tv, and my main mission on this channel is to help people unlock their creative potential with tech, and today we’ve got an exciting new drone that’s just about to hit the market. It’S called the dji air 2 s. It’S, a very incremental upgrade, but it’s also quite a significant upgrade the fact that they haven’t called it. The dji air 3 obviously means that they don’t think it’s worthy of that next iteration in the number count which really doesn’t mean anything at the end of the day, but we’ve got so many leaks already. It is pretty much here in its entirety and that’s been quite a big issue for dji over the last. I don’t know a couple of years now, like everything’s, getting leaked, there’s, no kind of surprise release anymore, which is really upsetting for people who enjoy that, but also for dji as well, so yeah it’s it’s. Here, basically, it looks like it’s probably going to come at some point through the next month, potentially by the looks of it – and this is the drone here this is it right here. So if we kind of zoom in here, we can see it’s got that kind of um the orange tips to the propellers, which could mean that it’s a low noise propeller. Potentially, it could also just be the fact that they’ve tried to go with that color scheme. I know with the mini 2, they went with a similar color tip.

Basically, they went with the orange over just uh, the original propellers that they’d gone with for so long. So this could just be that little like incremental change. You know that little aesthetic that makes it look different and then the other thing you’ll notice, that’s really different, is the fact that we’ve now got some obstacle. Avoidance sensors on top, so it’s kind of forming it’s it’s going to become a fly soon. They’Re going to have eyes everywhere, basically, but right now, it’s, looking like some form of flying insect because we’ve got more sensors on it and then the one other big thing that you’ll notice is the big old camera down here. The big old one inch sensor that we saw on the mavic 2 pro, which was a phenomenal camera system, one inch sensor, um, 20, megapixel and yeah. It was great. I really love that drone. So it looks like this is the new drone that’s about to drop, and is it worth your time? You know if you’ve already got the mavic air too or well? They’Ve dropped the mavic name for some reason: the air 2, if you’ve got the dji air 2. Is this worth an upgrade it’s hard to say right now it depends on the price point, but again it really depends on what you’re looking for out of the drone. I don’t think we’re going to see anything like mind blowing in terms of like 4k 120 frames per second.

You know we may see that, but from what we can see so far and from what the leaks have kind of shown us um. We can watch this video here which we will mute just in case, but here we go really low quality. You can see the tips are different, it’s got the um ads, which is the air sense, yep, the air sense. There we go and that’s it and that’s kind of all. We get out of that little teaser, but you can see like either a very impressive render or someone’s got their hands on it and uh released it early, which is probably the more likely out of the two, so that’s kind of what we can see from it. And the other thing that’s really cool, so this is drone. Dj we’ve also used um osita lv. I believe that’s, how you pronounce their name. They’Ve actually had a lot of leaks in the past and they’ve been like bang on the money. So quite a reputable place to go to the verge have also covered it. A massive company and then we’ve also got digital camera world. So just so you know the references that i’m using and the thing that i found really interesting was actually on drone djs, so they’re claiming again, we don’t know any of this, but they’re, claiming that it will be compatible with the version two of the fpv goggles. That we recently saw with the fpv drone, but the more exciting thing is this: the fact that it has motion controller support.

So if this is real, then that’s going to open a whole new, exciting space, because a lot of drones that have come out from dji do have the fpv capabilities but to be able to control it. With your little motion controller and your headset um. But have the safety of a dji drone, you know it’s, probably not going to be an fpv drone it’s not going to be flipping through the air and doing crazy rolls it’s, just not going to be doing that. This is more of a cinematic drone, but to still be able to have that precision with a motion controller and the immersion of a headset is going to be amazing, like this is going to be really exciting if this goes ahead. Um. The other thing that i found really interesting, so we it looks like it’s going to be a one inch sensor based on this photo here. You can see one inch 20 megapixels. It looks like the exact same camera system, which is the hasselblad camera system that we saw in the mavic 2 pro which, like i mentioned before phenomenal stuff, like just such an amazing camera system. So if that’s the case that’s going to be really cool, also, the verge do say here that it is going to be compatible with the new dji accessories, like the version 2 goggles and the motion controller. So the verge have also obviously received from one of their sources, this information as well and then, as we scroll down here, we can see there’s, also support for dji’s, newer, lower latency ocusync 3.

