This is going to be the initial unboxing inspection and setup, as i always do try to get really in depth. This is the fly more combo and we’re also going to be comparing it to these guys back there on the far left. We have the mini 2. There is the air 2 original and that’s the mavic 2 pro so let’s get started with this review, as you can see, they’re not calling it the dji mavic anymore, it’s kind of like they’re following suit with the mini 2 by just calling it the dji air 2S, so anyway, let’s get started Music. Okay! Here we go so as usual, guys my first time unboxing, it is going to be with you just so you can kind of see my reaction to everything and just want it to be. Like a super, honest review, my reviews are always as honest as i can possibly make them, and i just like to show my first hand opinion. So let’s get this thing out of the box again. This is the fly more combo, so it’s going to have all that stuff: three batteries, uh the multi charger and some filters and stuff before you open that up. Let me just show you what it says it comes with on the box, so extra set of propellers there’s the controller. We have some nd filters, four of them multi charger here, there’s one battery in there, so three batteries, and then this is one of those little usb universal deals where you can plug in two usb devices.

If you attach your battery, so you can use the batteries kind of as a universal phone charger or whatever you want to do, and it comes with that nice bag that’s just about exactly the same as the last one, but we’re going to check all that out. When we open this box up so now, they have these little tabs that you can peel off. Dji is really good at sealing their boxes from tamper, they’re kind of making them not really tamper proof but tamper resistant. So if you see that seal broken with these little tabs, you know that somebody had already opened it, whether it be from shipping or whatever. So here we go first time unboxing this uh wow, okay, so there we go so very inside black box. There uh. There is the bag with everything in it, wow they’re, getting pretty efficient on their packaging, except for this little accessory box. Nothing else in that box, okay, so instruction book user guide, actually so it’s, just a very simple user guide. Just tells you to download the dji fly, app um power on everything. Of course, you’re going to want to charge everything first, how to control it very simple uh. If you needed more information, you can always go to their online manual anyway, before we bust into the bag. Let’S open up this accessory box here, real quick, we’re gon na save the best for last right, like i always do so.

This just slides right out. We got some more booklets air, 2 disclaimer safety and another accessory user guide on how to use all these accessories that we’re going to unbox right now, wow. So all individual wrapped uh propeller sets each one is for a motor, so that’s for one motor, two motor three motor four motor five motor six motor and then we have a whole other one, one, two, three, four, five, six wow so you’re getting 12 sets of Propellers, so these things are good at not crashing, usually, but just in case you do like hit a tree or whatever man, this flamewar combo sets you up and just opening up this other stuff. Of course, they have these cool little flexible bags that you’ll never be able to save if you open them like i’m opening. What is this? Oh, this must be the nd filters. Okay, so let’s see how we open this up so it’s, just this little lock that snaps over and you can see all those nd filters – awesome little indentions right there on the middle. So you know what is what and there’s also lettering right on the edge of the nd filters. So it looks like some high quality nd filters. That’S awesome that dji is really including them with their fly more combos, now, they’re never used to you’d have to buy them separate a few years ago, but now everything’s included in this package. Extra controller sticks.

You can lose these things in the grass possibly or wherever. If you’re taking them out putting them in so always nice to have extra sticks here are the usb cables for the controller. So we have one type c to type c and then we’ve got micro. Two type c last thing in this accessory bag is their little usb type c, um to usb a little cable, that’s gon na attach some things to your charger cool. Well, that is a whole load of propellers. There isn’t it. I can’t get over how many propellers there are in there. You know that’s great um you’re, paying a lot of money for this stuff. I don’t get anything free from dji and it satisfies me to know that i’ve got 12 sets of propellers. If i need them, if i’m nicking them, i nick a branch, a tree and i scuff one of them. I can just reach in my bag, and these are the quick, lock ones too. They have that twist lock. So i can just put one on moving on to the main event: guys here’s, the bag, it’s uh kind of dji’s standard bag for their air too. It looks very much the same i’m just going to take off this paper for this strap here. So it’s kind of cool you have a adjustable, strap there very similar to the other ones. You got a dual zip zipper here. I like how their zippers are now all coming kind of waterproof or water resistant kind of rubber zipper on the front.

