This is a mid cycle refresh, but really it seems like a full on upgrade from the mavic air 2.. It has occusync 3.0 transmission system. It has one two three four antennas versus the two antennas on the mavic air: two, a one inch sensor, two extra obstacle avoidance sensors on top and it uses the same batteries. So i have extra batteries now. I recently had a crash with my mavic air too. It was a super bummer. I really wanted to upgrade to this. Guy ive been thinking about it for a long time, and now i had the perfect excuse to do so so im gon na fly it around and 5.4 k at 30 frames a second and give you my thoughts, but before i do, if you find value in This content please subscribe and give me a thumbs up. It really helps out all right lets get to it all right, so yeah uh, i have a nd8 filter on this beautiful one inch sensor and immediately im noticing the color difference its incredible. It really is. We got the sun um to our west, so all the shots facing east are gon na. Look the best and thats just drones for you in general, but i got ta say flying this thing around was such a pleasure Music lets go check out the pond. I dont have a polarized filter on here, but man that water looks just clean, not not clean, like swimming it clean, but just beautiful.

I love this fountain earlier i got some shots of it. Casting a perfect rainbow Music, a little spin action, just uh yeah kind of getting used to it, flying faster and maneuvering, just all around faster and more responsive than the mavic air 2. lets go check out this little hedge sculpture thing. Dont worry people im not staring at you im. Looking at the hedge sculpture, yeah lets get a nader shot in there yeah there we go groovy nice little pan up controls are smooth actually had a recent firmware update that updated. The controller which you dont see very often you dont see firmware, updates updating the controller all that much so that was pretty cool and it does fly better now, im flying this in normal mode. You know not sport mode or um cinemode, or anything like that. Just normal mode – and i can fly it fast – i can fly it slow and precise im, mostly just checking out the colors and kind of getting a feel for it, because it is a different flight characteristic than the mavic air 2.. Just slightly, i mean its very similar, but its definitely uh unleashed thats for sure its like the mavic air 2 had a governor on it or something like that or whatever they call it. You know and that limits the speed im, surprised that uh you get 31 minutes. You only got a three minute drop because you definitely have a more powerful camera.

One inch sensor 10 bit color 5.4 k versus 4k yeah. You can tilt that thing up high, its incredible and the motors are just so much faster too i mean they. They really did a good job with uh controlling the power consumption on this craft. So for people that are complaining about, you know three less advertised minutes. I i really couldnt care. Well, i mean i care that you guys dont like it, but i i dig it for the upgrades you get. I definitely dig it and it has the same advertised flight time as the mini 2. So thats kind of helpful when youre trying to calculate your flight time for the day, uh im just kind of using this field. Theres only lets see here, yep one other person on the field, so its definitely a place where no ones gon na raise an eyebrow at me. Yep there. I am my goofy camera bag doing a little manual orbit. I mean, like i said this thing is very responsive. I think that update to the controller really helps and just the craft being more responsive in general. I think at this point i i popped it into no no im still in normal wow, so you can do small, stick movements or you know bigger, stick movements and you can either go fast or super slow and precise. I mean normal mode really covers a big range of flight characteristics. This thing can ascend about 13.

2 to 13.4 miles an hour straight up in the air thats incredible thats, something like 30 percent faster than the mavic air ii lets go check out this pond Music. This is a good day to fly there, werent, really any people out. Well, there were people out, but not a lot, so we did have some overcast, but still those colors are coming in real nice back to the field. I will say that during this flight i didnt get one drop or one bar drop in signal at all everywhere. I went um full signal, the whole time and uh. I was actually out earlier today flying and um. I flew quite a bit of ways towards that. Uh mountain over there mount diablo to get a good shot of it and i flew about a mile away. Basically, i could still barely see it in the sky and i just wanted to get as close as i could the mountain. So i can get a good picture of it. Zero signal drop thats, amazing that occusync 3.0 is just nuts. Oh, this is fun. This guy had this rc car that just rips, and i asked him like if i could film it, so he said yes, so i did. I actually have more footage of this, but um ill probably make that into another video some other time i had to drop it in the sport mode to track this guy. This is where normal mode really kind of showed its um its limits.

I think im in normal mode now, oh, i think now im dropping into the sport mode just to pitch that gimbal a little faster yep there we go Music yeah. This guy was really cool shout out to jose my new buddy. No, i dont want to go in that neighborhood thats. For sure i mean i could but try to be polite. You know lets lets uh check out these fields, theres no one here, thats good and i think theres like a christmas tree farm over there. So im gon na fly over there and check that out get a little altitude, so i can still see it in the sky. Yep a little christmas tree farm tenet, so yeah this thing just it flew so smooth. I did have um kind of that that issue that people are talking about where the altitude kind of was a little wonky. As far as what it was telling me on the screen most time, it worked totally fine at a couple times. I actually think around this moment. I noticed that it said negative 60 feet which i definitely wasnt at negative 60 feet from my takeoff point at least maybe um. I dont even think im at negative 60 feet as far as uh sea level, so that cant be right either thats. Why dji has firmware updates a gift that keeps on giving yeah that green, just pops? I did shoot this in d log. I got so used to shooting, in decent alike, with the mavic air 2 that i i didnt really mess around with the normal mode at all.

I i just dropped it in the d log and knew that i was going to be doing color grading just like i was with the mavic air 2., and i got to say this was pretty easy to color grade probably could have done better, but you know Music, its new to me so im gon na, have to uh, find new tricks and grading this type of footage. It would be cool if they did a decent alike option on the air 2s, just for people that are used to it from the mavic air 2. But i mean theyre so similar i didnt use any of my same presets from the mavic air 2.. I went ahead and did all new presets and honestly. I think i think it looks way better mavic air 2 was much warmer, but its also kind of how you grade your footage. This just came out a lot more balanced in my opinion than my uh grading, with the mavic air, 2 and decent alike. So maybe uh, maybe d log, is uh the way to go. I mean it was in this case man i can send like thats thats nice. I mean thats, really nice the ability to ascend and descend really quickly, because i like to do dynamic motion around things. I like to fly around sailboats different subjects and not just circle around it, but you know gain and descend. My altitude makes for a really cool, looking shot right here, im just kind of messing with circling myself.

This is something that i would definitely suggest anybody thats getting in the drones practices doing but yeah. That thing is great and uh obstacle avoidance does work all right, so that was the dji air 2s. This guy is definitely a beast, definitely worth the upgrade. If you have a mavic air too definitely an upgrade, you have a mini too and just all around great drone.