This thing is the upgrade to the original mavic air 2, so stay tuned and we’ll check it out: Music, so Music, oh Music, Music. If you’re new to this channel – and you like drone content, please hit the subscribe button and be sure to check the notification bell so that you can get updates. Whenever i put out a new video. So the air 2s, which by the way is no longer called the mavic air 2 s, it’s called just the dji air 2s and it actually has a very similar look to the original dji mavic air 2.. And you would look at the two and think wow. They look very similar a little bit of difference in the styling, especially right here in the front where you notice. These two sensors are at a bit of an angle. I’Ll talk more about that in a little bit, but there is a lot different under the hood of this thing. It actually has a one inch sensor on the camera. The original dji mavic air 2 had a half inch sensor. So, quite a bit more in terms of the center and while the original mavic air 2 could do 4k. This one does 5.4 k at 30 frames per second and 4k at 60 frames per second, which is something that even the dji mavic 2 pro can’t do now. In addition, if you’re into color grading, this will do 10 bit log files as well as hdr, and it will do raw format files for your photos.

So if you’re taking a picture, you can do it in raw and you can go in and make adjustments to it. It has four directions of obstacle: sensors front back top bottom. It does not have left and right so be aware of that, and it has intelligent flight modes, including a new one called master shots which is designed for people who want to get all of the cool tricks that these drones can do with the quick shots in One shot let’s talk a moment about those master shots in the master shots. You basically just set the drone up, fly it a little bit above you at a distance, say maybe 10 20 feet say 15 yards away, and then you hit the master shot button and it goes through a whole series of perfectly executed, complicated drone shots where it’s Doing things like pulling away and tilting down at the same time or traveling in one direction and keeping you perfectly in the center and you can do a master shot of just about anything. But you want to have enough space around you because it travels on its own. It flies up backwards, sideways in all directions. Does rocket. Does droney does a circle around you all of those kind of things, and then you can take those shots which are all perfectly executed because you’ve drawn a square around your uh thing that you want to shoot and it allows you to take all 10 of those Shots and put them into a sequence or if you don’t feel like putting them into a sequence, it does it for you and even puts music with it.

So if you wanted to do a master shots automated, you could actually do it and post it to social right away at 595 grams. It actually weighs a little bit more than the original dji mavic air ii, and it also has the same body style but, like i said, a little bit of difference in the styling does have these orange tips on the ends of the propellers, which actually i really Like but really good news, the propellers are interchangeable, the batteries are interchangeable and the battery chargers, of course, are interchangeable because the batteries are interchangeable. That means that if you have a mavic air 2 and you buy the dji air 2s, then you can actually use all your old batteries and propellers, which i think is fantastic. I often wish that drone companies and other companies would allow a little bit more interoperability between the original version of something than the updated version. So the batteries are exactly the same. I looked closely, i couldn’t see any difference. The flight time is just slightly less than the mavic air 2 at 30 minutes of hover time and that’s, because it weighs a few grams. More all right, let’s talk about the cinematic capabilities of the dji air 2s. It has a camera that looks a lot more. Like the mavic 2 pro than any other camera i’ve seen on a drone, it also shoots in 5.4 k at 30 frames per second, which is actually the highest resolution of any dji drone to date.

And what that means is that if you want to shoot in 5.4k, you can actually shoot that way, edit in 4k or even edit in 1080, and you have all kinds of room to punch in and out and pan and scan around that image without any image. Quality loss so that’s really why you would do that nobody’s really watching video in 5.4k, not many people. A lot of people are watching in 4k, but a ton more are watching in 1080. So if you wanted to create content in the highest resolution, let’s say you couldn’t get really close to an object. You could shoot in 5.4k, edit in 1080, and that would allow you to basically punch in and it would look like a zoom. So what does a one inch sensor mean? It means that it can take on more light in low light situations, and things are going to look better across the board, just more clarity and more detail in your images, especially in low light. It has a 22 millimeter equivalent lens on the camera, so you get a decent field of view and, as i said before, it can do 4k at 60 frames per second now, if you’re, not a videographer, most video, at least in the us, is either shot in 24 or 30 frames per second, and so by shooting in 60 you’re collecting twice as much data, and you can actually do really cool slow motion. Shots in 60 frames per second, when you’re editing in 30 frames per second, and it looks very smooth and you don’t lose any data.

As i said before, it can do 10 bit d log in the video footage. So if you want to do color grading to it, you can through that and then it also shoots in raw for still photos and it has better intelligent, hdr built into it, and what that means is, if you’re using the hdr mode, you can count on it. Looking better straight off the camera without having to do a lot of post to it now, hdr stands for high dynamic range and hdr allows you to have really contrasty scenes like a bright sky and maybe a dark shadow and you’ll be able to see clearly in All of those things if you’re shooting an hdr, so in addition to the master shots that i talked about earlier, it also has other intelligent flight modes, where you can do things like spotlight 2.0, which means the camera remains locked on the subject while flying and you Can control the aircraft the distance to and from the subject, as well as the angle of the aircraft, but the camera will always remain locked on the subject as it’s flying around in spotlight 2.0. It also has point of interest 3.0, which keeps flying around the locked subject, while the camera is facing it. So if you wanted to do circles around a subject, you could use point of interest and then you could control how far away from the subject or how close to the subject the drone gets.

