I want to just plug something real quick. If you haven't already heard about spin up uh spin up 2020 is the event of the season it's going to be in september, it's coming up pretty quickly and if you want to go check it out, go to spinup2020.com. You can register to win a lot of prizes, including a lot of dji drones and such and then. Finally, if you are a youtuber and you're trying to expand your youtube horizons and grow your channel, i did an entire class on udemy three hours long. That explains how i built ready, set drone and the things i wish i had done better from the beginning, so go check that out. I'Ll put a link in the description for that udemy class and it's uh, really, if you're trying to grow on youtube, it's a great way to get started so let's dive into the gep rc phantom fpv drone, now not to be confused with the dji phantom drone. This little guy is what they call. I believe a toothpick drone, it's, very, very thin, arms very lightweight, and you can see stuffed right in there is a i think, it's the caddix vista version, that of the digital fpv system that allows it to transmit over a digital signal to the dji goggles and Get amazingly clear, fpv footage as you're flying okay. So, first of all you'll note on this drone there are actually two ports. There is a usbc connector right here that is, for this digital system that you're going to have to register.

There is also a usb, a micro usb port right there. I don't know if you can see it but it's, it's kind of here at an angle. It is easy to get to which is nice, but that is what you're going to do to set this drone up in betaflight and do all the configuration. The first thing we want to do is go ahead and get the the transmitter here registered with dji so that we can activate it. Then we'll set up the drone in betaflight okay. So what you want to do, for this is download dji assistant and dji assistant is a program you can use and it allows you to do a lot of things with different dji products, including the fpv system. You have to be running the dji fpv series assistant 2. In order for this to work. So now i am so. I come in i'm going to confirm that i'm good with that updating the firmware and now it's updating the firmware between the um between dji and the unit that's in there. Okay, so that took a little while and again make sure you're using the fpv series. Dji assistant, but it's all updated and connected, so one other thing is with dji. If you have a dji product, you have to have an account with them. So i'm logged into my dji account so it's associating this piece of hardware with me as the owner. So so yeah all good there.

So what i'm going to do is i'm going to go ahead, and you can see that i'm current on the latest version version 1.00.0600, so i'm going to go ahead and disconnect the drone i'm going to unplug it. One other thing to keep in mind: it gets really really hot, so you want to actually if you can set something to ventilate air across it, while you're doing this that's a really good thing, but this is now registered to me and ready to go so the Next thing, i'm going to do is go ahead and do the same thing with the remote control so i'm going to go ahead and open it up real quick, try to make this fast, so fpv remote control. Now again, this already has a receiver that that is the receiver that talks to this. So all i need to do is bind this guy, but before i bind this i will need to plug it in and here it is, if you haven't seen it before it's a pretty cool remote, i will go ahead and plug in the usbc connector once again Down here on the bottom and plug it in here and then i will turn this on and i'm waiting for it to show up over here all right there. It is dji fpv remote, so i will go ahead and click on that say: activate device start activation. My email address confirm your account. I have read and agree to the terms disclaimer confirm so now: i'm, activating this all right, so that is activated and i'm going to skip the survey right now now let's see what version of firmware this is on.

So again, this needs to be updated to 1.0, 1.6, basically so i'm. Updating it right now. Okay, so once you've finished, updating the firmware on the remote control, you'll get a finished notification. You can go ahead and turn it off and unplug it and then you're going to want to keep your usbc cable handy for the goggles themselves. So i'll put the remote over here and i will open up the goggles. This is my second pair i'm very excited because this will allow me to do have people do ride alongs with them, so there they are there's the little bag that comes with it, and the this is the head strap, actually that i'm undoing right now, so head Strap bag that they go in set those over here for a second lots of books and instructions. The two of the antennas, two more of the antennas and the oh there's, a usbc, cable right there, which i have now i don't need, and then this is the power cable that works with any 4s xt60 connector. So a 4s battery with an xd60. The drone takes an xd30 i'll, just show you the difference, real quick. This is an xt60 here. In my right hand, this is an xt30. In my left hand, this is what the geprc phantom takes. This is what the goggles will take. I do like the fact that this cable is long enough, so this can actually go in your pocket and be connected up here.

So you can have the battery in your pocket with the goggles connected and so we'll go ahead and plug this into this 4s tattoo uh 1300 milliamp battery plug this into the goggles first time, they've been plugged in okay, so these are powered on with the battery And i will go ahead and plug this in right here to the usbc slot. There we go all right now. It says dji, fpv, goggles, i'll, go ahead and click over here and say start activation, confirm terms, agreed terms, agreed and now it's activating activation, successful, complete and then what i'll probably have to do is um update the firmware to the same version as the others. So yes, it's it's, not on the latest, firmware so doing that firmware update right now. Now the good thing is the the air unit which is in here the goggles and the remote will all be on the same firmware, which means they will work seamlessly together. Okay, so it's finished updating the goggles. They are on the current firmware and they are activated so i'm going to go ahead and unplug them from my computer and i'm going to unplug them from here for the moment. So the next thing we have to do is go ahead and bind the quad with the controller, and you have to do this in the right order, or else you run into problems. I believe the order is the goggles first and then the remote second, so let's go ahead and give that a try.

