In my opinion, this is a drone with an identity crisis. If you want to know why stick around ill give you my thoughts, Music prior to the announcement of the year 2s. What i would tell my students in class is if they were serious about starting a business. The minimum requirements ought to be a mavic 2 series, a phantom 4 pro series or above so that looks like theyre serious about their business, but the release of the air 2s has kind of blurred those lines. I know the mavic 3 is coming out shortly in the next couple weeks and well talk about that later, but for now lets just concentrate on the air 2s versus the mavic 2 pro and well try to answer the question. Is this a consumer drone or a professional drone, so lets look at some of the major categories. First of all, weve got weight all right. The air 2s weighs 1.3 pounds. The mavic 2 pro weighs 2 pounds well percentage wise thats, a pretty big increase, but unless youre a backpacker, i dont think that weight differential is really a big deal. Well, what about size lets take a look if we look at the mavic 2 pro well see that its a little longer has longer blades, bigger motors and a little wider, whereas the air 2s is a little narrower a little shorter with smaller blades, but is that A big difference, i dont think it is what about max speed.

Well, the air 2s will do a little over 42 miles an hour. The mavic 2 pro will do a little less than 45 miles an hour, so were talking maybe two and a half miles an hour difference between the two again, not a big difference. What about operating ceiling? In other words, how high it will fly? Well, the air 2s is rated at four hundred feet and i believe the mavic 2 pro is something around nineteen thousand and nineteen thousand seven hundred feet. Okay, what does that mean to us? I used to ride snowmobiles out in jackson, hall wyoming and there was a place out there called austin peak at 11 000 feet and we used to get on our snowmobiles right up to that 11 000 foot peak have wine and cheese and generally just have a Good time well, if i had taken my drone, this simply means it would still be able to to take off at 11 000 feet. So unless you live in kathmandu, or something like that or maybe youre a mountain climber, these specs will certainly cover anything. You may want to do how about flight time well its 31 minutes for the air 2s and guess what 31 minutes for the mavic 2 pro how about obstacle avoidance? Well, the air 2s has 4 way obstacle avoidance, as you can see on the air 2s. Its got sensors on the front on the top. Those also help facing forward its got sensors in the rear and the top and the bottom.

The mavic has front rear top bottom and if you open the side, leg youll see sensors on the side. But how big? A deal is that 4 way, sensors are good, you would think 5 way would be better, but on the mavic 2 pro those side, sensors only work in certain autonomous modes and dont work all the time. So i dont know that thats that much of an advantage. Okay lets move on to the camera. The big part sensor size air 2s, 1 inch, mavic 2. Pro sensor, size 1 inch identical there. What about video resolution? Well? The air 2s has 5.4k and the mavic 2 pro has 4k well. If youve looked at my previous videos, you know my position on on big file. Sizes 5.4k is for lazy. Videographers takes up a lot of space in your card extra editing requirements in your computer. I dont see the need for it, so i think thats a wash right there. One thing that bothers me: im by design a photographer and videographer. I like aperture control. The air 2s does not have aperture control and the mavic 2 pro does so. For me, thats kind of a big deal maximum frames per second in 1080p. On the air 2s. You can get 120 frames per second same thing on the mavic 2 pro. So if you want to do super slow motion, youve got that option there. How about bit rate? If you want a lot of depth in your in your data, you do get 150 megabits per second on the air 2s, where you only get 100 megabits per second on the mavic 2 pro so thats a fairly substantial difference.

If youre into that, what about zoom capabilities well thats one thing i do like about the air 2s, its got an eight times: digital zoom, now remember: digital zoom! You lose a lot of quality when you zoom in so its not good for filming. But what i like about it is: i go up, fly around panoram pan around see what i like zoom in on it, and if i like something, then i can fly to it drop my resolution back and take some good pictures. So i think thats a good thing now, the mavic 2 pro while it doesnt, really have zoom its got a two stage option one. They call field of view and one high quality, which is kind of a zoom, in effect its kind of fiddly to get to it does work, but the eight times zoom on the air 2s works much better, so thats kind of a plus there. How about range? Air 2s 7.5 miles mavic 2 pro 6.2 miles. Okay, once we get the ability to fly beyond visual line of sight, that may make a difference right now it really doesnt it just ensures. We got good quality transmission. Coming back to us – and i dont see that as a big deal, heres a big one, though, what about third party apps lets say you want to do drone, deploy with your drone drone, deploy only works on the mavic 2 pro and does not work on the Air 2s: how about the app well? The air 2s uses the dji fly app, whereas the the mavic 2 pro uses the dji go 4 app.

I much prefer the go4 app simply because i think its more flexible, more customizable. I just happen to like it. It may not matter to you, then the final light item price well right now you can pick up the air 2s for 9.99, without accessories, so less than 1000 bucks. Now the mavic 2 pro right now has dropped to about sixteen hundred dollars, but thats becoming more difficult to find because of mavic 3 coming out and supply chain issues. So it may be kind of hard to find – and here are a few clips from a recent flight Music Music. So where does that leave us really? The only two differentiators are number one price 600 buck difference between the two and whether or not your client will will allow you to fly something like that. So i see two options: one buy the air 2s now and save 600 bucks ill wait on the mavic 3 see what it turns out to be wait for all the firmware updates and all the bugs to be fixed on it see what the pricing is going To be how the public likes it and maybe go for that, so its really really hard choice to make between the two and thats the best advice. I can give you so i hope youre still enjoying these videos. If so, give me a big thumbs up subscribe down below and if you feel like sharing with your friends, please do so.