She went and bought me this dgi air 2 s unreal. I have never flown a drone before ever in my life and i am a videographer filmmaker that basically works with clients and basically i really wanted to get a drone to up my filmmaking game. So this is basically a review of this brand new drone that came out a couple of months ago, but from a beginner’s perspective i mean so much a beginner i’ve, never flown a drone. Ever i haven’t even touched a controller, a drone controller so but yeah we are at the lovely swan at street league uh it’s a copper club in the uk, but we are going home today. So we stayed last night. We are going to go back and we’re going to fly this bad boy and basically you’re going to come along with me, we’re going to do a review. A first look first impressions from someone who has never ever used a drone before let’s. Do this right, we’re in the garden we’re back home i’ve got the drone ready, i’ve just put a few of the propellers on already it’s, actually as easy as this, you just match up the orange to the orange bit on there and then the black ones, to The black bits – and it is just as easy as just literally putting it in twisting and it’s on – that bit’s easy let’s, try and fly the thing all right. We’Re all a go.

It’S on the drone is live we’re about to fly it okay, okay, so we are in an enhanced warning zone. So it just means that, like we have to be careful, i think let’s put this in the air and we’re off. Oh, my god, there i am let’s. Do this let’s give this a proper video for a first time, flyer i’m, actually in shock at how easy it is to fly this drone from taking it off to cruising and taking amazing shots without even really having to think about it. I mean any drone. Shot. Looks wicked i’m truly confident in saying that anyone would be able to pick up this drone and be able to fly it about just don’t crash sideways because there’s no sensors from flying in normal mode to flying it in the different modes that it offers it’s. Just so easy, and just so streamlined to go from one to the other, they they’ve made it just so easy to fly Music. Oh my landing it’s coming down voila! I do have a couple of things that i want to basically get out. There i’ve seen a lot of people complain about this, and, quite frankly, i get it. I do get why people have something to say about this. Drone for people that are super experienced with flying drones have had drones for the last four years. You know plus and has had drones from dji that are older than this one.

I get why they are annoyed it’s, not a significant upgrade to the other drones in terms of what it offers. Yes, it offers a 5k camera. You can see the difference in the footage as well, but i know what people are saying. You know the side sensors not not being there, but for someone that is just starting out or to be honest, someone that’s had the mavic 2 pro and has had it since it first came out in whatever it was 2018. This is unbelievable there’s. So many people out there basically saying it’s not worth it don’t get it it’s, overpriced blah blah blah yeah. That might be. That might be true, but for someone that is looking to buy a drone and buy a solid drone that is reliable and a drone that you can absolutely trust 100. This is the drone for you mate. I almost didn’t want to get this one because of all the reviews out there, but since actually having it flying it. Yes, it doesn’t have to have side, sensors but that’s. Why you kind of just look at it in the sky and just you know, look around and go okay, we’re all good, but i do understand where people are coming from inside sensors. If you want a reliable drone that you know is going to work and it’s going to produce amazing footage get this drone. If this is the drone that you want, if you’re just getting into the drone game, do not get the dji air 2.

Yes, it’s! Something it’s an unreal drone, but i don’t recommend getting the air 2. You may as well get the air 2s because it’s got the firmware and the hardware of 2021 camera in it is unbelievable. 1 inch sensor. It does the job it’s amazing. It is literally amazing. All the reviewers out there they all have valid points from someone that has had drones in the past. I think, if you are looking to get a drone, that works really really well and produces high end top quality. Go for this drone air2s is your guy. The controller is top notch, it’s the exact same as all the other ones. I think, quite frankly, worked really really well and it’s super super responsive to the drone itself. The latency is like, basically not even there it’s weird as i just pan up and it like. I was saying it’s so weird how, when i pan up it, does it instantly about a mile and a half away, it’s, just so it’s, so weird it’s, so weird, but that is it. That is my quick first impressions review type thing of um: the air 2s. Coming from someone that has never flown a drone before, i feel very, very confident in just whipping the drone up and just going out the battery on. It is pretty good. I mean i’ve never used a drone before, like i just said, you know, i’ve got two batteries and it gives me about an hour’s worth of um flight time.

People take 50 to an hour flight time, that’s more than enough. If i know the shots, i’m gon na get i’ll just whip it up in the air for, like five ten minutes record record, sweep bring it back down, so it’s sweet, so yeah. I hope you enjoyed this. Please stick around. If you are new um and yeah drop me a drop me, a comment, man and let me know um what you thought of the video i’d be really keen to to find out and um yeah. If you guys have any cool drone footage hit me up on instagram i’d love to have a look at your pages and just connect with you guys so uh yeah hit me up on insta and uh yeah.