If we unzip this we’ve got another slim pocket not much. I do kind of miss those side, pockets. Remember the older bags. They had kind of a little stretchy mesh side pocket, so you could fit some extra things in it. I kind of miss that i wish they would bring that back and then they used to also have kind of a pocket back here that would have been nice just a slimline pocket as well back here, so a couple of cons on the bag. The main thing were those those side – expansion pockets. I really wish they would have brought those back anyway, opening up for the first time with you and this little top portion uh. There is nothing in here and, interestingly, they kind of sewed the left side shut. So it has like a little thin little pocket there on the left side and then you have a larger pocket here, nothing in there, but i assume that’s where we’re gon na put like propellers and stuff now let’s reach inside here and really just take out everything. There’S, a big box here this feels like batteries and stuff that’s, very heavy um there’s the multi charger here, we’re gon na open all this stuff in just a second. There is our controller same kind of controller as the mini 2 and the air 2 original, and then all that’s left is this guy here and guess what this is yup. It is the air 2s, so kind of interesting isn’t it how they’re kind of going the iphone route – nothing nothing else left in there.

There is kind of a front pocket as well a little slimline thing for whatever thin stuff. So, for some reason on dji’s, newer drones, they’re leaving out the mavic name. Now your guess is as good as mine on that i’m. Not sure um, maybe they’re saving that, for like the mavic 2 line, the larger line. I don’t know exactly what their idea is, or their strategy is on that, but here it is guys the air 2s, as you can see, striking immediately the differences we’re seeing are the sensors on top and also the camera, is a lot larger. Let me grab that uh old air 2 and let’s compare them side by side, first, motor protectors, i’m, just going to take all these off, actually there’s, four of them there’s one on each motor and they just pop right off everything’s. Just about the same, except for these guys here we got these little humps for the sensor now on the top um, but overall they look very very similar i’m. Just bringing the camera hopefully can focus in just about everything is the same same type of dimensions. You can see on the right on the air 2s. The lights have more of a uh smoked white lens than the dark smoke on the air too, pretty much the same, except for that front part right, it’s, just a little bit bigger and, of course, the camera is a little bit larger we’re, going to open up The camera in just a second compare those as well.

The rear does look just about exactly the same. They didn’t really change much at all on the rear, except for those smoked led covers there same kind of venting, same sensors and everything motors are tilted in the same way. Uh everything just about exactly the same, so i don’t know i mean unless you need a new, a higher better camera, which here we go let’s. Take this off, see how easy this is. Oh yeah, we have to take all of these stickers off first, so just tells you how to take this off, and then it holds it on for shipping, just press the notch, and then you pull that off see how easy that was boom and then putting back On just make sure your camera’s kind of straight boy, that is a big camera that’s, like the camera of the mavic 2, pro see how that squeezes in there not going to be easy to put on with this gigantic camera in there. But there you go it’s. Just a really simple tension deal and let’s. Look at this camera jeez. This is like as big as the mavic 2 pro one inch: 20 megapixel roll, actually yaw and our pitch our gimbal. We got these stickers we’re gon na have to take off, but i just want to look at the old camera on the mavic air two original just a lot larger, let more light in take better pictures and video. So, while we’re at it, we might as well bring in the big boy the mavic 2 pro this one has been around for a few years now they have not come out with a new mavic.

So who knows? Maybe the mavic 2 pro series will eventually be um, phased out i’m, not sure how that’s going to happen, because man, if these, if the air twos now can do just about as much as this and they’re smaller and lighter, i would think that they might just Phase out, you would think they would put their hasselblad on the camera if they were working uh with hasselblad on the air 2s, but anyway that’s the difference not quite as big as the air as the mavic 2 pro just for giggles let’s uh bring in the Mini 2 here and compare the cameras as well, so on the left. Of course, we got the mini 2, this does 4k and for a tiny, 4k camera like this, this does very well. You may have seen a lot of my videos on the mini 2 drone and it does exceptional 4k video and pictures for how small it is. But you know that this one here is going to be a world of difference just because of the size and the technology that’s included in this and new stuff anyway, quick comparison, if you don’t know about the mini 2 gosh, this thing is tiny, and this is Actually, honestly, my favorite drone right now, just because it does 4k it’s, so tiny. Of course it doesn’t have the obstacle avoidance and you know the full, fledged tracking and orbit and all that kind of stuff. But man for how small it is it’s.

