I gave this drone a bit of a hammering if youve not watched that video go and check it out. A lot of people watched it gave either positive or negative criticism on that video and its great to see, and thanks so much for everybody who fed back on this, and it shows that a lot of people love this drone. A lot of people didnt like this drone and thats. What im gon na be talking about today, im giving you my feedback about what happened with the drone that i had why ive re bought this drone, and would i recommend it to you guys so after owning this drone for just a few weeks, i sent it Back, i was itching at thinking this mavic 3 pro is going to be coming out and its going to have everything that was missing on this drone and i just wasnt feeling it at the time, but fast forward, a few months. We still have no idea where this mavic 3 pro is weve, seen a global chip shortage weve seen manufacturing slow down internationally and weve, seen rumored prices of that mavic 3 to be 2 000 for the standard package, which is insane and well out of budgets. For the majority of people just wanting a drone to fly so what i was doing was, i was just flying this. I always find the dji mini 2.. I love this drone, but on some occasions there were a lot of limitations where i just wanted that active track, where maybe it was out as a family.

We were on a bike ride or we was on a jet ski or on a boat and just having that ability to track us and fail to do something else. While the drone is capturing those footage and those angles, that would be great and something i missed. So i was itching to actually give this another try, but the price was still pretty expensive for what it was until i got home one evening – and i saw this drone dji 2s on sale at 700 pound in the uk, which is a great price for the Standard package i didnt get the fly more combo because i already had the freewheel nd filters that go all the way up to nd 2000.. I had a few extra batteries from when i had the air 2.. So what i did is, i just got this and i just picked up one extra battery, which was on amazon marketplace for 50 pounds only been flown three times when i actually got it so ive got four batteries for this. I can charge this on a power bank when im out and about so brilliant thats. All i needed, but ive now seen that currently, when this is being filmed, is that the dji fly more combo is 999 pounds from dji one on amazon and thats. Just a great price, so when it first came out, yes, it was expensive, but the price has come down all right. So now i own this drone again.

So what has changed? Why is my thought process changed? Why do i now like this? When i pretty much hated it before so, the firmware updates have saved this drone. The active track performance on here when it first came out, it would lose subjects pretty quickly. It wouldnt track brilliantly all the time and it cut out a lot and it was annoying now. The added track is pretty much nine out of ten its really good its able to track you even in areas where you know, theres lots of things behind you in bright conditions, and it can draw a box around you and it holds that lock really well, you Can use this in different scenarios for people for boats for buildings? The active track now with them updates is excellent, and i use that feature all the time and the difference between not having any and having active track, having petition sensors on the front top and the back is excellent, and that alone is such an upgrade master shots Master shots. I gave a lot of stick to because do you really need master shots? But recently i was out filming the dji mini 2 and this drone on the iphone and this phone went dim and dark. Couldnt see a thing and it was just ruining the whole landscape and the shots, because there was so much potential in that area. Master shot saved it because i was able to just pinpoint me.

I could see this little green dot on the screen, click master shots and it captured some really nice angles and shots so that saved the day, so master shots again has improved the ability, the editing, the tracking, the way it locks onto things and able to get Different angles: master shots is better as well so thats great to see and the ability and hes such a big upgrade – and this has also got better. The 5.4 k now looks so crisp. Viewing that on a laptop or a big screen makes such a difference. The difference between using with 4k 30 on this and 5.4k on here, especially in hlg or dlog 10 bit, that is so good. If you dont, like color grading, you can just put it on 5.4 5.4k in auto and then just select h265 and youre going to get the best quality there and the footage looks brilliant. Its really good massive upgrade between the two in low light as well. Theres. A big increase because of the difference in the sensor size, so the low light on this is a lot better. So camera performance, wise, active track and master shots have all improved since the last few months and theyve all got better and now its a high recommendation. Really good also something which frustratingly he didnt have when this drone came out, but the djamini ii was some extra abilities within the dji fly app. So now you can auto sync hd photos, so you can just be filming, take a picture of something and its automatically.

Now, on your phone thats great to see and also you can do trimmed download, so if you do editing in the fly app, then you can now do trim downloads. Neither of those you could do when it first came out now you both can in the wind weve, been recently doing a lot of climbing and hiking and going to recently to wales where there was really high mountainous areas and in high altitude, when youre higher up And its windy, the d292 isnt great in the wind. It is all right in the wind. Let me let me tell you but its not the best, and because this drone is obviously heavier and its stronger and its bigger its much better in the wind. So if youre in areas where maybe a coastal area, where its really windy or youre going to be using a drone for capturing footage of you when you may be climbing or at higher altitudes, the air 2s is going to be better than the mini 2. By far now for most people, the dji mini 2 is going to be more than enough if you want a small portable drone with a 4k camera. This is excellent and its the best small drone out there at the moment. But if you want active track and you want the ability to have obstacle avoidance and a full active track system, we may be seeing new active track on the release of the next dji mini 3 or 2s, but theyll never see a full on active track.

