Originally i started out with the phantom 3 pro and – and this is going back a good many years now more years than i actually care to remember. If im being perfectly honest, but at the time the phantom 3 pro was the go to drone. When i received it, oh, i can remember being blown away by how incredible it looked and its performance, um and and also by its stature. I mean its really quite a big drone when you look at it in todays standards when, when al, and i teamed up to to start the the slam drone channel al bought the mavic air 2 and seeing that it gave me such a startling reality check of How things have advanced in the last 10 years in the world of droning? The two drones really are like chalk and cheeses. I first put my drone up to show al and its quite loud. The phantom 3 pro is is really loud im not entirely sure you can get quieter blades for it, because i i remember at the time i bought everything that i could for it and it it is a big drone, its heavy. It takes a long time to get it up in the air, whereas al was getting his his mavic 2 out, and he was done in in literally a minute. He was up in the air while i was still putting the blades on this got me to thinking right.

I think i need to upgrade at this point, so i decided to get the mavic 2 and just before i press the the buy button, i realized that there was the mavic 2s and im glad that i bought it because al has the maverick air 2. So ive got the a2s, and one of the fundamental differences between the two that i can see is that the mavic air 2s it has a bigger camera and the the benefit to that is that its got the digital zoom. Now i emphasize that this is digital, so whilst you are able to zoom in four times well, actually, four point three: to be precise, what does happen is as youre magnifying in or zooming in you are starting to lose some of the quality, so the the ability To record comes down from 4k all the way down to um 10 20. I think it might be 1080., i cant remember exactly but its there or thereabouts, and you get the general idea whilst its not a great quality loss, because how many of us are actually watching our stuff in 4k, it has a wonderful ability that you can film Things from much further away, while still being in the game and the reason i say that is because if you have a look on our channel and on the channel, there is dedicated play streams, so theres theres a channel dedicated to the phantom. So anything thats filmed on the phantom is in the phantom section, the same with the mavic air 2s.

If you go, click on there, youll see all the videos that are done that were clicked on that were filmed on that and we did a wonderful series where we filmed a game for um london welsh. That was really important because a lot of that was filmed from quite a far part away from the the pitch itself, so its not to disturb the players. But you get that close up feel because i was in um two and four times zoom. So, having said that about being able to zoom in on things its really good, especially if you want to do animals or youre trying not to disturb people, it does give you that advantage over the the mavic air 2.. I like very much the fact that its so much quieter and incredibly fast to set up – i mean you literally unfold – the blades switch it on connect your phone to the controller, which is very much smaller and youre up and away, and flying in in under two Minutes now the importance for this is that its so much quicker that you might not lose the shot that you were particularly going for. The camera quality is impeccable. I cant fault it. I i think, if, if you want anything better, then youre youre in the realms of professional, videography or cinematography, and of all the things that weve filmed ive never felt left down by it. I think the quality is exceptional and you can judge for yourself.

It really is very, very good. The ease of flying wow its come on so much now i mean everything is smooth the the transitions between forwards backwards up down, theyre, all incredible um. You know it its so easy to do it. I wouldnt say im a particularly skilled pilot, but the the mavic air 2s makes me look very good and and thats saying something, because my my eye coordination is not what it was of 20 years ago, but its very easy. I i mean i would literally go as far as saying these things almost fly themselves and if you wanted to, you can actually have it fly itself um. It depends on the level of programming that you want to go into. There are, of course, apps that you can that you can install on your phone where you can pre program your flight. This thing is a great drone um as an entry level drone. I think its really good would i would. I have waited for the the new upgrade thats, probably coming. No, i dont think i would have because for me the the the step up between the phantom 3 pro and the mavic is huge. So in general guys i would say its a fantastic drone. The ease of use wow its incredible, i mean if i can get it at 45, then literally anybody can, i i wouldnt say im particularly technology technology savvy, but i picked it up really easy.

Um and the rest al can tell you about because he does so much of our editing and stuff like that. So itll be easier for him to explain why its so easy, but once again thanks for watching the videos guys.