The quality is just mind, blowing and its actually a super nice drone to fly around and use theres, some pretty cool features packed in, and i thought this needs to be. A review like. I need to do a review of this because its probably one of the coolest pieces of tech that ive ever owned and its definitely not the cheapest. So this thing prices in at 899 pounds or 999 dollars, which is pretty pricey just for the drone itself. Now it gets even pricier because youre going to want to insure your drone, because this is a pretty pricey device. You dont want to crash it or lose it or break it in any way, and so dji offer this cara insurance plan. So if you pay 150 pounds, it will actually give you insurance for up to two years. That basically means if you crash the drone or lose the drone whatever it may be, if its damaged dji will go ahead and give you a new drone which is pretty good now, this refresh is actually much appreciated it wasnt too long ago we had the r2 Coming out and now djis already thrown us, the r2s, so theres, actually quite a big upgrade in terms of you, get a larger sensor, which is one inch so twice the size of the half inch sensor on the r2. So this is actually much more comparable to something like the 2 pro, rather than the r2 and its obviously a lot cheaper as well, but youre getting pretty much the highest resolution djis ever given 5.

4k at 30fps, which is pretty impressive, youre also getting 4k at 60fps And yes, the 2 pro is this, but youre actually getting a higher bitrate on the r2s youre getting 150 megabits a second versus 100 on the 2 pro. So surely, there must be something thats better about the 2 pro right lets get to that. So when youre actually recording 4k 60 on the 2 pro youre, actually making full use of that sensor, youre getting the full focal length, but when we jump over to the r2s, you actually are getting it significantly cropped in. So that is one of the downgrades. But if youre not too fussed about the crop, the quality does still look good and overall, i would say they look pretty identical other than the fact that youre getting that crop so its kind of a bummer. But honestly, i never really film. In 60. Anyway, i tend to film at 24 for that cinematic look so im making full use of the sensor, but if youre not shooting at 4k 60, you do get a really nice wide shot in terms of your pictures and video youre getting 22 millimeters, which isnt warped Or fisheyed, but it is wide enough to just get a nice cinematic shot, especially if youre adding crop as well in post, then its just really nice to have now something i absolutely love about this drone. Is it records in 10 bit colors, so youre getting super nice range of colors youre, getting more accurate, colors and overall, when you go ahead and record in d log or a flat color profile, youre going to make life so much easier when you go ahead and Color grade and your footage is going to look so much better, so 10 bit really does make a difference.

The only real downside is you cant, digitally zoom. When using a flat, color profile, you can only zoom when using the standard. So i dont really understand why dji did this, but considering youre going to be editing and color grading. I guess you can just edit in post and add your digital zoom in there now in terms of taking pictures compared to the last model, youre only getting a 20 megapixel sensor. So, even though its a larger one inch sensor, youre, actually getting a lower megapixel count, and previously you had 48. So really, i wouldnt pay attention to these numbers because megapixels arent everything and the lower the megapixel count, the larger each pixel is, and so more lights. Getting in youre going to get better low light pictures – and i can say the pictures are definitely better than any other dji drone, even the 2 pro. This has insane dynamic range, so crispy youre getting 14 stops of dynamic range compared to 12.4 on the pros. So really, this is the best drone you can get if you want to do aerial photography from dji and if youre interested in some of the pictures ive taken from this drone and also from other cameras and phones, you can go ahead and check out my photography Page, its matt rob photo now one area, the 2 pro really does outperform the r2s thats. Just so much better. In my opinion, is you have control over the aperture so say you want to get some motion blur in your video.

You want to lock your shutter speed, double your frame rate, theres, no control over your exposure or anything like that, because you have a fixed aperture on the r2s. So you pretty much are stuck with simply using iso, which doesnt really do much in daylight or an nd filter. An nd filters are annoying because you have to take them off and put them on and carry them around with you and theyre expensive. Its basically like a pair of sunglasses for your drone, whereas on the 2 pro you can change the aperture, keep the shutter speed, double the frame rate and youre good to go now in terms of modes. R2S really does have it compared to the past. Dji drones, its got. The latest of all the tracking features. Youve got active track. 4.0. You can track your subjects, your cars animals, whatever it may be, and there are some pretty nifty features. The drone can actually follow you parallel. It can follow you from behind it. Can do this thing where it circles the thing that its tracking, so the tracking is really excellent on this and ive actually been driving, and the drone has approached a tree and its actually detected the tree using those new sensors on top and its actually avoided it. So super impressive. I was definitely very scared considering this is pretty expensive and it was a big tree. So theres no way i was going to get it back, but dji really have stepped up theres.

Also, really nice new smart features, so it can actually automatically capture these really cool shots. It can capture all these different sequences and it only does work at 4k when youre tracking, so you cant, actually make use of that full 5.4k and when youre using the smart shots, you cant use d log, you cant use the full resolution. So again, you have to step it down to 4k, which still does look pretty good and if youre new, into flying drones and capturing aerial video photography. This is really great because the drone pretty much does the work for you and flies itself to capture some nice montages and cool shots. So definitely nice dji pack, this in there is a cool mode called spiral which basically flies around in a spiral, shape and captures. The object in the middle, you also have rocket mode, which basically means the drone just flies up really fast and captures everything in front of it in one direction flying upwards. So you can get this really cool shot like a rocket is going up and overall theres. Just a lot of features, i havent even tried all the smart modes myself. I tend to just use it in manual mode. I tend to just do everything myself, but you do have those smart features. If you want them, you also have hyper lapse mode now. This is only available in 4k, but you can basically take a time lapse. You can lock the direction and put in how long you want it to be, and it will capture a really nice hyperlapse.

