That is what we’re doing in today’s video Music all right: the dji air 2 s dji’s newest release of a drone. It seems like they’re, releasing one of these every other month, but i think it was finally time for me to purchase one. This is my first ever drone and i figured we could unbox it together for a video. Now, if you’re new to this channel what’s up, my name is jack. I usually don’t. Do these type of videos like unboxings or reviews, or anything like that, but i figured it’s a cool experience. Why not make a video on it? I usually just post a lot of my car cinematography stuff, so, if you’re into that be sure to check out all my other videos as well subscribe to the channel i’d appreciate it a lot. I definitely think that this is going to be a great addition to my films and photos too. You can take some pretty insane photos with this, as i’ve seen on instagram already what we got in here. The bag is the first thing that you see in the box, and i assume everything is put in there already. Yeah accessories are in here all right, let’s go ahead and see everything that we’ve got. So here is the drone right here wow. This is freaking cool to say that i own one of these. Now after i go and do my research on drones, i will record my first time taking it out to try and fly it.

I think this is the dock for the batteries. If i’m correct, yes that’s, what it looks like got that charger right there i’m not going to make a mess with all the wires and cables on the table just just yet, but see what else – and this is the controller here’s the controller for the drone i’m. Pretty sure yeah the thumb sticks are tucked away down here. You take these out and screw them in and we’ve got accessories. What kind of accessories do we have more paperwork? More user guides that i’m going to be spending time. Looking at okay, all the propellers that we’ve got, i believe that this is all the nd filters and Music more stuff to charge. I believe extra joysticks and uh yeah that’s. What we got in this i don’t want to open it up or do anything yet until i actually read and look at it because i’m, not taking a chance of messing. This up i’m, really excited about this. A little nervous but that’s okay i’ve got some learning to do. We’Ll come back once i try my first flight. You know it’s got an automatic takeoff mode or in the like a return to home button, so you press it and it’ll automatically land where you’re at so you don’t have to control it. If you don’t know how all right so it’s the next day, i’ve did my research. I did that looks beautiful. I need to get this in the air in a second, so it’s, the next day, i’ve done my research i’ve looked a bunch of videos and read a bunch of stuff on it, so i think i’ve got a good understanding of how to work it.

Um i’m, not necessarily going to work on the camera settings or do anything manual just yet. I want to get good at actually flying this, getting it in the air and hopefully not crashing so uh. Everything looks good so far and let’s see what footage we could get first time trying this all right, Music, so Music do nothing paul holy crap, so apparently uh with this drone, they’ve added something called master shot where i guess you just can draw over a subject And the drone will automatically um create clips for you, so that’s something cool for me to try out, especially because i’m, not really good with movement. Yet we’ll go ahead and try out one of these master shots here so i’m just going to draw over myself. To add myself in this master, shot we’ll just do everything on small first to just test this out. That is insane how everything is automated. I could see myself getting some crazy, crazy shots with this, so it’s about 80 percent done. It says with all the shots, and i guess you could set different lengths of how much footage you want to have wow that’s, crazy, looking, and that was our first flight ever trying with the drone. That was pretty simple and straightforward. I’M super excited with the shots. I’M going to be able to get once i start learning more on how to use it. So i’m finishing up editing this video now didn’t really record a proper outro.

While i was out there filming, but i just wanted to say overall, first flight went perfect. I’Ll be practicing with it all the time, getting those crazy, looking shots, practicing the movements and getting the best that i can at flying. It also dialing in the manual camera settings trying out the hlg, the d log and the color grading capabilities with it, because 5.4k 10 bit color it’s a beast of a machine. Anyone that’s thinking of buying a drone for the first time that’s watching this should give you some insight too, that you could pick it up pretty quickly. After doing your research easy to fly and uh, the footage looks great from it. If you enjoyed this video be sure to leave a like comment, what you guys want to see next subscribe check out my other films on the channel i’d.