This is brandon here just wanted to do a quick video, i’m testing, the mavic air 2s today just going to fly it for a little bit out in this field out here, it’s a really pretty day here in the franklin tennessee area, and i have not flown This, like i flew the first day. I got it really quickly, but not didn’t do much with it and i’m using the nd 32 since it’s really bright out here today. These come with nd filters with the fly more kit, which is awesome, because the aperture does not adjust, which has been a point of contention to a lot of people, but honestly i’m, pretty used to using the nd filters with like the original mavic pro. So it didn’t bother me too much and we’ll see if the nd 32 does well again. This thing is so small i can’t even get over how small this is, and i think we’re in for a treat when it comes to the quality of the footage.