Max 12. 14 minutes. You know in ideal conditions, i just take it up my house and just down, and you know, and its all gone within 10 15 minutes it reaches the height and then its pretty much done. The battery life is not very good and i did complain to them. They wanted me to send the batteries to them. The thing is like this is just not worth it like. You know, for this kind of money, um and also um whats, it called um. Nobody mentioned these interviews like you know, you know, you know up there in the in youtube and all these places i think theyre paid people from what im feeling, because all they have to say is good things about it. As far as the range is concerned, the range is pathetic in this drone. Like you know, i was just its an rc. First of all, it doesnt have any communication with the satellites it just used. Gps, um, you know uh, you know sometimes to uh, come to a home, but um whats. It called it. Doesnt use the uh, the whats, it called um. It does not use uh in communication with the drone, any kind of satellite its just directly rc like you know, you have a controller which has an antenna and there are antennas right here. I think so. These are antennas and it communicates with the machine just using an rc. It has a camera, basically its an rc machine.

I dont know how the other drones um. You know the photograph is all right. Uh, you know. Yes, they have created something where you have a gimbal. You know which you can move you know around, but overall, like you know, i ill say like you know, for uh such an expensive drone uh, which is uh. This is about 1400 pounds uh, you know i. I wont recommend it honestly, like you know: uh hey, you need photography. You know um well good yeah, but, like you know, if you really, you know – and these are this is a dji a2s, like you know its a top and drain. But, like you know again, you know theres a lot of distance needs to go. I actually started looking at gas drones after i flew this because you know there wasnt enough time and its so restrictive seriously, like they made laws now like pretty much you cant fly anywhere. So if i want to go over my neighbors house, like you know, you know you have to be a certain distance from the buildings and if you dont see something inside somewhere like you know, you have to take the footage out, like you give some exams like You know, and anyway my two cents are um, go with the cheap drone. See like you know, if you, if your requirements submit dont, go for a high end drone until unless you really do require something which is very specific um, they may have some high end.

Drones, like which may give you like a 1 2 hours of flight time, but this aint worth it man. This is like you know.