The air 2s is actually a pretty significant upgrade over the original mavic air 2.. The air 2s has an increased range of up to 12 000 meters that’s like and a 7.5 miles thanks to its new ocusync 3.0 transmission system. It’S got a flight time for 31 minutes, but the real magic here is the camera. This is the serious upgrade one inch sensor 10 bit color 5.4 k video. This thing rocks you’re, getting pro quality stuff out of this you’ll also notice, it has new obstacle avoidance, four way: obstacle avoidance. That means they’ve upgraded their a pass system, their active track system and their point of interest. You also get the new master shot system. With this thing, the drone will fly a bunch of different flight modes. Then it’ll put those flight modes together in a nice little video for you. So if you want more information on the air 2s, we got a bunch of videos on our youtube channel.