Just an amazing drone and just super light – i mean it’s just so light. It just amazes me under 250 grams. So, if you’re looking for something like that go for the mini 2, but who knows after this review, maybe the air 2s will be my new favorite because of all the features it has now a little bit bummed that there’s no side obstacle avoidance. Yet, as you can see, it’s just top front rear, i did do the air 2 original. I did remember that orbit test right into a tree and it crashed into the tree. Some who knows. Maybe this will be a little bit better. I know they upped the app features, so you can prevent it from doing that if you wanted to. But you know i guess: we’ll have to wait for the air 3, possibly to have side sensors. Anyway, if i have talked your brain out, sorry about that let’s just get back into the air 2s unboxing and take off you want to take off all these little stickers. There’S, like two on the left and right of the gimbal to kind of just protect it and there’s, also one on the very back so you’re going to want to make sure you take all these things off, see how i’m just kind of rotating the gimbal and Finding these little tabs – and so you really need to take all these off so nothing’s, getting like hung up when you’re flying and stuff and there’s stickers all over the place, so there’s one on the very top.

This one’s just saying: please charge it, so you got to charge all these batteries initially to activate them because, as you can see, i’m pressing it and nothing’s happening so give it a full charge and we’re going to go through the charger and everything in just a Second same kind of sensors as the air 2 original, you see that very, very similar, so they’re, just changing a few things. Let’S open this thing up so front top legs. First pushing these guys out more stickers, so don’t forget to take these off. You don’t want to have that drag when you’re flying, because these tabs will be flying around creating wind resistance, and nobody wants that. We want to have optimal flight time and efficiency more little guards here to prevent the legs from scratching the body and shipping that’s. All this is make sure you take these ones off as well. Try to do this as quickly as possible, not seeing any more stickers. So i think we got all the stickers if you’re wondering how the batteries come out on these very similar and the same as all the rest. This is kind of interesting, though the battery has more of a glossy finish than the craft, so maybe a first production kind of issue they’re dealing with. Let me try to get that in the camera, so you can see that see how this is like flat gray and then this is like shinier um.

You know a little nitpick, but so just pushing the two tabs taking out the battery – and this is a all one on the left – is a 3500 exactly the same specs so 3 500. I say 25 i’m at 35 on both of them and they’re, both 11.55. So, like a higher voltage, 3s yeah so max charge 13.2 um man yeah it’s, really hard to read that stuff. Nowadays, it’s really essentially the same exact battery, it seems i’m not seeing any difference whatsoever, except for um. Just that color there there is the little compartment there to stick in your micro sd card you’re going to want to slide and click it in, just as the picture shows there and then snap. Of course, this back in when you get that all situated, we got vents on the side here. These are real vents uh, we already kind of saw the bottom vents coming out. The back real high flow vents, our sensors on the back. We do have another little door here and it should be a usb type c. So if you wanted to do updating that’s, not wireless, you can do it there pop that back in and that’s just pretty much about it guys, oh there’s. Also this sticker too. I think i want to take this off, so this is the adsb air sense where it senses. If aircraft do have this technology on board and they’re flying near, you it’ll warn you and then you can um get out of their way a little bit disappointing that they’re just using the same exact battery technology.

They didn’t really up the voltage at all on that or have any um different capacity, so let’s bust into the controller same as the other one um, but let’s just see maybe there’s one or two differences. I doubt it but let’s just double check, just in case same exact controller. Actually, there is one difference. It has pause now on the home button kind of like the mini 2 hat, compared to the mini one, but everything looks exactly the same exactly the same setup everywhere else. All the buttons are the same same venting everywhere front and back anyway, if you had not seen my hundreds of videos on how to put these sticks in. Basically, we have these little uh they’ve got great quality on dji stuff, it’s, just amazing how they have their quality control and their tolerances all set up on nice. Aluminum sticks feel very nice, usbc type port there for charging some ventilation on the back, and this is how everything opens up here. So we have actually felt a little easier to open this up this time. Maybe they did make these pinchers a little easier to access. I remember on the air 2 and the mini 2 controllers. I had a little bit more trouble pulling this thing up, so it feels like i can grip this a little better. It doesn’t seem like you, can still put a mini two tablet in there without a special adapter, so it would have been nice if they could have extended that a little bit more little rubber valleys.

