The dji evata is the latest flying machine from the dominant drone maker and improves on its predecessor by being smaller, lighter and safer thanks to these new, enclosed propellers Music. So what the hell is fpv well, it stands for first person view and if youve been on tic, tac or instagram recently, then youve probably seen those exhilarating videos of drones flying through impossibly small spaces like bowling alleys or factories, to achieve those kind of incredible aerial. Maneuvers fpv drone pilots wear goggles just like these ones that let them see through the eyes of the drone. So that means they can navigate around obstacles or through tiny gaps at high speed, almost as though they are up there controlling it themselves, and that is exactly how you will fly the avatar, like the previous dji fpv drone this one over here, the dji avatar comes With fpv goggles that put you up in the air, seeing the environment through the eyes of the camera of the drone, now ive been flying drones for some years now. In fact, it was since djis, first phantom one launched back in 2013, but the first person perspective is very, very different and very very exciting. Its the nearest. You can actually get to feeling like youre flying short of putting on one of those wing suits and jumping off the top of a mountain which i really dont want to do pretty sure i just die. So what is new with the avatar? Well, the design has seen quite a big shift with a much smaller body.

The previous model was much bulkier and it had these quite long sticking out rotor arms, which made it quite difficult to squash into a backpack. But by comparison, the avatars diminutive size is much easier to take on a trek with you to find a cool spot to fly and then theres the new protective cage around the propellers, which not only keeps people safe from the drone but also allows the drone to Gently bump into walls or trees or other obstacles without those propellers getting all jammed up, and this thing falling to the ground. Well in theory, because it doesnt fully protect it. And while i found i could send it through some patches of leaves without it being too badly affected a couple of occasions. It did hit some bigger branches and it fully took the drone down and yes, one time it went down quite a distance from where i was standing. And yes, that was inside a big forest of ferns that i then had to spend hours hiking through to try and recover it now. Of course, i cant really blame the drone for that. That was my error as a pilot, but my point is: is that this isnt necessarily a foolproof solution? You do still have to be reasonably careful with how youre flying it, but its not just the drone itself. Thats smaller the actual fpv goggles are as well compared to the previous model. They are a lot smaller and lighter as well, which makes them much more comfortable to wear for extended periods.

That said, if you are prone to motion sickness, then you will still find that there is some nausea caused by using first person goggles. For me, i found i could only manage – maybe about 10 minutes at a time without having to take a break and let my eyes readjust thats, not a specific criticism of the evarta, just the nature of what it is like to use these kinds of headsets. I had exactly the same experience using vr headsets and, if youve ever struggled with that kind of motion sickness yourself, then its worth keeping in mind when youre flying something like this. The goggles have updated oled displays, which are sharp enough to give a crystal clear view of whatever your drone is seeing and theres almost zero latency. So you dont need to worry that your drone has crashed before youve actually seen it happen in the goggles. Of course, with your own vision obscured by the goggles, you may well need to have a spotter physically standing next to you just to keep an eye on your environment, depending on what your local laws allow, wherever youre flying, always make sure that you are flying safely And within your local regulations, the camera on the front can shoot 4k video at up to 60 frames per second and the footage from it looks great its smoothly stabilized and it handles high dynamic scenes well with bright skies being kept under control and without the ground.

Being too dark and shadowy theres plenty of detail too and theres enough resolution that will allow you to do those vertical crops down the middle. If youre wanting to put your footage on tick tock, which, of course you are because no, it does not have a portrait orientation, video mode, the quality takes a bit of a dive if youre flying in lower light areas. So keep that in mind, if you are hoping to send one around your dark local bowling alley in its sport mode. Itll fly at up to 14 meters per second, but im told theres, actually a manual mode which will almost double that already pretty nippy top speed. Even in sport mode, i found it was really easy to handle, especially using the dji motion controller rather than use more typical. Dual joystick controllers, like youd, find on djis mavic line. The motion controller is a single hand, grip style controller that moves the drone around. In the air, just based on your hand, movements youll see a little crosshair in your view, when youve got the goggles on and as you move the controller around youll see that crosshair move around the screen wherever the crosshair goes. The drone goes so its pretty much just point and shoot its a very easy way of flying, and it makes it simple to do more advanced maneuvers like pointing the drone towards the small gap and sending it straight through it. Well, its easy in theory, it was my first time using the motion controller and, to be honest, even only after about 10 minutes, i felt that i pretty much got the hang of it and was already starting to try more advanced, maneuvers and yeah.

I only crashed twice so im, considering that a win dji reckons youll get about 18 minutes of hovering time from a fully charged battery. So, of course, if youre hammering the throttle sending it careening through all kinds of obstacles, then you will get much less out of that battery. There is a fly more combo that comes with extra batteries, so thats worth keeping in mind if youre planning on taking it on location and shooting for any length of time. So is this a drone? You should go and buy well if you want a more typical cinematic aerial experience, maybe its the drone gently going across the top of forests or tracking you as youre walking up and down hills, then this probably isnt the drone for you. Instead, look towards djis mavic 3, which can capture stunning footage thanks to its larger camera setup. But if you want an exhilarating flying experience that genuinely almost feels like youre up there actually flying around yourself, then this is the drone to go for ive had so much fun. Sending this thing hurtling around the forest, and even when i crashed it twice, its still. Absolutely fine and while the footage, probably isnt, going to make its way into a hollywood film, its great for tick, tock or instagram. If you want to get that first person view in your videos, there are cheaper drones on the market.