Nelson is here to assist me. He has the mavic air 2. mavic air 2, and i have the mavic air. No and i have the dji air 2s. Hey got a second let’s. Do that again? What the hell, why do they take the name mavic out, hey everyone! Welcome to my channel, while nelson is here to assist the hang on hey everyone welcome to my channel. Well, this morning we are out here, nelson and i we are out here with two drones. Nelson, what drone do you have? I have the air 2. I got it. You have the mavic air too, all right, mavic, air, 2., Music, Music, hey everyone! Welcome to my channel! Well, nelson – and i are out here today because we’re going to do a test with two drones. Nelson. What drone do you have? I have the mavic air too. He has the mavic air 2 and i have the dji air 2s. Nelson. What controller do you have? I have the smart controller with a funky red cover and i have the smart controller like this with no cover, but i do have a captain drone sticker on the rear and these things are so easy to drop i’m, not worthy of a captain drone sticker. Not yet not yet, but you might pass the test. So a lot of people are excited about the air 2s because it has ocusync, 3. and nelson, and i are going to test out the tracking and the ocusync 3.

. So right now behind us is a little over. Here is a sign. You probably can’t, see it it’s a sign for a school actually can it’s right. There sign for a school and the school i’m going to show you some video. The school is over to our left. What we’re going to do is i’m going to take my jeep and drive around that school and behind the jeep is going to be one of these drones tracking the jeep. Now the problem for the drone is that the controller is going to be with nelson who’s, going to be standing over here by that sign and the signal from the uh mavic and the dji air. Whatever these things are, it’s got to go through the school. All the way back here so we’ll, occu, sync 2 uh, be just as good as accusing three or occu saying three better than occu sync 2. anyways we’re going to find out here we go. We have 14 satellites. All is good uh one, two three four five yeah it’s working. I can hear you inside now so go trace and then hit the go button. We are trace and go okay, so we should see it moving now. Just got an error message: altitude too low, too low, okay, uh, well, let’s go backwards and we’ll have to pump it up. Take it up to like five or six meters, vector attractive activated, no warning message: you’re good to go.

Okay, drone is moving okay, that’s, a good sign, hopefully it doesn’t untrack. The good thing is, the good thing is is on the other side of the school there’s, no obstacles, okay, it’s tracking. All right. We did a couple altitude dips, but it’s back up to where it was okay, just let it do what it has to do. That’S, because we put the uh um. We have the go around on it. So, oh that’s! Why that’s? Why yeah so when it sees sunlight or anything, it doesn’t know it’s an obstacle. So sometimes it goes down or up like right now, we’re going into the sun, it might goof up a bit, so i’ll go slow yeah. It is stopped. Looking at that pole, now it is recovered. Still has me it has you yep, okay, good, we are below the school altitude. Do you uh, that’s, okay, that’s, perfect yeah that’s, where the real test comes is now when i get to the rear of the school, all good, nothing back here, for it to hit it’s all good, so yeah, no uh, it’s tracking! Well, getting a little bit of signal break up yeah that was expected. This is uh. This is what we’re gon na see. If the it actually loses signal. Yeah quality is back to good. We just had a momentary, blip, okay, that’s, good signal’s, still good, oh it’s doing well, then just got a week just got a weak signal indication, okay, i’m, i’m at the very end and i’m.

Turning around now so it’s got to follow me back i’m. Doing a wide turn, yeah it’s, giving me a repeated weak signal, i can i’m getting choppy signal or choppy video, but it is tracking you. Oh i see it. I see it over here on the side yeah yeah it’s over there. I don’t know if this gopro could see it over here there. It is up there. Oh it’s sitting there waiting for me. Yeah signal is now quite uh. Your video has stopped now we’re back. Okay, well at least it didn’t cut out on you yeah, so video remains really really choppy but or the the lots of lag in it. But it is continuing to track amazing amazing, still getting a weak signal adjusting antennas but uh, you know it’s the building, not the antennas and yeah warning just went away: okay, i’m! Coming back out the side of the school, so uh the signal should get really strong. I see you now so it’s going to see you too we’re good directly and the drone just did a vertical climb to get over something, but it still has me yep, it’s, tracking, fine, perfect, okay, it’s, just gon na go through these posts here, which is no Problem for it and then we’ll be back, so that is impressive – that the dji mavic air ii had no problem. So the occusync is phenomenal. It’S awesome all right, let’s try the dji air 2s.