Where you’re going to put your tablet in and of course, we’ve got our uh cable, so this is like a usb type uh. Actually, this is a lightning here that they’re, including in it, so this would be for your iphone and your ipad and we’ve got our roller for our gimbal pictures and video. Switching between picture and video here function. Button pause, return to home power, cinema mode, normal mode and sport mode flying right there and that’s. All there is to it. We’Ll go ahead and hook this up pretty soon and i’ll show you all the on screen display and everything in just a second, but we want to just make sure we go through everything. So next thing in the box is going to be that charger. So this is the multi charger here same exact thing. It looks like as the old one, and the only thing we have left here is this box, so seeing the battery a little pad to separate the two batteries. So we got two more batteries really guys. If you can afford the extra like hundred dollars, i think it is to get um the flamware combo just do it you’re gon na. Thank me later, because these two extra batteries um are already worth like. If you were to buy these batteries separate individually, you’d basically spend just as much or even more as you would getting all this other stuff so and that’s, including the bag, the multi charger and then those extra propellers and also don’t forget the nd filters right.

So you’re really getting a lot of bang for your buck. Here. Definitely take this plastic off. I honestly don’t even know why they put this on, but i guess it’s just from shipping to prevent it from scratching, because if somebody leaves that on man they’re gon na possibly overheat their power, brick, so you’ve got your power. Brick you’ve got your wall plug here. Of course, i’m in the us, so i’m gon na get a 120 volt. So how i plug that figure, eight in the bottom and then just take off that plastic tab that goes into your wall. You can charge your batteries speaking of the batteries. Let me un package one of these guys. You can charge them individually with this. If you wanted to you just match up the shape here, it’s got a little bit of a curve on one side pop it in there. If you want to just charge them individually, but we we have the multi charger right. So this goes on here, just like that, and then you can put all your individual batteries really nice and simple, just like that. One two three, which this fly more combo comes with they’re, not gon na charge, all at the same time the way dji does. This is the one that is most fully charged charges first, so you can get up and flying and then it will switch to the next one that’s the highest charged and then keep going.

And the last thing i almost forgot is you get this little kind of useful, usb adapter. Now these things are really cool great thing to have around. I think they started putting this uh with their flamware combos, maybe even from the initial spark had this i believe, but i can’t remember maybe chime in down below leave a comment. If you remember, if these came with the sparks fly, more combo, it’s gon na have to go this way. I guess for some bracing, if you had an extra battery your phone dies or whatever it may be, something that uses usb power. Two amps coming out of each usb port, a good little bonus that you have there just in case you run out of power and some other peripherals anyway, guys, i think, that’s it. As far as everything that comes in the box, we really went through everything in depth. Um let’s concentrate more on the air 2s and hooking it up to the controller and and or phone or tablet right now. So let me go get one of those charge. These things up and i’ll meet you right back here and walk you through how to do the connection setup and also updating okay guys. So this battery took a whopping hour and 45 minutes about to charge up until it went off and went to the next battery. On that multi charger, so just keep in mind. This is going to take a while so give yourself about an hour and 45 to charge.

I had this simultaneously charging and it seemed to finish maybe about a half hour before the battery finished. This was also plugged in to that power, brick charging, which is also fully charged. This is the android phone here, the oneplus 6t, which has been with me for a couple of years now, and i also want to try my new ipad mini 5. with these guys you’re going to want to take off your cases. They don’t fit very well on the controller if you don’t take off these cases so i’m taking off both cases, and i want to see if it works on the um android phone first. So, in order to do that, i’m going to be taking out the cable that is it comes with, which is the lightning cable and i’m going to be going into our little package that gives us different connectors. So this is the uh cable that’s, giving us the usb type c so plug that in there basically just putting the top in there pushing it, and so it falls in those little notches and sliding it to center. So phones on there and then we’re just going to plug in in just a second. I already have the dji fly app in here. Just don’t forget guys that you’re going to have to download the dji fly app in the app store, whether you have android or apple. If you don’t see it in the android app store, you may have to download it directly from the dji but um.