But it still keeps locked on the subject through point of interest 3.0 and then of course, everybody’s favorite active track now they’re on active track 4.0, and at this point this thing is super solid, with the active track, all right so now, i’m going to demonstrate active Track down this uh little alley, i’ll select myself, hit active track and say, go and boom running down the alley running down the alley. Music. Now it looks like it happens, is if you go towards it, it actually tries to spin around to get behind. You i’ll show you what i mean Music now i’ll go towards it and then at some point it comes over to my side and then it spins around behind me and in addition to the active track, it has sensors that give it obstacle avoidance and the combination Of active track and obstacle avoidance allow it to travel through things like tree branches and follow people or people on a bicycle or vehicles, or things like that with very little danger of running into something. Now those sensors are in the front in the back on the top and on the bottom, but they’re not on the sides. So one thing you want to be aware of: if you’re flying this thing and using the sensors to avoid objects, don’t travel sideways because you could actually crash into something going sideways. There is an option to turn off sideways flight when you are using the sensors for obstacle, detection and avoidance.

So keep that in mind, if you think you might accidentally fly into something sideways turn off sideways flight, and then you don’t have to worry about it. Now, as i said before, it has 30 minutes of flight time. Basically, i think it’s 31 minutes in a perfectly straight line under ideal conditions at a certain speed and then 30 minutes of hover time. That is slightly less than the original mavic air ii, and the reason is because again it weighs a few grams, more of course, there’s. Three flight modes built onto the remote control, they’re cinematic, which used to be called tripod, there’s normal, and then there is sport in cinematic. It slows everything down. So if you’re trying to get a really slow, steady cinematic shot, you can do that in cinematic in normal you’re just going to fly normal and it’s pretty fast in normal, i will say, and then in sport mode it really goes very, very fast and in sport Mode you don’t have the obstacle sensing that you do in normal and cinematic so be more careful now. Some other improvements that have been made is occusync. Is the next generation of occusync it’s the same one that’s on the dji fpv drone and it’s called occusync 3.0. I think they might even be calling it dji o3 that’s, what i’ve seen but i’m, not sure if they’re still keeping the name occusync or not, but regardless. That is one of the factors that gives you more range.

In addition, they’ve taken the two antennas and added two more to the actual drone. So now you have four antennas so that you’re gon na have a lot more range to the tune of almost seven and a half miles or twelve kilometers. Now, there’s no reason you should be flying it that far away, but just know that you really shouldn’t have any drop off or interference in even in heavily congested wi, fi areas, because the occusync 3.0 or o3. All of those things give it really solid signal transmission. Just like the original mavic air 2, the dji air 2 has adsb, which stands for automatic dependent surveillance broadcast and that basically means it can detect aircraft in the air that are equipped with adsb transmitters. So you’ll get a little notification in the app that says. There’S, an aircraft around fly cautiously now. The other thing it has is apas 4.0 apas, i think, was originally introduced on the original mavic air and it is a way for it to sense obstacles and then figure out how to go around them. Apas 4.0 has been designed to do that and to do it more smoothly so that it isn’t, quite as jumpy or as fidgety, when it’s trying to go around something and allow you to do smoother shots as you’re flying through trees, and things like that. So one more thing that is absolutely huge is that previously you could only do quick shots in 1080 at 25 frames per second, that limitation is gone.

You can now do quick shots in 4k, Music. Okay, so who is this thing for the dji air 2? S? Is designed for travelers people who want something small and very, very powerful that they can fit into their backpack? If you look at the evo 2 pro or the mavic 2 pro, this thing is quite a bit smaller, the batteries are smaller, the batteries are lighter and it does as much or more than both of those drones. So if you are going to be traveling and you need something that you want to have with you all the time, this is very light and convenient it’s, also a great beginner drone, because it has so many of the safety features built into it. That dji is famous for and finally for cinematographers, who want to keep a small drone handy, so they can get those shots that really make the video that they’re trying to produce. This thing is great because it does the 4k 60 and the 5.4 k i mean. The quality of the one inch sensor in this is fantastic. It comes with. If you buy the combo pack, it comes with nd filters that you can put onto it that allow you to fly in bright sunlight and to get that even smoother footage when you knock the light down just a little bit across the board. I have a hard time seeing a need for any other camera drone. Besides this one, i mean there are some great camera drones out there don’t get me wrong, but because this thing is so small so light and so convenient and so friendly to fly and so sporty, i can’t see many other camera drones competing with it.

For quite a while, so if you want the dji air 2s it’s 9.99 for the drone by itself with the remote control, the charger and one battery the basic kit. And then if you want the combo, which comes with a bunch of other stuff extra things. Like more batteries, more propellers, etc, it’s going to be 12.99 i’m, always a big fan of the combo, because you do get a better deal on all of those things together than you would, if you got them individually, especially for the price of individual batteries. I have an unboxing video about the combo unboxing it to show you everything that’s in it, so go check that out. If you want to know more i’d love to hear your thoughts on the dji air 2s, please leave comments below and tell me what you think tell me if you have questions i’ll be doing a lot of videos about this. So hopefully i can answer all those questions or i can answer in the comments thanks for watching.