Okay, nelson! You can take full control of it land it! Okay. There. We go so the dji mavic air 2. I had no problem tracking me around the school back there and uh yeah it’s really awesome all right. So we’ll do the same. With this same idea, you must have had to hold your phone in your hand, held my phone underneath it yeah there. We are okay, so your phone is still connected. Yep we’re all set all right, there’s, the dji air 2s let’s see if it tracks as well. All right, okay, i’m off! Let me know if it’s uh following yeah active track is active and we are filming. So you are go it’s moving. This is good. Yep no issues so far, all right, we’re about to start to go around the school, so Music yeah i’m, going a little faster than i did with the uh, the other mavic Music. You mean the mavic air too. I know the freaking dji changing the names mavic air 2 and dji air 2s it’s, like jesus guys, it’s the same friggin drone. So i still have you line of sight i’m about to lose you physically and the drone. I can still see perfect. Okay. I’M gon na be around the back uh now and i’ve lost the drone visually now from my eyes. But signal is good. Yeah that’s, another thing report on. If you see the same uh signal cutting out, as you saw with the the previous yeah.

This is about where i saw the first hiccup on the signal with the two so far, so good yep, no, no latency, no jumping perfect yeah, so maybe hockey sync 3 is a slightly better just for that purpose. Penetration yep signal is still good. Okay, i’m. Coming i’m, almost at the end i’m. Going to start doing my big turn yeah, i haven’t seen i may have seen a little bit of latency uh but it’s uh a world of difference. It’S much much cleaner, there’s been no freezing of the screen. A little bit of maybe jerkiness just a little bit, but no freezing of the screen at this point um the two froze for a good uh, four or five seconds. Well, this is different when i turned when i was with the uh, the mavic air 2, when i did the turn, the drone stayed in one spot as i turned, but this one seems to have followed me around because it’s, not i don’t, know yeah yeah. It has a different system for following it actually stays behind vice just sitting in one spot and letting you move interesting yeah. I just had my first major data loss, just sort of skipped for a second okay won’t, be long we’ll, be back in line of sight. Coming around Music, so the jeep – you should see the jeep now and the drone all right and i’ll go a bit faster through this parking lot to come on back because it should have no hassles for this.

Here we have an oncoming van see if it likes the van over you finish, the little editing or no you’re on film yeah there’s a drone right there filming you, oh okay, i’ll, come to you later. Captain drone is such a social animal. This is true. This is true, yeah all right, so that that went well better than expected. Yeah you’re. I only had one major blip and a little bit of lag in the back and uh. I did notice that the uh obstacle sensor on the two went off a lot more than it flashed green quite a bit compared to yours, the 2s. Okay, all right, so we can land that one hang up. My phone too we’ll do the sum up here: i’ve got a hat cam, you have a hat cat, so uh. So tell me your thoughts when you flew the first one, the mavic air 2, which is yours through you said there was a bit of breakup uh on the start, we had a bunch of vertical deviations, almost three meters right, uh, which i don’t know why, once We got pause the standard light standard here it it was locked on you once i had lost you on line of sight, particularly when i lost the drone online and said so. You’D gone around the corner and the drone just lost right. I started to notice a bit of just hesitation, like the signal. Looked a little rough, two thirds of the way down the back it.

It was really jumpy. Okay, i lost you for a good couple seconds on the back corner and then it just improved as we came back okay and then, when you did the uh the air 2s, with the ocusync 3, you said there was just one point that you hit one little: Nothing on the way there yeah on the turnaround. We were perfectly good. It followed you all the way around behind you uh and then about halfway back when you were closer to the school uh, i had a a couple sort of stutters yeah, and that was it. That was it good, so they performed well so either. Drone, then, is awesome for something like that yeah, so you have a fresh battery yeah. I just put a fresh battery on so in this one, uh we’ll be in sport mode. The whole way go to the farm. We have take two pictures, so you’re gon na take picture one and i’ll take picture. Two then i’ll take picture one. Then you take picture two so picture. One is uh. The silo yeah picture. Two is the barn all right here we go i’m, not gon. Na spill, your coffee here all right, so the plan is silo and barn, so you’ll have to fly and for the silo you need a pitcher this way. Okay, looking this way, okay and for the barn, you need a picture this way. This will keep us far away from each other, okay, okay, so you do silo.

