What does the s stand for super nope, sexy Applause? This is absolutely awesome and i love it. Love it love it love it. Can you tell that i, like it oh yeah, we’re, going to compare it to the the air 2 without the s and we’re going to hopefully answer the question? Should you upgrade? These are both great drones. This one kind of looks like a porsche a little bit because of the headlights. What do you think adam yeah? I mean that’s weird to me, the four sensors because i’m not used to it. You know i’ve seen mavics have been since, since the original mavic have only had two, they look like they have two eyes and they just added the weird alien eyes what it looks like right. So this has two more of something that you definitely need, because this one only has two and well we can’t live with that four is definitely more than two: oh yeah very quickly explain the difference in occusync between these two, as you understand it sure yeah. So this has akisync 2.0, which is dji’s second version of aki sync and they’ve moved it up to they call it o3 now they’ve dropped the occu sync, but it’s, basically aki sync 3.0 it’s. Basically, a from what i understand, a more powerful transmission use, a little bit wider band. The old one has the ocusync 2.0. It has a lower band, okay, uh, so that you don’t get as much penetration as much transmission quality in this one as you’re doing this.

As much what transmission penetration first we’re going to test the air 2 and he’s going to go to the opposite corner of the parthenon and we’re going to fly it around maintaining v loss at all times. Yes, this test wasn’t really necessary, as we both knew that the signal link would be pretty good all the way around the building. However, i wanted to see how much signal loss we had as we penetrated the parthenon Music since the older aki sink made it around the building. No problem: do we even need to bother to test the new aki sink mean uh, it’s, obviously going to make it around the building? No problem: did you have any drop in the rc link frame? No, it was flawless, except when i crashed your drone into the pillar. Oh well, you know i don’t think ocusync would have saved that. What are the major differences? Um, the biggest difference? You’Ll notice is the camera. Obviously, you get a one inch sensor versus the half inch sensor, so those that do a lot of editing photo. You know, color, grading and stuff will notice a big difference in the capability of the camera. You obviously have the extra sensors in it which allows it to do better, uh active tracks so when it’s tracking, something and better obstacle avoidance. So, if you’re flying around trees or obstacles uh, it has, you know, obviously can see better out of the top when it’s forward all right.

Those are the biggest differences uh between the air 2 and the air 2s. Would this active track be able to follow that? One we could find out get me in frame and then just draw a box, and it should automatically figure out what’s going on so draw a box skip the little tutorial thing hit active track, unable to switch subjects. Function only supports following a subject such as people and vehicles. That is a vehicle. I think it just wants cars. It knows that it’s. It knows that it’s, not a car. How does it know that it’s not a car or person that is crazy, all right i’m gon na? Maybe we can trick it somehow? Oh drone looks like a porsche. You think your drone will think it’s a car stupid all right. Let me get above you maybe like this. Okay draw a box. Uh huh skip active track. Oh that is it’s, not letting me what, if you uh, you want to race. Sure all right take off see how fast you can go. All right you putting in sport mode, i put it in sport mode all right and three, two one go. Oh, you gave up yeah. How fast did you get? I got up to 37. that was cool all right turbo. Oh, i got 40 like 43 or something okay. Well, i guess the only thing left to test here would be the obstacle avoidance and to make it fun.

I think we should fly right into the statue and see if it stops yeah all right. You go first uh. No, you go first. Ah you go ahead. No, you go for it you’re my guest, i insist yeah, but you’ve got more eyes, yeah yeah. So to make sure your obstacle avoidance is on you go into the safety part here. We’Ll! Try! One slow slow at first, okay, i’ll just go right at it. Oh, it went around it why’d it do that i don’t have it set to around i’m trying to hit it trying to hit it all right now, let’s back it up and give her the give her the works. This is, this is scary. Well, i mean it does take a minute for the thing to break that’s. What i’m saying, like i mean, b r, a k e, not b r e, a k, let’s hope it doesn’t beat everybody financially breaking all right. Here we go okay; no, it did well. Okay, now i’m gon na real i’m gon na give it the beans. This is one time when i like the drone to think for me yeah all right, whoever you are i’m coming for you, Music and it saved the drone all right. So yours doesn’t do that. It does it’s just not as effective. Oh, i see yeah like because, when mine’s tilted down when it’s moving forward, it doesn’t have the sensors that are angled up. That’Ll move that’ll tilt forward, so yours has an increased chance of crashing exactly now.

Your turn all right head at it see what happens all right. I am in brake mode right now, so let’s uh let’s go let’s, see what goes on here. Did you do that? Well, i mean i’m putting pushing the sick and it’s uh it’s stopping i’m. Getting the haptic feedback, so okay, okay, well, that’s, good yeah! I got full stick up right now. Now back it up, give it to beans all righty hit his head hit him right in the face: yeah yep nope it stopped yeah. Do we need the extra two things it works pretty? Well all right! Well, hey the non s version is pretty good as well yeah should people upgrade no, unless you really need the one inch sensor and you’re doing a lot of post editing, post production, i don’t think you should. You should really spend the extra money to upgrade. In my opinion, yeah don’t worry about it. If you haven’t bought a drone before it’s gon na be your first drone excellent choice either. One of these yeah is an excellent choice. Uh this costs about a thousand dollars. How much are these going for now? I think 900 for the fly more and i think, oh, so you get the all the extra batteries yeah the extra batteries. This non fl fly more just the drone and the controller thousand dollars, so you can probably get a better deal on this. Of course, links in the description for everything yeah if you’re newbie and you think you’re gon na land, hard or crash or run into things.

Maybe this shouldn’t be your first drone. Maybe you can spend less than half of this on a phantom with the legs, because the legs are kind of like a protective cage for the camera. This, if you land, hard or bump into a tree or something this is pretty exposed. As far as the camera goes, would you agree i i would agree and if you want a hand, catch nothing beats a phantom, oh there’s, something else that they improved upon. Isn’T there yeah yeah, you had talked about wrecking it and damaging it. One thing they did upgrade if you notice on the mavic air ii, the gimbal is plastic and i’ve actually broken. This plastic gimbal arm twice already on mine and look at this they’ve upgraded it to a metal metal, alloy, that’s cool, which is a little bit more durable. So hopefully that won’t be such a break point for crashes before we left nashville and the sun was setting. We decided to go downtown by the att building aka the bat building and send both drones up and do a low light test, and, as luck would have it just as adam’s air 2 was reaching the top of the building. The lights turned on the air, 2s was recording in 5k, and the air 2 was in 4k scaled up to 5k. Both of us were hovering up here at the very tippy top of the building pointed at nissan stadium, and we started to yaw.

At the same time, to give you a view of the city in 360., Music – well that’s! It thanks for watching thanks for subscribing and remember when you do subscribe. Please hit that bell hey until next time, buh and bye, hello friends, my favorite bit of loom cube gear. Is the loom cube strobe put one on your drone so that you can fly at night to keep that visibility, stay legal, get you a loom, cube strobe and the best part about the loonkeep strobe. Not only is it bright but it’s delicious yummy link in the description, oh that’s, better Music. Pardon me ma’am. I couldn’t help but notice your legs are closed. Mind if i open them up a little bit where you going man.