I hope you guys like it stay in store. If you guys like this video, please give it a like down below and leave a comment. Let me know what you guys like. Let me know what you guys want to see more of, if you havent already please dont forget to subscribe, means the world to me, but that being said, lets get on with todays video. So, like i just said it is a tech talk today, uh we have a new piece of technology that i want to show you guys that im super excited um. It came in about two weeks ago. I wasnt gon na do a cool like unboxing video, for you guys, but i was just so excited for it. I ripped it open right away. I took everything out um and frankly that went out the window, but what it is is brand new drone. We got the dji air 2s went and i got the fly more combo super excited im going to show you guys all about everything i got. I know it says the tech talk im not going to get into the nitty gritty. So if you guys really dont care too much about specifics, dont worry im, not gon na get that into it. Um you guys can easily look it up and find everything you need to know online, but what i really want to show you guys is just the amazing things that this has to offer um and some of the really cool shots you can take with it.

So, like i said, i got the fly more combo, so with that i got this sweet little carrying case um. Super padded uh feels really good im really happy with it. I dont think im gon na upgrade anything more than this does perfectly fine and it holds everything just nicely inside you guys can see. I got the drone, the controller two extra batteries and then a bunch of other stuff that it came with so go through. Each of these right, you got the new controller. This thing feels great joysticks get hidden, underneath you screw them in up top when youre ready to fly two batteries fully charged, always charging hub. That way, you can charge all three batteries at once, but really you go from one battery to the next to the next power bank power cord and then, of course, we got the main event. The drone. This is the dji air 2s. This thing is sweet natalies, calling me in the middle of the video what the heck natalie all right off the phone there anyway, the drone right here it is heres my hand, its small um id, seen a lot online about how big it was, and when i Unopened went, oh, i know when i opened it, i didnt realize how tiny it actually was, but for the size that it is this thing can pack a punch. I cant wait to show you guys what it looks like you guys will see and uh.

I dont know a couple minutes, or so something else. Dji included that i was super excited about actually was a set of nd filters or uh neutral density. I believe theyre uh stand for. You got four neutral density filters, nd filters um. I have one of them in already. This is just the factory bezel that comes on the drone uh because nd4 and the 8 nd 16 and nd 32. So these are super handy. I keep them in the bag. Theres a little adapter right here right. What itll do is, if you have one of these batteries, you can attach it on there and it now turns into a power supply. So you can charge anything with a usb on here. So if your phone dies, you can take one of these batteries and turn it into a little power supply, so just a quick overview just the quick over over. I cannot speak right now, quick overview of everything that i just went over right. We got the drone controller charging hub, two extra batteries, theres already one in the drone controller charger battery charger, adapter and then, lastly, a plethora of various props in case you ever break any of these again, i got the fly more combo just because for the deal Um, you get so much more uh for your buck, so i went with that and again you get this nice case to keep it all in um. So with that being said, were gon na wait for natalie come over.

Here were gon na, grab some lunch and then were gon na go around town and ill show you everything. This has to offer. Hope you guys enjoy. Stick around youre gon na see some really cool shots. I already know it before i even started filming so until then ill see you guys shes here hi, i think youre coming over. Oh, i came now now were gon na get lunch right all right and then we fly the drone. You ready. Yes, i am. Oh. My posture yeah, it was pretty bad. This is really bad. Go start start working for one week lose his posture already. Oh my god, my posture is so bad at work. All right lets go now. This cool rainbow sticker up there castle rainbow on her steering wheel. Whenever its nice and sunny out Music and send me to amanda Music, oh cover was good. I made it a lot all righty so now to main street. I think im going to do the first shops at so. Oh, you know what im craving now, though, a pop shop girl, cheese me with pretzels, pretzel, grilled cheese, all right well, i would have gotten such a its really filling. I never finish it and it gives me a stomachache because its really bad. For you, i mean everything gets me. A stomachache, though onward Music spot number one over here on main street in medford, were going to do a couple. Quick passes up and down and well see, uh what it looks like all right, grip, all righty spot, one Music bye, so we are up so were gon na do now is im gon na.

Do a couple passes up and down main street and were gon na see how it looks Music there. She is first, stop done. Second, stop: im thinking were gon na go over to the lake, yes were getting some shots over the lakes, so lets tune in then spot number, two yeah. No, i havent been here in a very long time. What not were gon na calibrate. It were gon na set it up lets. Do it hold up Music into the lake? It goes Music, so Music, so Music. So hopefully that looked pretty sweet for you guys. Now we have the fun stuff. I want to show you so were going back to my house and were gon na demonstrate the active track capabilities of the drone, which is basically, i can select an object, itll select a subject and the drone will fly itself to follow it and keep it in Frame so were going to try it with the car and were going to try it with natalie and i and see if you can keep up with us and see how it does. I know natalies thats, like the flash over here speed lightning. I dont know where im going, though all right, yeah were gon na figure that out well see you guys, then so were doing. Some tests were gon na run around the yard and were gon na see if they can keep up with us well ill run around the yard.

I will walk and well see if it can keep up with me, thats it louis. Why do you look so sad? Well, look whos that buddy, i dont know just gon na highlight myself now wherever i go, it should follow me using optical record it following you: Music, so Music Applause, so Music, so Music. So, as you just saw, we tested the active track on both natalie and i running around my backyard and then, as natalie left to go back home. I sent it up in the air and i did the actor track on her car and had it follow her car, as you guys just saw overall, like i said i havent seen this footage yet on the computer. I havent gone through and edited it yet, but this thing is unreal. I ive never had a drone that i just think about flying um more than i do with this right. I sit at my desk and look outside want to just go out and just fly. This thing this thing is so cool its, so smart um ill throw some pictures in at the end of this video uh, the ones i really like are the 360 global panoramas ive taken two of those ill, throw those in too. If you guys want to check them out at the end, but, like i said, super cool toys super fun uh, you guys can see lots of uh drone footage down the b roll uh for these videos.

So look out for that. If you have any questions, let me know, i hope you guys like this video. I hope you guys arent into drones and you watch it anyway. I hope you know you got a little cool perspective on them um, but that being said, thats going to round everything out today again, i hope you guys liked it. Please, like this video, if you havent already leave a comment down below. Let me know what you guys like uh: it helps the channel, but also i just like engaging with you guys. I like to know what you guys are thinking and, of course, if you guys havent subscribed already. Please go ahead and hit that subscribe button and it means the world to me um and until then ill catch.