I bought one of these triple techs brand new inch pro tablet, its small enough to clip on your remote, but large enough to give you a beautiful, bright, big, clear screen to control things by triple tech have specifically marketed this model at drone flyers. Theyve made sure it ticks all of the boxes for flying air to s your mavic 3, auto evo, nano whatever to be clear. I bought it, i paid for it so as ever, im free to appraise or criticize as i see fit, but ill be honest. My impressions are pretty good. I said i actually bought it uh just after it was released late last year, but i got sidetracked by djis new mavic 3 of course, and then the christmas saw nothing but cloud misery, rain and crap weather in the uk. But finally, in the last week or so, weve had some decent weather, lovely and sunny to get uh flying again and um ill, be honest, its a day like today, brilliant beautiful sunshine that i bought the um thats. Why? I bought the triple tech eight sunny day like today, youd normally be kind of turning away from the sun and squinting in shadow to try and see your display. For me, this is the single biggest draw of this uh triple tech display its pretty much. The brightest display that is available on any tablet or smart or smartphone 1200 nits its more than twice as bright as most mobile phones brighter than the dji smart controller and the new rc pro smart controller as well, and on a brilliant sunny day like today.

You can see how it really does come into its own, absolutely no need to turn away into the shadows. Everything is crisp and bright and easy to see, even when the sun is shining directly on the tablet. Now you can see here when i compare it side by side on to my lg v50, which has also got its screen set to maximum brightness. You can see just what you get with the new triple tech, much brighter much clearer, easy to see all of the controls and telemetry along the bottom and along the top as well, but it is not all about brightness. This has got an impressive set of specs. All round high definition screen more than twice the resolution of its predecessor, the seven inch pro its got: wi fi its got a slot for a sim card, so it actually works as a phone and of course that means you can access data when youre out in The fields, although in truth for me, a little bit big to be used as a mobile phone and in truth i just turned the wi fi hotspot on my mobile and connect via wi fi. But look if youve got the need for data or whatever it has got its own sim slot, so you can make use of that. Its also got another slot for micro sd card up to one terabyte of storage, which is thats alongside its own internal storage of 256 gigs and its working memory of eight gigs of ram.

And to me that was very, very important, because the trouble with all of these things is redundancy after a year or two. So for me this is a nice alternative to the dji smart controller. Of course it is just a screen. It is not the smart controller, its not as compact as a smart controller, but the specs are there to ensure that this will carry on working for quite a few models to come. Even when the models come out, i mean the air 2s, especially the mavic 3. Has got a high resolution, video stream, this screen has got an octa core 64 bit processor and with that eight gigs of ram im, hoping it should be fairly future proof and, of course crucially, this is a third party tablet running android 10. It is not locked to certain models like the smart controller, is itll operate any model drone that uses a smartphone for its control. This means the autel evo 2 pro the new, auto nano, your unique power, you name it. It will control it and i really like having a dedicated large bright screen for my drones, rather than just using my mobile phone now. I suppose im kind of stating the obvious here, its a chunky, little beast, obviously its brilliant having such a large screen that can clip into the remote you can actually clip it in without any adapters. The base of it fits nicely with the rubber tips on the on the remote, but without the clip its just resting, but it does rest fine, but you can get this little 3d printed, clip that actually locks the screen into place and it lets you swing.

The remote control about without the screen falling off for me, it was a little bit annoying that this little clip was an extra 18, but you do have to have to choose which clip is going to fit your particular model remote. So i guess there you are but um one nice little thing. I was able to use the cable that comes with the dji uh controller. I didnt have to get a separate cable. It is just about long enough, and you do need to watch out for this little rubber gasket, but youve got to push the cable in firmly to make sure that it actually connects properly um. But yes, that rubber seal is actually part of the weatherproofing of the tablet as well. This is a rugged tablet, its waterproof ip68, its got gorilla glass and its chunky protective little rubber casing, thats, going to keep it safe. If you drop it, i would say in fairness, i focused on the specs that would be of interest to anyone flying a drone but, as i said, its a fully specced tablet and slash phone. If you like its got the built in camera and pretty much everything else, you would expect like bluetooth and gps and the like um its heavy, a lot heavier than you might expect. 1.3 pounds 600 grams, its gon na be about three to four times as heavy as your mobile phone. But i guess you cant, have this huge super tough screen with a ton of processing power without a bit of weight, and you do get used to it quite quickly.

For me, happy boy, love! It happy chat, uh, not cheap. Of course. Uh. These things never are. Are they 750 pounds about 800, but crucially, for us in the uk? If you get it through, the amazon link im going to put below you should not pay any import duties or taxes when its dispatched. So there you are thats. Basically, all ive got to say about the triple tech. Eight inch pro fantastic bit of kit great to have some decent weather. Finally, for flying again, as i said after a fairly crappy christmas, its every, if you find this useful thumbs up as ever, give me a little sub ding, the dong and all of that nonsense to get notified.