0. So, if that’s a real thing, if they bring out ocusync 3.0 um to yeah, because i believe we’re up to ocusync 2.0 correct me if i’m wrong, i should know this being the drone dude but i’m. Pretty sure you think three would be new, so we might get better range on that again. That would be crazy and then the battery capacity is uh 3 500 milliamp hours. It does seem to be slightly heavier than the mavic air 2 by 30 grams. So only slightly heavier um yeah, so that’s kind of what they’ve got and then on digital camera. World they’ve got a very similar kind of thing i think down here they were mentioning a few other things that we might see. So that was it so the eight gigabytes of internal memory, which is actually a really nice feature. You know not just for people that forget their sd cards or put it in a different device or whatever you know, it’s, just like the sd card. At any point, the micro sd could fail at any point. I had that literally a couple of weekends ago and i had to go out to a store and buy a micro sd card, because i didn’t have that internal storage, but to have even just eight gigabytes is so handy. You know like you, can actually capture the moment. You might miss that moment. You might not be able to get that back again, so i think that’s really cool um and they also believe it’s going to feature intelligent hdr as well, like i said, before: 3 500 milliamp hour battery and weigh just 600 grams um.

So the thing down here so it looks like it’s, going to feature spotlight 2.0 point of interest 3.0 and active track 4.0. So it might kind of be like a lot of you know: you’ll have the the improved camera you’ll have that um upward obstacle avoidance it’s. Almost that kind of omnidirectional avoidance, but it doesn’t, have the side avoidance by the looks of it so still a very safe drone with lots of avoidance sensors everywhere, but it looks like they might be trialling a lot of these features. So they’re going to trial like occusync 3.0 spotlight point of interest in active track, 4.0 um and it might just be kind of a software heavy update with a tiny improvement to the hardware, because overall, the body of it looks very similar. Besides those sensors on top and obviously the different camera, but very similar in that regard, the other thing, which is what kind of dji promised uh i don’t know when i think it’s from 2019, maybe or 2018. They said every drone from this point on will have the adsb, which is the automatic dependent surveillance broadcast. So basically, just let you know um yeah, it alerts, pilots that they are straying into the path of airplanes, so it lets. You know as a pilot that okay well be careful like watch out. Land move out of the way, whatever it is and respect the air, because obviously there are more drones in the air now than ever and you’ve got to be careful.

So i think that’s really cool that’s, another thing that’s. You know we kind of just expected that to come out with every drone moving forward and that’s kind of it like that’s, all we know so far. You know when you look at this image here, like this. Just it looks exactly like a perfect render. You know this is clearly going to be the next thing. We’Ve already got a video on it and we’ve got this crazy, render like there’s, no way that this isn’t going to happen. Um and they’ve decided for the air. 2S, which i find a little odd, like you know, the mavic 3 could have been a possibility, mavic pro 3 or mavic 3 pro. You know we saw the mini 2 and before that we saw the air the air 2 so like to go with the air 2s. It seems a little early in its lifespan to upgrade, but it must be a really popular drone or maybe they’ve decided that this makes the most sense for them. Whatever reason, it is i’m really curious to see what the price point is. It’S, obviously gon na be cheaper than the pro it has to be um, so it could be a really good option for a lot of people out there, but that’s what we know so far i’d love to know in the comments below. What do you think is this going to be a worthy upgrade? Are you going to get yourself the air 2s, or do you have something else? That seems a bit more appealing a bit more ideal for your needs.

Let me know in the comments below i personally don’t think this is something i’m going to buy. I may get a chance to review it or test it, but yeah. It. Doesn’T really seem like a worthy upgrade for me at the moment and i’m sure a lot of people are in the same boat anyway. Thank you so much for watching make sure to subscribe. If you haven’t already, as i really focus on helping people unlock their creative potential with technology, it’s something i’m really trying to push i’m going to have a lot more like uh creative content around like mindset and creativity, so expect some really interesting.