So we will go ahead and plug in the quad while holding down the bind button on it. The bind button on the quad is right over here next to the usbc port. So you can actually push this one with your finger, which is kind of unusual on a quad like this, but i will i don't even think you have to hold it. While you turn it on, i don't think, but you know what i'm going to do it anyway, i'm, going to hold it down and plug it in while i'm holding it down, so that it goes into bind mode. So, okay, so i will go ahead and plug the uh goggles in. I don't have antennas on the goggles right now, but we're close enough that it shouldn't really matter the bind button on the goggles is right here by the power. So you want to just hold this down: oh there we go now it's beeping we're in bind mode and make sure this one is in bind mode. It usually doesn't take very long. So perhaps, okay now these two are bound and if i remove the lens cap from there, i don't know if you can see in there, but we have the image of the camera. You can't see it. Can you even tell there's something in there, though? These are really cool too, because the channel number that you're on appears on the side so right now, we're adjusted to channel eight but um yeah.

These two are bound so now that these two are bound i'm, going to go ahead and bind the remote control. So we'll unplug this set it aside for a minute, i'll unplug this just for a second, so it doesn't get too hot, while we're sitting here, i'll bring the remote over here and for the remote there is a sequence you have to push, and i believe it Is video here and here all at once to put it into bind mode we'll find out in a second, so so we'll turn the remote on give it a second to boot up and then we'll hit record this button here and this button, all at once. Yep we're in bind mode we'll plug the quad back in. We will push the bind button on the quad, which is on this side, which i can just do with my thumb before it gets too hot, and now we should be bound. So i should be able to yep, so you can tell it's talking they're talking to each other, because when i switch these things up yep there we go all right, so we have bound the quad to here. We are to the final step now so we'll go ahead and leave this on and leave the quad well we'll unplug the quad for a second, and we can go ahead and control. We can go ahead and close dji assistant, okay. So now we're going to open up a beta flight, so beta flight configurator, so that is opening over here.

Betaflight is a free application, it's, basically just a plug in for chrome, as i understand it, but it is right here and what we're going to do is this time we're going to plug the quad in using a different cable, so it had the usbc that we Connected to activate it now, we're going to connect it to this little micro usb over here, which is on the the back left side of the ship so we'll plug in here. And then we will plug the quad back in here and we should, when we hit, connect, see it here and yep there. It is it's connected. So what we're going to do is we're just going to look and make sure that our receiver is truly set up. The way we want it so our throttle yep our throttle is good to go. Our roll is good to go, our pitch is good to go and our yaw is good to go left right. Okay, so that's all good. Now. What i want to do is i want to configure the switches so that they match my other quads, because i'm used to one way of doing this so i'm going to go into the modes tab here and i'm going to go to the arm, disarm and i'm. Going to make that um, this bottom right switch, because this is the one i use on all my others all right. So currently this is this. Is my arm switch, so i think that's aux 4 let's see yeah, so this switch down here is aux 4.

. So now i'm going to go ahead and have it set for arm. So basically i want it to be armed in the up position and disarmed in the down position. So i'm going to slide this over here to here, because it is up. So if, when it's up it's in this yellow range, now, if it's down or down it's disarmed, which means that the motors will stop so that should be my arm position, disarm position. And then i want to set my angle and my horizon. I want to use this switch for those, so this must be maybe aux 1 let's try aux 1., so you just have to play around until you figure out which switch is which all right yeah. So this is aux 1.. So basically, what i want to do is i want to say for angle mode, which is your easiest flight mode i'm, going to be all the way forward. So it's in the range for angle, then in the middle it's, a three way switch it's going to be in horizon, then all the way up, it's going to be an acro which just means it's, not in angle or horizon, so by default it's in acro, when It'S not in either of the others, so that's good to go and then finally, i want to make sure the beeper is good to go. Beeper. Is this one here i'm? Fine with that that's that's good for me, that's cool right there, so i'll go ahead and turn on turtle mode which is going to be flip over after crash, so i'll say, add range: this is aux 2.

, so i'll say forward, it'll be off, and then, if I flip it all the way up, i'll be in flip over after crash, so that's all good i'm going to save it all right, it's been saved, but that's your basic setup right there. So now what i should be able to do is disconnect this guy and i should be able to unplug it from here it's going to be a little warm and if i flip up this switch, it should arm the motors there. You go and should have the beeper here right there. This is turtle mode which you won't be able to see anything, and then this is going to be switching between angle, horizon and acro. All of that said, i should be ready to go fly now. Okay, so i was planning to actually make that the first part of my review video, but i figured it's better to just make it just a setup video. So that is basically how you set up pretty much any drone that has the dji digital system built into it, using the goggles and the controller it allows you to activate these bind them together and then go into betaflight and actually turn the turn the drone set. It up the way you want to set it up the real basic stuff. Hopefully this is helpful. I'M, going to now do a full review of the phantom from get bar c, but that's going to be a different video where we go out and fly it and such, but i had to get it set up.

So i figured i'd bring you guys along for that hope. You enjoyed this. If you have questions or comments, please leave them down below and i will try to get back to you.