Just because im reviewing both of these drones stephanie and i moved into a new apartment. This is the new studio. What do you guys think so? We just got back from the iberian peninsula. We were there for about a month during that month we went to six different cities, and i brought these two drones with me around everywhere i had a medium suitcase. I had to make sure everything fit properly in order to zip it up, because it was just so full ill be going over, which drone i like using better in which situation, which one came out more and if i had to do it all over again, which One would i bring, i dont know its not really a fair comparison, but sure okay lets get right into it. In that month, i flew for hours. It almost felt like i was starting to develop a problem like i couldnt, be able to sleep, because i want to wake up and get the sunrise or id want to do this fpv shoot early in the morning. That way, i get nice lighting and theres, not that many people, because i still get drone anxiety when im flying near people theres less people in the morning too, so thats one less thing i have to worry about, but on those nights i had such a hard Time sleeping, i knew i had to wake up soon and since i knew i had to wake up like it was harder for me to sleep im sure some of you guys have been through it, but it just.

It got to a point where i wondered. Why cant, i control my feelings, why why do i keep feeling excitement and this anticipation other people that have performed at a really high level? I dont know how do they do it just like? If you have a huge nba game, the nba finals are coming up or how do you deal with that kind of excitement? I dont know i just like tam. Why cant? I control my feelings and i brought the drone with me everywhere. I went okay right off the bat the air 2s came with me most places. The footprint is so much smaller, its so much easier to just pack away in my backpack and bring it out with me its so much easier to set up you just take it out unfold. The arms and the propellers connect your phone to your controller and youre up and running, whereas with the dji fpv drone, you have to bring the drone the goggles, the controllers, the propellers. You have to screw them on its just a lot more stuff to carry around im, just like okay im, not bringing it around with me everywhere. Ive been carrying this fpv drone around all trip its been almost three weeks, and this is the third time i get to use it so its not even ideal conditions, but i got ta use it or else. Why did i even bring it has the most takes on the most space too, but why did you even buy it? Why did i even buy it with fev drone? I get more drone anxiety, especially because my senses are being blocked.

So if someones telling me hey, what are you doing flying that drone around here im, just like, like i cant, just not see where the drone is going and then i just feel so much more anxious its hard to find those perfect conditions for flying your fpv Drone anywhere were going somewhere new during golden hour or for the sunrise. I do what i can to get the air 2s up in the air with the air 2s. You pretty much already know what to expect dji. They make fantastic drones, theyre reliable, they fly well and they pretty much fly themselves. So you dont really have to worry about it. Youre, probably just cruising along wherever you go, the transmission is great. You can go pretty far without worrying about it on the technical sheet. It says that it can go up to seven miles, but realistically, i think the furthest that ive gotten this to go was five miles. Sometimes four thats still a great range already. The battery life is good, so you can even take it out. Get it up in the air fly around, get a few good shots in five minutes and still have probably 20 minutes to spare and put it away, and you can get it back out again later. So its really nice and convenient you can get a bunch of different shots with it. On the same battery, one thing that i was trying to pay attention to was the frame rates when its 30 frame rates or below you get to use the full one inch sensor and you get the wider focal length.

22 millimeters, but anything higher than 30 frames per second 48. 50 60 frames per second, it crops into a narrower 31 millimeters, and you also dont get to utilize the full one inch sensor. I was using that strategically theres a lot of tourists in the iberian peninsula. If youre trying to be a little stealthier and get a nice palace cathedral or whatever monuments, its easier to fly further away that way, people arent like all looking up at your drone and pointing at it. Okay, that never happens, but some people notice and they point it out, but you know people forget about it really fast and they move on with their lives. But if youre not worried about that – and you want to utilize your full one inch sensor – and you want the wide angle to show how big and vast the area is, then you just drop back down to 30 frames per second and there you go. You get everything on top of that you get log, which is also very useful. I must admit: ive been forgetting to use it, but when i do remember to use it its like, oh man, its so much better than just the regular colors, you get more dynamic range and more flexibility in the colors. It helps a lot when color grading. You have hlg, which is just another color profile that will be useful to use. I should talk about hyperlapses, but i didnt get to do that.

Much hyperlapses, although i wanted to, but just i dont know, couldnt didnt really go out that much at night. I tried one. I tried to do one hyper lapse, but it was dark and youre not supposed to be flying at the night anyways doing all that drone flying it got very tiring dealing with the stress all the time i knew it would be worth it and i just had To stick it through and have to keep pushing and just get it done and get the shots because yeah it might be hard for me to sleep while im there. Once i get back to the states, i know ill have no problem sleeping for the rest of these days, while im back while im there push through it, and i can film all this beautiful footage and bring it back with me through the states, and i can Go over it yeah, so much fun and so worth it. Switching to the fpv drone. Now Music, they tried to attack me. We saw that on camera. Oh man, litter rush, beautiful views, though the transmission on the fpv drone isnt that great, if youre, watching these videos, youve, probably seen some really cool ridge dives, where they dive all the way down the ridge, its actually much harder to do with the dji fpv drone. I guess like the problem with the fpv drone, is you have to have like pretty good clearance? So you have good connection or else.

If it goes like over a cliff or through a mountain, then you lose connection pretty easily and then it stops. Your goggles are gon na go black and you have to wait and be nervous for like 30 seconds, while the fpv drone does its return to home and it slowly rises up and you get connection back. So that happens very often at least once when i try to fly the fpv drone, something you have to watch out for you have to actually monitor the signal, strength and the goggle transmission and make sure that the bars dont get too low or its going to Just stop the middle of your dive, its going to ruin the mood, and on top of that, when it does stop, it stops your recording too. So you have to remember to press record again before you start zipping around, or else it stops, recording and youre. Just like all right, i need to get back to it and you forget to hit record again then. Well, you get to enjoy the fun of flying around, but you dont get to take home. The special memories of flying the dji fpv drone is the half inch sensor and i dont know either its my drone flying skills. But this half inch sensor, just doesnt, look as good as some of the other clips that ive seen on youtube so im considering putting the gopro on it. Although i didnt want to because i know it adds weight to it, and i just wasnt a fan of that, but maybe if theres gopro bones or something then maybe ill, give it a look.

But when i do get this up in the air, its so much fun flying around, i brought my nvidia gaming laptop to europe. I was practicing on liftoff just to make sure i know what im doing and i dont accidentally do something incredibly dumb, but i actually found out they collaborated with dji, so they actually have the fpv drone on the simulator. So i thought that was really cool and you get to see like the goggles interface when you fly. Sadly, i didnt get to fly as much as i wanted to, but i would still bring it out again, even though theres so much you have to account for when bringing this drone. If i even get to fly it once or twice its worth, it yeah just not as convenient to travel with so its usually when i know that im going to be traveling in a car – and i can just pop out of the car fly the drone around And keep going then ill bring it, but if i know that im going to be walking around all day, then i might not bring. I just stick with the air 2s, because i have other equipment that i have to bring with me. If i know im going to be on a mountain – and i know im going to have like ridges to dive and hills to fly around, then i would bring the fpv drone. But if im, just gon na be like hanging out on a beach and chilling fpv doesnt seem as useful to me because everythings flat, you have to have way more skill to get epic shots.

Id go with the air 2s, especially when going somewhere new its much easier to scat out the place first before flying the fpv, and the one inch sensor is way too beautiful to pass up also its a really cool way of filming yourself or others for filming. So thats it for me. So if you feel like youre stuck in a rut stuck in a loop and you want to break out of it and go on an adventure or just follow me on mine, because im coming out with more content to help.