Battery 850 is my suggestion: you'll get up to about five minutes flight time on this quad. It has a wheelbase of 155 millimetres on it and it has a top mount battery with an additional GoPro mount that comes along with it, which is nice. It fits the GoPro, seven I'm sure, not sure it fits the eight, but it is TPU and it's going to be super durable. If not indestructible up front. We have the air module camera and the 1080p onboard DVR in the back, and I use the extreme plus cards by the way, if you're wondering and also we have a TPU mounted air module, which is really really nice and on the back right here. Another TPU piece that supports TBS immortal, tea, antenna or traditional antennas, and also your DJI antennas in the back. We have an XT 30 there and we have plenty of camera protection up front. These are two point. Five millimeter side plates around the camera looks pretty good. There top and bottom we also have the gap stable Pro f7, with 35 amps PSC's on board, so really really nice stock right. There what's why it flies so smooth and we're running t3 by 2 3 inch, props and 1404 motors. You have seen recently Ilham channel 38 50 kV for these, and we also have four bolts on the bottom. Holding this motor on let's go ahead and turn on the scale put the quad on there with the dry weight, no battery 182 grams.

Now, with the 4s 850 283 grams over 250, now we're gon na get to 300, with the GoPro mount and with the prop guards 324 grams and with the GoPro Hero 7 436 grams. If you want to get this quad under 250 grams, you're gon na have to use a three s550 mmm that's gon na get you right at 250 grams, total takeoff weight. Now. My favorite part of the review is the flight test. Let'S go ahead and get the center run up in the air and we're gon na fly it with the DVR onboard, as well as a GoPro Hero 7. That is the best thing about this particular smaller type of Sinope that this one can carry a GoPro and it's kind of a smaller format than something larger like the diatone take him or the eye flight bumblebee know also what makes this one different it. It is sort of a midsize type of Center whoop, so it's not as small as something like the gap, RC rocket light and not as big as to take in or the bumblebee. So this is something for people looking for a little bit smaller profile, also able to probably freestyle a little better, the GoPro as long as you take off the GoPro you'll be okay to freestyle this quad. It does have those 1404 motors on there and look at how unbelievably smooth this video is really really nice and what I did notice, even though I was flying this quad on a 4s battery it's insanely insanely, mildly tuned.

If you want to put this in stability mode and just get the most amazing cinematic shots, this one might be the go to quad for that, because it can slow way down or it can have a little bit of extra speed in a chrome. So either way you go there, it's it's gon na be a great experience and in acro with no parole in there. It pre styles like a maniac, but even flying the GoPro here, getting into stability mode I'm, able to just squeak through the smallest spots in these trees and do some kind of canopy exploration with this one. Even though it is a midsize cinebulle, I can really get in there and have a lot of control, and if you do bump, a branch you've got prop guards on, but I ended up freestyling a little bit too hard with this and smashing it into the concrete And I've broke one of the prop guards, so this is the first time on any gap. Rc quad that ever broke prop guards. So what did I do? Well, I didn't have any extras in the box, so I just went ahead and snip them all off and I'm flying it for the last few flights in this flight test without the prop guards, so not as much canopy exploration but we'll go back in there flying Under the table super easy because that tune is so locked in I'm, loving that so let's go ahead and get it back up in the air for another battery and get it back out in the field.

Now what this quad is all about. In my opinion, it is mostly purely a scimitar own. This quad flies lines like a laser straight as an arrow, really really locked in and one of the reasons for that is the flight controller that's onboard the stable Pro f7 it's, one of my favorite flight controllers, 20 by 20, s4 micro brushless. You can put it on the 2 inch quad and you can put it even on a 5 inch quad and it will get you a super smooth flying quad. The f7 on there is just awesome and now a little bit of tree proximity there bumping into something – and I did have the prop Gardens on at this point. So I was just bouncing off things, and this is pretty much what's gon na happen. If you're flying it, you hit a tree branch who cares just bounce off things and keep going it's kind of cool, but up in the air a lot of times. I show you guys: the high up test is where you can really see jello in a camera, and this looks phenomenal on the DJI DVR, so 1080p at 60 frames per second looks great. You can also shoot with the GoPro if you really want to get some spectacular, 4k video. But if you don't mind 1080p, like this, just go ahead and go for that DJI onboard DVR and if you did buy the DJI goggles. This would be one of those purchases that you wouldn't be unhappy about, because the quality is there, you pull it out of the box and just works and look at how windy it is today, and this quad is still performing this good.

That is awesome because it was blowing a good 15 to 18 miles an hour probably 20 miles an hour about a hundred foot up and above but again plenty of power with the 14 or 4 motors and just happens to be one of the smoothest cinah whoops I'Ve flown recently, so I like the format and the size of this one. It is a midsize with that top plate and the GoPro up front really makes it kind of nice it's it's the best of both worlds. So guys I want to put a GoPro in there, no problem or your 1080p on board DVR. Either way you go. If you want to go under 250 G, you can use the three s550 like I mentioned before, so it has a lot of a lot of options or if you want a five minute flight time, just go ahead for the 4s 850 that's, probably my recommended battery And for me, the prop guard sitting workout one of the first time – I've actually broken these, because I got so wild with a 1404 power system on here. So if you want to make it ultra smooth I'm going to recommend those hqt three by two props and those are gon na smooth everything out, take the prop guards. If you want to have a little bit better freestyle experience, but they're pretty thin prop guards. So they don't react it's hard to the flight controller, like the deep ducts do on the larger sinner whoops.

So this one has a lot of versatility and it's definitely worth the money guys thanks a lot for watching my review.