Today we are taking a look at dji’s best ever drone. You can’t just keep saying that every drone is the best drone ever to be a little bit more yeah and i know yeah. I know that, but it’s so sponsored that’s. What everybody does i’ve, never seen youtube before today: we’re taking a look at the greatest drone ever created by the greatest drone manufacturer ever. Are you thinking the messenger Music? Okay, okay, you’ve made your point. Fpv make your point depending on your needs, your wants and your budget. You might be interested to take a look at this unboxing video of dji’s latest release Music to help you, with your purchasing decisions, we’ve created this really useful, dji drone comparison chart. We compare all of the key specifications and up at the top of each column, you can click on the name of the drone you’re interested in to check the price in your area. Download a copy link is below stuart carroll here from drum film guide, the channel, where we’re going to fly like filmmakers. Right to the point i was making in the introduction, just in case it wasn’t obvious, is dji produce a lot of drones and they are constantly updating their models but we’re at the stage now where these are all good drones. These are secondary. In the case of this one kind of third generation products, so i think we know it’s going to be good, but don’t be disheartened.

If you have the original mavic mini or whatever it is that you have, they are all great drones that can all produce stunning footage it’s what you do with them that counts now. I have actually yet to open this box. Bear with me a second. This is the dji air 2 s. Is it an upgraded air 2 or is a completely new drone? Well, i don’t know, as i say, i’ve, yet to actually even look at it. This is the fly more combo, and one thing i will say for dji is they’ve adopted the apple strategy of lovely packaging and presentation. I do enjoy opening the products accessories whatever that is. We’Ll have a look at that in a second Music. Ah, i think this is a lovely packet of nd filters, nd, 4, 8, 16 and 32 it’s all pretty much as expected. Let me just get the mavic air 2 out here. The original air 2 have a little look side by side things pretty much identical with the exception of the front here and you’ll see the two upward facing obstacle avoidance sensors – and i can tell you now that this combines, with the new advanced pilot assistance system, apas 4.0, for i guess this kind of autonomous obstacle avoidance approach to things, so you can fly through trees with confidence that you’re not going to hit any branches. Okay, let’s talk about this drone. Obviously, one of the headline features is this new camera one inch sensor, cmos millimeter field of view, that’s the widest field of view we’ve, seen on a consumer dji drone, which i think is an interesting development, fixed aperture, f, 2.

8 and hopefully, lots of lovely low light Gathering capability there with that mavic 2 pro s – camera gorgeous i’m – excited about this because i do enjoy higher quality camera. Once you’ve been doing this a while, you take out your camera and you kind of test drive essentially to see what it is capable of. Can you point at the sun how much shadow recovery can you get on the ground? How much recovery of those highlights? Can you get as well? What is the dynamic range that excites me if that doesn’t mean anything to you, then? Maybe, to be honest with you, this isn’t, the drone for you, because there’s more things we’re going to talk about, but primarily the main point of interest here on this drone. Is this camera it’s very much like the mavic 2 pro that’s been sitting there for a while, but it’s, not the drone for everyone. You know it costs money to have these features, speaking of which i don’t know what this costs yet i’m filming this. At a time when i do not know, price is, of course, very important in terms of determining whether or not this is the right product for you, and this functionality will of course, come at a price, so click on the link below to check the price. In your region and see, if that meets your budgetary expectations or not, as for the other physical characteristics, we can see that the controller is identical to the original mavic air 2 controller, so physically speaking, everything’s pretty much the same.

Apart from that camera and those upward obstacle avoidance sensors now this air 2s is a few grams heavier than the original air 2, which could be one of the reasons why the battery life on this one is 31 minutes instead of 34 minutes on the original air, Too, that, for me, is absolutely tons of flight time, so nothing really to discuss there. Another interesting development is that we have ocusync 3.0 or o3, as it’s now called on the air 2s, which brings with us the tremendous range that we are used to with the ocusync system. I’Ve never felt the need to fly a drone 12 kilometers away, as is now the case with this, but you can, if you wish something else i’m excited to try out is the new optimized fpv gimbal mode you might not have actually realized, but all the mavics Before have an fpv gimbal mode whereby it locks the roll axis of the gimbal, so you can kind of get that rocking and rolling fpv effect. The only issue was it wasn’t, really that good and no matter how hard i tried, i could not get a nice effect with that fpv gimbal mode, as you can see since filming this unboxing we’ve done a lot of flying with the mavic air 2s, and i Can confirm that the fpv gimbal mode is actually really really good it’s pretty much my favorite new feature of this drone over and above the 10 bit video that you get from the one inch sensor on that camera, which, by the way, is a joy to use For the discerning and slightly more advanced user, you really will enjoy this camera do stay tuned for our full review, as we cover all of that in a lot more detail.

Coming back to this one inch sensor, 22 millimeter field of view, f, 2.8, fixed aperture lens for a second. We now have video resolutions up to 5.4 k in our real time frame rates – very, very cool, because that gives us tremendous capability in post to crop in on the image and get zoom digital lenses. Essentially in post. That can be useful for getting closer to things, and it can also tremendously enhance the parallax effect that you can get when rotating round subjects. We did a video on that do check that out in terms of our slow motion frame rates, we have 60 frames per. Second, at 4k, very, very good. Indeed, as for photographs, thanks to the bigger sensor, we now have 20 megapixel raw photos, much like the mavic 2 pro now to refresh your memory. The original mavic air 2 had a 12 megapixel raw photograph option as standard, but it also had that 48 megapixel option. We don’t get this on the mavic air 2s. However, personally, rather than more pixels, i would rather have a higher quality image, a lower noise image and a better dynamic range image coming from a bigger sensor, camera. As for intelligent flight modes, we now have master shots on this drone whereby the drone does pre planned flight paths, films accordingly and then edits it for you, with some music and you’re good to go on your social media happy days for the more traditional intelligent flight Modes, we have spotlight 2.

0 that’s, my favorite intelligent flight mode. By the way we have a video on active track, spotlight mode. I think it’s, one of the best things you can do with your drone. We also have active track 4.0, which i’ll be interested to test, because active track is very good, but sometimes it’s a little bit hit or miss, and we have point of interest 3.0, which is also one of my favorite intelligent flight modes for a whole bunch of Storytelling filmmaking reasons we can get into at some other time anyway. That’S the gear that’s, the specs i’m, going to get this all switched on, get the firmware, updated and i’m going to get myself out into the middle of nowhere and test. It all speak to you soon do stay tuned for our full review of the mavic air 2s. Here on the channel, we have covered some serious miles, putting it through its paces, so much so that we are launching our new episodic pointy mountain adventure series it’s a working title, but we might go with that. One you’re not going to want to miss it good fun.