If your phone’s on their compatibility list, your phone is not guaranteed to work so just make sure you check that your phone is supported. Usually dji does cater to apple devices first and then they do updates for android devices. So here we go so controller on. First, click click and hold that sucker is on and then we’re going to be doing the same thing on the drone. Click click and hold let’s see how this thing kind of boots up. So there we go with our gimbal going around and around hearing that boot up i’m hearing a fan on there, so it is air cooled with a fan. That thing just looks so weird. It looks like some kind of alien bug, doesn’t it with those sensors. On top, and so this thing is ready to go. Basically, i have solid controller. You saw the lights, stopped, blinking in red and now it’s all connected and it’s, locking on to gps. All we need to do is connect our phone so i’m, going to plug this right in here and let’s see what happens see if it auto launches. Okay, dji fly just auto launched and these are the kinds of things that you’re going to need to go through when you first connect a new drone. So basically now it’s saying mini 2 user feedback interesting. This is not a mini 2, but i do have the dji fly up in here that i’ve flown mini 2 i’ve flown air 2 and mini 1.

So i seem to remember going from the mini 1 to the air 2. It had an issue, so i just want to make sure i’m connected to the right drone. So let’s just go fly here and see if it even links to it. Okay, so another little problem, it kind of thinks it’s it’s, the mini 2. For some reason, let me try to restart my phone and try this again and see if it can detect it. I restarted my phone as well and i just want to see man if this is a problem, then how ridiculous is that huh dji has such a high tech, craft and it’s has such good fit and finish, and usually the software is amazing, but if i can’t Even detect with which craft this is, and it thinks it’s the mini 2 still what a failure in the software department just going to hit go, fly and see if it it knows what it is yet nope all it needs to do is check the craft like Pull some kind of serial number or something and check if it’s the air right, it cannot find the craft. So i think what i’m gon na do is if this doesn’t work after i plug it in again, i think what i’m going to do is switch to the ipad and see if we have that same trouble, yeah how? How ridiculous is that? Why the heck would you have to go through rigmarole of reinstalling the fly app to get it to work that’s just so ridiculous, another shortfall from dji.

You know um it’s, always something with these guys. They have such good crafts such good, fit and finish, but it’s, always just one thing: that’s holding them behind one or two things that just shouldn’t be happening after they’ve been around for so long, just ridiculous. Okay, so let’s try! This let’s get rid of the android phone. I got this handy dandy little um extender mount from amazon, where, if you do have like the ipad mini you’re going to want to get one of these, i will have it linked down the description down below we’ll. Try it with the ipad, because i really honestly don’t feel like uninstalling that whole android app and reinstalling it, because that is how it fixed the problem. I was having before so again sorry to rant and rave about that, but something that they just should have taken care of. By now, the cable will fit over to your ipad plug it in here. You may just have to kind of slide it around a little bit and it is auto launching there we go and look how easy that was so it hooked to the new craft. I saw the air 2s pop up. There confirm binding account so make sure you have an account with dji and you um activate your craft on your binding account. Look at that it just restarted. So apple has a really simple and pretty flawless. Their app for apple, i should say, is pretty flawless and works.

Fine. I don’t know if they’re catering to apple on purpose, but they should make sure they equally support android as well, because a lot of people do have android. Anyway, we solved that problem. Um again, like i was saying, if you do want to get to get to work on an android phone like this, and you do have that problem of not detecting just uninstall the dji fly app and reinstall it, and that worked for me last time. So here’s the dji carry fresh i’m, not going to get the refresh on this air 2s because i’ve honestly never used them for any of those drones, because those are camera drones. You know you’re going to keep them far away from things they have. That find. My drone feature where, if your drone does run out of battery and land somewhere unless it’s in the ocean, of course, you can just find it with the app and go and retrieve it. So i honestly never did use this refresh, but this is where you would go ahead and buy it. If you wanted to, you can click more, it takes you to the website and uh. You can get replacements for a lower cost and then this is where they’re kind of corralling you right, so you can either press more, and that takes you to the refresh – and this is another um con i have with this company – is check it out i’m. Pressing more it takes me to buy it i’m pressing x, you’ll be directed to the official website.

If i cancel, i can’t do anything, i can’t go anywhere. So if i press x and confirm it still takes me to that website, so they’re corralling you into going here, if even if you don’t want to so um, are you sure you want to exit okay? There we go so we just have to exit out, and it knows it’s the air 2s uh. It has an update here. Everything is good to go. No more connection, issues like we’re having with the android, so awesome let’s get started with these updates guys. It has a firmware update of 182 megabytes, so let’s go ahead and click update here, because we want the thing to have all of its updates before we go ahead and fly and we’ll be seeing how long this takes as well. So here are the things it says: it’s, updating, right now, it’s saying optimize, dji air sense, which is that feature where it’s sensing other aircrafts that have that function in the area. So you can avoid them optimize, environment, light detection and warning prompts so that’s all it’s saying for this update so go ahead and let’s. Let this update and i’ll chime in looks like it’s going to be pretty quick. Okay. Here we go checking in with you. It just did an update or a reboot, actually um at 70 percent, so it’s been about five more minutes since i left you last time and just remember guys, this is stuff you’re going to have to do.