First, all right, so i’m gon na go silo side, and then you fly over any way you want to get to the bar inside, take a picture and then fly back. Why don’t? We do it this way. I’Ll do silo side yeah and when i transit we won’t nobody flies over the barn i’ll go to the right. Oh and i go to the left and you go left. Okay around sounds good and then once you’ve got it straight home. Okay, so you’re gon na stop, stop video yeah go into photo mode. Take the photo go back in the video as you move to the other side. Yeah then go back in the photo mode. The back of the video has to be all there. I sense disaster if you’re missing, that you fail lose fail: i’m at 35 meters, you’re at i’m, at 40., i’m to the right of the silo, so i’m, a straight line shot and are you ready yeah? Do it three? Two one? Okay: three two one: here we go cruising cruising cruising i see i see i see, i see the barn getting closer. Well, no it’s still quite a ways away so on mine i’m gon na use my gimbal and keep because you can have to use it for the photo too i’m keeping the crosshairs on the barn. As i fly and i have to go a little bit to the left to get the barn to do the photo so far so good i’m approaching the barn and i’m approaching the pylon, are they sorry the silo, kylo? Okay, hopefully nobody’s out because they’re gon na be going what the hell all right, so i’ve got the uh.

The barn i’ve got the silo. You have to line up and get uh. Oh geez i’ve messed up. Try to get the best picture. You can okay. I’M. Just going to show you what mine looks like that’s, what i see yep i’m, just taking a photo here – oh i’m, not even on photo yet hang on photo smart photo snap a photo snap a photo. I said there we go okay! I got that now. I have to put them back in video to fly over to the um. What should i call it? Let’S go back to video it’s in video recording, oh my god. It takes so long to start up. Let’S go to the silo and i’m going to the right of the silo i’m around the back side. Now, okay, i think i think captain drone is gon na fail on this one. Oh there, that is where the people live. All right, there’s, a silo! All right got ta, take a picture of that, stop going to photo mode photo. Oh, i heard you already take a picture. I’M gon na lose it hasn’t taken a picture yet take a picture. There we go, we got it. Okay got ta, go back. The video come on back to video mode. Video come on video mode start start video there we go all right. I’M, zooming, i’m, coming back i’m, uh i’m 11 seconds ahead of you. You are Applause. This is not good.

Does this have even faster mode? Well, i guess not: oh, i think i see the problem i’m in geriatric mode. Oh, i thought i was in sport mode i’m in geriatric mode. There we go so i’m just coming over. The other field should be overhead. Now close, oh you’re away. Okay and you have to land, you have to land right where you took off on those three, those three i just put on my auxiliary light why’d. I put that on i got ta say you have to land on these three lines over here, let’s see who can land the fastest i’m cheating i’m coming down i’m coming in the slide, i could land faster than nelson on the three yellow lines: nelson don’t mess With captain drone don’t mess, oh nelson, get on the three lines. I got it and i even have my auxiliary light on beat you by the slightest amount all right. So i hope you enjoyed this video. We had a lot of fun and what what i personally learned from it is that ocusync 2 is not much different than occusig 3. Nelson was the one who got to see the uh on the smart controller. The difference both accusing 2 and occusig 3 worked well behind the school where there was like blocking the signal tremendously. A lot of drones. Can’T. Do that so hats off to dji for having drones. That can do it without getting occu sync two or three uh, but you did say occusing three, you thought yeah.

It looked a little smoother a little less latency a little bit less latency and we didn’t uh. We had a couple good lockups you’ll, see in the video i’m sure, but uh this one just had one glitch for maybe a you know: millisecond yeah this one had several good and uh. We did a fun video where we flew out to the silo and back, and we had a blast with that and i won. I won. I just wanted to get that in there, even though i was in geriatric mode, i can’t even say that you got an fpv above us had another fpv over there. I had a plane back there. You know this is the rc field.