Theyre not going to kill and cannibalize one of their drones and put everything on this, its never going to happen. So if you want the best of both worlds, then you can grab both or if you just want everything all together grab this and if youre not really fussed, and you just want a drone to take photos and videos and just fly it every now and then Grab this, but it all depends on your choice and why you need a drone now, with everything thats been going in the world, especially the uk, in different countries around the world, youre going to be needing some kind of license to fly this in more areas. Without that license you cant fly, especially in the uk, in a lot of places. So currently, with everything thats been going on, you can now do these tests online. So the uk, this is just the uk viewers 79 pound. Our link in description below gets you that a2 course with that. You can fly this in those recreational areas in areas around beaches, that separation distance has gone from 150 meters to 50 meters and you can fly in those places. So before you couldnt fly at beaches, you know different places, whether you might be people recreational areas. Things like that, so a course is definitely needed for flying this, but at 79 pound it lasts for five years. Its not a bad investment were going to talk shortly about opportunities with this drone, but certainly because it is a bigger drone.

You will need that and i really highly recommend getting that qualification to be able to fly this in more places. So talking of opportunities, this drone, you can then work and if you want to make money out of this drone work for bigger clients, a lot of bigger clients have a specification of minimum requirements. Maybe a minimum camera specification, the theyll ask you for your qualification theyll. Ask you for what drone youve got theyll ask you for maybe how long youve been firing. A drone ask you for the camera and the video specifications, so the better and more stuff you can show to them. You can charge more money. So if you rack up with say a spark or a mavic mini or mini 2 youre going to be limited more and you can still make money with those drones. Yes, but this you can make more. So if you look at it for more commercial and youre happy to get the qualification get commercial insurance, then with a drone like this, you could maybe make thousands from just one job alone and make this money back of this and the qualification really quick. So a great opportunity to make money, either through adverts for photos for events for roofing loads of opportunities. With this drone theres also talk which i cant wait for for the ability in a firmware update soon, hopefully, that youre gon na be able to use this with the dji goggles or the dji fly goggles.

So i know its more and its a different add on youve got to get, but youve already got them thatd be great, but to be able to use this with some kind of maybe the dji goggles or third party goggles to have that immersive experience the fpv Mode dont forget on here is really good, its stronger and faster motors, so it makes for a lot better flying performance over some of the other dji drones with that fpv mode. I do stick by that when this drone was released, it was too expensive. It should have kept the mavic air 2 price around about 750 760 price point thats a great package price for this drone, but more 900 pound 1200 for the fly more its expensive isnt it. But what we have seen is in the last few months that price has come down so ive already talked about 999 for fly more. If you shop around look on amazon ill put in some links in the description you can get this drone cheaper. Now i do wish it had side sensors on it. You know the mavic 3 pro. Will this doesnt, but the way it actually tracks you? It uses the top and the front sensors. So if this is you itll track you from the side by kind of swerving around you, so its really clever? How it does it – and you did see some videos out there and they were correct – that this drone did have issues with crashing and crashing into twigs and trees, using that active track when it first came out, but ive tested this quite a lot of times in The last few weeks and with the active track, not videoed, all of it, but the earth trackers got so much better.

Ive had no problems. Its not come close once to crash in the firmware update, has saved this drone, honestly, its so good now. So what do you think guys? Have you picked this drone up? I was wrong at the start. It needed firmware updates and it got them, and now it has the drones so much better. So im going to be flying this regularly im going to be keeping it for at least a year, and then in the uk that is and then, when the new drone comes out hopefully well have a ce stamp on it. I can sell this put that towards the next drone and then keep that drone for probably a longer period of time in the uk. Weve got these new laws coming in around europe, so we are restricted, but if you are going to be buying, one of these and youve got that 80 qualification youre going to have at least 12 months of really good flying out of this sell this as soon As the next one comes out, get the most you possibly can out of this with that ce stamp and move forward. Is the mavic 3 pro even going to have a ce stamp on it? If it doesnt its absolutely a no brainer, i will not be buying that in the uk in the u.s you know you dont have the same restrictions regarding the ce stamp. So if youre in the us, canada youre happy to do the qualifications, dont even hesitate.

This drone is phenomenal. Now i was wrong. I got it wrong, pulled my hands up the firmware updates saved it. Welding, dji, welding, everyone whos bought this and fed back its a brilliant drone. I am rocking both. I know its not financially brilliant advice, but if youve got both of these, i can then take the dji mini 2 with me and for the areas where might be loads of people about you know, i might be doing it to annoy people because the sound of It the noise of it because it is louder, then ive got the mini 2, but its portable and its smaller and get them shots if its windy. If i need that camera to be better quality, if its low light – if i just want to be able to film and get the best possible footage of the dji 2s, so this alone is an awesome combination. Now, financially, brilliant advice, i know, but it is a brilliant combo in the best of both worlds, so take care guys thanks.