I always just like to remind people that when you get a dji product, you’re going to be needing to go through all this stuff, probably the first few hours an hour and 45 for each battery, unfortunately to charge. So if you got the flammer combo, you got three batteries, so you can times that by three, so you’re, almost like half a day just charging batteries, your controller can charge at the same time and then you’re gon na need to spend at least an hour doing These updates and stuff so this isn’t, one of those out of the box, fly kind of drones, uh whatsoever, really just if you’re gon na go to a location just give yourself a day to do all this stuff the day before. So you have everything ready to go anyway, still at 70 percent and we’re still waiting for this thing to update it’s taking a while, okay, second full reboot, still at 70 percent um. Okay, so just want to let you guys know. This is what you can expect. Of course, you could go do something else, while it’s doing this, but um you’re going to want to come back frequently and check, looks like now the controller’s blinking here on the bottom right. You see these. It looks like it’s. Probably updating the firmware in the controller looks like it might be done with the update on the drone firmware itself. 94 95. come on we’re. Almost there let’s go i’m excited, we don’t want to wait, but you have to wait.

Firmware installed, okay, go ahead and press x here on the top there we go guys, so we are fully updated here, uh, nothing else to do on the updates, except if you want to get that uh dji kit refresh, remember you got to get it within the First, 48 hours of activation, it’s kind of like a warranty. So anyway, we’re gon na go to go fly here and we have a disclaimer airsense it’s, just telling you what it is giving you the disclaimer and you can enable now or not. Now, anyway, there we go so you can see my hand here. There is the latency, so dji products are usually always like about a half of a second. You can see that my hands moving there’s a little bit of a delay in the screen, which is fine for these types of camera drones, because you’re usually flying far away from objects. Not too close. You don’t really want to be flying close proximity anyway with these kinds, because these are made more for camera. You know get that dji fpv drone or other fpv drones. If you want to do that, really close proximity kind of dodging so let’s see what we got here on the screen. Remember this little roller here is going to move our gimbal up and down. So you can see there it’s already preset to go pretty slow and basically very uh, familiar very similar to any of the other interfaces.

We’Ve seen with the dji flyout you’ve got your height your distance. From your launch point: you’ve got the storage in the craft. This looks like it has onboard storage, so you can either use a memory card or it will resort to the storage, which is 7.1 gigabyte in the craft itself. On the motherboard it’s saying there’s no card, we can choose our resolution, which is this one does up to 5.4 k guys. So we now have a 5.4 k camera in the air series i’m going to leave it on 4k, but it can go down from to 2.7 all the way down to 1080, and you can see the corresponding frames per second. 1080 is 24 to 60. 2K. Also. Does 24 to 60 frames per second 4k same as well, 24 to 60 awesome, so we’re getting 4k 60. If we want i’d assume 5k can’t do 60, no 5k does 30 total, but at least you do have that option to kick it up a level. Then, of course, you have all your ev settings if you wanted to it’s in auto right now on the bottom right we are in auto, but we can click that and we can choose our manual settings very full featured manual setting camera. Here you see how you can choose all this stuff, all that white balance, resolution shutter speed and iso, and your ev, if you’re in pro, so go ahead and mess with that, if you’re a pro photographer – and you know how to use all that stuff up here.

We can either switch between camera and video by pressing this button, or we can also switch to it by pressing this little on screen button here, and this also has quick shots. Hyperlapse panel shots master shots. I don’t remember seeing that that may be a a new feature. This also does slow motion and it’s doing slow motion in 1080 to 120 frames per second, it looks like that’s the best resolution we can get for slow. You can tap on the screen. You see how this is a more of a featured camera then say the mini here. You can tap on certain areas to focus, and it has all that cool stuff up here, it’s showing that our power is only 83. So we did burn quite a bit of power in that about hour of updating it took us and doing all that stuff, so that’s what you can expect it’s going to show your flight time up here. Your rc signal to your controller from the aircraft to the controller it’s, going to show what your sensors are doing. So this does have the up and down sensors. Remember so. Sensors are all normal. The satellite in the house here is 18 wow, so it’s got a really good gps satellite receiver on the top it’s, showing us an obstacle in front of us at 1.6 feet, which is probably my hand, and that seems exactly just about a foot and a half. So very very accurate.

