh put this down for a quick. Second, there take it out of my bag, so we have in here we go controller check and a drone is inside the hat. There we go drone out, take off the gimbal protector there we go and we’ll get this thing started first, so i can find the gps little buddy have fun.

There we go, zip is back up grab my phone out of my rear pocket phone at a rear pocket come on. Okay, there we go got the phone now put this back on. Okay, sorry, part of this is getting like clothing, unstuck and stuff. So that’s kind of like a reality there right everyone else has to do that too. So, i’m, not gon na cut that from the time. Okay, so bike check. Now you can see i’ve added my uh little protector there and i’ll show you how this is gon na work, uh protector strap something i’ve added, so don’t lose it or anything um, so i’m gon na go into this like this, and the phone will protect it. So there we go goes underneath come on just like that perfect and then this snaps in place boom. That was quick and easy. Uh and i’ll say after 30 minutes of um pedaling this didn’t fall off or make any jiggles or noises, or anything like that. So let’s open up the app dji fly, i believe that’s the correct one. I have a beta one two, so i just wan na make sure it’s the right one. There we go. Okay, this is my normal app, not the beta one and we’re ready to roll. So at this point, i’m gon na go ahead and get up in the air. I’Ll start recording first, because i’ll forget that do a screen recording as well microphone on – and we got someone coming just right behind me here so i’m gon na wait a couple seconds.

It seems like a safe thing to do so. We’Ll pause the timer for a second let this guy go past. Okay, there we go that guy has gone past and up in the air we go check, complete clear on all directions. There. We go move him over. The side he’s going to be out over there there we go okay back to track there we go. Actually, i decided i want peril after all, because i don’t want to deal with people out here so now, we’re rolling, okay and we’re gon na go until we can’t go anymore it’s as simple as that. Come on there we go now. Some people ask about why you can’t use sport mode or why i don’t use sport mode. You can see it’s a bit slow behind me and the reason is simple: there’s, no obstacle avoidance in sport mode. So if i do that, i run the risk of it hitting a tree or whatever else, and i don’t entirely want that now right now, there’s, nothing where it is out in the water. So i could, in theory, do that i don’t know what happens if i switch midway. Let’S see, i might lose this i’ll just give it a quick second here, it’s way back there come on little buddy catch up there we go so let’s, see. If i go. Sport mode midway obstacle avoidance, let’s, see if this will oh cool, it actually stays. I’Ve never tried it halfway, see what happens, but that gives me more.

There we go let’s, see let’s, take the pace up a bit, oh as for the mount by the way. This whole point of this entire darn thing: uh zero vibrations, which is great zero, bumps it’s, solid i’m, really liking. It actually i’m, not sure. If i’m ballsy enough to bring it um like mountain biking, i can be fail. I’M gon na increase some altitude here i don’t like, and i lost it. Okay, so one of the nice things, though, with this remote compared to how i usually deal with it, is that since the controls are right here, i don’t know i don’t find anything like it’s great now. The part i’m looking for up here on the mount by the way is a little section of like brick, type stuff and you’ll hear it when we click into it, it’s, just not awesome, it’s the best way describing it and so i’m hoping we don’t lose the Amount in that here comes the uh, cobbly stuff bricks, yeah it’s, pretty quiet there we go. The vibrations are strong there, oh i’m, taking this slow. Initially, i don’t really trust it. Yeah that’s, not it’s, not ideal. Here, folks, you can see that there that um, so the weight’s too much and rc not connected. We lost all the things there. We go. What was pissed off about this oh crash warning? Oh great thanks garmin and my wife’s gon na be pissed. Oh good, lord come on well i’m gon na get my drone back.

Okay, so a couple thoughts. I tighten the screw even more, but i mean this is really really tight at this point. Uh i don’t know if that’ll hold it see. If this will stay put this time, this just bounces a lot like the forward. Part of this is just crazy, bouncing and i’m going like what three miles an hour right now, nothing five miles an hour i’m going running speed right now, uh you can see it’s already tilting back down again yeah it’s, just not going to work. Let’S get this back down and finish up this conversation, i’m, really a fan of hand catching. I know some people aren’t, but just so much easier, okay, so here’s. My sort of final thoughts on this whole thing, i’d say good attempt not perfect good totally fine for like road usage, no issues there at all as long as the roads, aren’t too crazy, bumpy uh off road usage, not a chance in hell. So i decided not to give up on this thing. I decided to give it a whirl. I redid some stuff on it uh. What i did basically is relatively simple. Actually i just simply replaced this screw right here, the main screw that attaches the phone part. Sorry, the remote part of it um with a gopro screw it’s, just standard gopro screw the other screw they have. There was just a piece of crap and this one is better and i can really crank it down with a screwdriver which is the other one.

I couldn’t uh beyond that i’m, not sure if i had this differently last time, but this is how i have it now update here, as i got back to my road bike as to why it works my mountain bike, but not my road bike and it’s kind Of lost some parts i’m not kidding so there’s, this little white piece of plastic right there, there’s also supposed to be one down at the bottom. Here i lost it in my bag on the way mountain biking and that’s, the difference it’s just the extra roughly millimeter and half two millimeters there. That makes it so this whole thing can easily close and it seems relatively decent. I, instead of trying to tighten it with the bottom portion, i tighten with the upper portion the piece that’s in between here instead until it’s as tight as it could go and then i cranked it in and i think it’s gon na stay. I hope it’s gon na stay i’m going mountain biking here um and i can’t find the drone here because you’re not allowed to but that’s. Besides the point we already know the drone follows me and all that jazz. We want to know whether this remote will stay on the handlebars let’s go find out. There is nothing that’s looking sketchy already, but you know what, though it’s staying like, i see where it’s flexing it’s flexing mostly at the point of the phone um but like in terms of the phone keeping in there, but it is staying like this little section.

Here is just fine dandy. I could go down this, but i’m gon na go back up. This whole mess i’m gon na turn around here, and do that section again there we go that will come in should be good. I can see it’s definitely tilting a little bit but way better than before, like if i were to then reapply this to the road. I think i have zero problems whatsoever uh, but i don’t plan to do that. I’Ve proven it works just here, so i think this thing’s going to make it into my arsenal of goodness. I think it’s going to be my main way of doing road based shots and light mountain off road type, shots, nothing like crazy, rocky alby type stuff, but overall, i think it’s keeper. I think this is this – will do donkey. This will do uh, not perfect, but you know a single gopro screw that you invariably have around works. Just fine for this. So with that i’m going to get back on the trail here, because uh yeah it’s the place to be not gon na lie.