Now, just take a look at some of these shots that i took on my friends, car and my car really impressive, and we were driving up to about 30 miles an hour once you start going past that you do start to lose the drone a bit, but Its still impressive that it can actually keep up, and if you want to fly this drone really really fast. There is a sport mode which basically disables all the sensors and allows you to get the best speed best performance, theres, also a normal mode, which is just standard to fly, and you have a cinema mode, which is a little bit smoother and overall gives you those Nice cinematic shots now, one of the best things is the auto return to home the amount of times that say, the signal has gone a bit low or maybe its gone behind like a hill, and it starts to get a bit low or im a little bit Confused where i am, and it will automatically come back, super super handy, especially if you just get a little bit disorientated, sometimes youre, actually looking up at the drone looking down and youre kind of flying differently, depending on which way the drone is facing so its nice To be able to just return it to home, if you get confused in any way and its super friendly for beginners just so, you have that little bit of confidence that you will actually get the drone back now in terms of the build quality, its a magnesium Alloy frame covered in pretty premium plastic.

Is there such thing as premium plastic? It feels pretty premium this drone. Nonetheless, it feels good in the hand its pretty hefty. It is over the 250 grams, so you will have to apply for a license if youre in the uk, but i would honestly check your local region and the drone flying laws. But here you can actually fly up to 150 meters. You do need to apply online for a license, considering this is a larger drone and you need to do some tests and you pay like a nine pound a year fee which isnt too bad. So, honestly, i would recommend doing it its definitely not too strict in the uk as long as you dont fly over some air bases or any sort of airport, or anything like that. As long as you keep out, the way of planes should be okay, now, ive. Actually, crashed this drone a couple times: it hasnt actually dropped out the sky, but its definitely hit into things and the blades are pretty durable. One thing i like is you: dont need a tool to remove them, so you can actually just push down rotate and then they just pop off and you can just replace them super easy and i love the way the drone folds up and the blades fold in It just makes it so nice and compact to bring around – and i know this isnt the smallest drone that dji make, but considering the one inch sensor.

This thing is really tiny. You can actually put it in your bag super easily. One of my favorite things to pair with it is the controller. The controller really does feel part of the drone, its the same kind of material, the same look and overall, the controls fit really nicely and make it really easy to fly this drone. So you just pull up the antenna part which acts as a phone holder snap. In your phone theres, a built in cable which is usbc or lightning, you can interchange them and then plug it. In your device, open up, dji fly app and youre pretty much good to go. You can start flying. The app is incredible. It shows you where other aircraft are in the sky. It allows you to set limits, so you can actually lock the height you go to or the distance one of the things i do recommend is you turn on this option to charge your phone from the controller. That way, your phones not going die and youre not gon na have problems trying to get your drone back. So definitely do recommend that i also really like how the joysticks, unscrew and pop underneath, because then its completely flush, you can slide it in a backpack and it isnt hard to sort of carry with you. So i really like that something else i really like is its usbc, so its future proof, and if you already have usbc cables, you can make use of those to charge up the controller.

Now the drone actually also has usb c port, but you cant actually charge up the drone from this port. You need to use the official charger, but you can actually use this to take some footage off the drone. There is seven gigabytes or so of built in storage. Now one thing which was really nice when flying overnight is theres. This auxiliary light, underneath so, if youre struggling to land – and you cant really see the environment around you, it will turn on this auxiliary light and its kind of like this big ufo kind of beam of light and at first it kind of spooked me out, but Its really handy it can allow you to just see a little bit better to land your drone now, in order to turn your drone on, you will need to actually click the button. Let go click it again and hold it down until you hear the beeping sound and thats the same for the drone and the controller you will have to do that. I was a little bit confused at first. I was holding it down pressing. It could not figure out how to turn this on and i had to google it so click. Let go click again and hold it down. Thats, how you turn your drone on youre welcome. Now, in terms of range dji state, you get 12 kilometers ive only ever flown about three away and the signal did get quite low.

So honestly, theres always something in the way whether its a hill building trees, whatever it may be. They drastically reduce the signal. So unless you have like this big open space or youre on top of some sort of hill youre, really not going to get 12 kilometers, youre, probably gon na get like four or five if youre lucky depends on where you live. If you live in a big open space, then you may get more, but here in the uk youre only going to get about a set of three or four. So to conclude, yes, its annoying. You need nd filters. You cant change the aperture, but price is good compared to the two pro youre getting high resolution. Really nice pictures, if not the best out of any dji drone youre getting nice handling, good, build quality, awesome, ai features and overall, just a wicked device. That is probably the coolest thing that i own so yeah. If that doesnt sell it to you, i dont know what will so if youre gon na pick, one of these drones up definitely do make sure to use my links down below it.