On those front sensors, there is a little bit of a orange glow on this top bar and it’s, telling you kind of where the obstacle is in its field of view so kind of interesting. There take off permitted that’s, just letting you know. If everything is clear and there’s enough satellites and then it’s telling you what mode we’re in, if we do press this little three dot button here, this is where we’re going to get all of our features and options. So in the safety we can do our obstacle. Avoidance options where you can set it if you’re flying towards say a tree, do you want it to break or do you want it to bypass it or it’ll, just go around it automatically if you’re in a tight situation, and you don’t want the drone to go Sideways and hit something, but you still say you want it to track you or whatever it may be. You can disable this, so you won’t actually sideways hit something and crash and yeah. I don’t think this was a feature when i first did my air 2 review, but they’ve updated that, because obviously there are no side. Sensors so we’ll be testing this in the flight test, see how the bypass and the brake work on the auto settings, maybe we’ll even test the disable sideways flight, but, of course, you’re not going to be able to do point of interest right. Those circular patterns and stuff so here’s, where you can set all your max altitudes.

You know you can go from 65 feet all the way up to 1640. If you wanted to, of course, you’re gon na have to make sure you abide by the laws of your country max distance it’s set at 1574, you can go down to 65 feet or all the way up to no limit auto rth altitude. I usually like it to be right around 100 feet, it was 65 i’m going to set it at 100 – maybe 95 there for our flight test. This is where, if you have compass or imu issues, you can calibrate them awesome battery info. You know this is a smart battery system, so it tells you everything temperature how many times it’s been charged, since this is the first time it’s still zero, find my drone an amazing app here that lets you. If you do lose it, you just press that go into the map, and it will take you right to where your drone is so an awesome um feature there. I’Ve i’ve found two or three dji drones after they ran out of power during a range test. So that’s a very, very awesome feature aeroscope. So now this has uuid for tracking your aircraft, identification and flight information turn those offer on. If you want to send that flight information to whoever can track you so at least they’re leaving that open for you to turn off ron right now advanced safety settings, i get a lot of questions on this for new drone.

Pilots is what happens if the signal’s lost. That means, if the drone disconnects from the controller it’s always preset to return to home, so it’s going to return to where it took off, you can set it to descend or you can set it to just stay there and hover. Of course, if you set it to stay there and hover it’s just going to stay there until you either get reconnection with your controller or it runs out of batteries and it has to descend and land anyway. So, usually you want to keep that on return to home there. Anyway, you can change your units if you guys are metric people or imperial i’m in the u.s, so i have imperial you can also like all the other dji products. Is you can allow upward, gimbal rotation it’s about, i believe, 10 or so degrees higher than horizon? So you can allow that to look up higher, calibrate your gimbal. If your is a little off advanced gimbal settings, you can do all this stuff where you can slow down the speeds. All kinds of information, um dji, is really good at having just a crazy amount of options here. So different stick modes, one two three and custom, so you can tell this controller whatever you press and do with the sticks. You can modify all that stuff. If you wanted to so awesome, there auxiliary leds will turn on and off. If you tap, this left function button.

So those those are on the bottom, but you can tell it to do a few different things. It looks like so you have this list of re center, the gimbal toggle map view gimbal, follow or fpv advanced camera settings. A lock unlock hyper lapse control, so you can choose all of those different things for that button. Calibrate your controller. If you’re out of calibration and flight tutorial, if you’re new for flying drones, go ahead and click that and it’ll give you a graphic flight tutorial, moving on to the camera up top and we can choose all these camera settings different formats, the color we got coding Format, anti flicker video subtitles histogram over exposure warning where it will show you on screen in white grid lines, peaking level, white balance, auto manual. You know storage information, at least it does have seven gigs of storage on the crap it’ll switch over to the craft, or, if you forget your card at least you have seven gigs on board to record right, cache and recording. This is great because it’ll cache the video that you’re seeing on here into like your ipad or whatever, so that you can still have video if your drone gets lost, you can have that video cached, not as good as quality as the video that’s recorded on the Drone but at least you’re gon na have like a 2k or 1080 video to play back transmission. Here we go. We got definition.

We got smooth in hd, um frequency, dual band. I always keep all this stuff in auto and it does great i’ve never had any problems with this. It just chooses the best for the interference you have in your area, so you see how it just switched over here, because there was some inner fit interference here. Probably from my house or whatever it is, if you want to switch that, if you’re having trouble go ahead and switch it manually, if you want to and that’s really just about it guys um, the only other couple things we have here are these little guys here. So on the left, we can press this button and then we just hold this down and it’ll take off i’m not going to take off right now, but you just hold it just like the mini and the other air. Oh cool that’s like a little shortcut to safety assistance mode. So what this does is it immediately just turns off sideways flight, so you don’t have to go into those settings and turn off that sideways flight, if you’re afraid you’re going to hit something from the side. Just press that boom one time, safety, assistance, sideways flight off and now it’s, showing that it’s not going to fly sideways. I think that’s going to kind of wrap it up for this unboxing and really in depth, updating and all that stuff. I hope you guys really enjoyed that, and that was extremely informative for you.

It was very informative for me as well, because what we learned is we cannot, with android at least plug and play if you have another craft i’m going from the mini 2 to the air 2s. I had the same problem with my android when i went from the mini 1 to the air 2 it’s kept thinking, it was the mini one. I had to uninstall the android. I had to reinstall the android app fly app and then it worked so keep that in mind. I didn’t do that in this one. I just went straight to my ipad i’ve, also flown the mini just before this. The mini 2 on this same ipad didn’t have to do any of that it detected it. Fine knew exactly what was going on. All i had to do was get right in there and do the updates so again leave yourself half a day to charge all the batteries charge. The controller do all the updates and then, if you’ve got time that next or that day to get out there and there’s still light go ahead and fly. I know you’re going to be excited, but just go through all this stuff, it’s very important guys. I would recommend just just uh preparing for the next day to fly, give yourself a full day just to do all this stuff anyway, guys next flight is going to be the flight test. Initial flight test we’re going to test those top sensors, try to go up and maybe hit things and see how good it is, it’s stopping or going around things uh.

That would be interesting to see if it could go around things going up as well right because it gives you that obstacle avoidance option to stop or go around things facing with the front sensor. So let’s see how it goes up with that as well. We’Re going to test everything we possibly can we’re also going to test. I really like to test those tracking features i’m going to go in the park. Do all that tracking we’re going gon na try to crash it in certain situations, see if it’s got any better while doing orbits and hitting sideways obstacles? If you hadn’t seen my air 2 initial flight test, where i did do an orbit and crashed into a tree, go ahead and check that video it’ll pop up here in that playlist for the air too, also have all these videos i’m talking about, and these products Down there down below the video in the description, so you guys can check them out, see how much they are and get your own awesome drone anyways thanks for watching, as always guys – and i will see you in the flight test let’s – do it Music just realize Guys, maybe it’s a good idea to show you how to put on the propellers. If you don’t already know two spin one way and two spin the other way so we’re gon na grab one set of the a’s and one set of the b’s just so you guys kind of know how these things are.

Looking you see how the a set has the orange in the middle b set has nothing it’s, just black orange on some of the motors and black on the top of some of the motors. So the orange goes with the orange just super simple um pushing these little notches down in the holes. They only can go one way and then, as you push it down, you just either turn the motor or trim the propeller. Then they’ll pop back up and just make sure they’re locked in so we’re going to do that. All the way around matching the different colors so on the back we’re going to be just matching the black same way, and then these one will turn counterclockwise to lock and pop back up and lock and uh. You know just for some of you. That may not know how to put on the propellers that’s how you do it. I’Ve got two more and you’re gon na put those on the other two motors as well. All four propellers are on say we wanted to shut this thing down. Click click and hold shuts it down, always shut it down before you fold it up and then what we’re doing is just squeezing our propellers together collapsing them back. First go down. I usually like to keep the propellers right inside these two rear feet and then for the front we’re, just gon na push them all the way back. Just like that.

One two – and these guys usually just i like to push them together here, so they kind of sit nice and tight and snug grabbing our camera protector. Always a really good idea to put this on, because we want to protect this high cost item and make sure everything is protected.